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In article <>, (Greg "Hitler
was a great man" Raven) wrote:


> Soap making

For information about morbid Nazi soap experiments see:

Some insight to the soap _rumors_ (and _not_ the Danzig experiments) is
offered by Hilberg:

The SS and Police (i.e. Himmler) had decided to make Lublin a German city
and to make the Lublin district a German district. On October 1, 1942, the
police carried out a _razzia_ in the northern section of the city of
Lublin. All inhabitants of the section were called out and assembled in
one place. All work certificates were checked, and all Poles - male or
female - who could not prove that they were employed were carted away to a
camp, while their children under fifteen were sent to an orphanage.

Immediately, rumors swept the city like wildfire. Many Poles stopped in
the streets and said: "Weren't we right that the resettlement across the
Bug was going to come> It has come, earlier than we supposed. Punctually
on October 1, 1942, in the morning it has come!" The Poles were convinced
that this _Aktion_ was the same as the "resettlement" of the Jews. In
Lublin the belief was strong that the Jewish "resettlers" had been killed
and that the fat from their corpses had been used ijn the manufacture of
soap. Now the pedestrians in Lublin were saying it was the turn of the
Poles to be used  - just like the Jews - for soap production.


There is more evidence that the news of the killing centers trickled into
Slovakia, not only in government circles but to the public as well. In
July 1942, a group of 700 ethnic German "asocial" were "resettled" from
Slovakia. As the asocials were about to leave, a rumor began to circulate
that the "resettlers" would be "boiled into soap" (zur Seife verkocht
werden). That rumor referred to the popular belief that the Germans in the
killing centers were turning human fat into soap cakes. (We may recall
that in October 1942, an identical rumor was spread in the
_Generalgouvernement district of Lublin. Probably the rumor originated


On July 29, 1942, the chief of the ethnic Germans in Slovakia, Karmasin,
had written a letter to Himmler in which he described the "resettlement"
of 700 "asocial" ethnic Germans. One of the difficulties, wrote Karmasin,
was the spreading of the rumor (furthered by the clergy) that the
"resettlers" would be boiled into soap" (das die Aussiedler "zur Seife
verkocht werden"). In October, 1942, the Propaganda Division in the Lublin
district reported the rumor circulating in the city that now it was the
turn of the Poles to be used, like the Jews, for "soap production" (Die
Polen kommen jetzt genau wie die Juden zur Seifenproduktion dran). 

We are not concerned here with the question whether soap cakes of human
fat were produced in the killng centers (the answer is propbably not) or
whether such cakes were produced at all. To us the importance of the soap
rumor lies in its effectiveness as a carrier of information about the mass
killings. In 1942 that rumor had already been recorded in two different
places, Lublin and Bratislava. Such spacing indicates that the rumor had a
powerful impact and a wide distribution.

Source: Hilberg, _The Destruction of the Euopean Jews_, pp. 331,470,624.

For a compendium of Mr. Raven's scurrilous Holocaust denial, Nazi apologia
and lies, please peruse and visit the Nizkor Project at:


"Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and
 evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between
 political parties--but right through every human heart--and all 
 human hearts." -- Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "The Gulag Archipelago"

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