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You wrote:

> But, even since I sent you that last e-mail, I have learnt a lot more from views expressed on my Site and particularly from the Holocaust 'Believers'.  Two such people have been engaged in an ongoing debate re Fred Leuchter, whom I commented on to you just before.  Now, I am hearing from Members who obviously are qualified to make such arguments - about why the Leuchter report is not what it appears to be.  As I said, I'm no 'scientist' but after hearing the arguments contradicting Leuchter's findings, I can honestly tell you that they answer a lot of the things, that made me query the Holocaust, in the first place!

Leuchter's report has been refutted so thoroughly that I am amazed
when _anyone_ takes it seriously. Our FAQ has been available since
1993, and does a pretty good job by itself.
> I am sure you would agree, Mr.McVay, that to someone totally unfamiliar with the scientific side of things -Leuchter's Report would make mighty convincing reading.  Especially, given the added weight of him designing gas chambers in the USA.

Name one gas chamber designed by Leuchter. He has a history of lying
about things like that, and did so under oath during the second Zundel
> I shall finish here, Mr.McVay, but I would just like to ask you one last question before closing.  Would you be willing to help 'de-program' me from being a revisionist?  If I were to ask you some of the questions that made me question the Holocaust .  Would you be willing to answer them for me?  I realize that you are probably a very busy man, and I don't wish to impose on you. But I respect you and as such would respect your answers.  And I give you my word, Mr.McVay, that if you can 'exorcise' the anti-Holocaust demons that haunt me.  I would then set about attempting to convince my Members of the reasons why I had been wrong in the hope that they too would see it.

I am not interested in "deprogramming" anyone. My website provides
reams of material which directly responds to claims made by deniers,
and it should suffice, for the most part.
You are free to believe whatever you wish, but please stop calling
yourself a "revisionist" - it is a term which cannot be honestly
applied to those who deny the Holocaust.

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