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{I found this on a local BBS. It is scary. Wake up people, America is
 heading  down a slippery slope to fascism and both of the big government
 advocates  whether they are Clinton"ista's" or Bush"ites" are contributing
 to the anger  out there.}

$100.00 Reward!  This reward will be paid to anyone who can prove that there 
are major historical or  factual errors in this tract. (To order a free 
catalog of other materials available on  this subject write;  P.O. Box 103 
Ulysses, Pa. 16948) 

The Destruction of America!  Is  it  happening  by chance...or...Is our
 nation blindly following the plan of a small  but powerful group of
 wealthy international bankers who are determined to rule  over us as
 slaves in the coming NEW WORLD ORDER? After years of study, we
 have become convinced that there is an internationalist plot to create a
 one world government and destroy American sovereignty.  The
 internationalists behind this plot are working in secrecy. Why? Because
 they know that if too many Americans wake up and learn the truth about
 what has been happening to our nation, and if  a large number of
 Americans found out who the enemy really is, and if they found out how
 the enemy is doing his work, then these patriotic Americans would rise up
 and destroy those who are behind this diabolical plot. For many years a
 small but powerful clique has been working towards the day when they
 will be able to force the United States and the nations of the world to
 submit to a one world government headquartered in the United Nations
 and thereby compel the American people and the nations of the world to
 accept a one world monetary system run by the slave masters in charge of
	From the beginning they have known that in order to enslave us
 they would  have to de-christianize America, and they have done so,
 using the federal courts  which they ideologically dominate, to remove
 prayer and Bible study from our  schools. It has been their plan to
 promote a breakdown of our families and our  morality and they have
 been very successful in this regard. How have they done it?  They
 exercise complete control over Hollywood. These people continuously  
produce obscene films and lascivious television shows, intentionally
 flooding our  nation and our minds with pornographic images for the
 express purpose of  destroying the moral fiber of our people. They have
 used the ACLU, which they  control to remove every last vestige of God
 and Christianity from the public  arena.  	They created our national
 banking system, better known as the Federal  Reserve System. Using
 banks that they have privately owned for centuries they  created the
 Federal Reserve System  as a vehicle by which to steal our nations  
entire supply of gold and they have left us holding their paper money that
 will  ultimately become worthless. They have used the IRS to intimidate
 us with  financial ruin if we dare to resist their tyrannical system of
 taxation. They have  used the public schools to destroy our children. The
 ability of all Americans to  read, to think and to reason clearly is at an all
 time low. One reason for this is  because the public schools refuse to use
 phonics to teach children to read. Why?  Because the Rockefeller
 financed colleges of education do not teach the teachers  of tomorrow
 the phonics method of reading instruction. Instead they use the  "Look -
 Say" method which has proved a dismal failure, (just as they planned?).  
Presently the public schools are more interested in teaching our children
 about  condoms than mathematics. Why? Because those who are in
 control of the  educational establishment know that they must
 demoralize and  "dumb down"  America before they can disarm us,
 suspend the United States Constitution and  put us under their absolute
 control. Who are the people behind this powerful push  for a One World
 Government? Generally speaking they are liberals. They are  socialists,
 communists, union leaders, atheists, humanists, feminists, homosexuals,  
hedonists, bureaucrats and environmental extremists who worship the
 creation  more than the Creator. However, the people at the very top,
 the movers and  shakers, the absolute leaders, the wealthiest and the
 most influential people who  live on the pinnacles of fabulous wealth and
 exercise real power as agents of the  NEW WORLD ORDER in the
 innermost circles of international politics are Jews,  specifically Jewish

	Due the unhappy convergence of certain circumstances in history
 regarding  the catholic church and restrictions on lending of money at
 interest, Jews have  dominated the banking industry for more than one
 thousand years. Today, Jewish  bankers control the United States
 Federal Reserve and hence the economy of our  nation. According to
 R.E. McMaster our Federal Reserve System is owned and  run by eight
 Jewish families. Only three of the eight families in the following list  are
 American; Rothschild's of London, Lazard Brothers of Paris,
 Israel-Moses  Seif Bank of Italy, Kuhn-Loeb of Germany, Warburg of
 Hamburg, Lechman  Brothers of New York, Goldman-Sachs of New
 York and the Rockefellers of  New York. (Some scholars theorize that
 J.F.K. was assassinated by agents of the  NEW WORLD ORDER
 because he had defied these international bankers by  issuing an order
 shortly before his death to print non-Federal Reserve U.S.  Treasury
 Notes. If  it is true that JFK indeed ordered the treasury to do this, it  
would have destroyed the Federal Reserve System. You must remember
 that  JFK's father was widely reputed to be an outspoken anti-Semite.) 

	Here are some facts about Jews that you may have been unaware
 of:  Did  you know that Jews have always been in the forefront, leading
 the fight  previous sessions of the United States Congress, to abolish the
 second amendment  of the United States Constitution one step at a time
 by a process known as  gradualism?  Liberal Jews are determined to
 disarm the American people. They  want to  take away all of the guns,
 even those of law abiding Americans.  Prominent Jewish politicians like
 Congressman Charles Schumer of New York,  Senator Carl Levin of
 Michigan, Senator Diane Feinstein of California, Senator  Barbara Boxer
 of California and former Senator Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio,  are just
 a few of the numerous liberal Jews who have and who are presently  
leading the fight in the United States Congress to disarm the American
	Did you know that the head of the ACLU in Michigan, Howard
 Simon, is a  Jew?  Did you know that the current national director of the
 ACLU is a Jewish  woman by the name of Nadine Strossen? Did you
 know that the previous national  director of the ACLU, Ira Glasser, is a
 Jew? Did you know that former Michigan  Congressman Howard Wolpe
 is a Jew? Did you know that there are many  undercover Jews in
 Congress? For instance, we know of one former United States  
Congressman who hid his Jewish heritage from the general public,
 claiming to be  Baptist in spite of having a Jewish mother?  

	Did you know that Jews exercise complete control over all of the
 major  media outlets, such as US News and World Report, Time
 magazine, The New  York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC,
 and CBS? 

	Have you ever noticed, have you ever paid attention to the fact
 that most  of the major companies that produce hard core pornographic
 films and magazines  are owned or controlled by Jews? Jewish crime
 syndicate bosses such as the late  "Bugsy" Siegal and Meyer Lansky are
 infamously known for their involvement in  both prostitution and the
 production of pornographic films. Meyer Lansky was  known as the
 "Godfather of the Godfathers, the Mafia's Banker." Lansky once  
bragged "We are bigger than U.S. Steel." Thus Jews even controlled
 organized  crime, not Italians, as Hollywood has has told the story. Did
 you ever notice that  Jewish producers of XXX movies like Lenny
 Friedlander and Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine, dominate
 the pornography industry?  	Did you know that most of the extreme left
 wing political action groups in  America today were founded by Jews?
  Groups such as "Act Up", "People for the  American Way", the
 "ACLU" and the "National Organization of Women" are  some of the
 left wing groups that were founded by Jews. The National  Organization
 of Women was primarily founded by a Jewish woman by the name  of
 Betty Friedan. Today the National Organization of Women is presided
 over by  lesbians and feminists like Eleanor Smeal, Judy Goldsmith and
 Gloria Steinem all  of whom are Jewish. Furthermore, most of the
 prominent authors in the feminist  movement are Jewish women.

	 Have you ever noticed that most of the male homosexuals who
 appear on  TV shows are Jewish? Did you know that, in a blatant and
 blasphemous rejection  of God's Word, there are many Jewish
 Synagogues that specifically "minister" to  and are almost exclusively
 attended by homosexuals? Did you know that the  leader of the militant
 homosexual activist group "ACT-UP" is an angry Jewish  homosexual
 named Larry Kramer? Did you know that 4 members of "ACT-UP"  
have started the even worse group "Queer Nation" who gain publicity by
 engaging  in staging radical homosexual "kiss-in's" at various public
 events? It is  unquestionably true that the Jews who control Hollywood
 love to make films that  mock Christianity and undermine religious faith.
  Why? Because they are  vociferously anti-Christ.  Did you know that
 the C.E.O. of the movie studio that  made the blasphemous film "The
 Last Temptation of Christ" was a Jew by the  name of Lew Wasserman?
 What would the Jews do if Christians made a movie  mocking the
 holocaust? The Jews can make movies that viciously mock  everything
 that we hold sacred but if you dare to question the Hollywood version  
of the holocaust they will do everything in their power to ruin your life.
 There can  be no doubt that these liberal Jews are a cancer in America.
 But the truth of their  dirty work has been hidden from the average
 American citizen. 

	 Did you know that it was Jewish bankers in New York City, like
 Jacob  Schiff, et al, who gave the Marxist Leninists $20 million to
 finance the Communist  Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917. By this
 single treacherous act, the Jews  involved in this plot have made
 themselves responsible for the deaths of all the  hundreds of millions of
 innocents slaughtered by Communists around the world?  It is a fact that
 communism used to be called Jewish Bolshevism. Did you know  that
 almost all of the major players in the formative years of the communist  
ideology were Jews? Did you know that Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and
 Stalin  were all Jews according to the standard that the nation of Israel
 uses to determine  whether or not one is indeed a Jew, id est, if one has
 a Jewish mother? It is a fact  that  Jewish Internationalists have financed
 and supported communism around the  world. For instance, did you
 know that during the years Nelson Mandela spent in  prison, the defacto
 leader of the African National Congress was a murderous  Jewish
 Communist butcher named Joe Slovo. Slovo, when he was alive, was  
Nelson Mandela's right hand man in the ANC?  Did you know that
 President  Franklin D. Roosevelt once said "There is nothing wrong with
 communists, some  of my best friends are communists?" Did you know
 that FDR's administration was  filled with Jews? Did you know that the
 chief architect of the evil "Ponzi Scheme"  known as the Social Security
 System was a Jew by the name of DR Robert J.  Myers? Did you know
 that FDR and his Jewish friends in the banking community  put America
 into a state of emergency in 1933, they closed all of the banks, they  
took the dollar off of the gold standard, then they made it illegal to own
 gold, then  they greatly increased the income tax and then they invented
 payroll deduction of  taxes including Social Security taxes? Did they
 teach you any of this in the rotten  liberal public school system? NO?
 Well it all happened while FDR was President.   Did you know that
 Jewish liberals, Jewish traitors and Jewish spies have been in  the
 forefront of the communist takeover of nations around the world?  Did
 you  know that Communist Russia did not have an Atomic Bomb until
 some  "American" Jewish spies named Julius and Ethel Rosenberg sold
 them the  information they required to build a nuclear bomb? Did you
 know that the  Rosenberg's were executed by the United States
 government for treason? How  many millions of people have needlessly
 died in countries around the world  because of that one treasonous act?
 What if it had taken the Soviets another 10 or  20 years to build a
 nuclear bomb? Was the communist take over of China  inevitable?
 Absolutely not. If the Russian communists did not have the bomb  
America would have been more freely able to aggressively fight the
 advance of  communism in China.  Would there have been a Korean war
 if China had never  been taken over by the communists? Absolutely not.
 Would there have been a war  in Vietnam if communism would have
 been crushed in it's infancy? Absolutely not!   Would four million
 Cambodians have been murdered by the "Red Army" if China  had never
 gone communist? Absolutely not. What about the dozens of deadly  
communist slaughters in nations around the world, do you think that these
 wars  would have taken place if these Jewish traitors, the Rosenbergs
 and others,  had  never given the secrets of the atomic bomb to the
 communists? The answer is NO.  It is very likely that none of these
 wars, none of these communist takeovers, none  of the mass slaughters
 of innocent Christians in communist nations around the  world, none of
 these atrocities would have happened if America would have  maintained
 unilateral nuclear superiority and if Russia had never been taken over  by
 the Jewish Bolsheviks or if Russia had not gotten the bomb so early in the
 cold  war. Did you know that even the so called father of the Atom
 Bomb, an American  Jew named Robert Oppenheimer, in 1954 had his
 security clearance revoked  because he had been judged to be a security
 risk? All this instructs us that Jews  are often not trust worthy. They
 serve two masters. They have a double  allegiance. Did you know that
 many of the most infamous American spies have  been Jews? Did you
 know that the traitorous American spy Jonathan Pollard, was  another in
 a long list of untrustworthy Jews who have a greater allegiance to  Israel
 than they do to their home land of America?  What about the traitorous  
American spy Alger Hiss, who was convicted of being an American
 member of  the Communist Party and was also one of the principal
 founders of the United  Nations, was he a Jew? Yes. Have you ever
 noticed that a large percentage of the  comedians who do the most
 shocking, filthy and degrading humor are Jews? Did  you know that the
 so called radio shock jock Howard Stern is a Jew?  Did you  know that
 "Dr Ruth" Westheimer, the nationally known "sex therapist", is a Jew?  
She is another example in an endless list of  Jew's who are actively
 engaged in the  destruction of Christian moral values. She is despised in
 conservative Christian  churches because she endlessly espouses the so
 called "safe sex" concept for  teenage children. Have you noticed that
 the assault, via television, on moral values  in America has become an
 overwhelming barrage? The attack is being led by  "Comedy Shows" and
 TV "Talk Shows" which feature deranged persons as  guests describing
 every perversion imaginable. These shows are almost exclusively  
directed, produced and or hosted by Jews.  Watch for their names when
 the  credits roll at the end of the show. Did you know that Roseanne
 Barr, Ricky  Lake, Maury Povich and Jerry Springer are all Jews?  Did
 you know that Jews  were the leading slave traders in the 17 and 18th
 centuries? We are sure that your  high school history teacher must have
 told you about this. They captured and sold  hundreds of thousands of
 African slaves in early America? But now the Jew  pretends to be the
 friend of black Americans. In the 20th century the Jews have  cynically
 used black Americans to advance their socialist New World Order  
agenda. In so doing the Jews have facilitated the destruction of the
 majority of  black American families. Liberal Jews have led the battle to
 force welfare  programs through Congress. These welfare programs
 seem to have been  intentionally designed to weaken the black family
 rather than help them. 

	Jewish  liberals  have intentionally promoted the sexual
 debauchery rampant in the black  community through many of the
 different avenues already listed here. Why did  they do this? For the
 obscene profits they have made popularizing vice? Yes.  But  they also
 did it for the purpose of undermining America's Christian moral values  
and for the purpose of  advancing their socialist agenda. The decay of
 black  families in America has been intentionally propagated because it
 functioned as a  part of their plan to further the implementation of the
 NEW WORLD ORDER.  For decades now the Jews in control of our
 media have encouraged the epidemic  of crack cocaine usage in the inner
 cities. How? By producing movies, television  shows, and publishing
 books and magazines glamorizing drug usage, making it   appear fun and
 socially acceptable. Another way they have contributed to the  drug
 epidemic in our nation is their obvious perversion of our legal system.
 Jewish  lawyers, judges and other liberals have used our courts to tie the
 hands of law  enforcement personnel, giving criminals more rights than
 the victims of crime. The  next time you hear about a vicious criminal
 being found not guilty of some brutal  rape or murder because of the
 claim of "Temporary Insanity," you can thank the  liberal Jewish
 Psychiatrists who invented this unjust, demented, twisted piece of  
courtroom psycho-babble.  In the warped thinking of these psychiatrists,
 guilt or  innocence is irrelevant. These Jewish psycho-babblers think that
 we should "baby  the killers" and "let women kill their babies." What in
 God's name is wrong with  people who think like this? 

	You must learn and remember that Jews hate Christianity. Why?
 Well,  other than the pogroms they have endured through the centuries
 in Europe at the  hands of unchristian religionists, the primary reason is
 that they claim, and they  actually seem to believe, that Hitler was a
 Christian. However, you can be sure  that 99% of the people who will
 read this tract have never been told that Hitler  was substantially
 financed by wealthy Jewish internationalists such as the  Rothchild's.
 Why did these super wealthy Jews financially back Adolf Hitler?  
Because these Jewish international bankers are driven by greed and an
 insatiable  lust for power. In their cruel, but well-calculated plan to
 enslave the world, these  wealthy international bankers, the Rothchild's,
 et al, were apparently woefully  incognizant of Hitler's potential for evil,
 (even though it was plainly evident in his  autobiography "Mein
 Kampf"), or else it seems that they evidently were willing to  sacrifice
 some of their less fortunate Jewish brethren in the pursuit of profit and  
world domination. If the latter is true, if they were aware of Hitler's evil
 potential  as spelled out in his book "Mein Kampf", then they must have
 cynically judged  that if Hitler tried to carry out his plans against the
 Jews then he would not get  very far. Furthermore they must have
 reasoned that if Hitler was successful in  conducting a little persecution
 against some less fortunate Jews, that this  persecution would yield a
 great benefit in that it would allow their race to further  solidify their
 claim on the much coveted title of "victim." Today, it is the incessant  
plaintive Jewish cry of holocaust victimization that has licensed them to
 make  endless Hollywood movies about the genocide of a few million
 Jews while  ignoring the hundreds of millions of victims, many of whom
 were Christians, of  Jewish backed communism around the world. The
 Jews method of  propagandizing the American public has been so
 effective that many people who  read this tract find themselves becoming
 angry without fully understanding why.  Many good honest people will
 be surprised to find themselves almost  automatically reacting irrationally
 with strong feelings of hostility towards the  information presented here,
 even though they are unable to deny the truth of the  information
 presented in this tract. If that describes the way you feel now, we ask  
you to consider the possibility that your inability to calmly give rational
 reasons  explaining what you believe are the factual errors presented
 herein and your  inability to explain why you are angry, strongly
 indicates that you have been the  subject of an indoctrination program or
 a propaganda campaign.  	Attention Christians; please stop and
 consider the fact that Jews get sick to  their stomach every time a prayer
 is offered "in the name of Jesus." Why? Because  they regard such
 prayers as blasphemous. Remember, Jews teach their children  that Jesus
 was a liar, his mother was a whore and that the resurrection of Christ  
was a fraud. This is the primary reason Jews are compelled, perhaps even  
  unconsciously, to lead the drive to expunge the name of Christ from our
 schools,  our courtrooms, our government and every public arena.
 Another reason that  Jews hate Christianity is because they blame
 Christians for the persecutions they  have endured through the centuries?
 Because of their collective memories of  pogroms they have suffered in
 the past, the Jewish people have an unconscious  (and sometimes
 conscious) desire and a publicly unspoken mission to destroy  
Christianity in America. Sadly, in most American Churches, Catholic and 
 Protestant, the Priests and the Pastors have forgotten the importance of
 teaching  and reminding Christians that Jew's by their very nature, due to
 their religion and  upbringing are virulently and relentlessly anti-Christ.
 Tragically the American  church has been intimidated into silence by the
 Jewish controlled IRS. It has  gotten so bad in America today that
 churches are now afraid to even discuss, let  alone protest, the blatantly
 anti-Christian activities that the American Jewish  community now funds
 and supports. Jews currently give millions of dollars to  numerous
 maliciously anti-Christian organizations like the A.C.L.U., P.A.W. and  
N.O.W. Even the highly respected Reverend Billy Graham has been widely
 quoted  as acknowledging that there are "Satanic Jews," just as the Bible
 says in the book  of Revelations 2:9 and 3:9. However, most Christian
 ministers fearfully avoid this  topic. Furthermore, due to the influence of
 relatively recent eschatological  inventions that unduly exalt the modern
 day secular state of Israel in history, the  church has failed to warn the
 flock according to Romans 11:28 that these satanic  Jews are bitter
 enemies of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Most churchmen now fear to  
preach from scriptures such as Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 where God plainly
 tells us  that there are Jews who say they are Jews but are not truly
 Jews. Rather these  Jews are of the "Synagogue of Satan." They are
 phony Jews who hate not only  Jesus, but also Moses and even the
 Torah itself. Conservative Christian churches  now have good cause to
 be afraid of speaking about these things because the  Jewish controlled
 American Bar Association is now giving seminars, teaching  lawyers
 how to bring successful lawsuits against churches. In the next few years 
 you will see Jewish owned law firms bringing many more patently
 ridiculous  lawsuits against Christian churches in a further attempt to
 destroy them. Did  notice that both of President Clinton's appointments
 to the Supreme court were far  left wing, God hating, pro-abortion,
 anti-Christ Jews? Friends, it has gone so far  now, that the Jews, in the
 "Holocaust Lobby", intent on nurturing their posture as  holocaust
 victims, have been successful in getting laws passed in the states of  
Florida and New Jersey, requiring children to take classes to study about
 the  "holocaust." Ironically, at the same time there are now more and
 more  "Revisionist" scholars coming forward and saying that the history
 of the holocaust  as presented by Hollywood is rife with fraudulent
 claims and exceedingly phony  exaggerations. Due to the courage, hard
 work and scholarly investigation of these  "Revisionists," many of the so
 called "atrocities" supposedly committed by the  German people during
 "the holocaust" have been shown to be outright lies. For  instance, those
 who once claimed that Jews were made into soap and lampshades  by
 the Nazi's have now been silenced because it has been incontrovertibly
 proven  that this was a complete fabrication made up by the Jewish
 holocaust lobby.  "Revisionist" scholars insist that at the very most  two
 or three million Jews may  have been killed by the Nazi's in World War
 II, not six million as is claimed in  fictional movies produced by
 Hollywood Jews. These scholars have pointed out  that the Jewish
 population in Europe was higher at the end of W.W.II than it was  in the
 beginning of the war. The Revisionists say this proves that there was no 
 holocaust of the proportions claimed by Hollywood propagandists. All
 Historians  acknowledge that many of the Jews killed by the Germans
 were communists and  therefore they were legitimate enemies of the
 state. Revisionists also say they  proven that many of the Jews who died
 in the camps were not executed, but rather  they died from exposure to
 infectious diseases such as typhus and the harsh  conditions of camp life.
 Remember, Germany was a nation engaged in an all out  war for it's very
 survival and the majority of it's resources were going to support  the war
 effort.  Furthermore, you should never forget that worldwide more than 
 25 million non-Jews lost their lives in W.W.II. More than 100 million
 people  around the world have been killed, in the last 80 years, by
 communists who have  been financed and supported in large part by a
 strong Jewish presence in the  worldwide communist movement.  Any
 honest historian can tell you that tens of  millions of innocent Christian
 people, were slaughtered by the communists in  nations around the
 world.  In every nation that they conquered, the communists  
systematically murdered thousands and millions of Christians. If this is
 true, and it  is, do you think that you should continue to suffer guilt and
 sorrow over the  comparatively small number of Jews who were killed in
 World War II? Definitely  not. Why? Because Jews seem intent on
 ignoring the fact that tens of millions of  Christians were murdered in
 Russia and the Ukraine and other nations that were  ruled by Jewish
 Bolshevism, again more commonly known as communism. Have  the
 Jews in Hollywood made even one movie or documentary telling the truth
  about the communist holocaust against Christians? No! They don't want
 you to  know about the Christian Holocaust. British Historian Paul
 Johnson in his book  "Modern Times," says that in the 1920's the Jews
 did to Germany what the Jews  are doing in America today. Id Est,
 flooding it with perversion via the theaters and  corrupting the nation
 with liberalism. Just as they did in Germany, American Jews  are
 wrongly using our courts and institutions of higher learning to force
 liberalism  upon our nation. In the 1920's, by their own actions, the Jews
 made themselves a  stench in the nostrils of the average German citizen.
 Hitler, being an evil genius,  capitalized on the deep seated frustration of
 the German people with the filth that  the Jews had wrought in their
 nation. This is one of the principal reasons Hitler  was able to perpetrate
 his evil upon the Jews and upon the nation of Germany.  Please, stop
 and think about the "facts" you are reading. Are the facts we are  
presenting in this tract true, or, are they lies? We promise that they are
 100% true  as you will find out in the next few years as you begin to
 open your eyes and behold the manifold ways that liberal Jews are
 corrupting America.  

	It is almost impossible now for many American business's to
 remain  competitive in the international market place due to the
 imposition of endless slip  and fall lawsuits, manufacturer's liability
 lawsuits and other types of nuisance  lawsuits brought by Jewish
 lawyers, like Sam Bernstein, who rapaciously use our  courtrooms for
 their own personal arena of "legal" plunder. Many American  industries,
 such as small airplane manufacturing, have been completely driven out  
of business by these greedy lawsuit mad attorneys. The lawyers who use
 the  courts in this manner are worse than parasites. They are virtually
 draining the life  blood from our society as they line their bank accounts
 with the money they have stolen from the pockets of millions of honest,
 hardworking American men and  women by pushing insurance costs
 through the roof. Did you know that in the  early American colonies
 Jews were prohibited from holding office because they  were rightly
 recognized as being anti-Christ and therefore anti-American? Yes, we  
strongly agree with President George Washington who said,  that "anyone
 who is  intentionally anti-Christ, is and should be, regarded as
 anti-American." There is no  disputing that Jews have proven themselves
 to be strongly anti-Christ and by  extension anti-American according to
 the proclamation of our first President  quoted above.  Because our
 public education system is doing such a poor job of  educating children
 most Americans do not know that America was founded as a  Christian
 Nation. Most Americans are unaware of the fact that in the original  
thirteen colonies Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists and homosexuals
 were not  allowed to hold elected office. Only those who took a
 trinitarian oath could run  for and hold office. Furthermore, every one of
 the original thirteen colonies had  very strong sanctions against
 blasphemy and against the taking of the Father, the  Son or the Holy
 Spirits name in vain.  America was a Christian nation before the  liberals
 de-christianized and thereby destroyed the peace and prosperity we once  
  knew. Have you ever noticed that almost all of the Jewish doctors heard
 on radio  and TV support the drive for government controlled health
 care, i.e, socialized  medicine in America? Have you ever noticed that
 the Jewish radio talk show host  Dr. Dean Edell is constantly beating the
 drum for socialized medicine? Have you  noticed that, almost without
 exception, nearly all prominent Jewish doctors defend  and promote the
 abortion holocaust? These Jewish  doctors say "While I am  personally
 opposed to abortion, I believe that it must be left up to the woman to  
choose"... whether or not to kill her baby. Most Jews, especially those
 who are  well known to the general public via the media, are vehemently
 pro-abortion.  In  fact, we are not aware of the name of even one Jew
 who is both pro-life and  prominently featured as a frequent guest in the
 media or on the national talk  shows. Do you?  

	Did you know that every American President for the last 60 years
 has been  subservient to the "Shadow government." The "shadow
 government" is another  name for those who control our government
 from behind the scenes. The shadow  government in America is the
 Jewish controlled Federal Reserve System. Through   their control of the
 Federal Reserve System, Jews like Alan Greenspan, who is  presently
 the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, control the interest rates in the  
nations banks and thereby they exercise complete control over the
 American  economy. By their control of the economy they can make or
 break any American  President.  The Jews who control the Federal
 Reserve System, also control the  Council on Foreign Relations, the
 C.F.R. No matter who we elect as President  their administrations are
 always filled with C.F.R. members and that is why no  matter who we
 elect nothing ever really seems to change. Have you ever noticed  that
 almost all of the experts that the news media go to for the so called  
"objective" quote from an authority, are liberal Jews? It doesn't matter
 whether  they are lawyers or judges, doctors or psychiatrists, actors or
 directors, journalists  or reporters, politicians or highly placed
 governmental officials, if you will watch  your TV closely, you'll see for
 yourself the endless parade of liberals with Jewish  names, such as  those
 from this abbreviated list, from A through Z... Abramowitz,  Ackerman,
 Actenberg, Adler, Alter, Asner, Abzug, Asimov, Axelrod, Bader,  
Baumberger, Berkowitz, Berman, Bernstein, Blaustein, Bloom, Blum,
 Blumberg,  Blumenthal, Boschwitz, Boxer, Brandeis, Brenner, Breyer,
 Broder, Bronfman,  Buber, Cantor, Chaffee, Chomsky, Cohen,
 Danowitz, Dershowitz, Edell, Ehrlich,  Eickmeyer, Einstein, Eisner,
 Engel, Epstein, Feigenbaum, Feiger, Feingold,  Feinstein, Feldman,
 Foxman, Frank, Friedan, Friedman, Freud, Gershwin,  Ginsburg,
 Gladstone, Glasser, Glickman, Goetz, Goldman, Goldbaum, Goldfarb,  
Goldwyn, Gottlieb, Greenspan, Grossman, Hackney, Halberstam, Hefner,
  Hentoff, Hertzberg, Herzog, Himmelfarb, Hirsch, Hiss, Hoffman,
 Horowitz,  Hyatt, Hymowitz, Isaacson, Isenberg, Jacobs, Jacobowitz,
 Janowsky, Janowitz,  Kahn, Kalb, Kaplan, Kassebaum, Katz,
 Katzenbach, Kauffman, Kessler, King,  Kinsley, Klein, Kleinman,
 Koestler, Kohl,  Kramer, Kristol, Kunstler, Kurtz,  Landau, Lansky,
 Lautenberg, Lear, Lehman, Lehrer, Lerner, Lieberman, Leavitt,  Levin,
 Levine, Levy, Lipshitz, Loeb, Lowenstein, Magaziner, Mahler, Marx,  
Metzenbaum, Meyer, Murray, Nader, Nathanson, Neas, Neuman,  
Nussbaum,  Oppenheimer, Ornstein, Pensler, Perlman, Perlstein, Plotkin,
 Pollard, Posner,  Rabinowitz, Radner, Ratner, Reisch, Rivlin,
 Rosenberg, Rosenblatt, Rosenfeld,  Rosenthal, Roth, Rothenberg,
 Rothschild, Rothstein, Rockefeller, Rubin, Rudman,  Sachs, Safire,
 Salomon,Salzberg, Salzman, Saperstein, Schiff, Schindler,  Schneerson,  
Schoenberg, Schorr, Schott, Schumer, Schuster, Schwartzenfeld,  
Seagal, Seinfeld,  Shapiro, Siegel, Silverman, Simon, Slovo, Solarz,
 Specter,  Spock, Spielberg, Steinberg, Steinem, Streisand, Strossen,
 Teller,  Totenberg,  Trotsky, Ungren, Vogel, Volker, Wasserman,
 Waxman,  Weinberg, Weinblatt,  Weinstein, Wellstone, Weiss,
 Weisskopf, Weissman, Wertheimer, Westheimer,  Wiesel, Wolpe,
 Yachim, Youngman, Zimmer, Zinn,  Zoellner,  Zuckerman... Etc.   

Remember these names and various other spellings and combinations of
 these  names because these are the names of the leading liberals, the
 liberal Jews who are  deliberately and or unconsciously destroying
 America. We have written this  anonymously because the Jews are now
 so powerful that they can destroy anyone  who even breathes a word of
 the truth that this letter exposes. They exercise  complete control over
 the world banking community. They control 90% of the  worlds gold
 and diamond markets. People with names like Goldstein, Silverstein,  
Perlstein and Rubinstein dominate the highest levels of the international
 "jew-elry"  business. They completely control Hollywood and most of
 the major media outlets  in this nation. They exercise powerful influence
 over the governments and nations  of the earth by means of the fantastic
 wealth which these international Jews  control. They truly can and will
 use their power, wealth and influence to destroy  their enemies. It is time
 for all American's who love freedom to wake up and fight  the Federal
 Reserve System, the C.F.R, the Eastern Establishment, the  international
 bankers, the United Nations and Washington D.C. all of which are  
controlled either directly or indirectly by powerful liberal Jews! God Bless
 You,  God Bless America and may God open the eyes of the Jews and
 save them from  their blind rejection of Jesus Christ the Messiah of
 Israel, the Lamb of God and  the Savior of all who call upon His name
 for salvation. For God So Loved the  World that He gave His Only
 begotten Son that whosoever believes on him  should not perish but
 have eternal life.  John 3:16.  
PS - Everything written herein is inspired by Love. A love of the truth. A
 love of  liberty. A love of God. A love for mankind and especially a love
 for the Jewish  people. May we always remember that the Jews were
 God's chosen people.  Chosen by God deliver unto us the Ten
 Commandments, and the perfect and  beautiful Mosaic law contained in
 the Pentateuch. Let us always remember that  Israel was chosen by God
 to deliver unto us our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  May God Bless the
 Jews. May we pray for the Jews that God will open their eyes  and may
 we love the Jews as we ought. May we hold them in a place of high  
esteem. May we never unlawfully or unrighteously oppress them. God
 grant us  the wisdom to confront them and the wickedness they are
 doing with out hating   them, remembering that Jesus commanded us to
 "Love our enemies as ourselves."  The evil plan of these internationalists
 has now gone so far that there may be no  turning it back. If the
 American people are going to remain free we are going to  have to make
 a stand against the forces of evil. We are going to have to fight for  our
 freedom. We are going to have to destroy the Federal Reserve System
 and the  United Nations or one day, we may find ourselves fighting
 foreign troops on our  own soil. We must dissolve the Federal Reserve
 Banking system and refuse to  repay the national debt to the
 international parasites who now control the  monetary system in the
 United States. You must arm yourself NOW, before they  make it
 impossible to buy the guns and ammunition that will be necessary for self  
  defense. Their future plans for America are to collapse the economy,
 issue  national identification cards, issue new money to move us closer
 to their ultimate  goal, a one world currency as a precursor to one  
world government. They plan to  suspend the United States Constitution
 and the Bill of rights, declare martial law,  centralize all power in a
 world government and make us slaves in their New  World Order! We
 plan to restore America to a Constitutional Republic of limited  
government, very low taxes and decentralized power. We plan to abolish
 the  United Nations and every agency associated with world
 government.  If you love  America, please make hundreds of copies of
 this letter and distribute it  anonymously in shopping malls, airports,
 bathrooms, bus stations, truck stops,  parking lots, churches, schools,
 faxing it to everyone you know and by posting it  to the internet and
 local BBS's in your home town. You absolutely must show this  to your
 priest, your minister or your pastor to get their opinion on this tract. Ask  
  them if there are any factual errors in this tract. If they acknowledge, (as
 they  should), that it is both error free and Biblical, then you should
 implore them to  make the members of your church aware of the facts
 presented herein.  Urge them  to actively join the battle against these
 anti-Christ liberal Jews and help to  preserve America as a Christian
 nation. Every thing written in this tract is 100%  factual. If you will take
 the time to do the research you can verify it all in your  local library. One
 of the most famous Americans to write extensively about the  power of
 the Jewish internationalists was the renowned auto maker Henry Ford.  
He wrote a series of newspaper articles in the "Dearborn Independent" in
 June of  1920 that are timeless and very much worthwhile reading today.
 Mr. Ford's book  "The International Jew" may still be found in some
 libraries. It is important to  remember that in spite of being fiercely
 anti-Christ most Jews are unaware of the  plans of the world bankers
 and they consider themselves to be nothing more than  "well meaning
 liberals." It is also important to remember that there are a growing
 number of Orthodox Jews who love the law of Moses, they love their
 Bible and  they do their best to obey God. These Jews, politically
 speaking, are friends of   Conservative Christian Americans. There are a
 growing number of Jews who have  received Christ as their Savior.
 There are also a growing number of Jews who are  disillusioned with
 liberalism and have become conservatives. None of these groups   of
 Jews, politically speaking, are enemies of a Conservative Christian
 America. Remember Christians, God is Love and we, the children of God
 should be known  by our Love. Scripture commands you not only to
 pray for the Jews and love  them but also to boldly tell them the truth
 about going to Hell forever if they  reject their Messiah Jesus Christ.
 They should be warned against joining forces  with the Anti-Christ
 world bankers. Tell - no, Warn your Jewish friends that they  if they
 continue to use their wealth and power to destroy Christianity, that they 
 are destroying the very foundation of the tolerance they formerly enjoyed
 in  America. The future of our nation may rest on whether the truth
 reaches the  American people in time to stop these infernal bankers who
 are planning to rule  over us in a one world government. You can help
 us to stop these God hating  anti-Christ allies of Satan who are intent on
 building a one world government.  You can help us stop the New World
 Order, destroy the United Nations and help  save  America by making
 copies of this tract and circulating it widely. " Be strong  and of good
 courage and do it. Fear not, nor be dismayed; for the Lord God...will  be
 with you." 1Chronicles 28:20 

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