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> In <3v17k4$>, (WolfsHook3) 
> >Do any of you who constantly cite this UFO crap have a source that I can
> >verify this with?
> Rosenberg replys:
> Again, shookie-babe:  call Zundel's 800 number, and ask him; 
> it'll be right from the horse's ass himself.

However if you want a source, I refer you to ANTISEMITISM IN CANADA edited by 
Professor Alan Davies from the University of Toronto. Chapter 10 written by 
Historian Manuel Prutschi pg 256 states: "In 1977, he [Zundel] demonstrated his 
originality by producing some tracts claiming that UFOs were Hitler's secret a 
weapon: a weapon  still in use and being refined in secret bases in the 
Antarctica and below the earth's surface....Zundel penned this material under 
his quasi-pseudonym of Christof Friedrich. With characteristic puffery, his 
flyer described himself, i.e., Friedrich, as 'the multi-lingual globetrotting 
author' who was 'in great demand as a lecturer and panelist on UFO and psychic 

From Mon Aug 28 17:49:20 PDT 1995
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From: (Daniel Keren)
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I have with me two brochures from "Samisdat" (Zundel's publishing
house), in which he discusses the now famous "Nazi UFO base" issue.

These constitute a most telling tale on the sanity and/or honesty
of this "leading revisionist scholar".

Here are some of the highlights:

1) A small photograph, showing a few serious-looking fellows sitting
   around a table. The photo is captioned "German UFO control
   bunker" (!!).

2) Photographs supposedly showing "German scientists at work in the
   Antarctic". In one of them, one can see a penguin staring with
   amazement at one of these "scientists" (it is not clear if the
   penguin is a "pure-blooded Aryan" or not; maybe we should check
   its earwax, Eh Griswold?).

3) A long article from Zundel, announcing his plan to launch an
   expedition to the South Pole, to look for "Hitler's Flying
   Saucer Bases and the South Polar Opening into Inner Earth".
   This is *not* a joke; he actually wrote this. Zundel also asks
   for donations, to cover the expenses for the trip.

4) Zundel writes that he had discovered some of the German scientists
   who worked on the "Nazi UFO" project (!!).

5) An outline of the planned expedition, including a drawing of a
   large airplane, that has "Samisdat" written on it; on its tail
   there is a large swastika.

Is Zundel positively insane, or is he doing it for the money? This
may well be a way to swindle money out of his gullible followers.
And if that's the case, maybe all his Holocaust-denial activity
is really motivated by good old greed?

-Danny Keren.

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