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In article <>, nobody@REPLAY.COM says...
>Saturday, January 04, 1997 - 00:36:26 MET
>Fellow Aryans, let's fight for our race,
>and NEVER give up, and WE SHALL WIN!

From Sun Jan  5 02:16:18 PST 1997
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Subject: Re: The Antiwhite Movement
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In article <851923084$>, "Aryan" says...
>The anti-white movement is in full swing worldwide. The non-whites are so
>jealous that they cannot be white themselves. Drawn to our wealth,
>intelligence, beauty, and science, they are sworn to take us down, do us
>in, get rid of us.
>This is a matter of killing the golden goose. Once gone, the golden eggs
>of the world will disappear, provided the asians are taken out next. That
>is the idea. Get the Euros first, then get the asians. Reduce the IQ of
>the planet, so that the minorities will be the smartest.
>This will allow them to operate without fear that the Jews and the Euros
>and Asians will use them. Of course, what has happened is the opposite.
>The whites have left them alone, given up colonialism, and invited them
>inside their countries so that they, too, the whites I mean, can be
>colonized by the colonials.
>The desire to bring us low is everywhere. However, I have news. The whites
>have been around for a long time. So have our brothers, the chinese who
>share a land mass with us and are closely related. You hate the two of us,
>because of our abilities.
>No problem. Our tolerance for you is ending rapidly. You will be history
>soon. Too bad. You screw up a good thing. You got food, medicine, science,
>technology--all the things your own culture would never have come up with,
>but you misused it, overpopulating your lands, because you no longer died
>pathetic deaths from the usual diseases, and all because of white
>medicine, hygiene, and law. As usual, your minds were too small to take
>advantage of what we gave you, so now you come to get us.
>I have news. We won't be gotten. Once we are truly threatened, we will
>kill you. And we will do it before you do it to us. This isn't the firs
>time this has happened. The Romans were beset by all the tribes wanting
>into the Roman Empire. Whenever the pressures go too great, a great
>killing took place. In ths way, Rome lasted 1,000 years, until the Huns,
>driven by the Mongols, entered the Roman Provinces. This diversity killed
>Rome in less than 70 years.
>Diversity needs to be done away with. And it will. Because it's us or you.
>And, man, guess what? It's us. Sorry.

    You are absolutely correct, but you are wasting your time and energy 
on the candy-assed politically correct liberals that infest the *MAM* 

    Faracoon brought a "million" yarms to Washington at the drop of his 
hat.  While the wanabee militiamen are writing their congressmen, debating
non-issues, of defending faggots, and whether they'll admit it or not,
America is on the verge of a race war.

    Yes, a race war is inevitable, and  want to venture a guess as to 
which side the government will take?

    If the whites don't get it together and soon, there will be no 
homeland for us.


From Tue Jan  7 10:47:03 PST 1997
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In article <>, nobody@REPLAY.COM says...
>Saturday, January 04, 1997 - 00:36:26 MET
>Fellow Aryans, let's fight for our race,
>and NEVER give up, and WE SHALL WIN!

We will fight, we will fight for our race, and we will win.  It will not be
easy, but we will win.

Aryan patriots in California, preferably in the area from Orange county 
up to Simi Valley and Saugas regions please interested in joining a 
SERIOUS - (no wanabees) Aryan Militia please e-mail me at the address 

We offer rigorous training including at least one weekend each
month in the boonies.

Flames and hate mail will simply be ignored.  I won't waste time with them.

Mr. John (formerly with CMOSC)


From Wed Jan  8 19:14:28 PST 1997
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In article <>, says...
>On 3 Jan 1997 15:47:23 -0800, nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous) wrote:
>>Saturday, January 04, 1997 - 00:36:26 MET
>>Fellow Aryans, let's fight for our race,
>>and NEVER give up, and WE SHALL WIN!
>When pigs fly...HEH...

Say there, Pancho - wouldn't you feel more comfortable 
at "www.taco-bender.spic" or do you just want to demonstrate
that the indians really did fuck buffalos?

Fellow Aryans, let's fight for our race,
and NEVER give up, and WE SHALL WIN!

Mr. John

>WarpKat's Web Page of Absolutely Nothing!

From Sat Jan 11 09:30:51 PST 1997
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Subject: Re: Gay Political Candidate Writes Doc Tavish and the Doc Sends a Reply!
Date: 10 Jan 1997 07:27:52 -0800
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In article <>, Doc says...
>A Reply To An Openly Homosexual Politician
>Dedication: I devote all quoted scriptures to the homosexual
>sycophant sympathizers of Nizkor and its allies in mischief!
>Sources: The Bible aka The Word of God (Written by Jews!)
>Please note in the following post that I, Doc Tavish, have substituted 
>the name of the E-Mailer with Seymore Butz. I have also placed ??? where 
>info was given that would identify him. I did this to protect the
>and the innocent. If Seymore wishes to post his full E-Mailing to me
>I say let him do it. Maybe what was snipped in the xfer will show up
>Doc Tavish
>Seymore Butz wrote:
>> Since you have some preconceived notions about what gay people are like. I
>> thought that you might be interested in seeing this article. I wrote it as an
>> op-ed piece for our local newspaper. They never published it, but I think
>> that you might find it informative.
>>         Seymore
>>     ---------------------------------------------------------------
>>         "Both abortion and homosexuality ... involve objective 
>injustice. With abortion there is the objective injustice of taking 
>the life of an unborn child. With homosexuality, at least in the age 
>of AIDS, there is clearly a homicidal dimension." Thus declares 
>former US attorney Tom Ashcraft of Charlotte in his op-ed piece of 
>9/3/96, entitled "Abortion and homosexuality: Bring back the taboos". 
>I for one do not intend to let such a comment go unchallenged.
>>         I am running as  the candidate of the Libertarian Party 
>for ?? House District ??. I am the first openly-gay candidate ever 
>to run for the ?????? legislature, and I am unapologetically 
>pro-life. As such, I hold some positions associated with the 
>traditional left, and some positions associated with the political 
>right. I am the only candidate that I know of who is speaking up for 
>justice for the gay and lesbian community as the Republicans and 
>Democrats take turns making political [lost in E-Mail]
>          Mr. Ashcraft accuses gay people of homicidal tendencies 
>because we supposedly deliberately expose our loved ones to AIDS 
>simply for the sake of sex. Perhaps he has a special place in his 
>heart for lesbians, since that is the population LEAST likely to 
>pass the HIV virus during sexual relations. Perhaps he has an 
>unspoken abhorrence for heterosexual people, since that is the 
>fastest growing population among new HIV cases.
>>         Let me suggest to him an alternative way of viewing 
>homicidal tendencies. Government promotes marriage among 
>heterosexuals as a means of sustaining fidelity. However, 
>same sex couples are forbidden to marry. Thus, promiscuity is 
>tacitly encouraged among homosexuals. Since promiscuity greatly 
>increases the risk of exposure to AIDS, this policy actually 
>promotes the spread of HIV among the gay population. That suggests 
>to me that being a social conservative is an expression of 
>homicidal ten....[lost in E-Mail]
>>         I hope that my case  has confused  readers who had such 
>a settled opinion of what gay people are like. I suspect that 
>Mr. Ashcraft has never availed himself of the opportunity to get to
>know someone gay. That is the problem with bigotry: the bigot refuses 
>to allow himself to be exposed to evidence that would undermine 
>his precious stereotypes.
>>         Seymore Butz
>All of the above was from Seymore Butz ^
>Doc Tavish answers:
>Babies in a womb are a natural process- homosexual activity is not.
>Abortion is wrong and homosexual sex is wrong. I am not a bible thumper
>and I haven't been inside a church in years except for funerals. Most of
>the churches are now introducing liberalized versions of the gospels
>that have gay acceptance. You only need to look in some of these news
>groups and see all the postings that say: "Jesus was Gay". This is
>simple blasphemy. I do not know of one religion (based on early
>teachings) that teaches homosexuality is acceptable. Many countries
>still have the death penalty for it. The bible prescribes stoning to
>death and in the New Testament Romans 1:32 says the offense is deserving
>of death but elsewhere the homosexuals were to be simply ejected from
>the Christian congregation. I do not advocate gangs beating up on gays
>but I think we should use existing laws to curtail their activities to
>the absolute fullest.
>I'll be honest with you- the more people that get in Congress such as
>you the more our great nation will be societal rot! No amount of liberal
>brain washing or sensitivity training will convince me otherwise.
>History proves that tolerance of homosexuality has always been a
>negative. Sorry but my heart is unmoved!
>Doc Tavish
>> >Seymore Butz wrote:
>> >
>> > Sir,
>> >         You are still thinking in terms of stereotypes. I am not a liberal,
>> > theologically, politically, or socially. I don't say that Jesus was gay.
>> > There is no basis for saying one way or another, nor is it even meaningful if
>> > he was.
>Most defenders of homosexuals are liberal. Steve Gunderson is like you
>and he was an alleged Republican- definitely not a conservative! [Doc
>> >         Leviticus prescribes the death penalty for cavorting with the male
>> > cult prostitutes that were integral to Middle Eastern fertility cults.
>You are stretching. Leviticus does not mention temple prostitutes as a
>condition for the death penalty- but merely mentions two men having sex
>together! Leviticus 20:13 says: "And when a man lies down with a male
>the same as one lies down with a woman, both of them have done a
>detestable thing. They should be put to death without fail. Their own
>blood is upon them. Read also Leviticus 18:22 Neither scripture pertains
>to temple prostitutes! [Doc Tavish]
>> > Romans refers to the person who irrationally denies the true God,
>> > and is then given over to perverse uncontrollable lusts. No where in
>> > the Bible is homosexuality, per se, even mentioned, much less forbidden.
>You are sadly mistaken!
>Romans 1: 18-32 Verses contain:"24) Therefore God, in keeping with the
>desires of their hearts, gave them up to uncleanness, that their bodies
>[Read how your body is the temple for the spirit and what happens when
>you defile the temple. 1 Corinthians 3:16,17] be dishonored among them.
>25) even those who exchanged the truth of God for the lie and venerated
>and rendered sacred service to the creation rather than the One who
>created, who is blessed forever. Amen. 26) That is why God gave them up
>to disgraceful sexual appetites, for both their females changed the
>natural use of themselves into one contrary to nature: 27) and likewise
>even the males left the natural use of the female and became violently
>inflamed in their lusts toward one another, males with males, working
>what is obscene and receiving in themselves the full recompense, which
>was due for their error. 28) And just as they did not approve of holding 
>God in accurate knowledge, God gave them up to a disapproved mental 
>state... 32) Although these know full well the righteous decree of God, 
>that those practicing such things are deserving of death, they not only 
>keep doing them but also consent with those practicing them. 
>[Doc Tavish]
>Christians were not under the Mosaic Law which proscribed the death
>penalty BUT they would not allow homosexual activity in their
>congregations. Read 1 Corinthians 5: 1-7 Which tells the congregation to
>clear out all those that practice such things- clear away the leaven
>before it ferments the whole lump. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 in brief says:
>"What! Do you not know that unrighteous persons will not inherit God's
>kingdom? Do not be misled. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor
>MEN... will inherit God's kingdom." [Doc Tavish]
>> >         Please look at the verses, in context, without looking for
>> > proof-texts to reinforce what you have already decided is true. Let God speak
>> > for Himself without putting words in His mouth.
>I haven't put any words into his mouth but those of your sick ilk have
>done everything to undermine God's word and eventually you all will have
>to answer to him for all the harm you have done. [Doc Tavish]
>> >         Seymore Butz
>Doc Tavish  Speaking up for the truth!
>P.S. Any church that claims to be Christian but yet tolerates
>homosexuality within its congregational members has cast aside the Bible
>as its teaching authority!
>All the little Marxist Jewish anti-Christian gigglers that always come
>to the aid of the gay community should take special note of the
>scriptures and question if their own attitude is in opposition to the
>creator's will. You all are being watched from a distance. Leftists are
>always the ones that say: "good is bad and bad is good" Isaiah 5:20.
>It's a Communist thing- the convolution of logic! Cheers Nizkor! Quote
>me right!
>Put down that I am a homophobe for quoting the Bible. I want it on
>record- seriously!

For this Nazi, this issues are simple.  

First, I refuse to use the candy coated euphemism "gay."  In my book, 
gay means cheeful of happy.  It does NOT mean "depraved and peverted 
sexual conduct!"

Second, I don't care what queers are like, they still engage in abominable
and abhorant acts of sexual perversion.  Who knows, "Jack the Ripper" may
have been, except for one character flaw, a "nice guy" - but he still was
a butcher!

Third, moral decay tends to precede the decline and fall of formerly
great civilations.

Fourth, when we reclaim our Aryan homeland, we must consider a final 
solution to the homosexual problem.  As I recall, in one of the modern
"super powers" homosexuality was a capital offense.

Am I a "homophobe?"  Absolutely not, for to be a "phobe" is to fear them.
I don't fear the miserable scum-bag queers, I detest them!

I know I don't express myself well, but those are my heart felt feelings
on the issue of queers.

Mr. John  

From Sat Jan 11 16:52:54 PST 1997
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Subject: Re: Homophobia on the net- Fags Have Better Get Back in the Closet!
Date: 9 Jan 1997 08:46:03 -0800
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In article <>, The says...
>Ursus Major wrote:
>> Pay no attention to the White Embarassment ...
>> =
>> Quick: What did ALL of the following have in common:
>> =
>>         Leonardo da Vinci
>>         Frederick the Great
>>         Michelangelo
>>         Oscar Wilde
>>         Gen. Baron von Steuben (who created the U.S. Army)
>>         Marcel Proust
>>         Ernst R=F6hm
>>         Gore Vidal
>>         Audey Murphy (the U.S.'s most decorated soldier in WWII)
>>         Alan Turning (mathematician, who proved computers possible)
>>         Peter Tchaikovsky
>>         Paul Verlain
>>         Andr=E9 Gide
>>         Wittgenstein
>>         King Ludwig II of Bavaria (Wagner's patron)
>>         Hart Craine
>>                                     and William Shakespeare?
>> =
>>         THEY WERE ALL "FAGS"!
>> =
>> SEMPER FIDELIS (et Semper Prudens)!
>>         "Ursus Major"
>How the hell could you forget Alexander the Great???? =
>	Don't drink the water,
>			The Dark Jester

You're missing the point.  All too frequently, moral decay precedes 
the decline and fall of great civilizations.  Think about it, isn't 
there something unseemly about semen-slurping butt-fucked punks?

Mr. John,

Remember always the fourteen words!
Also, without the 2nd Amendment, the others are merely suggestions. 

From Sat Jan 11 23:12:31 PST 1997
Article: 55487 of alt.politics.white-power
Newsgroups: alt.politics.white-power
Subject: Re: Aryans or wannabee Vikings
Date: 10 Jan 1997 20:53:33 -0800
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Message-ID: <5b76cd$>
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In article <>, Stefan says...
> wrote:
>> In article <01bbf940$e41c3e60$53122399@atlatl>, "NSN/Looks2Sky" says...
>> >
>> >Have you noticed that so many Aryans have names like Ourobouros, Ragnorak,
>> >Yrgrssyl, Berserker, etc.  They should be honest and call themselves
>> >Brunhilda and Valkyries because they are nothing but a bunch of  whiney
>> >women anyway.  That was actually quite horrible of me.  I've just insulted
>> >all womenkind; for that I am eternally indebted to them.  My apologies, but
>> >you get the drift.  The Vikings wouldn't even spit on these individuals,
>> >let alone acknowledge them as one of their own.  This is true, despite the
>> >fact that the Aryan/ Scandinavian Tuetonic or Viking was the most barbarous
>> >(down-right barbaric) of all the European tribes. Please, Seek Help (or was
>> >it zeig heil?).
>> >
>> >They'll be coming around the trailer park with a Banjo on their knee.
>> >YeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
>> How about yarms with names like "Kareem Abdul Jabar" or "Louis Faracoon" or
>> "Mohamad Ali?"
>> >
>Wouldn't it be nice if all you racist morons learned how to spell these
>names correctly. We all know you're stupid but come on!
>It's "Ragnarök", "Yggdrasil", "Jabbar", "Farrakhan", and "Mohammad".
>Then again, what does these ignoramuses know?!
>Stefan Andréasson
>Louisiana State University
>Baton Rouge, La.


I agree with you that I don't spell well.  Especially difficult for me are
names such as Farracoon, Jabbar, and Mohammad.  The truth is I don't know
anybody with those names, and I have rarely spell them.

In brief, I am a poor speller.  I'm certain there are fields in which I can
put you to shame.  Why would I want to?

Now, would you care to address the issue I raised?  Why criticize whites
for using nicknames while tolerating it in shines?

Mr. John

From Sun Jan 12 07:09:27 PST 1997
Article: 55529 of alt.politics.white-power
Newsgroups: alt.politics.white-power
Subject: Re: Statistics Concerning Homosexuals
Date: 9 Jan 1997 09:33:44 -0800
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In article <>, Doc says...
>The following was a response written to a leftist radio show
>personality for his barbed remarks concerning Senator Jesse
>Helm's views on the homosexual scourge.
>July 8, 1995
>Hightower Radio / Austin, Texas
>Fax 1-512-473-2233
>Attention: Mr. Jim Hightower
>Mr. Hightower,
>	Before you start condemning Jesse Helms you need to look
>at a few statistics and learn some medicine and hygiene! The
>myth that AIDS is spreading in the heterosexual community is
>concocted by those with self serving interests! If AIDS is not a
>"gay disease" then why are they the most vocal? The reason why
>AIDS is spread into the heterosexual community is women having
>sex with bi-sexual men. The statistics prove it and the known
>facts about vectors of disease propagation back the facts!
>	Mr. Hightower it is far easier for a woman to catch AIDS
>from a bi-sexual man than it is for a heterosexual man to catch
>AIDS from an infected woman and for the same exact reason that
>AIDS spreads like wildfire in the homosexual community. A
>woman's womb and the digestive tract of a man (also a woman's)
>are lined with numerous capillaries that promote the passing of
>nutrient either from womb to fetus or absorbtion of nutrients
>from the digestive tract to the blood system. Both areas are
>highly "conductive" with a person's circulatory system. The AIDS
>virus is the same as a nutrient in its ability to enter the
>blood system. Homosexual male sex breaks the tenants of natural
>sex for which the woman's vagina is well adapted and intended.
>Anal tissue is frequently ripped with resultant bleeding whereas
>the vagina is not! (This is the reason that AIDS ravages the
>male homosexuals and not the lesbian! Torn anal tissue opens the
>blood system more readily for the exchange of bodily fluids.) If
>homosexuals did not practice what Mr. Helms referred to as
>"disgusting perverted sex" then they would not be the primary
>carriers of the virus. The male homosexual's lifestyle is the
>primary mode of transmission and replication thus adding to the
>disease's longetivity in society! This is a fact Mr. Hightower
>and if it were mere fable then AIDS would not not be so
>vociferously politicized by the homosexual community!
>The following figures are taken from The World Almanac and Book
>of Facts 1993; with the Almanac citing its source as: Federal
>Centers For Disease Control (cumulative 6/30/92)
>		         	AIDS in the U.S.
>Total reported:       230,179
>Adults/adolescents:   226,281
>Children:               3,898
>               Mode of Transmission
>Sex with men (homosexual)   65%
>Injection drug abuse         9%
>Sex with men & inject drugs  7%
>Hemophilia                   1% {this is Ryan White}
>Heterosexual contact         3%
>Blood transfusion            1%
>Other/unknown                4%
>Injection drug abuse        50%
>Heterosexual contact        35% {with bi-sexual men}
>Blood transfusion            7%
>Other/unknown                8%
>             AIDS Deaths and New  Cases
>In the U.S. Deaths in 1992:    22,660
>In the U.S. New Cases in 1992: 45,472     Source: National
>Center for Health Statsistics, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human
>Services. (The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1994)
> Per capita expenditures for AIDS, Heart Disease and Cancer
>AIDS              29,084        $1,400,000,000
>Heart Disease    954,138        $  782,000,000
>Cancer           547,000        $2,100,000,000
>                          - or -
>AIDS           ~ $48,000,000 per death
>Heart Disease  ~ $       820 per death
>Cancer         ~ $ 3,800,000 per death
>Source: (Universal Almanac for 1995) Data submitted by American
>Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and U.S. Public
>Health Services.(Data compiled reflects 1993)
>{Although a miniscule of children such as Ryan White get AIDS
>more children have contracted and died from cancer (leukemia)
>and heart problems. More women have developed cancer (breast
>cancer) than have contracted AIDS. Can these innocent sufferers
>be accused as having a high risk lifestyle?}
>	Mr. Hightower I get very disgusted at times when I hear
>your "idiot of the week awards" and you maligning Senator Jesse
>Helms for stating the truth. Below is the letter of support that
>I sent him via fax/modem and the Compuserve letter that I sent
>"The Doctor of Democracy" Rush Limbaugh. You can dismiss me as a
>nut case Mr. Hightower but I promise you that more Americans
>think the way we do than the way liberals think! The elections
>of 1994 show it and in 1996 we will "clean the liberal's clocks"
>as NRA's Wayne LaPierre puts it.
>July 6, 1995
>Fax xxxxxxxxx
>Dear Mr. Helms,
>	I truly admire and respect you and I want you to feel
>appreciated for the fine stances you have taken and are now
>taking. I wish you could be cloned and more of Congress could be
>filled by people of your values! I appreciate your crustiness,
>because I am ashamed at the "wimp nation" this country is being
>directed into by the liberal elements! I want to declare you an
>honorary father, but you must take second place because my real
>father will always come first! Below is the letter I just sent
>Rush Limbaugh as he was talking today about the heat you are
>taking for wanting to cut AIDS funding! More people are behind
>you than what the (liberal controlled) polls are indicating!  	
>Sincerely yours,
>Doc Tavish
>COMPUSERVE xxxxx,xxxx
>	I will cut to the chase about the money being spent on
>AIDS and what people are saying about risky behaviour.
>	AIDS is the one main risky behaviour in which those that
>practice "disgusting sex habits" are not contributing
>financially to the effort of research.
>	The smoker's are lambasted because "they know they may get
>cancer so they know the risk they are taking" and "they are a
>burden on the healthcare system." Look at the tax paid on every
>pack of cigarettes, pack of chewing tobacco or a tin of snuff.
>Think of all the taxes paid by the consumers of tobacco
>products. If the taxes were likened to insurance premiums for
>any medical complications down the road; then you could safely
>conclude they have more than paid their way!
>	The drinkers are lambasted because "they know that they
>may get liver problems, diabetes, in some cases brain damage
>etc." As you mentioned today, look at all the cold talk about
>Mickey Mantle's liver transplant! Again as with tobacco
>products, look at all the taxes paid by the consumers of "adult
>beverages," they too are more than paying their way!
>	Look how gun owners are being attacked for what the
>lawless are doing. The law abiding are being blamed for the
>drain in the healthcare system due to the urban area trauma
>centers working over time. Gun owners pay taxes on ammunition
>and the firearms they buy plus most wildlife conservation
>programs are financed by the taxes paid and the fees paid on
>hunting licenses.
>	The conclusion of the matter is this all three
>aforementioned activities are legal and the participants pay
>their way as they go, however the activities the majority of
>AIDS "victims" are illegal- i.e. sodomy is still illegal in most
>locales and i.v. drug abuse is still illegal also! Are the
>propagators of AIDS paying any sort of tax to contribute for
>their needs down the road? Why didn't the left get radical about
>the homosexual community being a burden on healthcare when
>socialized medicine was being pushed!? I still remember about
>how they wanted to raise taxes on cigarettes ($1.00 pack), place
>a sin tax on "adult beverages" and Senator Daniel Moynihan was,
>with Hillary's blessing, proposing a 1000% tax on firearms
>	When are the homosexuals "going to get out of the wagon
>and help pull their share of the load?" Senator Dianne Feinstein
>needs to propose a sin tax on all of the homosexual chicken hawk
>roosts in her constituency if she really wants to show she is
>not a hypocrite! The bath houses were shut down once on account
>of them being the breeding grounds for the propagation of the
>AIDS virus but since Bill Clinton took office they are open for
>business as usual!
>	I am very serious on this one Doctor!
>Doc Tavish
>	Mr. Hightower, you need to make a public apology for all
>the mis-information that you propagandize! I am not trying to be
>in your face disrespectful but I am tired of seeing people get
>attacked for speaking the truth and the hecklers not being able
>to prove their point other than scorn or ridicule. Liberals
>can't refute the truth so all liberals instead attempt to make
>the truth bearer into a buffoon hoping to draw the public's
>attention away from the message! Mr. Hightower I will tell you a
>secret and I hope that you learn from it!  This is my original-
>If I hear something being debated pertaining to a subject that I
>am not cognizant of, therefore impartial, I examine the manner
>of the debate and conduct. I know who is telling the truth and
>who is lying by the tactics employed- the liar always attacks
>the opposing person and the truth teller always attacks the
>opposing premise!
>Doc Tavish
>P.S. Please note that Jim Hightower no longer has a radio show!

Sounds like we need a "final solution" to the homosexual problem!

Mr. John
(A little "ethnic cleansing" from time to time can be a good thing!)
"Lock-n-load, its time to vote!"

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