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From Sun Sep  1 09:45:51 PDT 1996
Article: 446711 of talk.politics.misc
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Subject: Re: RESPONSIBILITY re: welfare reform
Date: 1 Sep 1996 05:18:09 GMT
Organization: USA OnRamp
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In, Bill Hechler  writes:
>How about 
>all of those medical doctors from India? I've been to some, and they're 
>quite good. 

I can't agree with that. I'm now paying hundreds of bucks to have my wife's dental
work redone due the incompetancy of couple of these Third-world dentists. I got
smart and am now having the work done properly by a White dentist.

>   I think that immigration is a good thing, but we shouldn't admit more 
>people than we can assimilate by intermarriage. 

Yes, immigration of Whites only - who should intermarry, since the vast majority of
Whites aren't interested in intermarriage with non-whites. That's a fact and 
there's nothing wrong with it either. The importation of alien races just creates
more whining groups of minorities. Jeez, we have enough of that already.

>And we especially should 
>not design immigration policy for the purpose of making the rich richer 
>and the workers poorer. 

That's something I can agree with 100%

Ian McKinney

From Sun Sep  1 15:20:13 PDT 1996
Article: 447125 of talk.politics.misc
From: (ian McKinney)
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Subject: Re: A Very Bad Deal From US Congress To Legal Immigrants
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 1996 19:19:12 GMT
Organization: USA OnRamp
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>  I do believe currently each country (including USA) should control
>  its borders and control its desired level of (legal or illegal)
>  immigration, whatever that may be.  However, how you control the 
>  immigration at the border and how you treat the immigrants internally 
>  are two entirely different matters.  It is very wrong to let people 
>  in (legally or illegally) and then subject these people to the 
>  treatment of second-class residents or outright exploitation. 

I'm a bit confused by your statement, since you didn't explain just
how illegal immigrants are exploited. Certainly some corrupt
businesses enjoy the cheap labor, but on the other hand, if the
illegals don't like it why don't they go back. That's kind of like an
escaped convict complaining because he can't walk the streets without
worrying about the cops, or why he can't get a job. 

As far as legals go, I have a big problem with ederly persons coming
to the US and having access to various social services when they
haven't paid anything into the system. Also it not uncommon for
parents of legal immigrants to sign their wealth over their children
in order to qualify for benefits normally reserved for poor citizens.
The point is that if we are going to favor anyone, in order to prevent
corruption and dishonesty on the part of immigrants, then the laws
should at least provide some discouragement against this kind of

>  Great.  There are some people on this thread who believe there is
>  no moral problem to tax immigrants 10 times more and strip away
>  whatever benefits they may have, because "they should feel lucky
>  just for being allowed into the country".  I am glad you don't 
>  hold this extremist's view.

Please provide evidence that immigrants pay 10 times more taxes than
native born citizens. That sounds like BS to me.

Ian McKinney

From Thu Sep  5 09:13:04 PDT 1996
Article: 28476 of alt.politics.nationalism.white
From: (Ian McKinney)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white
Subject: Trouble for Nizkor - A Mutiny?
Date: 4 Sep 1996 23:35:14 GMT
Organization: USA OnRamp
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We heard that Nizkor has its hands full with some of their people starting to 
believe the Revisionist material they were assigned to debunk. Apparently 
they can't and are beginning to have some doubts about the party-line 
promoted by the Holocausters.

Ian McKinney

From Sat Sep 28 16:31:48 PDT 1996
Article: 31572 of alt.politics.nationalism.white
From: (Ian McKinney)
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Subject: Re: Same Sex Marriages???  Why not???
Date: 28 Sep 1996 19:42:58 GMT
Organization: USA OnRamp
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In message $> <9117cc$1210f.399@news.goldeng> <51onso$> - (Magenta!!) writes:
:> (Jeffrey Scott Linder) doth speak:
:>>Government grants rights.  Therefore same-sex marriage is not a right
:>>because government has not granted it.  Case closed, again.
:>No, marriage, in and of itself, is a right.
:>The government is denying that right on the basis of SEX.
:>Case closed, locked, sealed, and placed in a radiation-free vault again.

Under normal conditions, all societies santioned customs that involve the 
expectation of something beneficial to the society as a whole. Only a 
complete idiot would deny that hetrosexual relationships produce children, 
which are of benefit and necessary to the whole. A faggot relationship 
produces absolutely nothing of value, except to feed the perversion of the 
two participants.

There is no such thing as "homosexual marriage". Marriage can only be between 
a men and women. Only a sick degenerate could argue otherwise and everybody 
knows that.  Well, I guess that's what we have.

There's nothing to stop you from screwing another man and giving each other 
AIDS (Asshole-Injected Death Sentence). Forget Marriage! You creeps defile 
the institution by your suggestion.

Yours truly,
Ian McKinney

From Sun Sep 29 09:39:07 PDT 1996
Article: 31651 of alt.politics.nationalism.white
From: (Ian McKinney)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white
Subject: Re: Whites More Resistant to Aids than Blacks.
Date: 29 Sep 1996 04:32:20 GMT
Organization: USA OnRamp
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AIDS Resistance found in Whites

Summary: A number of Caucasians have a genetic resistance to HIV
infection that is extremely rare among people of Africa descent.

A Newsday Report
(As printed in The Tampa Tribune, Tuesday, September 17th, 1996)

BALTIMORE - Genetic resistance to HIV infection is relatively common
in people of Caucasian descent and virtually nonexistant in people of
African descent, the National Cancer Institute's Steven O'Brien has 
 Based on a study of more than 1,900 men and women who have been in 
AIDS-related studies for more than a decade and have been exposed to
the human immunodeficiency virus repeatedly without becoming infected
or who are HIV-positive but after years of infection haven't progressed
to AIDS, O'Brien made another finding: There is a state of partial
genetic protection that slows the course of illness.
 The Caucasian people who have this gene are far less likely to progress
rapidly yo AIDS after infection and they live AIDS-free lives an average
of two years longer than infected individuals who don't carry the gene.
 O'Brien's findings were announced last week at the annual meeting
of the Institute of Human Virology.
 O'Briens findings expand work in the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research 
Center's discovery of three genetically resistant New Yorkers. The
Manhattan-based center's study last month found the men were missing
32 bits of genetic information involved in the production of a cellular
receptor called CKR-5, the most important receptor used by HIV as a 
doorway to human white blood cells, so HIV could not get inside the 
 This genetic protection is absolute if individuals are homozygous,
meaning they inherited the trait from both parents. Just one moth ago,
fewer than five such individuals were known. But O'Brien and several
others announced identification of dozens more.
 Curiously, no one has found an African individual who is either 
heterozygous - inheriting one normal and one protective gene - or
homozygous for the anti-HIV gene. And O'Brien found that even among
blacks, many of whom have some Caucasian ancestors or parents, fewer
than 2 percent carry the gene, versus 24 percent of whites.
 Scientists specualte the mutant form of CKR-5 protected against some 
scourge that afflicted Europeans but not Africans. The obvious 
candidate would be the Black Death of 1346, or plague. If the mutant 
CKR-5 blocked plague bacteria, the survivors would be more likely to
carry the trait.


This is a great counter argument against those who insist that Whites
are genetically inferior due to UV problems. It may also make a good
example of genetic differences. 

Yours truly,
Ian McKinney

From Sun Sep 29 10:45:32 PDT 1996
Article: 36907 of misc.activism.militia
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From: (Ian McKinney)
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Organization: USA OnRamp
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Date: Sun, 29 Sep 96 15:33:04 GMT
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Subject: Charley Schumer - Plublicity Hound
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The Kennedy magazine, George, lists gun-grabbing, Representative Charles 
Schumer (NY) as the pre-eminent congressional publicity hound. (As if we 
didn't know).

Yours truly,
Ian McKinney

From Sun Sep 29 10:45:33 PDT 1996
Article: 36914 of misc.activism.militia
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From: (Ian McKinney)
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Organization: USA OnRamp
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Date: Sun, 29 Sep 96 15:48:37 GMT
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Subject: Re: MIlitia Studies
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In message <843166085$> - writes:
:>Stern would be: Ken Stern; "A Force Upon the Plain" [sometimes referred 
:>to as "A Farce Upon the Lame"-- although Stern is a bunch better writer, 
:>and somewhat more credible researcher than Dees and Levin.
I find it absolutely impossible to use the word "credible" in the same 
sentence with Dees and Levin, since they have no credibility. If anyone's 
interested in what Dees really stands for, then you should check-out the 
monthly magazine "Teaching Tolerance" produced by Dees. It chock-full of 
pro-homosexuality and pro-race-mixing propaganda. The worse part is that this 
piece of filth is aimed at school teachers, and has as its ultimate objective 
of providing material to brainwash the school kids. Of course, this should 
surprise no one familiar with Dees, since according to court documents his 
last wife divorced him for being a bisexual. 

Dees has made his so-called "Southern Poverty Law Center" into a racket that 
reportedly rakes in millions for his Swiss bank accounts. All he has to do is 
put out some inflammatory lies about the "danger of racism" or "militias on 
the rise', and his liberal sheep quickly cough-up donations. The fact is that 
Dees lives like a millionare and has at least 75 million bucks stashed away. 
If he were a bit more honest, he would rename his organization, "Southern 
Millionare's Law Center."

What credibility can a bi-sexual, scamming, propagandist like him have?

Yours truly,
Ian McKinney

From Mon Sep 30 13:26:35 PDT 1996
Article: 36951 of misc.activism.militia
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From: (Ian McKinney)
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Organization: USA OnRamp
Newsgroups: misc.activism.militia
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 96 3:33:32 GMT
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Subject: Re: Patriot/Militia Shortwave Prgm.'s???
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In message <842853834$> - writes:
:>Could someone suggest a Web Page or ??? which would inform me of 
:>Patriot/Militia type shortwave program schedules?  The only one  I found 
:>during my Web Search is not currently working.
:>                          TNX!   Michael
The only truly uncensored patriotic shortwave program is American Dissident 
Voices. It can be heard on WRNO on Saturdays at 12:30 pm est on 15.420 mhz. 
and 9:00 pm on 7.355 mhz. During the football season the 9:00 broadcast is 
usually pre-empted, but can instead be heard on Sunday at 7:30 pm est. on 
7.355 mhz. ADV can also be heard on a number of am stations across America.

See for the complete, up-to-date schedule.

Yours truly,
Ian McKinney

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