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I'd like to publicly express my gratitude to 
CyberPilgrim for articulating precisely my
own thoughts and feelings about Dr. Linda Thompson 
and her Waco tape. 

CyberPilgrim wrote:

> (Dr. Linda Thompson) wrote:
> >Replying to a message left on by Potter), who
> >may likewise be an alias of the same person,  the following phony
> >accounts/aliases, all amazingly in the same vein of personal attacks
> >replied:
> [Muchas deletia of Thompson's private war with one of her
> detractors who may or may not be unjustly harassing her...]
> >Kind regards,
> >
> >************ V ***************
> > Death to the New World Order
> >******************************
> >
> >Dr. Linda Thompson
> >Attorney at Law
> >Chairman, American Justice Federation
> >
> >
> >******************************
> >      Remember Waco.
> >The murderers are still free.
> >******************************
> Your plea for sympathy falls on deaf ears. It was not always that
> way. When I saw your first Waco tape, I was deeply moved. I was
> already sympathetic, but watching the Federal "tanks" ram holes
> into the sides of the Davidian compound on the April 19th morning
> and pump not only gas but fire into the occupied quarters infuriated
> me and confirmed beyond doubt what had "really" happened that day.
> And it was you who had the courage to show the clip of the vehicle
> with fire being shot out the front as it exited from the compound
> wall.
> And then, a year or so later -- after OK City -- I saw the same
> clip on one of the network news magazine shows. Except they showed
> the whole thing. The vehicle backed out and made a reverse-right
> turn so that it faced the camera. And the "fire" was nothing more
> than a piece of the building -- perhaps tin roofing or a piece of
> lucite-type plastic that had fallen onto the vehicle and was reflecting
> the early morning sun.
> But then, you knew that. I had to get the truth from the liberal media.
> That's a little unsettling.
> Do you think McVey ever got to see the full video clip before he
> drove the Ryder truck to OK City?
> I hope your alleged tormentor does you and your family no
> harm. But that's all you get -- don't ask me to _care_. Personally,
> I think you should just quietly fade out of the limelight and
> be grateful for the fact that, like the murderers of Waco, you are
> still free.
> --
> CyberPilgrim
> =========================
> We can't impeach him
> if we don't re-elect him.
> Clinton '96      Gore '97
> =========================

Prediction of the decade:  "The public will never believe the
innocence of the Clintons & their loyal staff."  -- author unknown

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