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The Sexual War, part 1

by Kevin Alfred Strom

I have a very important message for you today, but it is a
message in which strong language and strong images are going to
be used, a message which may not be entirely appropriate for
children. Please don't allow children to hear this particular program
-- but if you are a parent or prospective parent I urge you to listen.

The war against the survival of the European race is being waged
on many fronts; economic, political, psychological, and sexual.
Today, let us take a look at the sexual war against White people.

The most overt sexual warfare takes the form of the promotion of
racial mixing, which is inserted into virtually every form of
entertainment offered to us in print or electronically. Jewish-
owned MTV pumps out morally and racially defiling images and
music to our young people 24 hours per day via satellite and
cable, and thousands of money-hungry record stores and radio
stations make sure that our youngsters can take the sweet poison
with them wherever they go.

But a more covert sexual warfare is taking place simultaneously.
You need to learn to recognize it when you see it.

Every creature on this planet, male or female, of whatever
species, is born with the requisite and absolutely necessary
instincts which lead it to do what it needs to do to ensure the
survival of the next generation of that species. Any species which
failed to do these necessary things would quickly pass from the

Creatures, such as Man, which reproduce sexually require that
males fertilize females, that the children be born, and that the
children be nurtured and protected to an extent sufficient to result
in an increase -- or at least not a prolonged decrease -- in the
numbers of the species.

For our species, sexual attraction between male and female serves
the purpose of conception; love between the couple bonds them
together for the purpose of nurturing the children; and a special
kind of love for the child makes the mother and father willing to
sacrifice and even die if necessary so that the child may live.

Although we may analyze and justify these behaviors on purely
rational grounds, and well we should, still it is not upon the basis
of the calculations of reason that we act in the interests of our
children; it is not by the light of logic that we act so that there
might be children of our kind after we as individuals die.

No. These actions of ours are based upon a different kind of light 
-- an inner light that tells us that the healthy White child in the
womb is a sacred being to be protected at any cost; an inner
voice that tells us that our mate and our offspring are to be
provided with the necessities of life and protected from all danger;
in short -- an instinct that tells us, and has told us since the dawn
of Man and even before, to _do the things that must be done_ so
that our kind will be perpetuated through the ages.

Revealed in this light, our sexual nature can be seen for what it
really is: a unity of erotic love, family formation, and the birth and
nurturing of our children. This unity is absolutely essential for the
continued survival of our race. Breaking up this unity is one of the
highest priorities of our enemies. That is the grand strategy of
those who are prosecuting the sexual war against White people.

A recent article in my local newspaper confirms that nurturing
behavior is not only instinctive but that the instincts have a
definite genetic basis. So far, the proof only extends to mice, but
it is known that the same gene exists in humans, and there is
every reason to believe that all instincts, including our own, are
determined by genetic structure.

'Dateline BOSTON.  `Mom' Gene Spurs Mice To Nurture Little Ones

'Scientists have discovered a "good mother" gene, an inborn trigger that 
prompts female mice to care for their young. When this gene is missing, 
mice show no interest in their babies. Instead, they curl up in a corner 
and let the young ones die. The discovery is part of an effort by 
scientists to learn the genetic factors that control complex behaviors in

'This particular gene, called fosB, is a kind of regulatory switch that 
turns on other genes in response to outside cues. In this case, the gene 
is probably activated by the sight and smell of baby mice. Humans, too, 
have a fosB gene. Whether it plays any role in prompting women to nurture 
their babies is unknown. "Whether this would be relevant to other 
mammals" - including people - "remains to be considered in the future," 
said Dr. Michael E. Greenberg. "You can't say anything more about that." 

'...The study was conducted by Jennifer R. Brown, a doctoral student in 
Greenberg's lab at Children's Hospital in Boston. It was published in the 
mid-July issue of the biweekly journal _Cell_. The scientists began by 
creating a "knockout" mouse, an animal that was missing the fosB gene. 
The goal was to learn the gene's function by seeing how the animal
acted without it. The mutant mice seemed normal until they gave birth.

'Ordinarily, a female mouse put in a cage with her babies will crouch 
over them and keep them warm within a minute. "The mutant will go and 
investigate them but fails to retrieve them and eventually goes off in a 
corner and ignores them," said Greenberg. Not fed or tended in any way, 
the babies die in a day or two. The gene also controls nurturing in male 
mice (although this drive is less pronounced in males).' [end of article]

We do not yet know what parts of the DNA code control mating
and child-rearing behavior among our people, and those who
would destroy us do not yet have the ability to genetically alter us
against our will. What they can do, however, and what they have
been doing for decades, is take advantage of the fact that, as
arguably the most intelligent creatures on this planet, we can often
make conscious decisions that run contrary to our instincts.

Knowing that our conscious mind can override our instincts, they
seek to fill that conscious mind with every possible kind of
suicidal idea, from racial mixing, to interracial adoption, to the
slaying of our healthy children while they sleep in their mother's
womb -- or now, as Commissar Clinton has approved, they may
be slain by having their brains removed as they emerge living from
their mother's body.

Now I am not one of those who says that abortions must be
absolutely prohibited.

For example, as a thoroughgoing racial separatist, I do not presume to 
tell other races how they must govern their societies. They should be 
allowed to have whatever policies they choose, on the other side of a 
secure border from us.

I do not ask a woman to bear a child which is the result of an
interracial rape. I do not ask a woman to bear a child which is
certainly severely deformed. I do not ask a woman to bear a child
the birth of which will almost certainly kill the mother.

But we must recognize, if we are rational, that abortion _is_ killing.
And when we are speaking of killing our own offspring, if we are
true to the instincts that ensure our survival and make us what we
are, we must recognize that we are speaking of a particularly
horrifying kind of killing. This killing must be engaged in only under
the most rare and terrible of circumstances.

But today, White women are slaying their children in the womb in
greater numbers than ever before. All legal considerations aside,
there is something extremely sick about women wanting to kill
their own healthy children in the womb, something vile beyond
imagining. There is something almost unbelievably depraved about
women not only committing this obscene act for no other reason
than convenience, but devoting a good portion of their lives to
demanding it as a "right." Any society that encourages such
behavior is revealing a death-wish that may well prove fatal. Thus,
almost undefended, we begin to go under in the sexual war
against White people.

The statistics indicate that teenage girls are more likely to oppose
abortion than adult women, a testament to the power of the
healthy instincts of a girl approaching her childbearing years. But
what word might we use to describe those who would turn that
bright-eyed girl away from her natural ways and convince her that
abortion of her healthy child is not only permissible but in some
cases laudable. The word "teacher" certainly does not apply. So
goes the psychopolitics of the sexual war against White people.

Since the 1973 decree by the Supreme Court legalizing abortion,
at least 17,600,000 White children have been aborted. Had they
been allowed to live, many of these children would be young
parents by now. In a strange but probably not entirely unintended
irony, we have the brown flow from Mexico to "replace" these
dead White children. Thus we lose battle after battle in the sexual
war against White people.

This year, at least two out of every 100 White women will slay
her child in her womb. And the next year, another two out of
every 100. And the next year, and the next, and the next, until at
last the end of the road is reached, the culmination of the sexual
war against White people.

It isn't only by encouraging convenience abortion that our enemies
seek to break the fundamental unity of love, family and children
which is our natural sexual nature. They also encourage the idea
that sexual intercourse is a consequence-free recreation, and that
any path -- _any path_ -- to sexual pleasure and "happiness" is as valid
as any other. Not only is homosexuality to be elevated to the
status of an "equal" "alternative" to natural behavior, not only is
the special feminine nature to be thrown out the window so that
women can be degraded into an impossible and spiritless
"equality" with men, but the more "advanced" thinkers on the
campuses you subsidize are now telling our students that their
inborn sexual identity may be discarded at will and another taken
up in its place.

If you find that unbelievable, consider the following article excerpt
entitled "Gender School" by Shannon Bell, about a being calling
itself "Kate Bornstein: A Transgender Transsexual" (and again, I
urge you not to allow children to hear the following material -- I have 
edited out the very worst parts, but it is still should not be heard by 

'Kate Bornstein: A Transgender Transsexual    by Shannon Bell
 part 1: Gender School

'"Sex is f***ing, everything else is gender" Kate told us on the first 
day of gender school: a four part, sixteen hour Cross-Gendered 
Performance Workshop which was part of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre 
summer school program. Kate is a Buddhist M-to-F transsexual performance 
artist and gender educator. Kate has been both male and female and now is 
not one nor the other, but both-and-neither, as indicated in the title of 
her play _The Opposite Neither! _.

'The Cross-Gender Workshop aimed at deconstructing gender: shedding 
gender, trying on a new gender; getting to zero point and then 
constructing a new gender.... 

'The only constraint on selecting a character was that it be some version 
of the opposite gender. I decided on the male object of my desire: I had 
done this before, but I had never stood in the shoes of the object of my 
desire: a butch chickenhawk. I had usually done boy: the crossover from 
woman to boy is pretty easy for a butch-femme, and besides: when women do 
male, our male often comes out boy due to similarity in skin, size, 
weight and energy. This time I was going to do the sort of male that 
brings me to my knees: the sardonic, gruff, older boy lover in the 
tradition of Jean Genet, Allen Ginsberg, and a couple of less famous, but 
no less impressive boy lovers whom I have had the pleasure of sharing 
with boys....

'part 2: _The Opposite Sex ... Is Neither!_  is a one-woman performance 
piece written and performed by Kate Bornstein.

'Maggie, a goddess-in-training, "has taken a wrong turn at the moon and 
ends up in late 20th century North America." Her current goddess training 
exercise is to allow her body to act as a conduit for seven people who 
are "neither male nor female, neither here nor there, and neither dead 
nor alive." Maggie is to hold the gateways of higher awareness open for 
them as they each tell their own story of crossing gender....

'There is Ruby, the she-male drag queen performer: "[breasts], big hair, 
lots of make-up and a [penis]," who is dying, her body ripped apart by 
AIDS lesions. There is Kat who enters Maggie's body as she is waking up  
>from  sex change surgery (M-to-F); Kat, a compulsive support group joiner, 
concludes that "gender's just something else to belong to."...

'part 3: Kate on Kate, an interview

'Shannon: In the Cross-Gender Performance workshop you gave some very 
right-on definitions of gender.

'Kate: Gender is simply a way to classify people. Depending on the time 
and the culture, there are different criteria for the classification. In 
this culture, at this time, it is genital. Gender assignment happens at 
birth when the doctor inspects for a penis. The infant is assigned gender 
corresponding to the presence or absence of the penis.

'There are more and more people who are questioning gender, and not by 
dint of Gender Studies Programs. There they mainly focus on what is the 
difference. They don't study gender. There is a field that is questioning 
gender and that is ethnomethodology. Kessler and McKenna's _An 
Ethnomethodological Approach_ (1982) deserves tons of credit. Part
of the dedication in the book that I am writing is to them.

'Shannon: Gay men taught me to be the kind of woman I am now. And more 
recently, I learned how to be a goddess from Annie Sprinkle: I took her 
ten hour "Slut and Goddess Transformation Salon" and also from just being 
her friend.

'Shannon: You were a het guy until what age?

'Kate: Yo, what do you want to know for? Until I was thirty-five or 

'Shannon: You changed genders and you became a lesbian. Did your taste in 
women change?

'Kate: No, but I was finally able to be with the women I really wanted to 
be with. I can't tell you how many women I approached when I was a 
straight man only to find out they were lesbian.

'Shannon: What is your taste in women?

'Kate: I like a little bit of danger. I'm into S/M and I am a switch. I 
appreciate someone who is into switching....

'Shannon: What does it mean to be a sexual outlaw?

'Kate: A sexual outlaw is a person who breaks sexual, or in this case, 
gender rules. The prime directive of gender in this culture is, if you 
are a woman, thou shalt not be a man and if you are a man, thou shalt not 
be a woman. And in sex, thou shall be heterosexual.

'...There is a transgender liberation happening. Leslie Kleinberg writes 
about it in her book _Transgender Liberation_. Within the transgender 
movement there is a hierarchy: at the top of the heap are the 
post-operative transsexuals who pass, next down are those who
don't quite pass as well but a repost-operative and then down and down 
and down, depending where you are standing. If you are standing in the 
shoes of a she-male, that is the top of the heap. At the bottom of 
anyone's heap is the closet case who puts on his wife's panties when she 
is away on a business trip.' [end of article by Shannon Bell on Kate

There it is in all its sick glory. You may find it hard to believe, but
I assure you that I have edited out the most offensive portions of
that article.

Lest you think that I exaggerate the importance of these two
extremely sick individuals, may I remind you that "Kate"
Bornstein, who used to be a nice Jewish boy and now is a
mutilated I don't know what, has had its book published by
Routledge Press, and has had her work favorably reviewed by
Brenda Danet of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who said in

"Thus, the photographs in Kate Bornstein's part- autobiographical, part 
analytic book on her transformation from a formerly married, biological 
male to a transsexual lesbian invite readers to compare her formerly male 
'look' with the now- female/lesbian one. Can that dashing man in a marine 
officer's uniform really be the same person as the attractive woman with 
the long, luxuriant hair, plunging neckline and earrings in the 
frontispiece photograph?"

The article I excerpted about Bornstein was originally published in
a magazine calling itself _Ctheory_, who tell us that they are
published with the assistance of the Dean of Arts and Science and
the Department of Political Science, Concordia University,
Montreal, Canada.

The author of the piece, Shannon Bell, is the author of a book
published by the Indiana University Press, the author of a piece
published by St. Martin's Press (which refused to publish David
Irving), teaches political science at York University, and teaches
the "sociology of intimacy," whatever that is, at the University of

While any writer or thinker who dares to speak on behalf of the
European race is excoriated and censored where he is not actually
arrested and jailed, perverted corrupters of youth like these hold
high positions in our debased educational and publishing
establishments. So it goes in the ongoing sexual war against
White people. So it goes until you and I put a stop to it.


Kevin Alfred Strom

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                  I speak only for myself:

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The Sexual War, part 2

by Kevin Alfred Strom

There is a sexual war being waged against White people. There is
an effort to break the instinctive and cultural bonds that bind
White men and White women together as mates, as husband and
wife, and as parents and leaders of healthy families.

This war cuts to the very root of our survival, and if we lose we
will perish from the Earth.

In the process of exploring this sexual war being waged against
our race, I will be forced to describe things which are revolting
and disgusting. I will be forced to use language inappropriate for
children. So if there are any children within earshot of your
speakers, please ask them to leave, use earphones, or turn off
your receiver.

In ancient Peru lived a tribe of Indians, not far from the famous
and mysterious lines of Nazca. We know them only by their
paintings, which display a high degree of skill. The current
inhabitants of the area have no knowledge of the people who
made the paintings, who have apparently disappeared without
trace. What little we know about these people we glean from the
paintings they created. And what paintings they are -- filled from
top to bottom and margin to margin with depictions of sexual
activity. They show themselves engaging in almost every
conceivable type of sexual congress, sometimes even in groups.

What is really remarkable about these paintings is not that they
are so obsessed with sexual intercourse, but the fact that they do
_not_ portray one particular kind of sexual intercourse. They do
not portray normal sexual intercourse between a man and a
woman. They do not portray the kind of sexual intercourse which
leads to the conception of children. And the creators of these
paintings are now utterly extinct. Draw your own conclusions.

The perverts do not have to recruit everyone in the country to
achieve a similar result, of course. Our race both in America and in
its home countries in Europe is already failing to reproduce itself
and its actual numbers are falling, while alien immigrants with
higher birthrates stream across our borders and fill our maternity
wards. Those who recruit for homosexual sodomy are a factor in
pushing us ever closer to the edge of racial suicide.

Every recruit for them is how many White children never born?

I am aware of the objections that some may raise in light of the
evidence that homosexuality can be genetic in origin. I agree that
some defective individuals may carry a gene or genes that
predispose them toward a perversion of the sexual instincts. And I
further admit that it would be a good thing if such genes were not
carried forward to future generations, and therefore I agree that to
the extent that toleration of homosexual behavior may prevent
such pitiable creatures from conceiving children, it may have a
eugenic effect.

But I also believe that the factors that control sexual behavior are
not absolutely bipolar. Some men are more masculine than other
men, who are more masculine than others still, until you reach
men who seem effeminate in many ways but who are still
definitely heterosexual in their proclivities and relations with
women. Below that level, you may reach some men that seem
asexual, and below that are the truly defective types that form the
foundation of the homosexual group.

But sexuality, particularly male sexuality is a very powerful drive
that demands satisfaction. If a teenage male, perhaps not the
most masculine and perhaps a bit afraid of women, but who in
ordinary circumstances would lead a healthy sex life and
contribute good children to the race, is approached at an
impressionable age and convinced to try homosexual perversions,
and if this constitutes his first sexual experience, he may be
pushed over the edge and identify himself with the sodomites and
become habituated to the practice of sodomy to satisfy his sexual
needs. It is not by coincidence that the perverts have always
concentrated their recruiting on teenagers, as even a cursory
glance at the increasingly open homosexual literature will prove to
you. Oxford and Cambridge, for example, are infamous for the
indoctrination and recruitment of queers and Communists, which
more often than not go together.

This recruitment is often elaborated beyond perverted intercourse
to include the idea that the young man is joining a secret fraternity
of the very best people who are "changing the world for the
better" by destroying traditional Western values, an argument
which sadly does hold some appeal for "idealistic" young men sick
to death with modern society and ready for a glorious
revolutionary alternative. What they get is anal sodomy, death by
infectious diseases, and an anti-Life philosophy that perverts
almost every aspect of their thinking and makes them into
enemies of the race and culture which gave them birth. It is really
very, very sad.

When homosexuality was strongly disapproved of, its recruiting
activities and its anti-Life anti-culture had little or no chance to
develop, and the victims of the genetic defect were often objects
of pity and sympathy, and were even sometimes honorable
participants in the culture of the West. The defect was kept
secret as much as possible, and only in the most depraved
examples of the breed, like the famous exemplar of the French
Revolution, the "Marquis" de Sade, was the defect elevated to the
level of a virtue.

A professor acquaintance of mine opines that it is almost
impossible to succeed in the weird world of modern "art" today
unless you are a Jew or a homosexual. In the giant bi-coastal con
game that the art world has become, these two categories often

We all know what they have done to our art. Splotches, daubs,
and unrecognizable scrawls are far from the worst of it. Ugliness
and the desecration of all that is noble and beautiful is far from
the worst of it. What I am about to tell you is probably not even
the worst of it. If there are any children present, you had better
ask them to leave the room or turn off your radio.

The level of newspaper writing reaches new lows of vulgarity
every year, and when I quote from articles on this program, I will
use the word "excrement" in place of other words which are now
apparently permitted in general circulation publications, and which
I have edited out.

The British newspaper _New Statesman and Society_ waxed
eloquent recently over an art exhibition at the South London
Gallery by a pair of arty perverts who call themselves "Gilbert and
George." The article is titled "Faecal Fulminations: Gilbert and
George's Naked [Excrement] Pictures." I quote:

'Representations of human feces and the male nude are the most noteworthy 
features of collaborators Gilbert and George's current exhibition of 
paintings at the South London Gallery. The works have the capacity to 
astonish, but they are ultimately unsatisfying.'

Now there's a real criticism for you! Thank you, _New
Statesman_, for putting these culture destroyers in their place.

After bewailing the fact that some other critics can't handle this
sweet couple's "homoeroticism", the article continues:

'Naked [excrement] Pictures, their new work, is a collection of huge 
jewel-coloured photographs hung from floor to ceiling at the South London 
Gallery. The Victorian civic building is the perfect setting.... This 
might be the chapel of a neo-Gothic... church with stained glass windows 
by Burne-Jones or William Morris. Except that the pictures are full
of the artists' own huge (and hand-coloured) giant [excrement](flying 
[excrement], cruciform [excrement], penile [excrement]) and Gilbert and 
George with their Y-fronts round their ankles, or exposing their 

'The catalogue quotes the bible, reminding us that we are no more than 
dust (or [excrement]) and came into this world naked. There is an implied 
humanitarianism. The artist "lays his arm around the shoulders of the 
other (HUMAN [EXCREMENT]S) or saves him like someone drowning at sea...." 
In this work, Gilbert holds George like the dead body of Christ brought 
down  from the cross. Elsewhere in [Excrement] World the artists gather 
at the foot of the cross, like the lamentors in a classical painting. 
Only this time the cross is made of their own [excrement].

'...As Freud wrote: "Defaecation affords the first occasion on which the 
child must decide between a narcissistic and an object loving attitude. 
He either parts obediently with his faeces, 'sacrifices' them to his 
love, or else retains them for purposes of auto-erotic satisfaction." For 
Freud the anal phase is arrested, pre-genital. The ...[excrement] is
synonymous with the penis; a means of procreation. Defaecation becomes 
the child's most valuable "gift" to be given or withheld....' [end of 
article excerpt]

So there you have it. "Gilbert and George" conceal their real
names and ethnicities, but their "art" says it all. Severed of their
moorings to European culture, if they ever had any, and severed of
all ties to the natural and healthy values that well up from the soul
of European man, these perverts vend their obscene degradations
of our bodies and our instincts to the accolades -- or at most the
amused boredom -- of the current cultural establishment. This
should, but apparently does not, cause all reasonable men and
women to think very long and hard about the exact nature of that
current establishment.

Let me add here that I have nothing at all against nudity in art. Art
reproductions, including nudes, grace the walls of my home. The
glorification of the idealized human form which began in the
Classical civilization founded by our race, which was renewed
when our race rediscovered itself in the Renaissance, and which
continued until 1945, is an integral part of our culture and indeed
of our nature.

But to link the beauty of the human body with its waste products
-- to degrade both woman and man by portraying them as
receptacles for unnatural acts -- that is a product of the mentality
of an alien race, Freud's race, or the product of a European
mentality perverted beyond recognition by the anti-culture that
surrounds homosexuality.

And what of Freud's race, the Jews? Richard Grenier, himself of
Jewish ancestry, looks at Jewish influence on the theatre in
_National Review_:

'_Jewish Support of Homosexual Theater_

' [excerpts from "The Homosexual Millennium: Is It Here? Is It 
Approaching,"  by Richard Grenier, published in the June 7, 1993 issue of 
National Review, and a followup letter from Grenier:]

'Just who are the legions of theatergoers that have made homosexual 
theater commercially viable?  Here we come to a curious recognition.  
Starting after World War II, Jewish playwrights have succeeded on 
Broadway in large numbers, and at the same time Jews have come to 
dominate Broadway audiences.  When I returned to America from Europe in 
1977, and was required for professional reasons to see almost everything 
on Broadway, I was intrigued to find theater audiences that seemed 
overwhelmingly Jewish -- a point perhaps more noticeable to the son of a 
Jewish mother.  So I found it not especially surprising that, in a recent 
week of diligent theatergoing in New York, at the more commercially 
successful homosexual works, I got the impression that the audiences were
something like 10 per cent homosexuals and 90 per cent heterosexual Jews 
-- to all appearances well-to-do, liberal, husband-and-wife couples.  We 
had some heterosexual Gentiles in the audiences, no doubt, but they 
appeared to be a distinct minority.  During a preview of _Angels in 
America_, when one of the characters uttered an expletive in Yiddish, the 
house positively roared with laughter....

' Many liberal Jews....  have fully accepted the parallel between 
discrimination based on race or religion and discrimination based on 
'sexual orientation.'  This parallel is reflected in the AIDS plays -- 
indeed, it is more than reflected.

' To put it plainly, these plays are about Jews and Jewishness almost as 
much as they are about homosexuality.

' The plays' authors are almost all Jewish.  _Angels in America_ is by 
Tony Kushner, _Jeffrey_ by Paul Rudnick, and both music and lyrics to 
_Falsettos_ are by William Finn.  _The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me_ is 
by the only Gentile, David Drake, but the title's Larry Kramer is Jewish 
and a real person, author of _The Normal Heart_ and _The Destiny of Me_, 
two angry AIDS-homosexual plays of 1985 and 1992, respectively.  (Barbra 
Streisand is currently planning a movie version of _The Normal Heart_.)  
In all these plays a homosexual, usually the Jewish protagonist's Gentile 
lover, dies of AIDS. This is the fixture of these homosexual works, 
novels as well as plays....

' The leading Jewish  figures are homosexuals and most of the leading 
homosexuals are Jews.  The characters talk endlessly about Jews and 
homosexuality, homosexuality and Jews.  The playwrights themselves find a 
correlation.  Am I not to notice this?...' [end of article excerpts]

The health effects of homosexual sodomy, which I have discussed
in other programs, are destructive of our race.

The anti-natal effects of homosexual recruitment are destructive
of our race.

The demoralization, perversion, and confusion that result from
homosexual culture distortion are destructive of our race.

The creation of a moneyed and amoral class with great political
influence but no responsibility to future generations is destructive
of our race.

There is no doubt that the promotion of homosexuality is a major
front in the sexual war now being waged against White people.

Of course, it is only one front in that sexual war.

And the sexual war against us is just a theatre in the total war
being waged against the White race worldwide.


Kevin Alfred Strom

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