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In article , (Daniel Keren) wrote:
> I did look up PS-1201. It's a February 19, 1942, report by Dr.
> Mansfeld about labor allocation problems. He notes that a huge
> number of Soviet POWs have died in Nazi captivity (2.7 million),
> and adds "The utilization of these Russians is exclusively a
> question of transportation. It is senseless to transport this
> manpower in open or unheated closed boxcars and then to unload
> corpses at the place of destination".
> I'd suggest also the chapter by Christian Streit, in "A Mosaic
> of Victims", edited by M. Berenbaum. It includes the following
> excerpt:
> "If prisoners were carried by train, an order from the Army
> High Command permitted only the use of open freight cars. This
> order did not merely limit the transportation available; it
> also caused enormous losses when temperatures began to drop
> below the freezing point. In the rear area of the army group
> center, transportation in closed cars was not permitted until
> November 22, 1941, after more than three weeks of severe frost.
> The immediate cause for the change was the fact that out of
> the transport of 5,000 prisoners, 1,000 had frozen to death".
> -Danny Keren.

Thank you for the information. The Jews deported from Odessa to Berezovka
County in Transnistria in early 1942 had the same fate. I am not sure about
what happened in the springs and falls; perhaps the mortality rate were

George Popovici

Silence is an answer, but not the answer.
(George Popovici, ancestor of the poster,

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From Mon Aug 17 20:57:52 EDT 1998
Article: 40055 of soc.culture.ukrainian
From: Kyle Adams 
Subject: Re: A97 and proper caps
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 14:52:54 -0500
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Lars M. Hansen wrote:

> look at: StrConv(String, vbProperCase)

I tried that and got this error: PEW (my application) can't update all
the records in the update query.  PEW didn't update 112 field(s) due to
a type conversion failure...

Remember, this is an update query I'm trying to do.  My Update To: field
looked like this:

StrConv([Part Description],"vbProperCase")

Access put in the quotation marks, so I'm not sure that the Query
Builder recognizes the StrConv command.  I tried editing the raw SQL and
it asked me to set the variable "vbProperCase".  Any hints?

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