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From: (Roger Hughes)
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Subject: Re: Nizkor: Who the Hell are these guys?
Date: 11 Jan 1997 02:21:05 GMT
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In message <> - (dckom) write
:>On 9 Jan 1997 18:51:31 GMT c.e., (Roger Hughes) wrote :
:>>You may challenge, but refute? Hardly. Besides, if "refuting" is all that 
:>>easy, then why does the ADL, and the SWC constantly lobby to governments to 
:>>pass censorship laws that explicitly stop people from saying anything the 
:>>Jews don't like? You do know they do that all the time, don't you? It sounds 
:>>like they're a little concerned that their story won't hold up under scrutiny.
:>Yo Rodger Dodger,
:>Where and what laws are you refering to? It will interesting to see what,
:>if anything, you come up with. Or can we rely on your silence on this

The ADL has been pushing various "model statutes" aimed at censoring people 
on the net for the past couple of years. Don't tell me you haven't heard 
about it?

:>>Yes, folks, if you want to know anything about WW2, then just ask the 
:>>totally objective and unbiased Jews. They'll tell us everything we need 
:>>to know. And, anyone who contradicts them should have their career ruined and 
:>>ultimately put into jail. Free Speech to them means exactly that: the Jews 
:>>have it, but nobody else does. 
:>Unlike, of course, the "totally objective", thoroughly unbiased,
:>scrupulously fair Nazis. 

Well, since the ADL defines anyone who contradicts the Jewish version of WW2 
as a 'Nazi', your statement obviously includes everybody except the Jews and 
their dupes.

:>>The arrogance and hypocrisy of these anti-American scumbags like the ADL, 
:>>SWC, and SPLC is almost unbelievable.
:>What hypocrisy? They say that Nazism, Fascism and organized Racism are
:>threats to American Democracy. They further state that they oppose these
:>movements. They do. You may consider this anti-American. Few agree with
:>you. But the actions of the ADL, SPLC AND SWC are completely consistent
:>with the above.

First, America was not designed as a Democracy, or 'mobocracy' as the 
pre-Roosevelt military manuals described it. The Founding fathers opposed 
democracy. John Adams said: "Democracy has ever been incompatible with 
individual freedom and the rights of property." The Constitution gave us a 
Constitutional Republic, not a democracy.

The ADL is hypocritical because while they give lip-service to freedom of 
speech, they do everything they can to censor people through their promotion 
of laws and intimidation. Their legal activities are well known. As to their 
intimidation efforts, ask Marlon Brando, Dolly Parton, and even that clown, 
Michael Jackson, who was pressured by them to revise some song lyrics the 
Jews didn't like.

FYI, many people agree with me - I talk to them every day.

And lastly, the ADL has been promoting anti-White activities for at least 60 
years. I will oppose these enemies of my people till I die.

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