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The following is a description of the General Headquarters 
of Hitler as related by an aide of Horthy of Hungary on a 
recent visit to Hitler:

From his special train, Hitler directs operations personally, 
devoting to them his undivided attention and taking the most 
scrupulous care over details. From this train he has 'conducted' 
the campaigns in Poland, Belgium, the low Countries, Luxembourg, 
Denmark, Norway, Greece and Yugoslavia. Still in the same 
train, the Chancellor is today issuing his orders to the 
entire Russian front, which extends for thousands of kilometers.

Adolph Hitler has spent years in his G.H.Q. which with its 
military offices and modern installations constitutes the

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most highly perfected caravan - if I may so term it - in the 
world. News from all parts converges and is assembled there; 
it is there that decisions are reached and all plans concerning 
the war are drawn up; to that point all reports, whether of 
major or minor importance, are directed; troop advances or 
retreats, however small the units, movements and action of 
submarines and aircraft and details of the gigantic, almost 
inconceivable, organization for supplying the armies - a 
titanic task, organized with clockwork precision.

It will not surprise anybody to hear that this G.H.Q. is carefully 
concealed in the woods, in the laces where it cannot be detected 
by enemy 'planes. It is known, however, that at whatever sector 
of the front it happens to be, a larger number of anti-aircraft 
guns are placed

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together with an extra heavy reinforcement of military pickets. 
In the middle of the encampment is the Fuehrer's coach, and 
around him are the various offices, which can be dismantled 
in a few minutes: cars, autocars and caterpillar-cars complete 
the circle.

The geographical and topographical maps on which the 
development of operations in the East are noted hour by 
hour are situated in a separate tent called "the eastern 
tent." In the tent set aside for the "west" are the 
geographical plans relating to operations against England.

Among the various cars at the Headquarters is that of Herr 
Dietrich, head of the Reich press; beside the radio coaches 
are placed those for wireless telegraphy. There a stupendous

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wireless station in the world whose wave-length is not 
picked up by these installations, are equipped with all the 
latest improvements. The men in charge of these posts 
work day and night.

The Fuehrer is therefore kept informed of all that is 
happening in the Reich and all over the world, hour by 
hour, minute by minute, and if he does not go mad it is 
because he is a genius, a phenomenon of nature - which 
indeed is tantamount to being mad.

Hitler generally spends the greater part of his day in the 
so-called 'eastern tent.' With his marshals he studies 
developments in the military situation with minute 
attention. It is doubtless in this tent that the ideas 
and plans which surprise the enemy are conceived. I 
would even venture to say that it is there that modern 
strategy is evolved. And those in the

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Fuehrer's immediate circle do not conceal or dispute the 
fact that every plan which has determined the German 
victories has been his work. His is the spirit which guides 
this formidable war machine, the greatest of all time. From 
this G.H.Q. he also directs the Reich's internal affairs. The 
Ministers, the Party Chiefs, Goebbels and von Ribbentrop, 
visit the Chancellor 'somewhere on the eastern front.'

He nearly always travels by plane. He has at his disposal 
an enormous 'FOKKER WULF' and a tiny "JUNKERS 52' of 
the type used by the air force. He uses one or other of 
these machines as a rule when visiting the various 
sectors of the front. The sheds of the G.H.Q. also contain 
a third machine which is capable of landing on any sort 
of ground. Furthermore he has at his disposal a very 
high-powered gray car in which 

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he visits the combatant forces and a smaller runabout 
called an "[unreadable name]"

He eats the same food as his soldiers and sometimes 
takes his meals in the military canteen.

People who have had the opportunity of seeing him at close 
quarters say that during these two years of war his 
appearance has not changed. The lines on his rather pale 
face have perhaps
deepened a little but he still keeps his good humor and 
perfect health. His hair is beginning to go gray at the 
temples, but his step has not lost its elesticity [sic], 
and he holds himself very erect.

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