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On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Annie Alpert, OFB wrote:

> Fan mail from some flounder?

There's only one bottom-feeder here.

N:~> expn
Nick Gray <>

Gee, what would have happened had I asked someone on where 1amend
mail goes? Whom does this idiot think he's kidding?

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I'll bet you a zillion zogbucks that the message from "Markov" was also
traceable to a Rutgers.EDU machine. Pathological liars are so predictable.

> Dear Parasite,
> 	Markov wrote to me saying that you told him that I am posting
> anti-semetic remarks and so forth on his server. Well guess what, he
> looked around and didn't find anything anti-semetic. So he probably
> thinks your an idiot, like I do. If I do decide
> to create a Revisionist Archive, Markov will let me, He believes in
> freedom of thought and speech. He and his staff have gratiously
> given me the small quantity of megs I need to set up a couple of 
> pages.

"He and his staff?" BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait. Anyone who cooperates with this clown in any way is meat.

The instant he gets any serious attention, I'm going public with everything
I know about him. Humiliation galore. He'll wish that he stalked off with
his tail between his legs back in August. Nobody will touch him with a ten-
foot pole. His only future in the Nazi scene will be as a doormat for some
bigger fish who doesn't appreciate being made to look like a fool.

[Yes, of course I know that Mark is going to get a copy of this from some
"counter-intelligence agent" on the Nizkor list. That's what's so funny. To 
save him the trouble, I'll send Mark a copy directly.]

By the way:

Login name: xenith                      In real life: Marcus
Office: 000, x0000                      Home phone: ***-****
Directory: /clam/u6/students/xenith     Shell: /bin/tcsh
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Login name: xenith                      In real life: Marcus
Office: 000, x0000                      Home phone: ***-****
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Login name: xenith                      In real life: Mark Phoenix
Office: 000, x0000                      Home phone: ***-****
Directory: /home/csac/xenith            Shell: /bin/tcsh
Last login Wed Aug 21 18:25 on ttyp0 from
No unread mail


       T  H  E     T  R  U  T  H     I  S     O  U  T     T  H  E  R  E

    |                      Mark "Steel Falcon" Xenith                      |
    * Rutgers University                + World Wide Web & CGI programmer  +
    * Comp Sci/Psych Double Major - 1998+ Rutgers WWW & Unix Administrator +
    * Future: Ph.D. Evolutionary Theory +     +
    *           +          +

      `                        '               `                         '
        `\       ,        `   /                   \   '        `        /'
       `\\                 //                     \\              _  //'  '
          ~\\_\ _         `///                       \\\'  ,      _/ _//~
          `\\  \_   `\\///                           \\\//    _/   //'   '
            `-\\ - \_`\\-_/            I P C            \_-//'_/ - ///-'
               `\\\- \\-/                                   \-///  -///'
                '//  _-=\\ .        Steel Falcon           . //=-_  \\`
            -`\/_  --^-(,\`                             '/,)-^--   _\/'-
            `////\_//    \)            I P C            (/    \\_/\\\\' 
          ~//   \\ \\.                                       .// //   \\~
        ~       `\.`))                                     ((` /'        ~
                     '))                                          ((`

Hope this helps.

Also see Mark's Stormfront messages, and his entry in the
guestbook. And that's just the stuff that's publicly available on the web. 
One could also, like, email a friend at Rutgers. 

       T  H  E     T  R  U  T  H     I  S     O  U  T     T  H  E  R  E

What a Moran.


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