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From Tue Nov  5 07:21:37 PST 1996
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From: (Ian McKinney)
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Date: Mon, 4 Nov 96 16:18:05 GMT
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Subject: Re: A Suggestion
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In message <847058631$> - "Bill K."  wri
:>Druid Here wrote:
:>>    Many, and I say many because I am seldom unique, have been leafing
:>> through pro-whites versus everyone else.  Pro-whites have some things the
:>> militia does not:  TENACIOUS, PERSISTANT, and the ultimate SURVIVORS
:>> constantly under attack.
:>said the disembodied voice of another of Ian's many-facetied personalities...

Wrong again, Billy Boy. I never use alterernate IDs. However, Druid has 
apparently seen through you and fake miltia group. When I and the others 
arrived here you people didn't know what to do with us. We presented hard 
facts and documentation which blew your non-sense out of the water. When you 
realized you couldn't defeat out arguments, you resorted to obsfucation and 
insults. Then you tried physical threats. You even went crawling to the 
patriot-hating Nizkor's caravan of freaks, traitors, and charlatans. Now, 
since all your efforts have completely failed, you're in the process of 
banning us. What all this amounts to is actually an admission of utter defeat 
by you.

Most rational people recognize that we won through intelligence, guts, and 
tenacity - all of which are absolutely essential to a successful political 
struggle. Let the whole world see what embarrassments you are. Yes, I said 
embarrassments, and totally unworthy of the claim of "Patriots."

:>My handshake to the goebblers looks a lot like going for my sidearm...

Yea, we know. You always need something to make-up for your lack of brains 
and guts.

:>>    Of course, the pro-whites are going to come in fighting.  They rejected
:>> the militia and are on their own cause.  If you can't learn how to make a
:>> friend, and shake hands with a "difficult person," the militia will fail
:>> at a crucial time.
:>Fuck you, fake-Druid partially-cloaked nazi.  How's that for making friends?

We reject the false militia posers which are typlified by the likes of you, 
Arlin, the "Communist Wizard", and the rest of your liberal lackeys.

:>>    Yes, you want Tom Metzger to come and pay the milita a visit.  You want
:>> to be gracious hosts and hostess to this man with his million skinhead
:>> cells.  You want to IMPRESS him with your own organization.  You want to
:>> talk about issues concerning this nation and shake hands.
:>I want him to stay away from me, and to continue to embarrass himself.
:>The self-discrediting nazi is your movement's most effective impediment.
:>And it seems to be all you have.

An embarrassment? As I have said before, I am not affiliated with WAR (WAR 
can be considered both an ally and competitor to the National Alliance), 
however, despite having the full brunt of Morris Dees' gang of Jewish 
lawyers come down on him, losing his house and money, and having his wife die 
of cancer in the middle of it all, Tom is still in business and WAR is bigger 
than ever. No matter what differences I might have with WAR's tactics or 
strategy, I'll give the Metzgers an 'A' for tenacity. 

:>>    A host and hostess does not sit pounding some points to be made because
:>> the guest made a comment that struck a nerve.  One excuses themselves from
:>> the conversation, changes the topic, and learns How To Handle People.
:>Error:  They are not guests.  They are burglars we have not punished yet.

Here we go again. More threats. Sir, you impress no one.

Yours truly,
Ian McKinney
White Racial Solidarity - An Idea Who's Time Has Come! or

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