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From Tue Dec 31 09:10:09 PST 1996
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From: (Titan White)
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Subject: Re: Stae Department Documents Say Bolshevism is Jewish
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 07:54:14 GMT
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Doc Tavish  wrote:

>Content: U.S. State Department Document that states Jewry is behind


To underline, it is interesting that a German WW2 propaganda poster
says this:

     voor uw eer en geweten op !- tegen het bolsjewisme
     de waffen ss roept u !

     "Join the fight... We are marching against Bolshevism... The
     armed ss needs you!"

Note the spelling of Bolshevism.


From Tue Dec 31 09:10:10 PST 1996
Article: 90222 of alt.revisionism
From: (Titan White)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,,alt.revisionism,alt.politics.white-power
Subject: Toward an understanding of the Jewish ADL
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 20:31:37 GMT
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To all,

This piece appeared in a quarterly journal published anonymously by a
group of political philosophers and professional soldiers. The quality
of the thinking and writing eclipses, and sometimes surpasses, that of
Hamilton, Madison and Jay writing as the anonyomous Publius in The
Federalist Papers. Witness History being made.

I am in no way connected with *The Resister*. They know me not. The
editors request that all fair use extracts be accompanied by
subscription information. 

The Resistor
The Political Warfare Journal of the Special Forces Underground

Volume III, Numbers 1&2
Published Quarterly by the
John P. Zenger Press
Summer & Fall 1996

The Cheka
     by J.F.A Davidson

   America was rocked in 1943 by the publication of *Undercover* by
John Roy Carlson. Carlsonís book documented this three years as an
undercover operative and informer in what he described as the Nazi
underground in America. Prominent American patriots, America First
advocates, anti-New Deal spokesmen, and their publications,
associations, and supporters were implicated as being part of a
nationwide anti-Semitic fascist conspiracy. Lives and reputations were
smeared and ruined. Communists redoubled their recruiting campaigns.
Roosevelt became more bold in his protection of communists in his
cabinet; internationalists jumped up and down yelling "We told you
so!" and the terms patriotism and isolationism, already under attack,
were converted, overnight, into anti-concepts. The problem was, the
information revealed in *Undercover* was a deliberate, calculated
   John Roy Carlsonís real name was Avedis Boghos Derounian. He was an
Armenian Communist in the employ of the Anti-Defamation League of
Bínai Bírith. He was subsequently sued--and convicted--for libel by
several people whom he defamed in *Undercover*, which was referred to
as "500 pages of twaddle--mere twaddle," by Judge Barnes of the
federal court in Chicago. But the damage to the innocents Derounian
smeared in *Undercover* had already been done; all in the name of the
ADL. What motive did the ADL have for smearing patriotic Americans who
opposed the blatantly socialist New Deal and Americaís senseless entry
into the Second World War? The simple reason, the *only* reason, was
that the libeled patriots were *anti-Communists*. The ADL considered
then, and still considers, anti-Communism to be an unpardonable
   Since the 1930s the ADL has systematically defamed, libeled, and
smeared anybody who gained public prominence as an anti-Communist.
When ADL spokesmen scream "anti-Semite," or "racist" or "fascist," or
"white Christian male" what they really mean is that their target of
defamation has spoken out against subjective "laws" and government
policies that advance socialism in America.
   The ADL, consistent with their socialist and totalitarian agenda,
are advocates and lobbyists for any arbitrary subjective "law" or
government policy that is intended to strangle individual liberty or
eliminate individual choice. In 1946 the ADL was the moving force
behind an obscene New York state program, the Fair Employment
Practices Commission (FEPC), which required employers to hire and
promote employees according to the whims of a state appointed board
that had the power to fine or imprison any employer that did not
accede to the FEPCís arbitrary choices of employees, or promotions, in
*private* business. As a logical adjunct to the ADL offered "model
legislation" that would have made any derogatory reference to a Jew a
*federal criminal offense*! The Communist Party USA championed that
proposed "model legislation" tirelessly, for the sole reason that all
a Communist had to do was declare himself a Jew to avoid any
litigation for his treasonous activities. But then, that was the
explicit purpose behind ADLís "model legislation"--which was taken
verbatim from existing "laws" in Stalinís Soviet Union. Today, that is
the explicit purpose behind the ADLís "model legislation" on so-called
hate crimes.
   The ADL maintains the largest private (and *illegal*) domestic
intelligence apparatus in the United States. Itís snitches, informants
and undercover operatives target any organization or individual who
espouses constitutionalism, a return to objective law, patriotism,
American self-interest, or anti-socialism. The ADL functions, for all
intents and purposes, as the intelligence service of the Communist
Party USA.
   This criminal enterprise is geared to silence any opposition to
ADLís communist agenda through blackmail, coercion, libel, extortion,
and legal terrorism. All the ADL has to do is mumble the mystic
incantation, "anti-Semitism," to coerce publishers into not publishing
books or magazines the ADL finds offensive, TV producers to cancel
shows the ADL does not want shown, spin the news to the ADLís slant,
or pressure sponsors to cancel lectures by people the ADL does not
approve of. The ADL accomplishes this by threatening individuals with
adverse publicity (blackmail) or protracted and costly lawsuits (legal
terrorism) if they are not cooperative. The ADLís payoff for these
extortionary practices is perceived public legitimacy for whatever
contemptible drivel and blatant lies they are shopping at the time.
   A careful examination of the programs, policies and "legislation"
the ADL supports reveal them to be incremental steps on the path to
socialist totalitarianism. There has not been a single whim-based gun
control, censorship, anti-capitalism, anti-property or anti-freedom of
association "law" passed since the 1930s that the ADL has not
sponsored or publically supported--or that the Communist Party USA has
   To bring this fact into immediate focus we refer our readers to the
anti-paramilitary training "laws" enacted in 24 states since the
1980s. The base document upon which these "laws" were crafted was
written by the ADL and shopped out to statesí legislators for the
ostensible purpose of combatting "hate." According to the ADL, "hate"
defines any organization or any person who opposes their, or their
allyís, Communist agenda.
   "ADL urges the vigorous enforcement by the states of existing
statutes outlawing specific types of paramilitary training" said a
recent ADL press release. "Many of these measures, currently on the
books of 24 states," it continues, "were patterned after a model bill
formulated by ADL. The League has written to the governors of the
remaining 26 states, urging them to work with their legislatures to
adopt such statutes."
   By what right does a private partisan organization "formulate"
legislation specifically designed to abrogate the unalienable right of
individual citizens in a constitutional republic to drill as a "well
regulated militia" in self-defense against tyranny? By what criteria
do "representatives" enact such legislation?
   The answers to these questions are simple. The ADL arrogated to
*themselves* the extralegal authority to "formulate"
anti-constitutional legislation, and leftist legislators legitimized
the ADLís usurpation of the legislative process by acceding to the
ADLís tribalist-collectivist whims.
   The ADLís expressed long range goal is to make "hate" a federal
crime. This is nothing less than an open declaration advocating
*thought crime*. In no other country in the world--including
Israel--have jews, on the whole, experienced the freedom and liberty
inherent in America. In no other country in the world has the ADL
exerted so much time, effort, money and propaganda to effect
totalitarianism and establish themselves--through that obscenity, the
Justice Departmentís Civil Rights division--as Americaís Thought
   From 1917, until its alleged collapse, the ADL held the *Soviet
Union* to be the model of "tolerance and freedom for Jews." In
November 1946, ADL spokesman Louis Levine, writing in *Soviet Russia
Today* stated, "One does not *dare* to be anti-Semitic in Russia."
[Original emphasis.] The ADLís sister organization in the Soviet
Union, the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, made certain the gulags were
filled to capacity to drive home the point.
   Now, ask yourself: "Why does the ADL support gun control and
promise anti-militia legislation?"
   Better yet, ask a prisoner in a Russian gulag.

Subscription Info:

po box 47095
Kansas City, Missouri
US $25.00, foreign $30.00
single issue $7.00

Statement of [Resisterís] Policy:
   The philosophy of The Resister is straightforward. Individual
rights, strict constitutionalism, limited government, American
self-interest, laissez-faire capitalism, and republicanism; in short,
the principles upon which this nation was founded.
   We oppose: statism, socialism, collectivism, racism, altruism,
internationalism, tribalism, unlimited democracy, pull politics, and
the "New World Order;" in short, the ideologies of all tyrannies.
   Our philosophical framework is Objectivism* (the rational morality
of self-interest--Life). Our political philosophy is grounded in the
works of the Framers of the Constitution (government as servant, not
master--Liberty). Our economic philosophy is laissez-faire capitalism
(the origin of true rights--Property). 
   We do not advocate the overthrow of the U.S. government. We do
advocate resistance to government tyranny. We do not advocate the
initiation of force in doing so. We do advocate appropriate
force-in-kind retaliation. We advocate resistance against the United
Nations. Our goal is the restoration of the Constitutional Republic
and to see government chained to the walls of its constitutional
   *The editors of this publication accept Objectivism as their
philosophical base; however, we are not spokesmen for Objectivism and
we alone are responsible for the views expressed here. 

From Tue Dec 31 12:17:10 PST 1996
Article: 41521 of alt.politics.nationalism.white
From: (Titan White)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white
Subject: Re: Israel's Nuclear Strategy - Part III
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 21:30:05 GMT
Organization: Monterey Bay Internet, Monterey, CA
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X-Newsreader: Forte Agent .99g/32.339 (Tomcjad) wrote:

>zionist hate groups? yeah, right. there are right wing fascist race groups
>that want people to hate and murder jews for the simple reason that they
>are jews and brought monotheism into the world. 

Untrue. It is not proven (like Gravity) who was the absolute "first"
people to practice monotheism, but it certainly wasn't the Jews. The
first Monotheist was probably Zoroaster, although there was a strong
tendency toward Monotheism in some aspects of Sumerian religious
practice. The latest archeology has Zoroastrianism predating Semitic

In fact, middle-eastern Semitic Traditions (which includes the Jews)
are high derivative of Sumerian thought and culture. The Sumerians
were a non-semitic people who settled in what is now Southern Iraq *at
least* 2000 years before the Semitic Jews appeared on the scene. 

The Sumerians felt that the Semitic-speaking people they encountered
in the middle-east were a crude and barbaric people, and initially
enslaved them. Only after acquiring the superior culture of the
Sumerians through imitation did the Semites in the region rise up to
challenge Sumer militarily.

I believe the first lasting usurpation of Sumerian hegemony in the
region occurred under Sargon of Akkad, who fought, and defeated Sumer
under Lugalzagisi.

We now understand that Western Civilization owes more to the culture
and thinking of the non-semitic Sumerians than to any of the Semitic
plagiarists that rose in the shadow of Mighty Sumer.

>there are good jews and
>bad jews just like any other group. learn to love instead of hate. how can
>you judge an entire people. how can u judge every man, woman and child who
>happens to go to a synagogue instead of a church or mosque.

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