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From: (Joel Rosenberg)
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Subject: Where is Schoedel working?  WJYM has issued a disclaimer
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 14:07:16
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Ron's been a busy boy, and so have his buddies, it appears.  Tracks are being 
covered, but not well, about his career and employment.  Now, personally, I 
don't much care where Schoedel's working -- if indeed, anybody's had the bad 
judgment to hire him.  Not my problem, as long as he stays the hell out of 
Minnesota.  (Stay the hell out of Minnesota, please, Ron.  Pretty please?)  

On the other hand, I do get a certain pleasure out of exposing his lies and 
deceptions.  He claims in a recent posting not to have been involved 
with WJYM for quite some time now (since December 1995), and I gotta tell you, 
I'm not one of those folks who take everything Ron says at face value.

I think the answer probably can be found, at least in part, from his resume -- 
freshly posted on which as of this 
very moment (that may change within minutes; it's hard to keep up with 
Ron) includes the following fascinating entry:

"November 1995-Present: Helped launch a time-brokered radio 
program/multi-media advertising project (Christian Business Connection); 
involving an hour-long daily radio show, a newsletter, a phone hotline and an 
internet web site; the first such multi-media ad project in the Toledo market. 
Future plans I am developing include live broadcasts over the internet."

Now, when I point my web browser at the Christian Business Connection home page
at  (where Schoedel's PleaseHireMePage was until, 
literally, yesterday) we get the following:  

"Welcome, Visitor #XXXX, to the homepage of the Christian Business 
Connection! Based in Toledo, the CBC is actively involved in helping 
Christians find businesses to meet their needs, while allowing them to support 
their Christian brethren at the same time. 

"Regionally, throughout the tri-state area, this goal is accomplished in part 
through our flagship daily radio program, Preferring One Another, hosted by 
Rick Moore and Denny Miller.

 [The picture says "730 AM WJYM graphics]

"This hour-long drive-time broadcast features interviews, humor, family 
features, music, give-aways and more, and can be heard live, weekdays from 5-6 
P.M. on WJYM-AM 730. Tuesdays and Thursdays the mic is handed over to Rick the 
Sports Guy for a quarter hour of Christian Sports-talk radio, 5:30-5:45. 

"A toll-free phone number is available to radio listeners to call in for 
referrals to Christian businesses, along with a printed newsletter. 
Internationally, our outreach and service is based on the latest technology 
available, centered on this website. Coming soon, broadcasts of our radio show 
on the internet! Also, exclusively for users of the CBC website, we will have 
a monthly give-away! From the buttons below, please feel free to browse our 
online service here, and check out those areas of interest to you..."

There's some links, and then a fascinating disclaimer that I think appeared 
today (or perhaps late yesterday?), but sure as hell wasn't there back 
when I looked at the page a couple of days ago, on the 3rd of July, or on the 

It says:

"Please note, RON SCHOEDEL is in no way affiliated with CBC or WJYM Radio. 
Updated 1 July 1996.  1996 CBC."  [The emphasis is theirs.]

You can draw your own conclusions about the accuracy of a backdated 
disclaimer, and about the lack of connection, as of July 1 (or now), between 
Schoedel and the CBC and/or WJYM radio.  

What's going on, Ron?  Who is covering whose ass, and why?  

Joel Rosenberg   |  |
We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the 
hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the 
appalling silence of the good people.
                        -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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