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From kmcvay Tue Dec  5 23:58:31 1995
Subject: Re: Factual error on web page
To: (Kevin Schmid)
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 23:58:31 -0800 (PST)
From: "Kenneth McVay OBC" 
Cc: (Jamie McCarthy)
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You wrote:

> >Dear Mr. Schmid:

> >Since you note "We will present only information that can and
> >has been documented... not only by others, but also by BeWise"
> >on your home page, I thought I would bring this erroneous
> >claim to your attention, in the hope that you would now
> >correct it.
>  Alo'Ha From The Kingdom of Hawai'i Sir!!

Thank you for your quick response, and the greeting, Mr.

>     Thank you presenting this to us.  It is unfortunate that 
> we haven't had the time or the means of shutting down the 
> "holocaust" information yet.  We had planned to since we were
> yet unable to put up our own documented information.  The only 
> information that we were able to put up was from Samisdat 
> which is a bit against the proper procedure that BeWISE 
> normally uses...and that is to thoroughly check out ourselves
> what goes up first.  We apologise to *all* Internet users for
> that.  However, as it stands now, with an unexpected prolonged
> illness, and obselete equipment, we are unable to alter the 
> Site as of yet.  We plan to upgrade equipment soon and then 
> we can put up our own info.  

It wouldn't take more than a few seconds, sir. I would think
that would be of great importance, given your stated wish to
double-check and document the information you present.

>     Until then, of course we will check out your information 
> for you are very correct in believing that we will not allow
> any outright false (provable false) information to remain on
> our Site.  

The forgery of the Lachout Dokument is beyond question -
please avail yourself of this opportunity to read the Austrian
report and determine that for yourself. It is extremely well
documented itself, and the authors are readily available,
should you wish to query them.

>     Until then, we are;
>     Sincerely yours;
> =========================================BeWISE==================
> P.S.  Has this important information been presented to Samisdat
> and if so, what is the response from them?  They seem to us to 
> have done a lot of "homework" on this issue.  THANK YOU AGAIN!!  

Given that the report was issued in 1990, and mentions the
Samisdat video which promotes the forged work, and the forger,
and the fact that I have repeatedly raised the issue in
alt.revisionism (I am reliably informed that Mr. Zundel
receives printed copies of all such material), I would find it
impossible to believe that Mr. Zundel is unaware of the nature
of the report, or the fraudulent nature of the document

Thanks again for your prompt response - I have forwarded this
to Jamie McCarthy, my technical Webmaster, for inclusion in
our correspondence pages, should you wish to refer to this
exchange in the future.

I look forward to seeing the fraudulent material removed from
your site, and trust you will find a few seconds to make the

Ken McVay

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