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Subject:      Getcha FREE Dees book here
From: (A Huber)
Date:         1996/05/29
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Date: Tuesday, 28-May-96 11:14 PM

From: Linda Thompson Am        \ Internet:    (
To:  \ PRODIGY:     (EEGG87A)

Subject: Cost Dees and get info

Morris Dees, or Bore-us Da-sleaze to those in the know, of the Southern
Poverty Law Center,  will send a FREE copy of his book "False Patriots"

Gee, how long will it take to suck down that 60 million dollar trust
Dees has amassed playing on the false hopes of poor black women if we
send in for a copy or two or three?

Mention you are a concerned citizen and want to know more.

    Write: SPLC  400 Washington Ave. Montgomery, AL 36104
Kind regards,

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Linda Thompson
American Justice Federation
Home of AEN News
& news videos, "Waco, the Big Lie,"  "America Under Siege"
3850 S. Emerson Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Telephone:  (317) 780-5200
Fax:  (317) 780-5209

    Remember Waco.  The Murderers are still free.

Subject:      Re: Armed Standoff!!!!!!
From: (William Katcher)
Date:         1996/05/31
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Organization: Panix
Newsgroups:   talk.politics.guns

In article <>,
>For your typical out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere siege,
>except perhaps in the winter, a flood would be the
>ideal area-denial weapon.  And, if introduced somewhat
>gradually, it's far less likely to kill people than
>the stunts the government has pulled in the past.
>(It also makes the possibility of a catastrophic, fiery
>Gotterdammerung ending less likely.)

And what do you suppose would happen if they STILL didn't
come out?  They would drown, and as usual, the government
would be blamed.  Conspiracy theorists would be in a
Waco-like utopia: the FBI should have KNOWN that the
windows were too small for an adult to escape through!
They WANTED to give up, but were only given a measly 50 days!
The feds wanted them dead from day one!  And Linda Thompson's
video showing deadly acid flowing out of the water hoses
is proof!  :)

And they would demand the empeachment of the highest ranking
Democrats in the White House or Congress.


Subject:      Re: Linda Thompson Videos
From: (Harry Langford)
Date:         1996/05/29
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Organization: Dimensional Communications
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William Mullin ( wrote:
: In article <>,
: Paula Barela-Olsen   wrote:
: >Does anyone have copies of the Linda Thompson "Waco" videos? I read about
: Save your money. Linda Thompson holds little credibility here.

              Linda Thompson may not have any credibility,
              but the tapes themselves are worth viewing.

Subject:      Re: I saw black helicopte
From: (frankenchrist)
Date:         1996/05/20
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Organization: Internex Online (, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Newsgroups:   misc.activism.militia

v> Paul Phillips, radio talk show host
v> WOWO-AM   8-10PM Central Time Weeknights...heard East of
v> the Mississippi on  AM 1190 Nationwide Toll Free talk line
v> 1-800-333-1190

   I enjoy your show..Me thinks you are trying to emulate
Mike Reagan though :)

  Have you ever had Linda Thompson on as a guest?
If not,you should..She's a riot.She had alot to do with
spreading this UN highway sticker hoax.

Hempster's Home Page:

-Hemp-InterFripp-OS/2 Warp-Links-Unabom-Clinton/Cocaine-Ubo-

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From: (Mark T Pitcavage)
Date:         1996/05/06
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Organization: The Ohio State University
Newsgroups:   misc.activism.militia

In article <831330201$>,
Scott Alan Malcomson  wrote:
>PGISSource ( wrote:
>: (though maybe for insufficient control of their personnel). So far I've
>: seen the militias pretty much in that light, they lack adequate control,
>: but can not necessarily be _directly_ blamed for all acts arising from
>: their personnel or wannabe personnel anymore than the Marine Corps can be
>: blamed for Okinawan problems. But now what do we do about it?
>Ahem...what acts, precisely, are you alluding that Militias have
>performed that are illegal? At the same time, which would you rather
>have: a Militia movement where enough people think for themselves that a
>demagogue cannot readily take control and abuse it, or a monolithic
>organization of the sort that CNN seems to think we are, with people like
>Linda Thompson and Mark Koernke *actually* in control?

How about option 3, no militia movement at all?  That's what I'd choose.

>    We, for our part, believe we already have "adequate control". We
>are not so organized that someone could demand a march on DC and expect
>to get any real support (which is what happened when Linda Thompson tried
>that...she was ignored), but we are organized enough to present an actual
>deterrent to abuses of federal authority...which is exactly why we're
>doing what we're doing.

Which militia leaders do -you- think are in control, or that -you- respect as

Subject:      (fwd) "Worst Nightmare" Exposed.
From: (Terry Liberty-Parker)
Date:         1996/05/11
Message-Id:   <>
Organization: Austin InfoMail Association - Austin, Texas
Newsgroups:   tx.politics

* Forwarded (from: AEN) by Terry Liberty-Parker using timEd/386 1.10+.
* Originally from Linda Thompson to aen.
* Original dated: Sat May 11, 01:40

From: Linda Thompson 

This is an excellent assessment of the Glover/Waterhouse fraud

Date: Tue, 7 May 96 8:18:06 GMT
Message-ID: <831457086$>
Subject: "Worst Nightmare" Exposed.
Lines: 202
Status: N

6 May 1996
1ACR Rumor Control Center (Black Helicopters Our Specialty)
Intel Brief 306-1
"Worst Nightmare" Invented by the Tweedledee and Tweedledum of ATF Agents
Provocateur (or, "They're Baaaack.")

"Worst Nightmare", a very specific and detailed threat directed at the
federal government in the event of a move on the "Freemen" was likely
authored by Brad Glover (and possibly Stewart Waterhouse) within a day or
so of the first two Freemen arrests and the beginning of the standoff (and
also possibly PRIOR TO that incident).  "Worst Nightmare", dated 28 March
1996 (3 days after start of standoff), was the subject of an FBI alert to
all law enforcement and military units (hell, they even alerted the Coast
Guard!) on 16 April.  For some unknown reason, this alert wasn't picked up
in the press until this past weekend, when an AP story quoting law
enforcement sources in the Spokane, WA, area made it all the way to the
ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN talking heads ("Militias To Blow Up World If Freemen

1ACR was aware of the alert through a local law enforcement source shortly
after its issuance, and contact was made with local FBI SAC to seek
details on point of origin of this monumental piece of disinformation.
Still awaiting call back, we proceeded on our own to track it down and the
last piece of the puzzle fell into place today.

The first mention of "Worst Nightmare" in the press actually predates the
16 April alert and is proof positive that Glover was the author.  On 9
April 1996 the St. Joseph (Missouri) NEWS-PRESS printed a story by Mike
Jones headlined "Militia Units Fax Outline of War Plan." The relevant
paragraphs (military-ese bullshit deleted):

"Wichita, Kansas-- Using the Internet and fax machines, militia units in
several states have been coordinating rules of engagement for a
confrontation with federal forces, possibly near Jordan, Montana.  The
document, which was faxed from the Wichita area to the News-Press on
Monday, bears the name "Worst Nightmare."  It calls for selective
guerrilla strikes to shut down the federal government, disrupt
communications and detain key federal leaders for trial, if confrontation
occurs. . . .Brad Glover, a militia commander, said the term military
force in the document means only the use of military equipment, such as
tanks or armored personnel carriers.....Mr. Glover, who said he commands
militia units in 13 states, said federal officials have grossly
underreported the numbers of militia members in the standoff area......"

The point of origin of the fax, Wichita, combined with background details
provided by sources in Kansas and Missouri, and a comparison of "Worst
Nightmare" with other such documents known to be written by Glover, lead
us to conclude that the primary author of "Worst Nightmare" is probably
Brad Glover.

Glover, once a board member of Tri-States Militia Network, was tossed out
of the organization for scaring little old ladies on patriot shortwave
with tales of millions of jabbering communists poised to invade from
Mexico ("Red Dawn" was apparently his favorite movie.)  He has been listed
as a general of variable stars in various formations (John Milius meets
Gilbert and Sullivan?: "I am the very model of a modern Major General.")
His mental health was subject of intense and frequent debate during his
association with Tri-States, and from personal observation I would say
that he is either looney tunes or crazy like a fox (sorry, psychiatry NOT
our specialty).  It would be fair to say he is an unstable personality
with paranoid ideations.  He started out with a pretty fair constitutional
militia unit in Kansas, but his inherent instability caused most of his
troops to vote with their feet to other, more responsible commanders (ie,
non-nutburgers that didn't propose to START a war).  Glover has a serious
John Brown-complex and has spoken of sparking the second American Civil
War.  He just can't seem to figure out where Harper's Ferry is at.

Even prior to his expulsion from Tri-States, Glover was hanging out with
Stewart Waterhouse, agent provocateur extraordinaire (he is said by at
least one law enforcement source to be taking money from the ATF).  Stewie
has a long history as a bad penny in the patriot movement.  SW claims to
have shared a girlfriend with David Koresh and also to have gotten him
into the gun hobby (likely BS, but there is secondary source evidence that
places him near Waco just prior to the 28 February 93 raid.  Friendly with
the Klan, neo-Nazis and antisemites, Stewie has been in and out of Elohim
City, Oklahoma and is said to have brushed elbows with McVeigh and
Strassmeyer.  Stewie also was urging Lampley on to do the "Prophet's work"
at the time Lampley was busted for plotting to blow up SPLC and other

 After Lampley's bust, Stewie and Glover sent a stream of threatening
letters to Lampley's Oklahoma jailers and others, demanding POW treatment
for him and his wife.  Strangely, although the Oklahoma authorities
complained to the Feds about Glover/Waterhouse, the US att'y prosecuting
Lampley declined to move against them.  Finally, the Oklahoma authorities
filed state charges against Waterhouse, who skipped out of the 48 states
and back to his daddy's place in Hawaii (Daddy is rumored to have been CIA
spook from old Caravelle Hotel days in Saigon--rumor NOT confirmed-- but
he does live on "Sin Loi" Street.)

Finally arrested by Hawaiian cops on the Oklahoma warrant, they let him go
back into his daddy's house unescorted to dress in his militia uniform
(he's a POW, you know).  SW takes the opportunity to place a long distance
call to Glover, telling him "the war is on!" (Gee, do your police show
this much sensitivity to wanted felons?)  Glover, though driving in
circles for days in his "War Wagon" van and worrying the shit out of a lot
of people, in the end does nothing and goes back home.  Waterhouse is
later released prior to extradition on a technicality in the warrant, and
then drops out of sight with the comment that he's going underground to
clear his name.  When the warrant is refiled, Stewie is nowhere to be
found, having hopped a jet for the 48 and his old buddy Glover.  Spotted
hovering with Glover around the Lampley trial, it is for their benefit
that the U.S. Marshal's surrounded the courthouse with snipers, expecting
that Glover/Waterhouse would try a jail break/terrorist attack.  Once
again, their nerve is not quite up to it.  (It was December, 1995, when
Tri-States circulated an "Unwanted Poster" featuring Lampley, Waterhouse
and Glover at all the finer truck stops in Kansas and Oklahoma.  See copy

 (Curiouser and curiouser:  Waterhouse had a high enough profile during
this time, and the paper to go with it, that apprehending him should have
been easy for the OK Feds.  They didn't seem interested.  Glover even
mailed threats and confirmed those threats on the phone to John Parsons
reportedly with FBI SA Bill Grode on the extension while Parsons was a
witness under subpeona for the Lampley trial.  Reportedly when Grode
complained to OK Fed prosecutor, "he didn't have time" to pursue the
threat made against one of his witnesses.  You show me one other
jurisdiction where threatening a witness in a Federal trial doesn't get
your ass in jail so fast it smokes.  This is one more piece of evidence,
if any were needed, that Fed justice in OK, KS and AR is corrupt as the
administration whose interests they serve.)

Which brings us more or less to the present period.  According to MOM,
Waterhouse (still wanted by the authorities) entered the freemen compound
on 26 March, 1 day after the standoff began (slipping through the FBI
lines, an easy task for a snitch with assistance).  Two days later, "Worst
Nightmare" begins circulation.  Waterhouse stays in the compound until
surrendering last week, just before "Worst Nightmare" starts to get heavy
media play.


1. "Worst Nightmare" is a fraud perpetrated by two characters who are, at
worst, paid government snitches and provocateurs or at best dangerously
unbalanced idiots dancing on a minefield where others will die along with
them-- perhaps many others.

2. The FBI (having access to much more information than we do) had to have
known that "Worst Nightmare" was authored by Glover and Co., and therefore
had no currency in the militia movement, despite their subsequent alert
and quoted statements in the press.  They knew "Worst Nightmare" was a
fraud and they gave it legitimacy by circulating and promoting it.  Why?

3.  The Freemen had better take this opportunity to surrender, for as rats
are the last to leave a sinking ship, snitches are the last out before the
raid.  Waterhouse is out, lodged comfortably we are told in the
Yellowstone County jail, where he insists on being addressed by his
jailers as "Colonel Waterhouse, Prisoner of War."  We doubt that he gets
that much respect from his fellow prisoners, but then with a friend in the
Treasury department, anything is possible.  We suppose the FBI meeting in
Salt Lake City today will likely decide the Freemen's fate (and perhaps
that of the militia movement as well, if they aren't careful and believe
their own badly-crafted propaganda).


This "Unwanted Poster" was written by Mike Vanderboegh, 1ACR, and
circulated by Tri-States Militia Network in December, 1995.



(Photos and captions):  WILLIE RAY LAMPLEY aka "Prophet of Yahweh", WM,
5'9", Age 65, 220 lbs., Grey hair, Blue eyes.  STEWART D. WATERHOUSE aka
"The Manipulator", WM, 5'9", Age 38, 140 lbs., Brown hair, Brown eyes.

**Lampley, WM age 65, is a self-proclaimed "Prophet of Yahweh" and is
currently in custody in Muskogee, OK, for conspiracy to blow up buildings
with people in them.  He is also guilty of terminal stupidity for allowing
Larry Wayne Crow of Albuquerque, New Mexico, (aka "Shemp", aka "ATF? I
don't work for no ATF.") to talk him into the plot in the first place.

**Waterhouse, WM, age 38, has been charged with making menacing threats to
Lampley's jailer in Muskogee, but was strangely released after his equally
strange arrest in Hawaii.  He is now believed to be in the Midwest, trying
to get Brad Glover to pull of another Oklahoma City bombing-type massacre,
or perhaps to try to break Lampley out of jail.  Whatever happens, Glover
will be out in front and Waterhouse will be behind him all the way,
whispering suggestions in his ear-- until the excrement hits the

**Glover, WM, age 55, (aka "The War Is ON") self-styled Brigadier General
of the 7th Division Constitutional Militia, based in Kansas, "commands"
about six guys, most of whom would be happy wearing sheets or swastikas.
Glover, a former U.S. Navy officer (?), is skilled in combat arms, and is
perfectly capable of carrying out any outrage Waterhouse dupes him into.


Posted by Tri-States Militia Network.  Written by Mike Vanderboegh.

Kind regards,

***********************  V  *************************

Linda Thompson
American Justice Federation
Home of AEN News
& news videos, "Waco, the Big Lie,"  "America Under Siege"
3850 S. Emerson Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Telephone:  (317) 780-5200
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    Remember Waco.  The Murderers are still free.

Freeeeeeeeedom . . . .freeeeeeeedom . . . free-ee-dom,
Free-DOM! Free-DOM! Sing it out now!
Freeeeeeee-dom . . . .

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Subject:      Re: Christian Identity
From: (Scott Alan Malcomson)
Date:         1996/05/17
Message-Id:   <832323785$>
References:   <831493084$> <832084419$> <832135722$ <832168138$>
Organization: none
Newsgroups:   misc.activism.militia

Mark T Pitcavage ( wrote:
: Joseph Pothier   wrote:
: >CI's links with the militia movement were firmly established when
: >leading CI preachers (Peters, Butler, Beam, Gritz, Jones, Weisman,
: >et al.) hosted the Estes Park, CO (Oct. 1992), which is considered
: >a key factor in the rise of the militia movement.

Uh huh. So what you're saying is that since CI was there at one of the
first "official" Militia meetings, that they have automatically been
incorporated or had *some* kind of effect on every Militia that has
cropped up since.

        Pardon me while I laugh out loud...ah, that was good. You see,
most Militia members AREN'T recruited by pre-existing Militias. Most
units, in fact, tend to crop up of their own volition, especially since
the Waco and Ruby Ridge hearings showed the mistakes and crimes for which
the government refuses to hold itself accountable. Many units appear,
flail about for a while with no knowledge of how to contact other units
in their area (since most units are fearful of persecution, we don't
exactly advertise in the daily news), and then dissipate.

        Thus, claiming that CI is somehow a controlling influence, or
even a major one, on Militias is rather like saying that since some of Ross
Perot's ideas have been co-opted by the major parties, suddenly Perot is
the "real" President. I mean, sheesh.

: >Gordon Kahl in 1983. That CI members, specifically those in the
: >Aryan Nations, first planned to bomb the OKC federal buliding in
: >1983 as retaliation for Kahl's death in a shootout with law
: >enforcement officers is a matter of established record.

There you go with the common prejudicial notion that Militias were
involved with the OKC bombing.

: Well, it is not a coincidence that Christian Identity minister William Gales
: was also chief of staff of the "Unorganized Militia" of the Committee of the
: States.

Yeah, yeah, and Linda Thompson calls herself "Adjutant General" of ALL
the American Militias. She, however, controls precisely ZERO units. I'm
willing to bet that this Gales character was a similar windbag. But since
his proclamations fit your paranoid views, you'll accept it...just like
the NWO types accept the mention of "arms control" in a certain UN
document to imply that the UN is going to subvert the 2nd Amendment.


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