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From: (Gary)
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Subject: Re: Wir scheissen auf die Freiheit der Judenrepublik
Date: 15 Aug 1996 04:25:33 GMT
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On 8/13/96 at 15:32, (Rich Graves) wrote: 

> (Mike Curtis) writes:
>>Greg Raven  wrote:
>>made that suggest the future. It appears that with the extermination
>>of 90% of the Jews in Poland that some oder was given and some order
>>was carried out. Historians have really moved past this issue for they
>>are now dealing with the how and why. They are dealing with the
>>obvious loss of human beings. I find it telling that your only concern
>>is with the Jews. What of the other 6 million?

Please, Greg, mention the other 6 million.  Mention them loudly, and 
often.  Why?  They died, too, victims of the viciousness of a group of 
madmen who were collectively entranced by themselves and their equally 
mad leader, Hitler.

Mention the Sinti, the Romany, the Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals and 
mentally impaired.

Speak of them often.  

Don't forget them, Greg.

I shall remind you of them, if you don't mention them, frequently.

Why?  Because _you_ seem willing to discount their deaths in your 
attempts to "prove" there was no Jewish Holocaust.  Why?  Is your 
hatred of Israel and all things Jewish so deep that you're willing to 
figuratively spit on the graves of, not only the Jewish dead, but all 
the other innocents who died in Holocaust?

Is it, Greg?

What a sad, sad testimony you bear.

>As you both know, the IHR was founded, and Mr. Raven was hired, by a man
>with a special interest in Jews. Willis something, I believe -- Carto, was
>it? Isn't there something about him on Nizkor?

If not Nizkor, then you should be able to find something about him at

>>>I would suggest that you read, "The Dissolution of Eastern European
>>>Jewry," by Walter N. Sanning. Although there are many population studies
>>>of this period dealing with the Jews, this is one of the best, and
>>>clearly shows that, as Dr. Arthur Butz has said, the best argument
>>>against an alleged Nazi extermination policy of the Jews is that the
>>>Jews were still alive after the war.
>>What's the publication data on the Sanning stuff? Where can it be
>>found. I'm terible with libraries. I tend to take things back late, so
>>I try to own copies of the stuff I need.
>It's not exactly what you'd call a well-known academic study. As far as I
>can determine, no accredited university library in the western world
>carries the work. A rare find indeed. Note the foreword and publisher.
>  Author:        Sanning, Walter N., 1935-
>  Title:         The dissolution of Eastern European Jewry / Walter N.
>                    Sanning ; foreword by Arthur R. Butz.
>  Published:     Torrance, Calif. : Institute for Historical Review,
>                    1983.
>  Description:   239 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
>  LC Call No.:   DS135.E83 S33 1983
>  Dewey No.:     947/.0004924 19
>  ISBN:          0939484110 (pbk.) : $7.00
>                 0939484064 (hard) : $12.00
>  Notes:         Bibliography: p. 207-211.
>                 Includes index.
>  Subjects:      Jews -- Europe, Eastern -- History.
>                 Europe, Eastern -- Ethnic relations.
>  Control No.:   83081042 //r842
>As far as I can determine, this book has never been reviewed by anyone.

It was, to an extent.  See my quotes, below (courtesy of Greg Raven).
>>Who is Sanning? 
>No idea. According to the Library of Congress, the above is the only
>publication ever issued by that nym.
>As far as I can determine, no Walter Sanning has ever published an article
>in any magazine or journal on record. This includes The Spotlight, which
>has been indexed since 1987.
>In fact, the only article in any periodical or journal credited to anyone
>with last name "Sanning" is the following:
> AUTHOR(s):        Sanning, D.E. 
>                   Lewis, N.M. 
> TITLE(s):         1990 Update of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's
>                   SITE Emerging Technology Program.                          
> Summary:          Discusses and supports the development of technologies
>                   successfully tested at the bench-scale level. Provides
>                   an understanding of program operation and application.
>            In:    Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association
>                   DEC 01 1990 v 40 n 12 
>          Page:    1706
>"Sanning" does not appear as the subject or keyword for any record in any
>available database.

To quote Greg from his GEnie days:

[c 1992 GEnie]
Category 15,  Topic 9
Message 838       Fri Apr 10, 1992
G.RAVEN [Greg Raven]         at 01:54 EDT


Let's look at the blurbs as they appear on the back of the Sanning 
book, shall we?
"...The danger of this book (and of those that will doubtlessly follow) 
is ITS CLEVER VENEER OF SCHOLARSHIP. The bibliography is international 
in scope and the text has the PANACHE OF OBJECTIVITY. It does not read 
like a shrill polemic but has all the SUPERFICIAL ATTRIBUTES OF A 
FACTUAL ANALYSIS. Not one in a thousand undergraduates could find fault 
with it; only a few more graduates would be competent to identify ITS 
lies in the lack of a serious response to this continuing wave of 
attacks on history itself."
 Professor Henry Huttenbach
 City College of New York
 in "Martyrdom and Resistance"
 "...a piece of sophisticated Holocaust denial...It will require the 
services of a competent demographer to expose MANY OF THE ERRORS in 
this work."
 Professor John S. Conway
 University of British Columbia
 in "The International History Review"
 "...this book makes a GREAT PARADE OF STATISTICS to show that whatever 
diminution in the population of the European Jews took place during 
World War II was only part of a long-term demographic 'dissolution' 
exacerbated by the rough treatment accorded Jews by the Soviet Union."
 Gordon Mork
 in "Shofar"

[all emphasis mine]

As can be seen from the blurbs on the book's cover, the publishers know 
of the flaws and errors in the book, and they seem to positively glory 
in these flaws.  The purpose of the book, according to its own cover, 
then, is _not_ to revise history correctly, but to revise it 

Thanks, Greg, for bringing Sanner's book to my attention.

>>>> >Finally, people from all walks of live, of all religious faiths, and all
>>>> >racial backgrounds, agree with the revisionist view of the Holocaust.
>>>> To varying degrees. Most are like Moran and Giwer, however.
>>>The quality of anti-revisionists is certainly no higher.
>>Actually, there are PHds in the group. Most ALL have finished college.
>>Quite a few actually speak German. I would rather there be less name
>>calling and more discussion. Some of these folks you know from the
>>past. Apparently you left many a dangling thread with unanswered
>>questions. I think that if the appraoch was toward true historical
>>revisionism then you might get more substantive responses. But when
>>people go to the web page and read the racial and antisemitic stuff,
>>then they get a picture that clowds a claim of honest historical
>>revisionism. Don't you think?
>Indubitably. It would certainly be a tragedy if people were to get the
>impression that the IHR is simply a front for racists and antisemites for
>whom Holocaust denial is an anti-Jewish propaganda exercise.

Again, in Greg's own words, from GEnie:

Category 15,  Topic 4
Message 24        Fri Mar 13, 1992
G.RAVEN                      at 00:42 EST
 To Gscott- (GSCOTT-MOORE, that is). It is important to study the 
Holocaust myth because  is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of 
the ZIONISTS, who take every opportunity to use it against us, the 
Palestinians, etc. If it is a hoax, which it is, then most of the 
"moral underpinning" of the ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL STATE OF ISRAEL 
vanishes, and we can finally hope for peace in the Middle East.

It should be noted that the above was written over a year after the 
Gulf War...



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