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   The following excerpt is pages 7 and 8 from Ingrid Rimland's new
hardcopy newsletter: LEBENSRAUM, snail-mailed out to supporters 


   This essay is a composite of email sent to the Zundelsite as well as
segments from Marshall Hall's manuscript titled "Judaism VS.
Christiantity:The War the Lamb Wins." The paragraphs and segments have been
rearranged to make for clarity.

   Any intellectually honest historian of Judaism knows that the root of
modern Judaism began with the conversion of the Khazars of Eastern Europe; a
community comprised of a mixture of Mongol, Persian, Turkish and Hungarian

   Any intellectually honest historian will also have to admit that the root
of ancient Judaism begins with Phariseeism, at the time of the Babylonian
capitivity - thousands of years later than Jewish people claim, and did not
originate with the Israelites at all.

   If you can find this honest individual, they will ultimately tell you
that it all boils down to adherence to a religion, based on the Talmud ,
which interprets the Torah, but the magnitude and misinterpretations boggle
the mind.

   The Talmud is a book which few people are familiar with, yet is the
cornerstone of Judaism. 

   Many Jewish people have come to the understanding that they do not
fulfill any of the Biblical promises of Genesis, repeated and expanded upon;
the basisof the claim that they are Abrahamic. Thus they must perpetrate the
legends that are believed, or be swept up in a maelstrom of eternal ridicule
- for the rather lengthy fraud foisted on Jewish and non-Jewish society
since Baylon, and in Europe since around 1,000 A.D.

   As it was explained to me, and confirmed by my own further inquiry; to
them, it makes no difference whether the claims are supported or not.
Dialectics will take care of the inquisitive of the first order.

   For the persistent, the usual tactic of name-calling will be brought to
play. The usual misnomer - "antisemitic"- is the favourite tool in the
attempt at marginalization.

   So you see, there is a great deal of paranoia on their part. What if the
whole of Jewry AND non-Jews came to the same conclusion? The Jewish people
who know must be concerned. What was once common knowledge, then lost,  now
rediscovered is becoming more widely known. The now incredulous fabrication
- that they were the Hebrew-Israelites of the Bible- will be devastating to
them, if handled badly.

   I believe that this concern on their part is apparent in the increased
volume of books, aimed at the Judeo-Christian community; attempts to
reinforce their legend begun in Babylon. Grasping the incredible magnitude
of "the lie," told to the world for so long, and for social/financial
benefit-questions include:
Realizing the enormity of the first lie, grasping the incredible magnitude
of "the lie"-What would be the natural flow of logic that told you? That
there have been other lies? Of nearly the same magnitude? Against whom, ?
And Why?
What is the racial connection?

   What other enormous lies have been told since 1000 A.D., which have had
unfavourable racist impact on White people? (Editorial comment: Such as the
so-called "Holocaust"?) 

   Why would those, who are obviously not who they say they are. persist -
once the truth is known? Stubbornness? Hope that their near-total control of
communication will prevent or deflect the truth?  For how long?

   C.A.U.S.E. is a non-profit international legal foundation whose purpose
is to offer legal assistance to persons accused of a "hate crime" - such as
"denial of the Holocaust."
   Today, being accused of a politically motivated crime (hate crime) is the
worst accusation possible. Rape, child abuse and murder are treated more

   It seems that many people could hardly care less what happens to those
who are accused of acts such as "hate crimes." The prevailing attitude is
one of , "Whatever they get, they deserve - and the worse, the better."

   Anyone who defends them is tarred with the same brush...we believe that
by defending the rights of the most unpopular and despised members of
society, we preserve the rights of us all.

   Governments are taking advantage of the unpopularity of racists, militia
members and other disaffected groups to set bad legal precendents. We have
seen that these precedents, once established are inevitably used to diminish
the rights of us all.

   Where once people had complete freedom of speech, now hate-speech is a
crime. Segments of history are federally protected against discussion. And
we still call ourselves a democratic country?

   The following is an internet mailing sent to me by a Zgram reader in
response to a comment I made regarding the Sephardim/Ashkenazi controversy -
the claim that those who call themselves "Jews" are not really Jews in the
genetic sense but are an Asiatic tribe out of the wilds of Russia who became
Judaized approximately a millenium ago.

   "In virtually every free country  - now including Russia - the world is
discovering the truth of the "Jewish Holocaust." That being:there was no

   In increasingly rabid and tedious posts, even here, self styled (Jewish
people) throw their hands up in apathy to defend this intellectual fraud.
Yet it has been a consistent gravy train for those who since emigrating to
the West, have maintained their honored traditions of foisting lame frauds
for hard cash upon the feeble-minded.

   Our greatest interest, though, is in the near total capture of media
sources by those fraudulently styling themselves as "Jews." No matter how
much truth we can uncover, these "Turko-Russians" can relentlessly conceal
it. So, continue to post on the Internet and mailing flyers out to
interested Americans - telling them the monstrous fraud of the "Ashkenazi
Holocaust" - and informing them that this race is anything BUT Semitic.

  Next, Marshall Hall explains what one of the consequences will be of
permitting the Holocaust myth to continue:

   The object of the game is to stop all investigation and reporting of real
hate crimes, and to prevent the exposure of the real criminals behind them.
As played by the One World Talmudic Judaizers, the "Hate Crime" game is
really a "Hate Truth" game. It's the old Orwellian "Doublespeak" in practice.

   Truth is the thing that is really hated. The enemy in the game must be
thwarted, prevented, ERADICATED. All values and truths must be perverted and
made "relative." "Absolute Truths" are the most hateful of all things to the
lovers of lies who invented the game.

   The rules are tricky. The real criminals gain power over all the organs
of influence. Then they pose as the Good Guys who are always being
persecuted and lied about. They then identify as "Bad Guys" anyone who tries
to expose what they are doing and stop their game.

   Revealing truth - especially certain key truths - would end the game, and
the real criminals would be exposed. So truth - especially certain essential
ones - must be kept hidden, denied , suppressed, and wherever and whenever
possible, eliminated by those who "love and make a lie."

   This- the suppression and elimination of certain truths that would expose
the real criminals - is what "Hate Crime" laws are all about. Such laws are
already on the books and heavy fines and increasingly severe prison
sentences are already being imposed in a growing number of countries. Hate
crime laws designed to stop any and all threats to the Holocaust lie are
currently (Summer 1996) on the books in Austria, Beligium, France, Germany,
Spain, Switzerland and Lithuania. The fines have increased dramatically and,
as noted a mandatory five years in prison is now the penalty in Germany.
Over 100 men were in prison for this "crime" in Germany as recently as last

   Canada is not far behind in all this, and pressure from all quarters is
being put on England at this moment to adopt measures equally as stringent
as those in Germany. Various states in the USA are softening up the ground
for a Federal law on the issue.

  Not since the inquisition has any religion been so powerful as to punish
heresy with imprisonment, fines, multinational jurisdiction and
re-education. The Holocaust is a Judaic religious dogma and therefore dare
not be questioned but must be accepted in faith.

   How then can it masquerade as history if no part of the story may be
questioned and disputed or refuted by forensic, scientific or reasonable

   A Zgram reader has a point: "Right now a non-judicial agency in Canada is
working very hard to find a legal, but obviously irrational, way to define
the Internet as a telephone. They are the enemies of reason. People do not
like that. It is like legally defining a horse to be a cow and expecting milk."

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