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From Thu Oct 31 15:20:54 PST 1996
Article: 48122 of alt.politics.white-power
From: "Kevin" 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.white-power
Subject: Please read this if you are Aryan.
Date: 31 Oct 1996 20:34:06 GMT
Organization: Southern On-Line Systems
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I am writing to all of the ignorant white people who have internet
accounts, and use them to relay their hate and general ignorance about
Aryan issues.  This message is informal, and I'm ot checking my spelling or
grammar.  I have seen in the past few months plenty of hate mail from some
seriously delusional white people.  They use their email accounts to try to
scare blacks, asians, and other people, and are failing miserably in
gettting their point across.  This is a message to them:
	Please stop wasting space on the internet with your lame, pointless hate
mail, and illiterate garbage.  If you are an Aryan, act like an Aryan; be
proud, work hard, study, learn, habituate your desires to become a strong
white individual in synch with nature.  You are only angering people all
over the countries and fueling the media's fire against white Americans. 
Direct your messages in a more positive manner.  Write to your local
congressman, and tell him you would like to abolish homosexual internet
groups, establish an Aryan society in your area, or perhaps just sit down
with your family and friends and discuss why you hate blacks and asians and
jews so much.  Perhaps they can help you to direct your angwer in a more
positive route, there is no reason to hate someone specifically because
they are a different colr. I don't. Tell them how you feel about your
heritage as an Aryan, and a lover of this great country the Aryans founded.
 Establish an intelligent newsgroup that caters to the establishment of
educational expression of your feelings, and passions; but please do not
express your hate for other races in such an ignorant manner.  A few
examples of what I am speaking of are: the I raped a nigger child thread
that spanned hundreds of newsgroups, maybe thousands... This filth was just
one more thing for other races to complain about, and I feel sincerely that
it did more bad than it could have possibly done to inspire Aryan Pride. 
We are responsible for our actions to some degree, and I feel that the
person who wrote this and all of the other illiterate hate mail should
certainly voice their opinions in a more healthy manner.  Another example
is the hate mail you can find at the Nazism Exposed page on the web.  This
is the work of a bunch of seriously ignorant individuals who are only
making it worse for the rest of us.  I am not sure yet whether I believe in
race traitorism or not, but If there is such thing, it is thees lazy
perverts that are the race traitors.  Hate mail is ignorance.
	I am a college student, lover of nature, America, Freedom, and the right
to preserve a lineage of a pure Aryan nature.  I am not a hater of negros
or Asians, or Jews specifically for their color or appearance.  I am
however a firm believer that we need to abolish the filth that prevails on
the internet, television, and in our everyday lives.  I have only recently
become aware of an intelligent movement in favor of Aryan preservation, and
love for a clean Aryan haritage.  I have come in contact with a web page
called the Stormfront page.  Their adress is  
	I am a lover of science and I plan to oneday teach or work in the science
field, perhaps working against pollution, and capatilist takeover of Mother
Earth.  I welcome any responses, but I am not a hater of other races, only
capatalism and perversion, so please do not send me any hate mail.  I am in
the process of searching for an Aryan group in my area that supports my
beliefs, and can help inform me of more resources involving intelligent
preservation of my heritage.  If anyone has any adresses, web or email,
that I can write to to recieve more information, please send those to me,
and God Bless all who have listened with open minds to what I've said,
including negros, Semmites, Aryans, and all of gods creation.  May you ALL
have the strength to overcome hate and preserve your own heritage and love
your brother.  I do.
	If I have made any errors, please correct me, and to make it much easier
on me, please post your responses on the newsgroups i originally posted
this letter on, rather than email me, unless you feel that you can help me,
or truly share my beliefs.

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