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From Tue Oct 29 10:26:24 PST 1996
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From: (Brian Smith)
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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 96 8:33:28 GMT
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Subject: Re: The National Alliance Polka
Lines: 50 (Ken McVay OBC) wrote:

>In article <846537523$>, 
> (Brian Smith) wrote:

>>Oh GARGABE Arlin!  If Christian fundamentalists owned a large segment
>>of newspaper the Jews would immediately make this fact well known and
>>CONSTANTLY accuse them of bias.  However, Jews control the media and
>>use it for the JEWISH agenda and no press story EVER points out this

>Jews, apparently, from what the National Alliance tells us
>(over and over again, ad nauseum), are not only a great deal
>smarter than all the white folks, they are also capable of
>purchasing and operating major media sites. They are, in fact,
>unlike white folks, capable of _controlling_ the media.

Nah.  Jews are just more clever and racially cohesive (i.e. racist)
than Whites are.  Whites are probably the least racially loyal of any
race -- the Jews the most loyal.   Because of this weakness, Jews were
permitted to seize control of the media.  Thus in control, Jews are
even MORE able to exploit this White weakness.

>And, of course, they are all, according to Mr. Smith, "rich,"
>which means that he, and the National Alliance, also believe
>that all us white folks are too stupid to save money, invest
>money successfully, or otherwise acquire wealth.

Not stupid.  Whites are certainly smart enough.  Just that Jewish
media determines what is politically correct, and this enormous
influence prevents Whites from organizing or opposing Jewish media

>Given that former members of the National Alliance have
>demonstrated their contempt of white folks by robbing them and
>counterfeiting their money, it would seem clear that the
>National Alliance would not only like to steal the money we
>are too stupid to acquire, they would also like to protect us
>from those Wascally Joos, since we are, by their own
>definition, to stupid to do so without their help.

The Jews have no need to counterfeit.  They just TAKE the money from
White pockets!  Jews extort BILLIONS every year from the U.S. Treasury
for everything from Holocaust memorials, to BILLIONS in direct aid to
Israel, to cozy arms deals, and who knows what else!  

Brian Smith

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