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_Koehler, Hansjuergen: Inside the Gestapo. (19?)_

Information about other leaders, Goebbels, Goering, etc. 
gives many seemingly exact data. Koehler says to have 
worked for the Gestapo for 5 years. (For a great many 
years I have been taking port in their schemes and have 
been their accomplice.. p.10) Rather strange footnote on 
page 17: The publishers apologize to readers for the 
histuzes [sic] on pages 178.179.180. and 181, but the 
deletion of the material from these pages has been 
necessitated by the law of libel (not the [unreadable] as 
it exists in this country.)

...the investigation conducted by Schleicher purported to 
have ascertained the following facts:

Hitler never served in a trench or on the front line.

After he had been attached to the 16th Munich Regiment... 
he was trained and [unreadable] his troop for the Western 
Front... where he served as a runner (for the Regimental Staff). 
Naturally, the Regimental Staff was never in the front line.

...There is no doubt, the report continued "that such service can 
well be construed as front line service ... but... it has been 
ascertained that he (Hitler) never spent a day in the trenches

one) must find [unreadable] us, that Hitler ... was still a 
corporal after four years.

Careful investigation [unreadable] the comrades of Hitler 
[unreadable] questioned - lucidated the fact that Hitler 
received this high German decoration (the Iron Cross 1st 
Class, which was given after the author's opinion, only by 
the Kaiser, or the High Command of the Army, not during, 
but after the war. It was Field Marshall Ludendorff, whose 
connections with the Fuehrer were well known, who awarded 
the Iron Cross, first class, to the Fuehrer, some time after the war.
There were the contents of the Schleicher file.

This file was not the least reason for Schleicher's death - 
but afterwards when the Gestapo went carefully through 
his papers they discovered to their dismay that the original 
documents were no longer in his possession. He had sent them 
to Dollfuss, Chancellor of Austria...
A little servant maid from Upper Austria called Matild 
Schuechelgruber came to Vienna and became a domestic servant, 
mostly working for rather rich families. But she was unlucky; 
having been seduced... she went home for her confinement. Her 
little son, being illegitimate, received his mother's name... Alois 
Schueckelgruber (in some documents, Schicklgruber)

.. I must repeat that I have no proof of its genuineness... 
the little innocent maid had been a servant at the ... 
Rothschild Mansion... and Hitler's unknown grandfather 
must be probably looked for in this magnificent house.

But in the margin of the protocol there was a note in the 
Chancellor's characteristic handwriting:

These data ought to cheer the writers of history who may 
want to publish some time in the future the true life story 
of Hitler. Here is the psychological explanation of Hitler's 
fanatical hatred of the Jews. Hitler, born in peaceful Upper 
Austria where there was hardly any anti-Semitism, was 
filled already in his childhood with a burning hatred of the 
Jews. Why? This may be the answer....

Schuschning wanted to continue his investigations in the 
most dangerous directions.


00011211.gif  page 2

_Koehler, Hansjurgen: Inside the Gestapo. 19(?)_

...the blue file which I read in Heydrich's room.

(Hitler) asked Himmler every thirty minutes whether there 
was any news about the file.

Schuschnigg... knew that he had a weapon in his hand, which 
he could use to the fullest advantage if Hitler should prove 

In the afternoon Hitler broke off the conferences; he refused 
to continue the discussion till the fatal file should have arrived.

The Berlin dailies offered a high reward to the photographer 
who would succeed in taking a picture of Hitler. But every 
effort was in vain; the spotlights were to placed around the 
Fuehrer's rostrum that no photo could be taken....Hitler was 
afraid of Communists' attempts on his life. That was the 
reason why he did not want to have his photo published. 
The Fuehrer wanted to find a secure hiding-place where 
he could escape if anything should happen in Munich...Thus 
the idyllic retreat near Berchtesgaden was discovered.

...a friend of Buchner... arrived in [unreadable] with a companion 
whom he introduced as Dr. Wolf... who said he was a writer 
(and) rented a room and lived there... A year later... Dr. Wolf 
bought the small house (Wachenfeld) and furnished it for himself.

It was only in 1921, when Hitler became known through the 
Munich Putsch, that Buchner recognized his guest, "Dr. Wolf" 
... his guest and the new owner of Wachenfeld.

During my work for the Gestapo I know of four attempts on 
Hitler's life tho, of course, all failed. One of them was here 
in the "Berghof". An S.A. group leader, called Krause, had been 
allowed to present a petition personally... and he was the 
would-be assassin... he was killed in half a minute. Five 
guns fired at the same time.

Lately arms and munitions have to be deposited at the 
beginning of the [unreadable] road to the "Berghof"... every 
letter or parcel addressed to the Fuehrer is examined first 
in a special room at the ... post office.

Adolf Hitler is the sort of man who likes to stretch himself 
in his bed when he wakes in the morning, to have his breakfast 
brought in on a tray, and if his [unreadable] no demands, to stay 
in bed till noon to finish a novel. Hitler is a great reader and 
belongs to that omnivorous class who cannot do anything 
before they have turned the last page.

...every book published in Germany is brought to his bedroom; 
he looks into every one, reads a few pages, and if he likes it, 
finishes the whole thing. If he doesn't find it to his taste, he 
throws it on the shelf near his bed, and it is taken away by 
his attendants.

It is an open secret that in his hours of leisure of prefers 
adventure and detective stories... One publishers of thrillers 
stopped his series in the belief that such books would not 
be welcome in the Third Reich. But ... the Fuehrer did not 
object to them, on the contrary. For Hitler read only 
German, and so, being unable to enjoy foreign literature 
in the original, must confine himself to German works.

If he stays in bed... Schreck ... knows that this will be a 
[unreadable - German] and all the different items of the 
programme are changed.

On such days Hitler eats his second breakfast, composed of 
cakes, milk and fruit, also in bed. In a warm dressing gown 
he appears at noon... Captain Brueckner and ... Lieutenant 
Schaub, and Captain Schreck share his meal.

pp. 168.268-72.

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