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From: (Ian McKinney)
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Date: Mon, 4 Nov 96 17:03:05 GMT
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Subject: Re: Question to Militia-Types: WHO are the TRUE patriots?
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In message <847060383$> - Lissa Valerian  writes:
:>On Wed, 30 Oct 1996, Ian McKinney wrote:
:>> Under normal conditions, you might be correct. Under multi-cultural
:>> conditions, a true Patriot places his loyalty on his racial brothers and
:>> sisters - excluding the racial renegades, those of course, only deserve
:>> scorn and total contempt.

:>You know, you seem to skip over the First Amendment to the Constitution
:>which guarantees us that as citizens, we have the right to "freedom of
:>religion", but you NAZI's would deny that right to Americans who happen to
:>believe in Judaism, now, wouldn't you?   A TRUE patriot would be true to
:>his country, and to the precepts upon which that country was founded.  The

I couldn't care less about the Jews practising their religion. What I object 
to is their legacy of subversion, manipulation and censorship. And most 
importantly their control of the media. Their religion has very little to do 
with my points.

Look around, you'll find the Jews are constantly trying to suppress someone 
else's Free Speech. David Irving can't even get his books published due to 
Jewish pressure. Of course, Irving was widely praised and published all over 
before he determined that some of the stories concerning the 'holocaust' were 
just that - stories. Now, he's being banned.

The Jewish ADL has been in the censorship business for at least 60 years. 
Nearly every current ADL effort involves suppressing free discussions. Their 
latest target is the Internet. They want to be able to decide what gets 
discussed. They're deathly afraid of true free speech.

If anyone else was up to the same tricks, I am sure you'd be outraged, but as 
long as it's the Jews you - you don't say anything. 


Yours truly,
Ian McKinney
White Racial Solidarity - An Idea Who's Time Has Come! or

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