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Jane Quantrill
June 27, 2000

Dear Mr.McVay,
I am certain the last thing you wanted to see was another message from =
someone whom you believe to be; not harbinger_jq ~ but =
harbinger-of-doom!  And that's why I needed to write to you again.
I don't know if you have seen my Site or not.  I encourage debate not =
hatred and racism.  I don't understand what is wrong with that?  We are =
allowed to debate the issue of whether or not there is a God. I guess =
what I'm saying is, "If we can question God's existence then, so long as =
it's not malicious, hateful or containing a hidden agenda.  What is =
wrong with discussing the Holocaust in that manner?  Why is it that  as =
far as I know -ANYTHING ELSE in History is open to debate. So why is the =
Holocaust the only subject "exempt" from this?  It's almost comparable =
to the Salem Witch Trials..But this is the 21st Century!

Isn't that a form of racism in itself?  I have learned much I did not =
know, since I founded the Site.  You mentioned Leuchter.  Two members =
have been debating the Leuchter report at length.  They have scientific =
backgrounds, and after reading there messages, and there have been =
many...Yes, I would agree with you, Mr McVay about Leuchter.  And you, =
in your last message told me something else about Leuchter I was not =
aware of.  That being; he lied at the Zundel Trial.

OK, to close this letter - just two more things:
 I really hope that what I'm about to say doesn't infact give you  =
pleasure.  As I have said more than once, I have a great respect for you =
- no matter what we may agree/disagree on.  I even told you about my =
being shot by neo-Nazis on April 30, 1994.  Please understand, sir, by =
telling you of that - I'm not looking for sympathy and indeed I don't =
like people feeling 'sorry' for me.  I did that in an attempt to make =
you understand I am no Nazi sympathizer!
I wasn't expecting you to comment on.."how horrible that must have beeen =
for you."etc.  But I was also not expecting the manner in which you =
wrote to me.  And I'll tell you, and laugh if you must!  That really =
hurt me.  That someone I respect could do that!.  That's why I wrote =
back.  But you still spoke in the same tone. And it still hurts.  I must =
be a masochist to write a third message!  But, then again, my motto is:  =
"Never Say Die".

If positions had been reversed, Mr.McVay, and it was the Germans who =
were the victims and the Jews -the pertpetrators....And I had any =
lingering questions, I would be on the side of the Jews!  And one last =
line. If I had been alive during WW2, and been old enough.  I have =
little doubt I would have joined the Resistance.  Because I have always =
fought for the 'underdog', even as a child.

Well, as promised, I'll sign off now. It is my hope that when and if you =
reply to my message; that you speak to me as a human and not a "demon", =
as you may think of me at present.  For I am not one!  Why would I have =
written to you in the first place, Mr.McVay if I were that type of =

Jane Q.

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