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In article , "$$Mighty $White $Power
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> Orac  wrote in message
> "On January 23, 1949, the Sunday Pictorial published, under the headline
> 'Americans Torture Germans to Extort 'Confessions,''  What it called "An
> ugly story of barbarous tortures inflicted in the name of allied justice,"
> taken from the report of the American Judge Edward L. Van Roden, who had
> investigated allegations to this effect as a member of an official
> Commission of Enquiry. The Judge foun that German prisoners were subjected
> to various forms of maltreatments till, as the Pictorial said, "Strong men
> were reduced to broken wrecks ready to mumble any admission demanded by
> their prosecutors.""
> Page 191 - Unconditional Hatred, By Captian Russell GrenFell, R.N.

According to a NYT article, dated March 2, 1949, Van Roden's criticized
solitary confinement and mock trials but didn't mention any systematic
brutality. Instead, "Judge Van Roden said his reviewing agency had found
no general conspiracy to obtain evidence improperly." A March 5 NYT
article said, in regard to one of the review board's findings, that:

  "Physical force was not systematically applied to obtain statements,
   but undoubtedly in the heat of the moment on occasions the interrogators
   did use some physical force on a recalcitrant suspect."

Moreoever, according to Bower, Van Roden's allegations "were shattered
when it was proven that his informant Friedrich Ebble, who had claimed to
have been scarred by the interrogators when they inserted burning matches
under his fingernails, had no scars whatsoever. Ebble, who had a criminal
record, was medically declared to be mentally disturbed. Van Roden
publically admitted his mistakes..." (Cf. Bower, _Blind Eye To Murder_,

> On the same page it talks about smashing testicals, beating of hooded German
> Prisoners.
The Simpson Commission investigated the allegations. The investigation
included medical records and examinations by physicians. The unanimous
opinion of the Simpson Commission was that there was no evidence that the
allegations of torture (i.e. knocking out of teeth, breaking, jaws,
kicking testicles, etc.) were correct. Later, Joe McCarthy carried out a
Congressional inquiry into the allegations. McCarthy, hardly a friend of
the Army, and did his best to "prove" the allegations. He failed. The
Committee's conclusion was also that no 
torture took place. General Clay's Army investigation likewise concluded
that no 
torture took place.

See also:

Hmmm. Three investigations. All three three concluded that no torture took

> Of course, it's a biased source because it doesn't babble the holy writ of
> holocaustamania.

Ah, another Believer in crackpot denier dogma. Fancy that. 


"Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and
 evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between
 political parties--but right through every human heart--and all 
 human hearts." -- Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "The Gulag Archipelago"

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