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Exhibit R-11

Dear Ingrid:
August 18, 1997

You asked for a response from me in a recent fax. I told you
then that I was writing out my thoughts and my life and my

_Here is what I have arrived at:_

1. I am committed to my marriage.

2. I find that the current working arrangement has led to
repeated uproars and upsets. I do want to put
    an end to that situation.

3. Therefor I do no longer want to make suggestions or give
you advise [sic] on the content or topics of
    any z-grams after 31. August 1997.

4.  I would like you to do my newsletters as we have done
them til now til Dece. 1997, type them, format
    them and post them on the Zuendelsite along with the
occassional press release.

5. I would like you to post some of the new material I am
currently working on with Marc and others
    like translations by Anneliese Winter??off, some German,
Russian and Hungarian material til Dec.

6. I understand that you were unhappy with the working
relationship, because you felt creatively stifled,
    did not get enough input from me etc. therefor I think
you should concen-
Letter to Ingrid: - Page 2 -   August 18. 1997

   trate on finding other employment and or promoting the
novel which you say is now in the pre-printing

7. My business year at Samisdat ends at Dec. 31. therefor I
would like you to check with Webcom and
   CTS what contracts there were, what kind of advance
notice they need for cancellation, etc. and
   let me know the details, dates, costs, etc.

8. I do not expect you to carry on the Zuendelsite and z-
grams or e-mail on my behalf. If you should
   find a sponsor and or sponsors I want to put on a
suitable disclaimer which relieves me of any
   association, or financial or legal responsibility for the
Zuendelsite, z-grams, e-mail, etc.

9. I would like to have any copies of e-mail you saved which
concerned me, in case of future lawsuits
   I might face, or questions I might have to answer if you
have kept such e-mail. To have it on diskette
   would be sufficient and to mail it to me for safe

10. I would like you not to gossip with Rose

Letter to Ingrid: - Page 3 -   August 18. 1997

   with Marc, Bernard, Juergen, Barbara, Keltie, etc. I told
you that I hated more than anything else in the world that
people who worked with me and for me and claimed to be
comrades would discuss me, my life, my work, my family
affairs, etc. behind my back, using what are undoubtedly
bugged telephones, bugged faxes and bugged and intercepted e-
mail and snail-mail.

I told you that I would find the leak one day and that I
would undertake steps to plug the leaks. I now have and will
in the future.

11. Too often caution was thrown to the wind because of
emotions, egos, etc. I have hated that with a passion for it
showed a total disregard for my very sound reasons. It also
showed a lack of loyalty to me -- and by extension the
cause. The recent RCMP search warrant ought to have shown
everybody what extensive use is made by the authorities of
parallel faxes, intercepted and even decoded encrypted e-
mail and bugged phone calls.

12. I have one more time warned everybody at H.Q. of the
dire consequences to anyone ignoring this request.

Letter to Ingrid: - Page 4 -   August 18. 1997

13. This brings me to my personal life and once again I
stress that I expect this to be confidential between you and

I want you to understand that what was between you and me is
in the past and has come to an end.

I am committed to make my marriage work. I do not want you
to make enquiries about me, my life, my wife, our
relationship. You have now no place in my personal life.

14. I have admired your skill as a wordsmith and creative
writer. I am grateful for the long hours and hard work you
have put in to do the Bauerschaft, the newsletters, the
Zuendelsite etc. I felt that we both served the cause of
Revisionism and the cause of truth for the German people
well, but now it's time to move on, for both of us to go our
separate ways.

I wish you well with the novel and hope it will achieve all
the things you are hoping for. This letter is sent from
within the U.S.A. to avoid snoops and censors. All the best,

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