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From: (Rick Savage)
Subject: ML "King" or Pawn?
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Martin Luther King: Civil Rights KING or PAWN?
   A behind the Scenes Look at King's Character

By Steve Goldman
The Jubilee  Nov/Dec 1990
     The late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's. records have been sealed by 
court order until the year 2027.  Why?  Why hasn't the media cried louder 
"the people have a right to know?"  Could it be there is something about 
Reverend King that someone doesn't want the people to know?
     King once said, "Men should be judged not by the color of their 
skin, but by the content of their character."  
     King's philosophy of judging character clearly coincides with 
scripture:  "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous 
judgement."  (John 7:24).  Considering that millions of our tax dollars 
are spent paying government employees ( in 48 states) to take a day off 
to honor Martin Luther King, should we not judge him with 'righteous 
The Making of a King
     King was born on January 15,1929, in a middle class neighborhood in 
Atlanta, Georgia.  His real name was Michael King.  At the age of six, 
Michael's father, a Baptist preacher, renamed himself and his son after 
Martin Luther, the leader of the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth 
     From an early age King had a "knack" for speaking, and was 
considered a 'smooth talker'.  In his book "Bearing the Cross:   Martin 
Luther King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference."  David J. 
Garrows reflects on King's youth:  "If anything distinguished him from 
the others, it was his ability to use words.  Younger brother A.D. 
(King), boyhood friends, and other neighbors recalled in later years that 
King "had a gift of talking himself out of unpleasant situations."
     King's wife, Coretta Scott, (whom he married in 1953), later 
admitted that King "had quite a line" which consisted of "smoothness" and 
     At age 15, King attended the very liberal 'Morehouse College' in 
Atlanta, Georgia.  Initially King had thought of becoming a doctor or a 
lawyer.  But it wasn't long before he took to the writings of Henry 
Thoreau.  After studying Thoreau's "Essay on Civil Disobedience," King 
decided to involve himself in "social protest."
     Ultimately, King received a B.A. degree in 1948, Later he attended 
'Crozer Theological Seminary' in Chester, Pa., where he received his 
B.D..  In 1955, King went on to receive a Ph.D. from 'Boston University'.
     King emerged in the mid-50's as the charismatic 'saviour' of black 
people and became the head of the newly founded Southern Christian 
Leadership Conference (S.C.L.C.).  As an active leader in the Civil 
Rights movement in the 1960's, King led many Civil Rights marches 
through, often times, predominantly white neighborhoods, under the guise 
of "non-violence."
     On April 4, 1968, on a balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, 
Tennessee, Martin Luther King Jr. was gunned down and instantly became a 
"martyr" for the civil rights movement.
     The above surface facts are common knowledge.  However, in King's 
case we should go beyond the surface view and look deeper into his 
character, particularly since he is a man being exalted as a hero for 
future generations.
     I encourage the reader to keep the following scripture in mind as we 
look beyond King's surface.
     "He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and 
shame unto him." 
(Proverbs 18:13).
     Although Martin Luther King had been brought up in a church and was 
the leader of a "Christian" organization, he showed little actual 
interest in the Bible.  In fact, he considered the Bible to be full of 
"legends and myths."  King declared back in Morehouse, "the shackles of 
fundamentalism were removed" from his mind... And among other things, he 
denied the virgin birth and the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ 
('National Observer', Dec 30, 1963).  Was King really a Christian?
     Although Crozer Theological Seminary was supposed to be a "Bible 
College," they often held lectures on Mohandas Ghandhi.  King became 
enthralled with the Indian leader and studied every book and article 
Gandhi had written.  When he finished college in 1955, the "thinking of 
Gandhi and Thoreau was still buring inside King"  (Carl Rowan, Readers 
Digest, Sept. 1967).
     According to Ralph Abernathy (King's best friend), King preached the 
"social gospel" of the Christ-rejecting liberals, not the true gospel 
(Bearing the Cross, David Garrow, P. 51).
     In many ways, King displayed non-Christian values.  The words of our 
Saviour seem appropriate:  "Beware of the false prophets, who come to you 
in sheeps clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  You will know them 
by their fruits..." (Matthew 7:15,16)
     The false prophet may appear to be righteous, but careful 
investigation will reveal rotten fruit.  This full-proof 'fruit test' 
requires more than surface appearance, rhetoric, or a vote of congress.
     "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, 
nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the 
scornful."  (Psalms 1:1)
     Is there a more "ungodly counsel" to walk with than communism?  
Liberal professors and Christian scholars will generally not dispute that 
communism is diametrically opposed to Christianity.
     *  One of Kings closest friends was Stanley D. Levison, a Jewish 
lawyer from New York.  Levison provided legal expertise and the initial 
funding for S.C.L.C.   He was also identified by the F.B.I. as a member 
of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party, U.S.A..  Levinson had 
close ties to Soviet spy Victor Lessiovsky, one of the highest ranking 
K.G.B. officers to ever operate in the United States.
     *  Bayard Rustin, a notorious queer sodomite and active communist, 
served as King's secretary and advisor from 1956 to 1960.
     *  Hunter Pitts O'Dell, a member of the national committee of the 
Communist Party, served as King's staff consultant
     *  Fred Shuttleworth presided over a communist operation as 
identified by a Congressional committee.  He was also field secretary for 
King's S.C.L.C.
     *  James Dombrowski was a close friend and advisor to King.  He was 
also registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act as an agent of 
Fidel Castro.
     *  Ralph David Abernathy was honored by the Soviet Union and 
Communist East Germany.  Abernathy once remarked, "What we are fighting 
for in the USA is what has already been achieved in the GDR (Communist 
East Germany)"  He was later tried for deviant sex acts with a 
fifteen-year-old choir girl.  Abernathy was King's top aid!
     The late F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover once warned the American 
People that "Communist Influence does exist in the negro movement and it 
is this influence which is vitally important."  He said the Communist 
Party "strives only to exploit what are often legitimate negro complaints 
and grievances for communist objectives...Racial incidents are magnified 
and dramatized by communists in an effort to generate racial tensions."
     In case screams of "white supremacy" and "racism" are beginning to 
arise here, consider the words of Julia Brown, who courageously served 
the F.B.I. as a counter-intelligence agent within the Communist Party.  
Brown, incidentally, was a negro...
     "Mr. King was one of the worst enemies my people ever had.
     "I know that it is considered poor taste to speak ill of the dead.  
But when someone served the enemies of our country while alive, and his 
name is still used by his Comrades to promote anti-American activities, 
shouldn't peaple who know the truth speak out?
     "I learned many surprising things while I served in the communist 
Party for the F.B.I.  Communist leaders told us about the demonstrations 
that would be started, the protest marches, the demands that would be 
made for massive federal intervention.  Every communist was ordered to 
help convince American negroes that we are no better off than slaves.  
Wherever we went and whatever we did, we were to promote race 
consciousness and resentment because the communists knew that the 
technique of divide and conquer really works.
     "We were also told to promote Martin Luther King, to unite negroes 
and whites behind him, and to turn him into some kind of national hero.  
We were to look to King as our leader in this struggle, the communists 
said, because he was on our side!!
     "I know they were right, because while I was in the communist Party 
I learned that Martin Luther King attended a communist training school.  
I learned that several of his aides and assistants were communists, that 
he received funds from communists, and that he was taking directions from 
communists."  (Martin Luther King, The Man Behind the Myth, by Des Griffon)
     Congressman Adam Clayton Powell called King "Martin Loser King," 
because of his inability to mount peaceful rallies.  The media however, 
had a tough time calling him a "white supremacist" because he was also black.
     J. Edgar Hoover received a memo from Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, 
dated May 23,  1968, stating that Robert Kennedy "personally approved" 
wire taps which were placed in King's home, S.C.L.C. headquarters, and in 
ten motels King frequented.
     Hoover later described King as "a tomcat with obsessive degenerate 
sexual urges."
     Biographer, David J. Garrow, said King engaged in "compulsive sexual 
athleticism," which he (King) excused as a "form of anxiety reduction."
     While in Norway to collect his Nobel Prize, King was apprehended by 
police while chasing women down a hotel corridor - in the nude.  
Apparently, King liked to mix nature with fitness while jogging at night 
wearing nothing but a smile.
     The latest headlines reveal that King plagiarized his Doctoral 
Dissertation and many other writings.  Clayborne Carson, a professor of 
history at Stanford University, and head of the King Papers Project said, 
"We found there was a pattern of appropriation, of textual appropriation."
     David Garrow, a King admirer said, "this serious an offense really 
does alter how we have to evaluate him, especially in the context of 
telling 10-year-olds who they should look up to."
     It has been confirmed by other scholars that many of King's writings 
were stolen, sometimes word for word, from other writings, such as his 
famous essay, "Letter from the Birmingham Jail."
Not in a coon's age!
     The history for a paid MLK holiday in Arizona has been a tough and 
confusing one for both pro and con King holiday advocates.  The media has 
had a field day over the issue!  It now seems however, that Arizona is 
not likely to see a paid MLK holiday in a coon's age.
     Beginning in 1986, a series of events took place which put the state 
of Arizona down a path of persecution and heavy scrutiny in the eyes of 
the rest of the nation.
     Former governor of Arizona Bruce Babbitt, by an executive order, 
declared a paid holiday for government employees in honor of MLK Jr. on 
the third Monday of January.  But, according to the Arizona constitution, 
only the 'legislature' can appropriate funds, in the form of tax, to 
declare a paid holiday for government workers.
     When governor Evan Mecham took office, he rescinded the paid holiday 
and declared a non-paid Sunday observance in honor of King, which gave 
King a holiday, but did not cost the taxpayers any money.  The cost of a 
paid King observance rolls in at a whopping five million bucks according 
to Mecham.
     For this act, Governor Mecham was smeared by Tom Fitzpatrick of the 
'New Times,' a Phoenix weekly, saying Mecham is "a Neanderthal...a 
national buffoon...He is an ignorant jackass...If he wern't the governor 
of Arizona, serious faced men with white coats would be speaking 
soothingly into his ear and giving him tranquilizers.."  Even after his 
ram-rod impeachment, Mecham continued to battle the paid King holiday.
     Then, in September of 1989, the Arizona legislature (without the 
consent of the people) passed legislation which moved Columbus Day to an 
unpaid Sunday observance and moved MLK day to a paid Monday observance.  
This did not set will with the Italians of Arizona.  So, the Italian 
community took out referendums to put the legislation on the ballot for a 
vote of the people.  By Jan. 1990, they had gathered more than enough 
signatures to put the issue on the ballot.
     In May, 1990, the legislature restored Columbus Day and simply added 
a MLK holiday in addition to the state's 10 other paid holidays.  Many 
Arizonians did not want more taxes and were hopping mad that the 
legislature would again over-ride the vote of the people.  As could be 
expected, more referendums were taken out in May, 1990, leaving 
petition-circulators only until Aug. 14 to gather the necessary amount of 
     Despite hot summer months (reaching upwards of 120 degrees), and the 
absense of the retired community - gone on vacation - 
petition-circulators were still able to obtain the necessary number of 
signatures to secure a ballot slot (later known as prop. 302). 
     Ultimately, there were two propositions on the ballot.  The first 
was proposition 301, which proposed switiching Columbs Day to Sunday 
(non-paid) and moving the MLK holiday to the third Monday of January (in 
place of Columbus Day making MLK-day a paid holiday) and thereby imposing 
no extra tax burden for the people.  The second proposiiton, 302, left 
Columbus day as it was and added an MLK holiday, on the third Monday of 
January, creating 11 paid holidays instead of the former 10.
     Out of 15 counties, 14 voted down prop. 301 and 10 rejected 302.  So 
in the end, Arizona, by a vote of the people, turned down the paid King 
     Many say the two propositions confused people.  Others say the 
peopel just didn't understand. But, the fact is, over one million bucks 
were spent by the pro-paid-observance holiday committees and they still 
could not convince voters.  In contrast, the opposition (opposed to a 
paid observance), such as the No-No Committee, only spent around 2,800 
bucks.  (The No-No Committee formed to advocate voting "No" on 301 and 
"No" on 302).  Mel Chatwin, secretary for the "No-No Committee," told THE 
JUBILEE, "Apparently, someone badly misused funds if they couldn't get 
the point across with a million bucks."
     The pro-holiday people feel that the present unpaid Sunday 
observance does not honor the man saying, it's a "back of the bus 
holiday."  But Mrs. Chatwin asks, "if a Sunday observance does not honor 
MLK, then we do not honor Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, do we?"  She 
also wonders how a Monday observance, which will only benefit 3 percent 
of the people (the state workers), gives more honor to MLK than a Sunday 
     Arizona has suffered much mudsling and name calling:
     *  Just prior to the election, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue 
threatened to move the 1993 Super Bowl out of Arizona, hoping to 
intimidate voters into accepting a King holiday.
     *  After the election, the 'National League of Cities' cancelled 
their 1991 convetion to  be held in Phoenix, but have no re-scheduled for 
     *  Arizona's current governor, Rose Moffard, was quoted as saying 
she was the "titular head of a racist state."  Most Arizonaians agree she 
is not much more than a honorary governor - but the "racist" bit is 
simply false.
     Now the good people of Arizona have come under fire for not voting 
in a paid holiday and the King people are demanding the legislature enact 
emergency legislation to put the paid observance back in place...
     AS TO KING, much more could be written about him and the S.C.L.C. 
Forteen file cabinets full of eaves-dropping data were obtained by FBI 
wiretaps.  Only a small portion of censored information was released to 
the Senate under the Freedom of Information Act.  The rest has been 
labeled "OBSCENE"...
     Should Christians honor a man whose character is less than 
honorable?  Should state workers, in any state, be paid to honor a man 
with such a clear communist agenda whether it be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, 
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday...?
     Arizona would do well to not only leave out the King holiday, but to 
rescind their Sunday paid observance as well.  Isaiah 5:20 says, "Woe 
unto them that call good evil and evil good..."
     "Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of 
evil men.  Avoid it, pass not by it, and pass away."  Proverbs 4:14-15
Comes from the Nov./Dec. 1990 issue of 'The JUBILEE':
Fifth Judicial Disctrict
P.O. Box 310, Midpines
California (95345)
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