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Subject: Re: Jews, Bolshevism, blah, blah...
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On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, ipm  wrote:

>Jacob Minsky wrote:

>> Why if it isn't Roger Hughes/Bob Dawgson/William Scott/whatever the
>> hell *still* posting the same garbage after all these years!

>As long as the truth is suppressed, I'll be in here exposing it.

I see. So when three of you knuckle-draggers (under nine or so different
aliases) spam-bomb a newsgroup with stupid lies and forgeries, this is
supposed to be seen as behavior of brave Aryan warriors robed in truth.

>> It was previously pointed out to Scott/Ian/Roger that there was no
>> governmental organ that consisted of 384 people, that the "negroes" and
>> "Chinamen" among the commissars are pure fantasy (as are American Jews),
>> that one can easily name more than 13 Russian commissars, and that, in
>> general, only a complete idiot who was also illiterate and ignorant
>> could belive any of this. Upon being asked to name these "negroes,"
>> "Chinamen," American Jews - at least some of them - and give some
>> relevant dates and documentation, Roger/Ian/Whatever would run off and
>> come back later to post more lies and forgeries.

>Well, too bad the people who were in Russia at the time disagree with you.

The "just say SOMETHING" technique of racist morons: make some comment, no
matter how inane it is, and maybe you can fool at least some of the people
into thinking that you actually responded. Are we going to hear who those
15 "Chinaman" commissars were or not? And what government organ did they
all belong to?

[more of the same]

>> But this is not to say that there is nothing in the newspaper about Jews
>> and Bolsheviks. In fact, there is a regular column on the subject that
>> appears in every issue in 1919. Thing is, it is dedicated to *refuting*
>> the lies that Ian is peddling now. A representative (and particularly
>> good) article appears in the December 12 issue. I'll quote it from my
>> message (at
>>    The  systematic  attempts  that  are  now  being  made
>>    to identify the Jews of Russia  with  the Bolshevists,
>>    to represent  Bolshevism  as  a  Jewish movement,  and
>>    thus to  hold up  the entire Jewish people  to obloquy
>>    and attack,  are based  solely upon  the  fact  that a
>>    certain  number  of  prominent Bolshevist Commissaries
>>    are of Jewish birth.  Upon this fact,  which has never
>>    been denied,have been built up all sorts of fanatastic
>>    accusations,  such as  that  the  Jews  wish  to wreak
>>    revenge upon Russia for the persecutions under Tsardom,
>>    and  that  they  aim  at  sweeping  away  Christian
>>    civilization so as to enthrone Judaism  as the dominant
>>    faith  throughout the world.  How utterly absurd these
>>    calumnies are, and  how  grotesquely  exaggerated  are
>>    most  of  the  stories  of  Jewish  participation  in
>>    Bolshevism  can  be  proved  by  an  unimpassioned
>>    examination of the ascertainable facts and figures.
>Oh, so here we have some Jews denying Jewish involevment in Bolshevism.
>Sure, we can trust them.

I see that you figure that nobody is still following what you write -
and maybe you are right, given how incredibly boring and stupid you are.
But just for the sake of completeness, let's go over what you pretend
not to notice:

1) You "quoted" the Jewish Chronicle (London) as follows:

"There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so
many Jews are Bolshevists. The ideals of Bolshevism are consonant with
many of the highest ideals of Judaism." (Jewish Chronicle, London
April, 4, 1919)

2) I made the following claims, which can be verified without too much

   a) The Jewish Chronicle did not come out on April 4, 1919.
   b) Such a quote does not appear in the issues of Jewish
      Chronicle around that date.
   c) The Jewish Chronicle was at the time publishing a regular
      feature on "Jews and Bolshevism," the purpose of which
      was to refute precisely those lies that you peddle.

Do you think anybody will ever believe one of your "quotes" again? Do
you think they will be more likely to believe if you pretend to respond
by deleting all this and typing some inanity in response?

>> >"In the Bolshevik era, 52 percent of the membership of the Soviet
>> >communist party was Jewish, though Jews comprised only 1.8 percent of
>> >the total population." (Stuart Kahan, The Wolf of the Kremlin, p. 81)
>> As I pointed out to some other knuckle-dragger who tried this stunt
>> before you did, somebody pawed a decimal point here: it wasn't 52%,
>> it was 5.2%. I guess I can understand your hatred of decimal points
>> though - if it wasn't for them, you could say that the average neo-Nazi
>> has 15 functioning neurons in his brain.
>I will definitely check that source again,

Oh, it's been checked. In fact, it had its ticket punched and checked out
permanently. "Stuart Kahan" is a rather well known fraud.

>but you not so cleverly selected only a few quotes, how about all
>the rest? Obviously, you had no luck with those. But I'll through
>in a few more anyway.

What "all the rest"? Do you think I have all day for this crap? I took
several which I think are perfectly representative and showed everyone
what they are worth; I omitted the more irrelevant and incoherent stuff
that you cribbed from the likes of "Tavish." I certainly do not intend
to check all "quotes" submitted by a known liar and forger - it's too
time consuming, and most of the material is utterly irrelevant. A good
example is the crap you posted below. The most recognizable quote is

>You accuse us of stirring up revolution in Moscow. Suppose we admit the
>charge. What of it?...You make much noise and fury about undue Jewish
>influence in your theaters and movie palaces. Very good; granted your
>complaint is well founded. But WHAT IS THAT COMPARED TO OUR STAGGERING
>VERY THOUGHTS YOU THINK EVERY DAY?- - (Marcus Eli Ravage, member of the
>staff of the New York Tribune, "A Real Case Against the Jews," in Century
>Magazine, January-February, 1928).

- and it's actually not fake! That's right, a genuine quote! Of course,
it comes from a hilarious satire on exactly the kind of nonsense that
RogerIan McKinneyScott is trying to sell now (Marcus Eli Ravage proves
that the entire Western civilization is a Jewish conspiracy), but then
nobody ever accused Notional Appliance loons of having enough brains
even to recognize that someone is making fun of them.

Your slimy hole under a rock awaits you, WillyRoger.

-- Jacob.
"What part of English I ain't talking to y'all??"

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