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Hey y'all crazy liberals, wackos, kikes, losers, IDJITS and JACKASSES:


Rev. Ron
Lord Defender of White Christian Amerikkka


A well-orchestrated war against ZOG means infiltrating it.  My media
position, and that of others, is one way of doing that.  I personally
had the pleasure of recently converting one elected official to our
cause.  You jews and libs have cause to fear, for ZOG will fall because
of members of this cause who are infiltrating ZOG and weakening it.

The White Power community is obviously something that y'all FEAR, and in
a BIG WAY.  If we were the meager and small powerless groups you want
to think we are, the ZOG media and governments would pay no attention
to us.  If we weren't such a threat to them, they wouldn't give us so
much free publicity.  You all know deep down inside that White Power
scares the hell out of you, and rightly so.  


Hell, I think its rather funny.  For laughs, I have forwarded this post
of the kike's to several newsgroups that I know will enjoy it.  Les, I
think with jews like Rosenboig, our job is easier than we think.  We
don't need to expose these sub-human sorry-ass sacks of dung; they do a
good enough job all on their lonesome.  Keep it up kike, your day is
coming...and oh what a glorious thought that is....
Nope.  My hatred and anger is a righteous and holy hatred.  I make no
bones about hating the enemies of God.  I make no bones about the
fact that the filthy jews, the subhumans who are the spawn of satan,
will be utterly wiped out...every last one of them.  You can quote me
on that, too.


Yes it does.  it empowers God's Holy Aryan Race, and is the way to making us
better People, and the way to peace and harmony on earth.  When we learn this,
and repent as a Race, our enemies -- the filthy jews, who have been a thorn
in our side for millenium upon millenium -- will be wiped out with God's
blessings....only when we as a Race realize that is our Holy Duty.


Pot, Kettle, Black.

(Note that the hypocritical Rev. has retracted one usage of the word
"subhuman" -- see )

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