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Subject: Re: The Final Solution or just another whining Nazi?
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 02:23:27 GMT
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Rev. Gypsy:

>Ah but wasn't Germany originally a part of the Holy Roman Empire and a
>vassal of the Roman Empire before that? Or even before that it was shared
>by a group of rather nasty smelling tribes. How far back are we gonna go
>in this ridiculous claim of who owned what?

This is a worthwhile point you've made here. Certainly the argument
could go on and on. But, the Treaty of Versailles created a division
between the German people in an area known as the Polish Corridor.
Adolf Hitler simply wanted to reunite the German people in that region
with the Third Reich which is what they desired. His conquest was not
one of wealth, minerals, etc. It was for the unification of German
people as defined by the NSDAP.

CS>: And wasn't that
CS>: area inhabited by ethnic Germans? 

>And your point is? Britain was originally an area inhabited by Celts, but
>I doubt that you'd say that this entitles the Celts to rule the isles with
>an iron hand for a thousand years (but then, knowing a pin head like you,
>you probably would). Just being there does not a mandate make.

You're talking about "tribal" conflicts, not racial ones. Besides,
Celts include Britons and Gauls.

CS>: Also, what's this about a "holocaust?"

>Reality, just perhaps? But then you live in your own little private world,
>then don't you? Be sure and take your medication before nodding off,
>Herr Scheisskoph.

Reality? I don't think so. Its a PERCEPTION. Reality tells us things
like even state-of-the art crematoria take 90 minutes to cremate a
corpse at temperatures hundreds of degrees hotter than those available
in circa 1940. But, the PERCEPTION is that the Germans could somehow
cremate bodies at ten times that rate! 

>So we should just ignore the testimony of thousands of eye witnesses,
>including those G.I.'s (who according to you were probably all Jewish,
>right?) who saw the ovens, gas chambers and emaciated bodies? Or even
>those POW's from all allied nations who had the distinct misfortune of
>being stuck in those same camps irrespective of their religion? 

"Eyewitness" testimony is just that. And, in a court of law, it is the
most UNreliable. Most of the "incriminating evidence" stems from the
famed "War Refugee Board Report" which is full of inconsistencies and
contradictions. Not only that, the two "eyewitnesses", Verba and
Wetzler, were incamped JEWS who surely didn't have any particular ax
to grind now did they? 

There were indeed ovens at the camps. They were used to cremate the
dead. And, yes, there were a lot of emaciated bodies strewn about at
the end of the war. You can thank the old JEW Henry Morgenthau for
that condition. When you attempt to raze a nation to the ground, with
saturation bombing, you cut off a lot of supply routes. Routes which
supply food and medical supplies. No one has ever stepped forward to
demonstrate just how any of these gas chambers operated. And don't
EVEN try to suggest that pharmacist Pressac (who I think dipped into
his personal stock to excess). He has been ripped to shreds with each
revision of his original. More often you get testimony like this from
the Jew Eugene Aroneanu:

 "800 or 900 meters from the spot where the ovens are located, the
prisoners climb into small wagons that run on rails. In Auschwitz,
they are of different sizes, with a capacity of 10 to 15 people. As
soon as it is loaded, the wagon is set in motion at full speed down
the sloping corridor. At the end of the corridor is a wall: Behind it
is the entrance to the oven. When the wagon strikes the wall, the
wagon tilts over, and hurls its load of living human beings into the
oven. It is followed by another wagon with another group, and so on."

Eyewitness account indeed!! How gullible are we to be? 

Cliff Swiger
Wahrheit Macht Frei

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