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>>>>  T   E     S       T  
>>>>  T   EEEEE SSSSS   T  
>>>>  T   E         S   T  
>>>>  T   EEEEE SSSSS   T  
>>>>P   P A   A   T     T   E     R   R NN  N
>>>>P     A   A   T     T   E     R   R N  NN 
>>>>P     A   A   T     T   EEEEE R   R N   N
>>>>Box 425  Vienna, VA  22183
>>>>Copyright 1996
>>>>complimentary excerpt
>>>>Tuesday, July 2, 1996
>>>>1.  The Invisible Lebanese-Americans.
>>>>We know the Irish; we grew up
>>>>with the MacDougals, O'Garritys and Ginleys.
>>>>Italians are also quite visible on the American
>>>>scene.  One if by pasta, two if by pizza, Little Italy is a
>>>>in major cities across the country.  On television, Italian-American
>>>>imagery is often used to typify blue collar workers. In the movies,
>>>>they are gangsters with fine clothes and fancy cars,sobbing to opera
>>>>while slicing off  your fingers.  They don't get no respect, and
>>>>all seem to talk funny.
>>>  Even the single most-respected film director of the past two
>>>or so -- the Italian-American one-time Catholic seminarian from
>>>circumstances, Martin Scorsese -- wasn't "good enough" for the
>>>Hollywood Jews. 
>>>  Most people would probably find this hard to believe, but Scorsese
>>>has NEVER won an Academy Award.
>>>  Compare this to Stephen Spielberg who, though his films are
>>>traditionally more notable for their use of high-tech animation and
>>>special effects, rather than PEOPLE, who's won a handful from the
>>>>  Speaking of no respect, we know the Poles . . . 
>>>>While cinema remains indifferent to them,  Television positively
>>>>them, offering a regular tribute of ridicule through programs such
>>>>Married With Children.
>>>>  TV's borscht belt standup comics planted the Polish Joke in the
>>>American cultural landscape, and the Polish Joke has been nourished
>>>there ever since.  It is the Jewish way of ridiculing the Poles.
>>>                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>  I could never believe that Woody Allen's grossly-anti-Polish
>>>"talking-in-his-sleep" outburst, "NO MORE POLISH WOMEN!" in one of
>>>films ever made it through the film's editing.
>>>>Probably the Germans have it the worst though.  Not only television
>>>>cinema, but every form of media regularly carries Nazi this and WWII
>>>>that, and Nazis killing Jews, Nazis killing Jews . . . 
>>>> And Germans are widespread in America, offering up to the common
>>>>spirit some of our most unique and fascinating cultural icons, from
>>>>Amish Communities to gifted and skilled citizens.
>>>  German soldiers, called Hessians, were admirably instrumental in
>>>establishment of the US during the 18th Century, in fact.
>>>>  Again, ubiquitous.  
>>>>  And again, Christians, Methodists, with that set of common moral
>>>>values so easily shared with the Irish, Italians, Poles.
>>>>We have to ask by now: why are they so silent?  and the Poles, why
>>>>they so silent?
>>>  Really, I've always sympathized most with the Poles, knowing that
>>>they -- more than other ethnic groups -- were considered by Hollywood
>>>to be so utterly "goyish," and thus were even more brazenly mocked
>>>scorned by Hollywood's and the media's minions.
>>>>Media's message to Blacks is repetitive, stupid, violent, and
>>>>reinforced.  Mainstream Black music is designed to guide rather than
>>>>reflect Black culture.  Blacks display prominently in news as
>>>criminals involved with guns, drugs, prostitution, rape, and violent
>>>  I actually made a post last year about a gutsy Black women -- a
>>>critic of Jewish-owned record companies who put out "gangsta
>>>records which actually promote and glorify the killing of police
>>>officers -- who was being sued by the Jewish executives and lawyers
>>>some of these very companies she'd criticized for having poisoned 
>>>Black communities with their violence-engendering products!
>>>  Talk about "chutzpah"! ("Chutzpah" is Yiddish for "incredible gall"
>>>or "incredible nerve" and is something much-prized among Jews.)
>>>>Television prefers to show Black men more interested in white women,
>>>>further denigrating and ridiculing Black women in society at large, 
>>>>especially in the eyes of Black men.  The ominous, disgusting O.J. 
>>>>Simpson `show` was designed as a long-running set of commericals
>>>>showing that it is all right for Black men to `kill white chicks`,
>>>>because Jews will save and rescue Black men, from justice if
>>>>necessary.  In short, the crime of the year turned into a
>>>>commercial to present a mass mediated image of how well Blacks and
>>>>Jews get along.
>>>  Yes, this is true.
>>>  Also, it's undeniable that one of the MAJOR reasons the media
>>>on the OJ Simpson Case was that one of his alleged victims, Ronald
>>>Goldman, was a Jew.
>>>  I have NEVER, EVER seen the media turn so passionately against a
>>>than it did after the Simpson verdict was announced. Undoubtedly,
>>>millions of Jews worldwide were saying things such as, "Those stupid
>>>schvarzes!" as they commiserated with one another after the verdict.
>>>[Note: "schvarze" is the Yiddish/Hebrew term for "nigger."] 
>>>  It was actually funny at times, in the weeks following the verdict,
>>>to see the media's regular Jewish "legal experts" and other assorted
>>>Jewish "media mavens" talking about the jury -- which they obviously
>>>had contempt for -- as their faces reddened with hatred and they
>>>struggled to find "code words" and euphemisms to express their
>>>with the "stupid 'schvarzes' of the OJ jury.
>>>>Jews have the most consistently positive, enlightening, wholesome 
>>>>presentations of any ethnic representation on television or anywhere
>>>>the mass media.  From the regularly broadcast gut-wrenching graphic 
>>>>trauma of WWII (staple programs on Public television nationwide)
>>>>presenting the image of Jewish victims, to the regular hype as to
>>>>Seinfeld is such intellectually clever comedy, media
>>>>never has anything more nasty to say about Jews than is said by
>>>>Allen, a media Jew whose idea of a bad Jew is one who eats greasy
>>>>chops.  Media portrays Jews, and only Jews, as middle class American
>>>>heroes, eating hot dogs and rooting for the New York Yankees,
>>>>kindness to their families and their fellow Man, and being
>>>>faithful and true.
>>>  There ARE many, many Jews who are fine human beings -- among the
>>>you'll find anywhere.
>>>  However, it's true: Hollywood (essentially "run" by Jews) and the
>>>media rarely show the reality -- that Jews are quite frequently --
>>>that's QUITE frequently -- among the scum of the earth. If all you
>>>about Jews was from television and the movies and the corporate
>>>you wouldn't get this impression, however.
>>>>To ride the curve from the most prominent ethnic images in American
>>>>to the images that are least visible, we cascade through portrayals
>>>>stupid Chinese, bound by superstition and ritual, to the nearsighted
>>>>Swede, lilting along in a clearly exaggerated ridicule of accent,
>>>>spiritually misguided American Indian, the Mexican dust-eaters, and
>>>other negative smatterings of ethnic diversity.
>>>>The image of the Lebanese is an image of foreign Arabs, suggesting
>>>>Arabs are foreign to America as well as hostile, along with the 
>>>>well-documented host of negative imagery associated with Arabs in
>>>>American media.  Even after fifteen years of civil war, American
>>>>was unable to produce even one ethnic Lebanese national news
>>>>For national and international news coverage, and especially
>>>>for American news coverage of the Mideast, there simply are no
>>>  Plenty of Jews, though, such as the ex-JERUSALEM POST writer Wolf
>>>Blitzer of CNN . . . and thousands more, both in on-air and off-air
>>>media capacities.
>>>>  There are Arab foreigners, but no Arab Americans.
>>>  Sure there are: there's Disney's/Eisner's "Aladdin" and there's the
>>>"mysterious 'Arab-looking' guy" now known as "John Doe #2." 
>>>>Not that Lebanese care to be ridiculed any more than already
>>>>by Jewish media.  But in the realm of mass mediated information --
>>>>the news about your world from your most trusted source-- the
>>>>of Lebanese-Amerian newspersons for national and international news 
>>>>reporting from the Mideast, even during 15 years of Lebanese strife,
>>>>was peculiar. 
>>>>  Lebanese-Americans are most regularly the loudest complainers
>>>>the level of U.S. aid to Israel, the total cost of which has
>>>>skyrocketed well beyond the costs of any other American military
>>>>involvement in American history.  Yet the entire Lebanese-American
>>>>ethnic population, with roots going back now for many generations in
>>>>the United States, were seemingly not able to muster as many as one
>>>>native journalist willing to cover those issues.  
>>>  I'm reminded of the ancestors of the modern-day Lebanese, the 
>>>Phoenecians: perhaps the greatest traders the world has ever known.
>>>  Beirut: before Israel left it in ruins, it used to be known as "The
>>>Paris of the Middle East," right?
>>>>Not one appeared to be interested.  Yet thinking on these 
>>>                                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>issues has been rampant in the Lebanese-American community.  These 
>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>ethnic Lebanese Americans are totally absent from the debate on the 
>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>most expensive foreign policy issue in American history, mostly 
>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>because those who dared to speak out were harassed, intimnidated,
>>>>ruined into silence by nasty little groups of Israel-supported 
>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>American Jews who saw waging social warfare against their fellow 
>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>Americans as doing their bit for Israel.  But this was back in the
>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>and 70s, long after medias audience research of the 50s
>>>>documented the characteristics of so many American nationalities. 
>>>>the only Arabs in America, the 
>>>>Lebanese-Americans became the main enemy, unsuspecting targets.
>>>>  Given media's ability to lavish negative imagery on other ethnics,
>>>>perhaps the Lebanese have it good.  But the quesition that remains
>>>>be asked is many sided.  Why are American ethnics, from the Irish to
>>>>the Poles to the Germans, to the Italians to the Blacks, regularly
>>>>attacked by the media with religious and ethnic ridicule?  If
>>>>media is not an Israeli propaganda machine controlled by American
>>>>Jews, why does this happen? And why are these media Jews using a set
>>>>of demographically precise attacks on American citizens through the
>>>>media? American citizens have not been at war with each other since 
>>>        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>the Civil War, but now we have proof that American Jews are at war 
>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>with many ethnic Americans, in order to suppress anti-Israel
>>>>and to avoid real debate of American passionate attachment to
>>>  Sure sounds like "divide and conquer" to me.
>>>>It has been quite plain for some time now that Israel has had a free
>>>>reign over the apparatus of the Jewish propaganda in the United
>>>>and probably other countries as well.  The dominance of Jewish
>>>>in American media generally is also well-known and documented.  And
>>>>as John Lennon asserted, "one and one and one is three," it is not 
>>>>difficult to see the extent of damage that Israel has brought upon 
>>>>American society in its war to dominate the resources of the United 
>>>>States to Israel's advantage.
>>>>What do these groups have in common, that they should all suffer the
>>>>mass-mediated ridicule?  They are all Christians, for starters.  The
>>>>Mideast wars have become one big religious war after all.  Judaism
>>>>surely at war with the very threatening picture of organized
>>>>in the United States, and so better to oppress the spirit of these
>>>>as best as they can be catigorized.
>>>>TEST PATTERN, the newsletter of American ethnic Lebanese and 
>>>>Arab-American public opinion -- media's inverted image!
>>>>The most heavily censored American political thought in the latter
>>>>of the twentieth century:
>>>>Subscribe now to 52 issues for only $49.95.
>>>>That's $9.95 off the news-stand-less price!!
>>>>Send check or money order only to:
>>>>Box 425
>>>>Vienna, VA  22183
>>>"Put that coffee DOWN! Coffee's for CLOSERS only!"
>>>"You drove a HYUNDAI to get here tonight ... I drove an $83,000
>>> BMW . . .  THAT'S my name!"
>>>"I can speak only to a Mr. or Mrs. 'Nyborg.'" 
>>>        -- "Glengarry Glen Ross"
>>I have not had the opportunity of reading such antisemitism, since I
>was a
>>child and read Der Stuermer in Nazi Germany.
>>John (Hans)
>  That's right, try to stifle debate by bringing Hitler into the
>"Put that coffee DOWN! Coffee's for CLOSERS only!"
>"You drove a HYUNDAI to get here tonight ... I drove an $83,000
> BMW . . .  THAT'S my name!"
>"I can speak only to a Mr. or Mrs. 'Nyborg.'" 
>        -- "Glengarry Glen Ross"

 Maybe Hitler had a good reason for his hate asainst you Khazars. Like
the Jewish Congress declairing war on Germany in 1933. Then there is all 
those Jewish Bolshivic murders in Berlin durring the 30's. Maybe it was 
Jewish bankers and their tricks. O and yes,the protocols of Zion,which 
were not proven to be a forgery,that have come true.

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