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From Sat Sep 28 10:02:16 PDT 1996
Article: 69611 of alt.revisionism
From: Greg Matson 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,,alt.california,alt.politics.misc,alt.christnet,alt.conspiracy
Subject: NIZKOR and McVay are afraid to debate Winston Smith !!!!!!
Date: 28 Sep 1996 10:46:57 GMT
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 The super hero Ken McVay will not debate Winston Smith on the fraud of 
the Holocaust. Mcvay has retruned all Smith's e-mail and has run like the 
communist pinko he is, with his tail behind his liberal legs.

 Winston Smith being an adult is too much for McVay and Nizkor, they are 
used to juming on kids. Like the frauds they are, they hid behind 
bullshit attacts on children.

 Come on Mcvey, that is if that's your real name, you scream about Enst 
Zundel ducking you, stop ducking Winston Smith ! Or are you and Nizkor 
to scared of him ? That's it, your all full of shit and know hell prove 
it to the world.


From Sat Sep 28 10:02:46 PDT 1996
Article: 69604 of alt.revisionism
From: Greg Matson 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,,alt.christnet,talk.religion.misc
Subject: Re: uprising update, defining modern Hebrew, Israel and the Biblical Hebrew
Date: 28 Sep 1996 10:36:15 GMT
Organization: Telink
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Xref: alt.revisionism:69604 alt.christnet:109491 talk.religion.misc:152148 (Daniel Keren) wrote:
> (Matt  Giwer) writes:
># when the Mayor of Jerusalem gave his insult that the religious
># affront was for mercantile tourism he was speaking to the local
># TV cameras.  He was also speaking english.  Netanyahu speaking
># from Paris also spoke in English.
>The reason Giwer takes care to emphasize the fact that they
>spoke English to the TV cameras, is because he has this new
>"revisionist" theory, that the language spoken in Israel
>is really English, and Hebrew is spoken by "1 in 100", and
>only for Torah studies.
>Heck, Yasser Arafat also spoke English on TV. I wonder what
>crazy old Matty will conclude from that...
># Read the information holohuggers fear
>Who should fear cheap Nazi propagandists?
>The web site of Greg Raven, a Hitler admirer who said that Hitler
>was a "great man" and "the best thing that could have happened
>to Germany".
>Another nut, possibly crazier than Giwer, who claims that the
>Nazi leadership escaped the Reich and fled to the inner earth
>via holes in the South-Pole.
>What a kook party. Is it any wonder Giwer supports fellow
>crazies? Not really. See below.
>-Danny Keren.
> ---
>In Message-ID: <4n0ik8$>, Matt Giwer
>suggested that documents about a "gas chamber" and "gassing cellar"
>in the Birkenau crematoriums didn't count, as they were really due
>to "a morbid sense of humor" of the SS men who authored the documents.
 Modern Hebrew is really updated Yiddish. The so calle Jews are not 
Hebrew. For more information consult the Jewish Almanac 1980 or the 
Jewish Encyclopedia. 

 The modern state of Israel is not the Israel of the Bible, the True 
Israel was located in Syria. Israel is on the land once called Judia.
For more information on this read the Bible. Abraham was even called a 
Syrian in the Sciptures.

 So called modern jews are refered to as the tribe of Mogog in the book 
of Ezekiel. For a good look at were most modern so called Jews come from 
please log on to http://acad.bryant.cdu/~kbrook/khazaria.html

As for Nizkor, these peole never reason, please lg onto their page, then 
check out the compitition at the Zundel site. Make up your own mind !

From Sat Sep 28 10:02:47 PDT 1996
Article: 69603 of alt.revisionism
From: Greg Matson 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Giwer admits again that he is a troll....
Date: 28 Sep 1996 10:49:01 GMT
Organization: Telink
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X-Mailer: Mozilla 1.1PE (Windows; I; 16bit) (Derek Bell) wrote:
> (Matt  Giwer) writes:
>>	Strange they told me quite the opposite about the logs.  But then you
>>are known to get hysterical on this subject.  You are very strange.  I would
>>suggest you get a prosthetic foreskin so you can feel like a whole man again
>>rather than like a sexually mutilated primitive.  
>	Zo, ven did you discover a fascination vith ze loins of Jewish men?
>	Vy do you feel zat a circumcised man would feel bad about his
>	Derek "Zygmund" Bell
>Derek Bell  WWW:
>	"Donuts - is there _anything_ they can't do?" - Homer Simpson

 You just proved what an asshole you are ! Smuck ! How about you you 
yiddish bastard, are you too afraid to debate Winston Smith on the hoax 
of the holocaust ?

From Sat Sep 28 10:02:48 PDT 1996
Article: 69586 of alt.revisionism
From: (Rajiv K. Gandhi)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Giwer admits again that he is a troll....
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 03:56:32 -0700
Organization: The Celyddon Forest
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In article <52ivqt$>, Greg Matson

From: Greg Matson 
Message-ID: <52ivqt$>

>  You just proved what an asshole you are ! Smuck ! How about you you 
> yiddish bastard, are you too afraid to debate Winston Smith on the hoax 
> of the holocaust ?

Doesn't troll h*ber know that he is discovered ? Is he really this stupid ?

From Mon Sep 30 07:33:46 PDT 1996
Article: 70170 of alt.revisionism
From: Greg Matson 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads
Subject: Re: Response to "Teapot Tempest" by phony "fuhrer" Harry Covington
Date: 30 Sep 1996 10:03:06 GMT
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bb748@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Milton Kleim) wrote:
>Ladies & Gentlemen:
>Mr. Harold Covington, aka "Winston Smith," posted this latest screed about
>me in response to a letter I sent him.  The "dialogue" began earlier over
>Harry's assault on my friend and recently resigned "movement" adherent
>Colin Cooper, when I defended Colin against Harry's attack. 
>This piece is the direct result of Harry's rage over my calling him a
>coward for not using his real name, instead of his completely
>unimaginative "Winston Smith."

Dose this mean Mark Twain is a Coward for using a pen name. Is FDR a 
coward for not telling the public he was Jewish and as the Jews cowards 
for not admitting communism and Judiaism are the samething ?

>Perhaps "Winston Smith" is appropriate, since Harry, like Winston, (will)
>lose their struggles against that which they have no power over. 

Are you Jewish ? This sound like something a Jew would say. Maybe you 
would find  people you would like at the 700 club. They worship the Jews 
ya know.


Winston makes a hell of a lot of sense. If you really care about our 
people,let your ego go and open fire on the true ememy of man, the true 
evil seed of Satin, the Jews, Israel and ZOG. Your reponse willl tell us 
all, were a your love ? Is it with ZOG or is it with the evil 

>>        For those of you who came in late, our story to date: last March a
>>young man resigned from the National Alliance. Well, he's 25 years old, but
>>I honestly don't think you can call him a man yet---a boy, then. I won't
>>mention his name because like his new-found buddy, the strange little
>>creature in Stanford, part of the motivation for his behavior seems to be to
>>get his name up in lights on the Net, so to speak. Where was I? Oh, yes.
>We see here Harry's sneering bitterness against me in his assault on my
>character.  What he fails to understand is that he has failed utterly to
>insult me.  I do not take offense from people who are morally and
>constitutionally challenged. 
>Harry may call me a "boy" if he wishes, but it changes nothing.  Yes, I am
>young, I am not wise to many things in Life, and have many things to
>experience for the first time still.  But my youth is also my advantage,
>since I am fortunate enough to had not been set in my ways -- ways of evil
>and hatred -- deeply enough to be unable to overcome them, and depart from
>the cesspool Harry wallows in willingly.  As they say, you can't teach an
>old dog new tricks. 
>Harry fails to understand that this "boy" has greater moral authority than
>he does, a gap akin to the difference between Death Valley and the
>magnificent Mt. Everest.  Harry refuses to acknowledge that God is not on
>his side, and he will fail miserably as his predecessors of hate have
>before him. 
>>        Anyway, this boy resigned from the National Alliance allegedly over
>>his disappointment with Dr. Pierce's decision to sell the copyright to THE
>>TURNER DIARIES to the Jewish publisher Lyle Stuart. 
>Wrong, Harry.  As usual, your facts are, shall we say, "erroneous."
>The Lyle Stuart deal came AFTER my resignation and had no bearing on my
>resignation from the National Alliance.  It did have a bearing, however,
>on my resignation from the "movement" itself, as Pierce's action was a
>clear betrayal of the very principles Pierce had allegedly fostered. 
>>The boy seemed worth salvaging so I opened an intermittent e-mail
>>correspondence with him, one which continued until the morning of 
>>Saturday, September 28th.
>This "correspondence" centered around attempting to convince me, in
>typical Covingtonesque condescension, that his "NSWPP" was "different"
>from the other kook-clubs in the "movement," and that I should side with
>him.  He saw in me another sucker from which to collect money and labor
>for attracting other suckers.  In this implication, I take offense.  But I
>am nobody's fool. 
>>        During those months a couple of things emerged that made me more
>>dubious. It seemed the boy was having a difficult time distinguishing
>>personal pique from political principle---a not uncommon failing, especially
>>in the young, and one which the most disciplined of us have to struggle
>Pot - kettle - black.  *I* have trouble differentiating personal
>sentiments from political principles?  Anyone who reads the garbage coming
>over the CovingtoNet sees clearly that you, Harry, are the master of
>personal vendetta in the "movement."
>>It also developed that one of the primary reasons for his resignation, if
>>not the main one, was the failure of a love affair he'd had with a woman on
>>the NA staff.
>WHERE did this crap come from, Harry?  I have had NO "love affair" with a
>National Alliance member.  Again, get your facts straight, before you
>mouth off.  Perhaps you should check your sources before you start, but
>alas, Harry's hatred of me for calling him what he is, a coward, made him
>obsessed with "getting back" at me, and he slapped this smear piece
>together with little concern for accuracy. 
>To set the record straight, I had a dear friend who is a member of the
>skinhead sub-"movement," and we became romantically involved for a short
>time in late May and early June.  Through this relationship, I was
>confronted with many things I had denied for long, and could no longer
>deny due to my emotional vulnerability.  Our breakup was not the "cause"
>of my resignation, but was the catalyst that set off the fire waiting to
>>        I noticed something else odd. The boy's first statements in his
>>resignation letter and articles asserted that these would be his last
>>comments forever on the subject, and that all he wanted henceforth was to
>>be left alone to "find one good woman" and live out his life in some
>>rose-covered cottage in the forest someplace---the typical cry of the
>>lovelorn swain, and one I shouldn't mock since it has been the source of a
>>good deal of poetic inspiration down the centuries. 
>My error, my shortcoming, was in departing the "movement" by running away,
>pretending that I could forget about all the problems it, and I,
>create(d). My conscience compelled me to return to correct the damage I
>caused, and help prevent further damage from my work and the work of other
>bitter, hateful people such as Harry. 
>I explained my reasoning in "Duty," for anyone interested.
>>        And yet the boy's exit was becoming remarkably prolonged; he seemed
>>to take an awful lot of curtain calls and be reluctant to take his final bow
>>out of a Movement he now professed to hate. It got pretty obvious after a
>>while, like the Shakespearean ham who gets stabbed on stage, falls down, and
>>then keeps popping up with endless speeches before dying. I dropped him a
>>line pointing this out, warning him in amusement that the Movement was as
>>addictive as heroin and I noticed he was having a hard time kicking. I later
>>found that he re-worded this to change its meaning and posted it on a Nizkor
>I have returned not as a "movement" stooge, but as an full-fledged ENEMY
>of the "movement," and I have no shame in admitting this.  My work shall
>not be done, though I may take absence from it occasionally, until the
>"movement" is DESTROYED.  You are correct, Harry, that the "movement" is
>an addiction -- IT IS A CULT, and many young people do not have the
>strength or support of loved ones my friends and I have.  But my
>"addiction" is over, Harry, and now that I've regained control of my mind
>after 7 too many years in the "movement," I can see clearly, and realize
>there's more to life than playing "revolutionary" and tearing down people
>for no sane reason.  My moral obligation is to identify, impede, and
>eliminate the Problem.  I and a few other "resignees" are uniquely suited
>to do this. 
>>        But more specifically, his statements on the Net were were getting
>>wilder and less coherent as he lashed out at all of us, even those who
>>wished him well. Less and less were they legitimate criticism of specific
>>acts on the part of specific people (the kind I always engage in, despite my
>>idiot detractors) and more a kind of hysterical tantrum directed against any
>>and all White people, of any ideology or affiliation, who dared to resist
>>the racial enemy's agenda in any way. 
>Harry's gone off the deep end.  Me thinks my pretentiousness, to DARE call
>the great "Winston Smith" a coward, which he is, has caused a bout of
>temporary insanity in the poor chap. 
>Harry fails to acknowledge that in "Duty" I _recommend_ resistance against
>injustice (though non-violent) towards European-Americans.  I have not
>"joined the other side," as Harry and his fellow boobs have alleged
>against me. I am Milton Kleim, and I stand alone, though with allies from
>all backgrounds and persuasions.  I do not need the artificial "strength"
>of a cult, as Harry and his compatriots do.  Harry and his compatriots
>NEED mutual support, for they are terribly weak-willed and lacking in
>noble constitution.  They need to "be somebody" amongst a group. 
>>They probably are incapable of understanding that non-Jewish people can and
>>do engage in activities out of spiritual or personal motives having nothing
>>to do with sex...
>One of the traits of a "movement" loon, I mean, "leader," is constant
>self-aggrandizement of a consistently pompous nature, revelling in the
>"nobility" and "goodness" of their "cause."
>>        One got the distinct impression that no one was listening to him and
>>the boy was starting to get frustrated. When he was with the NA he'd had a
>>few of his Fifteen Minutes due to his work on the Internet, and it looked as
>>if the boy was extremely reluctant to accept that it was over. He couldn't
>>bear to see the limelight fade; he seemed to want some way to make his
>>Fifteen Minutes last forever, and that can be a dangerous state of mind.
>As the response to my resignation lingered, and I saw cries of "race
>traitor" and exhortations to action against me, my perception of the
>"movement" continued to evolve toward a more accurate and honest view.  I
>saw the depravity, the dishonesty, the decadence, ever more clearly, and
>this evolution in perception led me to speak out further. 
>You see, Harry, my media attention and notoriety in the "movement" and on
>the Net places me in an unique position: I have the power to do more to
>quarantine and eradicate the "movement" than all of the former "movement"
>activists who are now ADL/SPLC/SWC employees combined.  I am honest in my
>assertions against the "movement," and they are genuinely my own, unlike
>Leyden's, Cochran's, and so on. I have unique insights they do not and
>cannot have.  And my failure to "buckle" to pressure to become PC will
>allow me to effectively deal with the "movement" since I am not straining
>reality to stay within the guidelines of the ADL/SPLC/SWC's agendas. 
>>        The boy has crossed the line between legitimate criticism and
>>betrayal of a people. He has become a STUKACH, a racially aware White person
>>who knows the truth of race and the Jewish Question (his writings indicate
>>that he clearly does), but who actively assists the Jews, because his
>>personal disappointment in his dreams and his desires has grown into a
>>hatred of his own race so bitter and twisted that he has become lost to all
>>human decency and sense of shame or honor.
>Harry's intense rage at being fingered for what he is, a coward, and a
>fraud, by an upstart like me has led him to froth at the mouth and
>construct ludicrous statements so ridiculous as to impeach his mental
>I actively assist no one, and I owe NO ONE loyalty besides He who is All
>Wise.  I work for no one, and I owe loyalty ONLY to God and the truth. 
>I hate no race, especially my own, but I shall never hesitate to point out
>the failings of my own race, when it is US who harm ourselves with our own
>stupidity.  Some would rather shift the blame in cowardice to other
>groups, when the blame for the shortcomings of Western Civilization lie
>squarely on the shoulders of ideologues and idiots like Harold Covington. 
>I am a human being of the White Race and that means I have an unique
>heritage with many things to be proud, but it does not necessitate the
>hatred of other vibrant, assertive peoples.  Hatred of the innocent and
>blind patriotism are the refuge of a scoundrel. 
>>        This boy is not important. By his behavior, he has insured that he
>>will never be important, as an individual.
>Harry has never been important, but in his delusions of grandeur, he
>imagines he is a "great Aryan hero," descendent of Alexander, Augustus,
>Hermann, William Wallace, Napoleon, and George Washington, and is poised
>to take the world into a new epoch. The simple fact is that Harold
>Covington, like most "leaders" in the "movement," are nothing, have been
>nothing, and will BE nothing until they leave the "movement" and get a
>life.  To make up for their lack of accomplishment, they cultivate their
>cults of personality, and espouse lunatic visions of messianic triumph. 
>>This cancer is called EGO, and it is a trait which has disfigured our
>>people since time immemorial. 
>At the risk of repeating myself, pot - kettle - black.
>>This boy did what he has done because in his feverish and tortured ego,
>>nothing was more important than his desires, his disappointments, his
>>viewpoint, his personal vindication. 
>Those feelings were when I was in the "movement," "fighting" against a
>phantom threat, a phony threat of the "ZOG," when the real threat to the
>existence of the White Race is the lack of responsibility and the dearth
>of high character among our people, personified in the likes of Harry
>Covington.  I blamed everyone else for MY problems, while all I had to do
>was TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for my own unhappiness, and correct them myself.
>The problems of greater society are simply the byproduct of sloth and
>apathy on the part of the American majority. 
>>                                                -Winston Smith
>And we come to the end of this moronic missive, the means to vent the
>tortured ego of Harry Covington after being called a coward, which he is,
>by a "boy" of 25. 
>I'll close by reminding Harry, yet again, that he is a coward, too AFRAID
>to sign his material with his own name.  He is a COWARD also in that he
>refuses to act like the man he claims I am not, and join the ranks of the
>normal people who get their kicks out of the normal pleasures of life. 
>His kicks come from acting important, and pretending he's a great man.  Do
>notice that, unlike Harry, I sign this piece, as I do all my works, with
>my OWN REAL BIRTH NAME.  I'm not a chicken... 
>Finally, Harry, here's your spelling lesson for the day.  
>Follow the bouncing ball...
>C - H - I - C - K - E - N
>bock, Bock, BOCK!
>-- Milton John Kleim, Jr.

From Mon Sep 30 08:54:50 PDT 1996
Article: 93831 of alt.conspiracy
From: Greg Matson 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,alt.conspiracy,
Subject: Re: Baron Lies About the ADL Again
Date: 30 Sep 1996 09:29:32 GMT
Organization: Telink
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Message-ID: <52o3ts$>
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Xref: alt.revisionism:70206 alt.conspiracy:93831 (Yale F. Edeiken) wrote:
>> (Alexander Baron) writes:
>>  Bore, bore, lie, lie, fucking bore. Mr Stein has a copy of this non-existent 
>>  article. 
>	Which, according to Mr. Stein, makes no mention of the statements 
>you have attributed to it.
>>  >         By the way, I take it this is -- at long last -- an admission that you
>>  >  cannot 
>>  > point to a statement from the ADL stating that 20% of Americans are
>>  >  anti-Semites.
>>  Like I said, the lies of these hatemongers are a matter of public record;
>>  check out Weyl the book they commissioned ANTI-SEMITISM [sic] IN 
>	A public record which you cannot point out.  Weyl is liar.  You are a 
>	--YFE

 How can 20% of all Americans be anti-Semites when the Jews do not have a 
drop of semite blood in them. As for as the ADL, it's a spy arm of the 

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