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Jane Quantrill
June 19, 2000

Dear Mr.McVay,

Thankyou for having the decency to respond to my letter.

I must admit to you, and I realize and I understand why what I'm about =
to say to you,  in all likelihood, you couldn't care less about.  And in =
many ways I can't blame you!  But I shall tell you, regardless; that =
your comment about 'not being able to imagine why anyone would want to =
get into bed with Holocaust deniers', really hurt me.

I gave you, in my previous e-mail, the reason why I detest being called =
a Nazi sympathizer etc.  But I guess having been shot by neo-Nazis isn't =
enough to stop me from being 'demonized' as a revisionist!

I told you of my first encounter with Revisionism (David Irving 1987).  =
And it's BECAUSE I had always been interested in the Holocaust and had =
read and seen so much, even as a teenager.  That when David Irving came =
out with arguments I had never in my life heard before, that "seemed" to =
make sense.  It threw me into confusion.  Mr.McVay, when I started =
researching the Holocaust after that speech, and I gathered information =
from both points-of-view.  All it did was create further confusion.

I read Fred Leuchter's reports.  I knew nothing about chemistry etc.  =
The only thing I excelled at in Chemistry and Physics at school - was =
failing them!  So, I can honestly tell you, I was and I guess I still am =
"blinded by science".  The numbers issue also confused me, as even some =
Jewish groups were disputing the 6 million figure.  So, when the =
opportunity arose this year, I founded a Site for discussion on the =
Holocaust.  But please, Mr.McVay - I did not get into bed with Holocaust =
deniers. But they have certainly succeeded in making me very confused!

But, even since I sent you that last e-mail, I have learnt a lot more =
from views expressed on my Site and particularly from the Holocaust =
'Believers'.  Two such people have been engaged in an ongoing debate re =
Fred Leuchter, whom I commented on to you just before.  Now, I am =
hearing from Members who obviously are qualified to make such arguments =
- about why the Leuchter report is not what it appears to be.  As I =
said, I'm no 'scientist' but after hearing the arguments contradicting =
Leuchter's findings, I can honestly tell you that they answer a lot of =
the things, that made me query the Holocaust, in the first place!

I am sure you would agree, Mr.McVay, that to someone totally unfamiliar =
with the scientific side of things -Leuchter's Report would make mighty =
convincing reading.  Especially, given the added weight of him designing =
gas chambers in the USA.

Well, and I have to say - "Thanks to my Club". My acceptance of the =
Leuchter Report has been blown to bits, because of the details several =
Members have provided as to why he was wrong!  And it is my intention, =
in the near future, to draft up a message for my Site, explaining =
exactly that.  So, you see, Mr.McVay, the Club has already explained =
away one "myth" that has had me confused for many years now.  I wonder =
what other "myths" will be proven to be just that!  As I said in my =
previous letter to you.  I would be the first to admit I'd been wrong. =
I'd been deceived etc. by Revisionism if that's how it turns out. And =
Mr.McVay, for the record, I hope someone does convince me.  Because, =
deep inside, I believe that the reason why I started along the =
revisionist road after hearing David Irving, is because I felt =
'cheated'.  Please allow me to explain this to you before I close.

I believe I told you I am a published author.  Well, back in my late =
teens/early 20's, I was also a songwriter, having taught myself acoustic =
guitar.  I even had the great honor of being in the National Final of =
The Australian Songwriter's Association Annual Song Contest in 1981, =
with a song entitled, "The Flame of Truth".  I started seriously writing =
songs in 1977, around the time the series, "Holocaust" was on TV and a =
few years later when such movies as, "Sophie's Choice" were around.  I =
had also read Thomas Keneally's book, "Schindler's Ark".  And I felt a =
great sadness  for the Jewish people and what they'd been put through.  =
So sorry, that I wrote several songs pertaining to the Holocaust.  One =
in 1978 called, "Six Million Reasons" and another in (what I believe to =
be)1981, called, "The Lights of Birkenau". I even wrote to Simon =
Wiesenthal.  Though I received no reply.

I would be only to happy to send you copies of the lyrics of both these =
songs, but I shall leave that decision up to you!   As I guess, I'm =
afraid that you still think of me as a demon.  And as I said =
before..."That hurts".  Especially as I have a great respect for all you =
have done.

I shall finish here, Mr.McVay, but I would just like to ask you one last =
question before closing.  Would you be willing to help 'de-program' me =
from being a revisionist?  If I were to ask you some of the questions =
that made me question the Holocaust .  Would you be willing to answer =
them for me?  I realize that you are probably a very busy man, and I =
don't wish to impose on you. But I respect you and as such would respect =
your answers.  And I give you my word, Mr.McVay, that if you can =
'exorcise' the anti-Holocaust demons that haunt me.  I would then set =
about attempting to convince my Members of the reasons why I had been =
wrong in the hope that they too would see it.

Once again, I thank you for taking the time to read my letter.  I do =
hope that if you reply to my letter,  we could be on better terms than =
we obviously are at present after reading your last e-mail reply to me!  =
Can we 'try' to be friends, Mr.McVay?
I hope so with all my heart!  As I really would appreciate your help, if =
you are agreeable to that.

With Best Wishes,
Jane Quantrill

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