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Subject:      Re: Does Morris Dees Have a Criminal Record?
From: (Tim Hill)
Date:         1996/04/25
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Organization: Clinton's not a liberal, but he's better than the alternatives

In article <>,
   Lawrence Kennon  wrote:

>be quite a bit of truth about the accusations against Morris Dees.
>In one of his divorces

Almost word for word what Linda Thompson has sent to the Militia-nuts.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Linda, she claims to have
evidence that the Gov't is building an extermination camp in downtown
Indianapolis. I'm sure the Dees stuff is just as valid.

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Chairperson Tim
Lord Supreme Being and Ruling Monarch of AFA-B

Subject:      Re: Southern Poverty Law Center
From:         Abby Dees 
Date:         1996/04/20
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Sender:       Law School Discussion List 
Comments:     Gated by NETNEWS@AUVM.AMERICAN.EDU
Newsgroups:   bit.listserv.lawsch-L

Linda Thompson quotes from some bizzare source:

<<(2)  HOMOSEXUAL PERVERSION: Dees has sex with
another man, Charlie Springman, who climbed into bed naked with Dees and his
wife on Dees' invitation (neither has sex with the wife).

Charlie Springman (homosexual).>>

Geez, is "homosexual" a legal description here?  How about Linda Thompson
(hysterical nitwit)?  Not yet being a law student, I can't say for certain,
but I'm not sure "homosexual perversion" is a typical brief heading.  Correct
me if I'm wrong.  Really, don't you people have more subtle and intelligent
ways to make your point than this?  I mean it's just so laughable and idiotic
this way!

Abby Dees (homosexual future law student)

Subject:      Linda Thompson
Date:         1996/04/21
Message-Id:   <>
Sender:       Forum for the Discussion of Politics
Comments:     To: politics@villvm.bitnet
Approved-By:  michael@KOZO.BIOPHYS.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Newsgroups:   bit.listserv.politics

Thanks to all who responded to my angry post in regards to some spam. I did
not take KerryS's sage advice and ignore the post nor did I decide to
anyone's postmaster. I did send an angry, nasty response in the heat of
anger which got a snide response back (yes, KerryS, Linda does read her own
mail). Contacting her postmaster would offend my sense of civil
libertarianism (and sending a nasty post appealed to my sense of uncivil

The result is I am actually having a discussion with Linda Thompson and it
is, I guess I should say, "interesting" (and is perfectly civil at this
point). I figure the worst that can happen is I will get a lot of useless
or even nasty mail to this address which is only even going to be active
for another month or so. So the worst is no big deal and at best I get some
entertainment value out of it.

Again, thanks for your responses.

david m

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