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Subject:      Re: Prove Me Wrong and I'll Eat My Words (was Re: Get used to it...)
From: (Michael Hollomon, Jr.)
Date:         1996/06/22
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>Then you stated, "Linda Thompson has been one of the most vocal persons
>in the movement.  She has spent the last few years vilifying and
>calling for retribution against the U.S. Government, particularly the
>ATF and FBI.  There is NO DOUBT [my emphasis] the OKC bomber was merely
>answering that call."
>No doubt, Michael?  In your own narrow mind, maybe.  I know very little
>of Linda Thompson, other that what I have read on the Internet and
>viewed in one of her conspiracy videos, "America Under Seige;" and I
>have never heard anyone in the National Confederation of Civilian
>Militias imply she influences the militia in any way.  To the contrary,
>I have heard the opposite on many occasions.  In fact, she critizes
>NCCM members in some of her articles.  She even labeled the former
>leadership of MOM, "federal operatives," or something to that effect.

I take issue with your suggestion that my mind is narrow simply
because I disagree with you.  Perhaps, just perhaps, it is *your* mind
which is the narrow one.  In any event, my response to what you have
written is a resounding "so what?"  I have never heard of the National
Confederation of Civilian Militias.  I have never accused that
organization of anything, much less being influenced by Linda
Thompson.  The fact that she may be at odds with your organization
does not negate *anything* I have written.  What I wrote is simply
that she has been one of the most vocal persons in the movement.  That
is true regardless of whether or not she is cozy with the NCCM.  You
may not consider her part of the militia movement, but *she*
undoubtedly does.

>Okay, Michael.  You have the floor.  Please tell me and the others in
>this group the SPECIFIC source(s) of the "propaganda and posturing" you
>were referring to that created the "motivation."  Please be specific,
>Michael.  Keep in mind that ranting and raving will not enlighten us in
>any way...

Ranting and raving is not my M.O.  Most of the ranting and raving I
have seen in this group has been from those on your side of the fence.
But be that as it may, I am not inclined to spend much time culling
snippets of militant militia propaganda from every source in which I
have seen it, although if pushed I certainly could (a visit to Mr.
Pitcavage's web site would give you enough sources to fill a floppy
disk).  However, that would be fruitless.  Your obvious response will
be that whoever I quote is not part of *your* militia or whatever
little group *you* belong to and, therefore, I cannot base my opinion
of "the militia" on the statements of those individuals.

The bottom line is this:  The militia movement, by its very nature, is
a highly decentralized movement.  I realize that there are people from
all walks of life who claim to support or be a part of the movement to
some extent or another.  Heck, at one point, even *I* was mildly
supportive of some of the "patriot" objectives.  I have since fully
recovered, thank you.

All I am saying is that disdain of the government, for many so-called
"patriots," has moved from mere dissent to outright militant,
extremist, demonization (referring to the U.S. as a "miserable tyrant"
and such).  This, coupled with routine paramilitary exercises and
repeated references to the coming "civil war," creates an atmosphere
of rebellion against the lawful authority.  Those in, or supportive
of, the movement whose screws are a half turn looser than the average
guy are likely to take that bold first step against the "miserable
tyrant" in the name of what they feel to be the noble cause.  It is
this sort of atmosphere and mindset which would lead someone to do the
sort of thing that was done in OKC, and not feel a bit of remorse.

Subject:      Re: Linda Thompson?
From: (!Rack Jite)
Date:         1996/06/08
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Organization: Conservataively Incorrect
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On Sat, 01 Jun 1996 10:40:59 -0600, (Jason
Silverman) wrote and is answered by the CONSERVATIVELY INCORRECT, Rack

!Can any of the intelligent folks around here help me?
!Ms. Thompson recently alleged tome that she was a "recognized authority
!on Constitutional law."  I asked her for some documentation of this --
!perhaps a c.v. listing her recent articles in peer-review journals and
!recent papers given at ABA-sanctioned conferences.

I know one neat story about Linda. She had her big break on national TV
(I think it was CNN) during the Waco Hearings. She had a video where she
claimed the tank busting into the compound proved the FBI started the
fire. She pointed out the flames on the tank. The newspeople took the
film and slow-mowed it and the flames proved to be a hunk of drywall.
When they then asked her about it, she said it didnt matter. :)
She sure flubbed her big moment.
      I suppose I can understand the selfish callous
     disregard, it's the pride in it that passes me by.
    Conservatively Incorrect -

Subject:      Re: Suit filed against Concentric Network
From: (Bud Jamison)
Date:         1996/06/16
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RT> But isn't Larry C. still a lawyer?  Or Margaret S.?  They're still on
RT> the bar somewhere, right?... and Federal at that.

Not to forget Linda Thompson, IF she's not in a loony bin somewhere.

... Flocks of pigeons! There will always be an England!

Subject:      Re: Linda Thompson Videos
From: (Mark Phillips)
Date:         1996/06/13
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Organization: Maine State Governtment
Newsgroups:   alt.conspiracy,alt.politics.economics

Would you look at what Paula Barela-Olsen  babbled

>Does anyone have copies of the Linda Thompson "Waco" videos? I read about
>them in "Cult Rapture", and they seemed interesting...

There are GREAT if you like high comedy. The damn things are so
doctored up to fit her odd way of thinking. They are phonies just like
General Linda is.

Subject:      Re: Dees loses battle this time
From: (rafe b.)
Date:         1996/06/05
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In article <4olcl3$>, says...

>     I suspect that if the poster were totally correct and provided
>cites to prove his assertions, you'd still kiss Dees' ass.

I don't know about the ass-kissing, but I do think highly
of Dees, yes, regardless of what you or Linda Thompson might
think of him.

As opposed to the typical hand-wringing and legal BS
sessions that take place on this NG, Dees actually takes
to the courts and gets real work done.  If succesfully
proscecuting the Klan and the Skinheads is "gun grabbing",
then I say, let's have more of it.

Dees' mission is as American as apple pie.  What possible
motive could one have for _not_ wanting him to succeed?

As to the molestation charges "publicized" by Linda Thompson,
("Acting Adjutant General," blah, blah) I have yet to see
a shred of corroboration.

rafe b.

Subject:      Re: Prove Me Wrong and I'll Eat My Words (was Re: Get used to it...)
From: (Michael Hollomon, Jr.)
Date:         1996/06/29
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HINT #1:
I never suggested that McVeigh is guilty of the bombing.  Yeah, I know
he is the prime suspect.  But I am not on the jury and I am not
prepared to rule on his guilt or innocence.  So save all your
pro-McVeigh propaganda for someone who cares.  Besides whether or not
the bomber turns out to be McVeigh will not change my hypothesis one
iota since his guilt or innocence has *nothing* to do with why I
believe what I believe.

>: > that no one person represents the opinions of everyone in the militia
>: > movement, but Linda Thompson has been one of the most vocal persons in
>: > the movement.  She has spent the last few years vilifying and calling
>: > for retribution against the U.S. Government, particularly the ATF and
>: > FBI.  There is no doubt the OKC bomber was merely answering that call.
>       Right off the bat, Thompson has been routinely ignored since she
>called for a march on Washington to trump up kangaroo courts against
>Congress. *That* march failed for lack of interest, as you might know.
>Thompson has no unit, speaks for no units, does nothing more than sell
>videos to the gullible, but *you* are convinced that she is somehow a
>"leader"! Leader of WHAT? The ants in her attic? The bats in her belfry?

You are correct.  Many in the militia *have* attempted to distance
themselves from Thompson, especially since the OKC bombing.
Coincidence?  I think not.  But the fact of the matter is that *prior*
to the bombing she enjoyed considerable support among those in,
associated with, and/or sympathetic to the
Constitutionalist/militia/patriot movement(s).

Before this little newsgroup was started I followed, and occasionally
contributed to, various fidonet discussion groups frequented by many
militiaists (including quite frequently Ms. Thompson herself).  If my
memory serves me correctly (and it does) the great majority of posters
at that time were vociferously supportive of her and her little armed
march on Washington.  Sure there was the occasional "you guys are
crazy" post (most often from me).  But I was clearly in the minority
there then as I am here now.

Also, although she bore every indicia of leadership, I have never
*said* that she is a "leader" of the militia movement.  All I said is
that she has been one of the most vocal persons in the movement.  Now
you may not consider her a true militiaist (whatever that may mean to
you) but she undoubtedly does.  So, again, what you have said above
really does nothing to discount anything that I have said, right?

>Leaping from THAT conclusion to the notion that McVeigh was acting at her
>direction (inspired or otherwise) is nothing more than pure speculation,
>yet you claim it to be "fact".

I am the first to admit that my hypothesis is pure speculation.  I do
not claim to be able to enter the mind of the bomber (or even to know
who he/she/they is/are).  I have never stated my opinions to be fact.
I have never stated my opinions to be anything other than what they
are, *my* opinions.  This however does not seem to cause those on your
side of the fence any pause in attempting to prove that my opinions
are somehow wrong simply because they call into question the
activities of the so-called "patriot" movement.

>If Thompson were so inclined, she would have excellent grounds to
>sue you for slander.

You either have not read what I wrote or you have a real warped sense
of what slander is.  BTW, her cause of action, if there was one, would
be libel.

>: > I bear false witness?!?  Prove it!  Point out one lie that I have ever
>: > posted.
>"There is no doubt the OKC bomber was merely answering that call." Geez,
>bud, if you're GOING to engage in blather, at least don't shoot yourself
>in the foot in your own post! -:P

There is no doubt in my mind.  There may be in yours.  Reasonable men
sometimes differ.  A reasonable man and an unreasonable man will most
times differ.  So it is no surprise to me that you and I differ on the
subject.  That, however, does not make you a liar.  Neither does it
make me one.

Subject:      Re: Linda Thompson?
From: (Yale F. Edeiken)
Date:         1996/06/02
Message-Id:   <4or28b$>
Organization: ENTER.NET
Newsgroups:   alt.revisionism

> (Jason Silverman) writes:
>  Can anyone give me some pointers on the publications issuing forth from
>  this great mind?  I'm not talking about videos about UFOs ... those hardly
>  pertain to Con. law.  No; perhaps Mess'rs Litt et al can mention where I
>  might find the abstracts of important articles by Ms. Thompson.
>  Anyone?
        There is a large gulf between legal practice and academics.  There
are no "peer review" publications in law.  The closest thing are "law reviews"
which are student run publications which solicit few outside articles.  "Expertise"
can be ligitmately claimed not only on the basis of scholarly writing but on the
basis of cases handled.  A lawyer who, for example, could be an expert on child
custody law without ever having written an article on the subject.

        His or her name might turn up on appellate cases on the subject.  It is
possible to search legal databases for the name of the lawyer (they are given as
a part of every published decision); the most prominent are Lexis and Westlaw.
The kicker is that the lawyer's brilliance is demonstrated in the briefs and the
oral arguments before the appellate court.  The decision is the work of the
judge, however, and it is often impossible to determine the quality of the lawyer's

        If you need a more detailed answer, e-mail me.


Subject:      Linda Thompson?
From: (Jason Silverman)
Date:         1996/06/01
Organization: Loyola University Chicago
Newsgroups:   alt.revisionism

Can any of the intelligent folks around here help me?

Ms. Thompson recently alleged to me that she was a "recognized authority
on Constitutional law."  I asked her for some documentation of this --
perhaps a c.v. listing her recent articles in peer-review journals and
recent papers given at ABA-sanctioned conferences.  At this point she
became quite huffy and defensive and was unwilling to cooperate with my
request for a c.v.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but it almost made
me think that maybe she was not being totally honest about her status as a
legal expert.

Can anyone give me some pointers on the publications issuing forth from
this great mind?  I'm not talking about videos about UFOs ... those hardly
pertain to Con. law.  No; perhaps Mess'rs Litt et al can mention where I
might find the abstracts of important articles by Ms. Thompson.


Subject:      Re: MORRIS DEES-  provide the doc. evidence  -  adees.txt [1/1]
From: (Awesome1)
Date:         1996/06/07
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In article <833826787$>, (YTL) says:
>I checked in on your newgroup last - the first time in six months for
>me.  What caught my attention was flurry of postings from Huber, McVey
>and others concerning the personal life of the American lawyer  MORRIS
>Now if as alleged, Mr. Dees was in court over charges of child
>molesting, punching out his wife, and engaged in illegal surveillance
>against citizens -  lets have the evidence.  The US is an open society
>- private citizens are allowed to purchase court transcripts and even
>copies of evidence exhibits - such as ghastly crime scene photos that
>we in Canada cannot access.
>Well boys and girls, someone on this group who lives in the
>jurisdiction is going to have to spend a few bucks and purchase some
>court records and post them verbatim on the group. If he is a child
>mo;lester, and a batterer he cannot enter Canada to flog his book, or
>engage in pamphleteering up here - even if he is a popular dude at the
>White House.
>Lots of us spend time and money to secure and post "genuine" info to
>the newsgroups.  I challenge anyone on this group to do the work.
>Hundreds of people are spending lots of dough on the Whitewater
>groups, posting valuable material - purely as a public service.  How
>about it?

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RE:  Morris Dees, Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, Alabama

For those who asked for documentation concerning allegations against Morris
Dees, Southern Poverty Law Center, of pedophilia and homosexuality, among
other perversions, the following is excerpted from the Appellate Brief in
his divorce from his then-second wife, Marureen.  The relevant portions of
the brief in full are available as DEES.ZIP from 1:231/110 (Fidonet) or by
FTP from ( if using a browser).  This will
also be available on our webpage at later this afternoon.

This documents (1)  PEDOPHILIA:   Dees, wearing only bikini underwear,
attacked his 15 year old step-daughter, twice, putting a vibrator between
her legs as she was sleeping, after peeping in on her through her bedroom

Holly Buck, was seven years old when her mother and Morris married. Holly
testified that, in the summer of 1977, Morris  kept offering Holly wine,
some of which she accepted.  At Morris' suggestion, they went outside to the
pool, and he suggested that they go for a swim, but Holly was tired and
declined (R. 731).  She went to her room and then went into the bathroom.
Looking out the window, she saw Morris in the bushes beside the bathroom
window looking in (R. 731).  She said "Morris, is that you", but he said
nothing and ran away (R. 732).  Two months later, she was asleep one night
and Morris entered her room from Ellie's room, through the bathroom.  he was
in his underwear and he sat on the bed where Holly was lying on her stomach
facing away from the door.  He touched her on the back and woker her up.  He
told her that he had brough her a present, and he presented her with a
vibrator.  He plugged it in and said he had brought it to her.  He proceeded
to rub it on her back and said, "Let me show you how to use it" (R. 733).
She said that's not necessary, but he started to place it between her legs
when she raised he voice and said no loudly.  He then took the vibrator and
left (R. 734).  All he had on was a pair of bikini underwear shorts (R.
734).  About two hours later, she had fallen back asleep and he came back in
(R. 735).  He brought the vibrator with him, plugged it in and said again,
"Let me show you how to use it."  He tried to show her again by putting it
between her legs, but she raised her voice again and he stopped.  He took it
and left (R. 635).

                          (2)  HOMOSEXUAL PERVERSION: Dees has sex with
another man, Charlie Springman, who climbed into bed naked with Dees and his
wife on Dees' invitation (neither has sex with the wife).

Charlie Springman (homosexual).  On August 11, 1978, Maureene and Morris'
tenth anniversary, they were having dinner at the Watergate Hotel in
Washington, D.C., and afterward had drinks in the bar (R. 333, et seq).  In
the bar, they saw Charlie Springman, who Maureene knew as a Regional
Coordinator for the National Endownment of the Arts (R. 335).  She had told
Morris that Springman was gay, but Morris had never met him.  When they saw
him in the bar, Morris suggested inviting him over for a drink (R. 335).  After
a while, to Maureene's surprise, Morris suggested that Charlie come up to
the room with them (R. 336).  In the room, they drank wine and talked, and
Morris unbuttoned his shirt to the waist (R. 336). Charlie tried to leave
several times but Morris wouldn't let him (R. 337).  Finally Morris proposed
that Charlie spend the night with them (R. 337).  Mrs. Dees protested, and
put on her robe and nightgown to go to bed (R. 337-338).  Soon Charlie and
Morris were in the bed naked, with Maureene in the middle with her gown on (R.
338-339).  Springman and Morris hugged and kissed, and Morris tried to get
Charlie to have relations with Maureene, but Springman was physically unable
to because he was not interested (R. 340).  in fact, no one make any effort
to have sex with Mrs. Dees during this incident (R. 341).  Springman kissed
Morris' penis, and in fact, Morris complained that he bit him and that it
hurt (R. 340).  Morris kissed Springman on Springman's penis (R. 341).
After about thirty minutes they all went to sleep (R. 342).  When Maureene
woke up the next morning, Morris was gone (R. 342), but Springman was still
asleep in the bed.  After five or ten minutes Morris returned and found
Maureene crying.  He apologized for the incident and said that
he would not let anything like that happen again (R. 343).  Morris denies
parts of this episode, he admits its essential features: Morris admits that
he invited Springman to the room (R. 1571); that Maureene put on a nightgown
and robe and got into bed (R. 1537); that Morris got into bed with nothing
but his underclothes on (R. 1575); and that Springman got into the bed naked
(R. 1590).


Vicki Booker McGaha, Dees met her in 1977 when she was on a jury in a case
Dees was trying.  Dees gave her money during his marriage to Maureen, examples:

         May 30, 1978        $1,500
        June 6, 1978               500
        June 22, 1978          1,500
        July 6, 1978             1,000 (after "reconciling" with
        July 30, 1978           1,500  Maureene July 3rd)
        Aug. 26, 1978          1,500
        Aug. 27, 1978          1,625
        Sept. 20, 1978         1,500
        Nov. 27, 1978           5,000
        Jan. 25, 1979            5,000
        March, 1979              2,000
        Total                       $22,625

In addition, Morris loaned Vicki $28,000, at 8% interest, to buy out her
husband's half of the house when he divorced her after finding out about her
several-years long affair with Dees while both were married to other people.

Becky Logan (R. 458)

Dianne Hicks, lawyer with Southern Poverty Law Center, Spring (Morris depo.
p. 27) or Summer (Morris depo. p. 25) he had sex with her during a canoe
trip down the Tallapoosa River (Morris depo. p.25)
and also in Brewton where they were working together on a trial (Morris
depo. p. 26-27).

Cathy Bennett, Psychologist working on cases with Dees (R. 284 and 1325),
affair throughout 1974-1975..
Judith Rogers, criminal psychologist and wife of Mongtomery physician, fall
of 1977,  Dees took Judith into a back room of his house during a party and
had intercourse with her. (R. 1344, 293).

Deborah Levy, ACLU, In August, 1976, Morris and Maureene took  Levy and her
boyfriend, Michael Gaas with them on a canoe trip down the river (R.
202-203).  After supper, they had all gone to bed in sleeping bags, when
Maureene woke up and found Morris and Deborah naked, having sex on the
sandbar (R. 306).  Morris turned to Maureene and insisted that she have sex
with the other man. (R. 306).  Later Maureene went back to sleep and woke up
shortly before dawn, and found Morris and Deborah having intercourse again
right next to her (R. 307).  While having intercourse with Deborah, Morris
leaned over and kissed Maureene (R. 308); Dees had sex with her again in NY
in September 1976 (R. 325, et seq).

Pamela Horowitz, lawyer working for the Southern Poverty Law Center (R.
331), In the spring of 1977 Morris took her on the back of a motorcyle from
Montgomery to Kentucy.  They were gone for four or five days,  during which
they shared the same hotel accomodations (R. 331-332).

"Morris repeatedly bragged to Maureene that with his looks and his money he
could have any woman he wanted, and he constantly bragged about women
propositioning him (R. 350, et seq).  [Some insight into the size of Morris'
ego is provided by his letter of January 22, 1979, to "Ham" Jordan (a copy
of which he sent to
Vicki)m in which he makes application to be appointed Attorney General of
the United States to replace Griffin Bell, giving as one of his principal
qualifications the fact that "... all my life, I have been a winner."  (Pl.
Ex. 91).  Later in the marriage he repeatedly told her of women that he had
had sexual intercourse with
during the marriage (R. 354).  He said further that he enjoyed trying to
turn on gay people . . . ."





CASE NO. CIV. 2114




                     MONTGOMERY COUNTY, ALABAMA


                                        BREIF (sic) OF APPELLANT

                                                MAURY SMITH
                                                JULIA S. WATERS
                                                CHARLES M. CROOK
                                                Attorneys for the Appellant


P.O. Box 78
Montgomery, Al 36101
Telephone: (205) 834-6500


1975, in the case of JOANN LITTLE, Dees was ordered from the Courtroom for
attempting to get a witness to lie.  The judge gave him 5 minutes to leave.
He was brought up on charges.  His appeal was denied by Justice Burger.
Even though he was kicked off this case when it began, for attempting to
coerce a witness into committing perjury, he sent out pleas for money to
supporters using the Joann Little case to raise 10 million dollars.

Now THIS is the type of lying pervert who has been claiming that "militias
are racist terrorists."

If he lied to his wife and he tried to get a witness to lie in court, so who
WOULDN'T he lie to?

Is this the person from whom you get *YOUR* information about "tolerance" or
"terrorists," or anything else?  If you hear from:

Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith -- Abe Foxman, Morton Halperin, Irwin
Public Research Associates -- Chip Berlet, Lynn Wells, Lenny Zeskind
Southern Poverty Law Center or Klanwatch

ALL of whom rely on information from DEES on "terrorists," then



Coming next:  Proof that the ADL's work against anti-semitism is a front for
an international intelligence operation of death and destruction that itself
is racist.

We're scanning in the FBI memorandum instructing FBI offices to liason with
the ADL; AIPAC information showing the intelligence connections; the
Congressional investigation of ADL by Louisiana Congressman Rarerick; and
the Exhibits to the Indictment of the ADL in San Francisco for spying on
American citizens where Tom Gerrard, ADL operative, was caught with multiple
"embassy" and other official identification and ADL operative Bullock
confessed that he had heard Tom Gerrard plotting with a Mossad agent to kill
a Jewish man who had gone to work for the Wiesenthal Center.  Both Gerrard
and Bullock sold secrets and information on 13,000 groups -- INCLUDING
JEWISH AND BLACK GROUPS -- obtained through infiltration and bribes to

Time and NBC have both put forth massive propaganda campaigns based upon the
false, hysterical and propagandistic ravings of the ADL and Southern Poverty
Law Center.  Oftentimes, the people they decry as "leaders" of the various
racist or "terrorist" organizations are THEIR OWN PLANTS.

Enough is enough. Intelligence operatives are running a propaganda machine
of enormous proportions in this country under the guise of being agencies
"fighting racism" and "fighting terrorism."


They are backed by foreign interests and military intelligence in this country.

The plan is patterned after that used by Adolph Hitler and it is working
here in the United States.

Just because the targets aren't Jewish doesn't mean we don't have nazis in
the United States.

Kind regards,

***********************  V  *************************

Linda Thompson
American Justice Federation
Home of AEN News
& news videos, "Waco, the Big Lie,"  "America Under Siege"
3850 S. Emerson Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Telephone:  (317) 780-5200
Fax:  (317) 780-5209

    Remember Waco.  The Murderers are still free.

Freeeeeeeeedom, freeeeeeeedom, free-ee-dom,
Free-DOM, Free-DOM! Sing it out now!
Freeeeeeee-dom . . . .

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Subject:      New Anti Militia Book
Date:         1996/06/14
Message-Id:   <4psj5v$>
Organization: PSINet/Pipeline USA
Newsgroups:   alt.society.conservatism

Date:  Wed, Jun 12, 1996 11:13 PM EDT
Subj:  New Militia Book
To:    fellow journalists, respected academians, friends, and associates,

     I just wanted to drop you a quick line about my new book "American
Militias: Rebellion, Racism and Religion" (InterVarsity Press). It is being
released this week at the American Booksellers Association convention in
Chicago. It has been endorsed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper (Simon Wiesenthal
Center), Roy Innis (Congress of Racial Equality), and H. Wayne House
(Michigan Theological Seminary). The book's first review has just appeared
in the June 1, 1996 issue of the influential "KIRKUS REVIEWS." It reads as

     Grabbed from today s headlines, a well-researched, thoroughly
informative chronicle of the antigovernment militias that haunt America s
heartland (the third in recent months, after studies by Kenneth Stern and
Morris Dees).
     Religion and cult expert Abanes, founder of the Religious Information
Center of Southern California, sets out to deconstruct militias and analyze
the events and ideologies that have led to their frightening growth. With
hundreds of interviews and militia texts at his disposal, Abanes describes
the incredible paranoia that stalks the movement, fueling increasingly wild
conspiracy theories about a UN plot to conquer the world and a federal
conspiracy to enslave American citizens. In unadorned, occassionally stiff
prose, the author explores the ideology shared by the various militias and
traces its origins back to centuries-old theories of anti-Semitism and
white supremacy.  White supremacists currently couch their beliefs in more
acceptable terms,  Abanes writes,  hiding their bigotry to present a
sanitized image to the public and attract new recruits.  One by one Abanes
examines the leaders of the far right, including former Green Beret Bo
Gritz (who recently attempted to negotiate with the Freemen in Idaho),
lawyer Linda Thompson, even Pat Robertson, and reveals their ties to the
hate community. Abanes is at his best when he s stripping down their
arguments, demonstrating how militia leaders  abuse rather than use the
Bible,  and showing the faulty logic of the movement s self-styled leaders.
Still, he is on no mission from the left: He blames the government
bureaucracy for generating blizzards of alienating regulations, and the
national law enforcement agencies for bungling matters at Waco and Ruby
Ridge, with lethal results.
     A balanced and intellectually acute report on the militia men and
women who seem disorganized and defensive now, but who one day may raise
their voices in a fearsome  roar.

     For those of you interested, the book will be selling in both
Christian AND secular bookstores. ISBN # is 0-8308-1368-3. For those of you
with publications or radio/television talk shows, a review copy may be
obtained by calling publicist Bobbi Jo Heyboer at IVP, 800-843-7225. I
thank all of you in advance for your support and prayers.


Richard Abanes

Jack Flash

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