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From Tue Oct  1 07:51:07 PDT 1996
Article: 70553 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Subject: Re: Matt "Little dumbshit coward he" Giwer
Date: 1 Oct 1996 10:56:07 GMT
Organization: NYU
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 Cute, no lets see you take on Winston Smith !

To those new to this debate, this is why so many of us don't believe 
anything the Holocaust othodox say. Mr McVay is not debating he is making 
fun of people.

 There are some very good questions raised by Zundel and his side. All 
that is ever giving as answers is rationalization of this kind of 

 E-mail bombs, and false complaints to ISPs are also trade makes of these 
people. The never debate with reason. (Ken McVay OBC) wrote:
>[a giwerdly troll drooled]
>	"Little dumbshit coward he."
>This this is the selfsame besotted, loudmouthed blowhard that tucked 
>his tail firmly between his legs (there being nothing there to impede 
>this process) and bravely fled when offered a golden opportunity to 
>back up his mouth with his chequebook.
>	"Little dumbshit coward he."
>That is, of course, because he isn't interested in discussing
>history - or anything else. He's akin to the small child,
>stomping his feet on the floor and demanding attention. And,
>as he's demonstrated in the past with his infantile behavior,
>he will say absolutely anything in order to provoke an
>argument - i.e., to get attention.
>	"Little dumbshit coward he."
>Tiring of his endless stream of evasions, insults and outright
>lies, I offered him an opportunity to put his money where his
>mouth was, and demonstrate that he actually _believed_ the
>crap he serves up as his own pompous brand of historical "reality."
>	"Little dumbshit coward he."
>I offered to let an independent forensics lab determine the
>issue, at, I might add, my expense if it should determine that
>this crude fellow was correct.
>	"Little dumbshit coward he."
>What prompted his immediate "advance to the rear," of course,
>was the other side of the coin - that he would have to meet
>the cost, as a donation to the Nizkor Project, if his foolish
>contention turned out, as it must, to be completely, utterly 
>worthless. At that point, hoisted firmly on his own petard, 
>he ran like the cowardly bully he daily proves himself to be.
>	"Little dumbshit coward he."
>For the details of my offer, I invite you to peruse
>I further invite you, and anyone else among the estimated
>70-Million internet users, to regularly and routinely remind
>this prevaricating failure of a man of his cowardice by
>providing references to the URL cited, and to the offer he so
>obviously dreads.
>	"Little dumbshit coward he."
>This coward, Matt Giwer, is, as far as I can determine, a troller whose only
>interest is in causing fights.  While he can sound superficially
>plausible, he has lied about what has been said in exchanges (while
>accusing others of lying), refused to document claims, pretended not to
>see posts which contain documented refutation of his claims (even when
>they have been emailed to him), engaged in actual libel, and generally
>conducted himself with such complete lack of intellectual and factual
>integrity that there seems to be no point in taking the time to read and
>	"Little dumbshit coward he."
>For many here, no greater compliment can accrue than to be insulted by 
>this contemptable husk of a man.
>	"Little dumbshit coward he."
>For detailed and documented evidence of this, please refer to
>	"Little dumbshit coward he."
>Followups to Giwer trolls should be redirected to Mr. Giwer's special 
>newsgroup, alt.bonehead.matt-giwer, where they will be appropriately 
>ignored. If your site does not carry alt.bonehead.matt-giwer,
>redirect non-Holocaust articles to alt.politics.white-power,
>an equally vapid dumping ground for Giwerundian babblings.
>	"Little dumbshit coward he."
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From Tue Oct  1 07:51:10 PDT 1996
Article: 70589 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.brithish,soc.culture.austrian
Subject: Re: 4,000,000 less 3,000,000 still leaves 6,000,000
Date: 1 Oct 1996 11:22:24 GMT
Organization: NYU
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Xref: alt.revisionism:70589 soc.culture.german:87511 (Alexander Baron) wrote:
>In article <52nef5$>
>  "Gord McFee" writes:
>> Get off the pot, Al.  The "so many fucking doctors" were there to assist in
>> the experiments that Mengele liked to carry out, and the German doctors were
>> there to make the ramp selection that determined whether people lived (for a
>> short time ) or died immediately.
>> Since you seem to possess all the information on this, care to post a list of
>> the zillions of doctors at Auschwitz?
>Ella Lingens-Reiner
>Alexander Dering
>Gisella Perl
>Olga Lengyel (nurse)
>Hermann Langbein (male murse)
>All the above - except Dering - wrote books about the camp. 
>There was also Dr Ada - 4 million were gassed Bimko
>and Charles - 17 tonnes of gold teeth - Bendel
>That's only to start with.
>There were also SS doctors; one such doctor gave evidence at the Belsen Trial, and he was still
>working there at the time of the trial.
>"He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself 
>the accomplice of liars and forgers." - Charles Peguy

 So now the Germans had zillions of Doctorers ?  What next ? Are we going 
to raise the 6 million figure to a billion. After all time is placing the 
so-called holocause behind it. In the near futre Israel will not beable 
to extort any more money from the germans. They would need some hidden 
corps,now wouldn't they. They then can scream about how those bodies did 
not get repreations.

From Tue Oct  1 11:55:13 PDT 1996
Article: 54071 of alt.discrimination
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,alt.politics.immigration,alt.christnet,,soc.culture.german,soc.cultur.usa,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.discrimination
Subject: Re: Bonehead racists
Date: 1 Oct 1996 11:12:00 GMT
Organization: NYU
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Xref: alt.revisionism:70614 alt.christnet:110457 soc.culture.german:87525 alt.politics.nationalism.white:31883 alt.politics.white-power:45416 alt.discrimination:54071 (Matt  Giwer) wrote:
>On 29 Sep 1996 19:15:20 GMT, Schoedel  wrote:
>> (Dave Harman OBC) wrote:
>>>Now you've taken up drinking?  You didn't before!
>>I didn't? :-)  Seriously though, I am hardly a drunkard. 
>	You appear to be new to this.  
>	The stratedy here is to discredit the source.  It is discussed in the Protocols
>of the Elders of Zion which, although a forgery, demonstrates an accurate
>insight into the mind of the holohugger.  
>	The allegation of drinking is the strategy of character assassination.  In the
>Protocols it was a reference to being in control of the asylums and committing
>people to discredit them.  
>	So what you do is point out the Protocols strategy as it is being used rather
>than ignore it.  Never excuse or retreat, only attack.  
>Read the information holohuggers fear

From Tue Oct  1 12:32:14 PDT 1996
Article: 70616 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: soc.culture.palestine,soc.culture.usa,alt.politics.misc,,soc.culture.israel,soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.lebanon,alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Intifadah
Date: 1 Oct 1996 10:39:47 GMT
Organization: NYU
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Xref: soc.culture.palestine:20855 soc.culture.usa:94934 soc.culture.israel:44888 soc.culture.jewish:78504 soc.culture.lebanon:26101 alt.revisionism:70616 (Matt  Giwer) wrote:
>On 27 Sep 1996 21:33:15 GMT, (Shaqeeqa) wrote:
>>Forwarded from DESIP and LAWE:
>>Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 21:54:22 +0000
>>From: Ronald Bleier 
>>Subject: (Fwd) Uprising in the West Bank
>>------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
>>Date:          Wed, 25 Sep 96 16:36:47 PDT
>>From:          LAWE 
>>Subject:       Uprising in the West Bank
>>25 September 1996
>>LAWE - The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the
>>PO Box 20873
>>Tel: (972) (2) 5812364/5824559
>>Fax: (972) (2) 5811072
>>Clashes between Palestinians angry at recent Israeli aggression, including
>>the construction of a tunnel in Jerusalem's Old City, spread throughout
>>the West Bank today, injuring over 170 and killing one.
>>The largest demonstration took place in Ramallah/El Birreh, where 
>>approximately 1000 students from Bir Zeit, Ramallah and El Birreh gathered
>>at the Israeli checkpoint into Ramallah, which demarcates the division
>>between the Israeli controlled Area C and the Palestinian Autonomous Area
>>of Ramallah/El Birreh.  The demonstration quickly turned violent, with
>>Israeli soldiers firing sound bombs and rubber bullets at stone-throwing
>>demonstrators in a scene reminiscent of the Intifada.  Approximately 140
>>people were injured during this demonstration, including one journalist, and
>>Bir Zeit student Yassir Abdel Ghani was killed.  Ambulances were turned back
>>at the Ramallah/El Birreh checkpoint.  At 3:30, the standoff still continued,
>>with angry students still throwing stones.
>>In the most aggressive move to date, and one with the most serious
>>consequence, Israeli forces moved into the Palestinian autonomous zone of
>>Ramallah/El Birreh to crush the demonstration, and soldiers took up positions
>>on the rooftops of Palestinian homes in Area A.  The Palestinian Autonomous
>>Areas are considered sovereign Palestinian areas according to the Oslo Accords.
>>This sacrosanct understanding has now been violated, creating a very dangerous 
>>Clashes were also reported throughout the West Bank, although a heavy military
>>military presence kept demonstrations to a minimum in Israeli-controlled
>>Jerusalem and Hebron.  At least 20 were injured in Jerusalem during Israeli
>>army clashes with demonstrators, including two ministers.  In Hebron and
>>Nablus clashes also took place.
>>The Israeli policies of house demolition, settlement expansion, and aggression
>>in the Old City of Jerusalem, which sparked these demonstrations, touched a
>>raw nerve among the Palestinian population here.  The abandonment of the Oslo
>>process by the Israeli government has created an increasingly unstable
>>situation, a situation for which the Israeli government must be held
>>LAWE - The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the
>>Environment is a non-governmental organization, dedicated to preserving human
>>rights through legal advocacy.  LAWE is also an affiliate member of the
>>Paris-based International Federation for Human Rights.
>>	Shaqeeqa
>>"If Palestine should be lost while you still live,  _..-.._..-.._..-.._..-.._..
>>	I'll say: our people have abandoned the path."   'Abd al-Raheem Mahmoud
>>(Call of the Motherland  @}-`--,--  Anthology of Modern Palestinian Literature)
>>-.._..-.._..-.._..-..  "I am a rebel and freedom is my cause."  Y. Arafat ('74)
>     Live fast, love well, and have a glorious Website.
>          Commentary from the right side of the curve
>Maintaining (tips and tricks for webs)
> (eye candy, blantant advertising)
>    (my son)
> (for internet advertising)

It's about time we Americans wake up and understand that the real 
terroists are the Israelis. Lets not foget all the back stabbing they did 
to the United States though out the cold war. Lets not forget they spied 
on America and then sold the info to the Soviets. Lets not forget they 
knew about the bonbimng of our Marines in Lebanon an hour before it 
happened and they didn't tell us. Lets not forget the murdered saliors on 
the USS Liberty and lets not forget the fuck you attitude the Jews have 
toward the matter.

 Israel is not occupied by the try Hebrew, the Yiddish are the tribe of 
Mogog. They do not practice the principles of the old test. And they 
robbed Palestien from the Palesinians.

At this time the hard working American tax payer is shelling out 17 1/2 
million dollars a DAY to this "Nazi" state. This is in a time were the 
U.S. is going broke and we can't balence our budget. O' and yes, if you 
don't agree with the notion the Jews have a right to your money, your an 
anti-semitic racist, sexist, homophobic bigot. 

From Tue Oct  1 12:32:15 PDT 1996
Article: 70618 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,,alt.california,soc.culture.german,soc.culture,austrian,soc.culture,europe,alt.christnet,,talk.politic.misc
Subject: Re: If the holocaust is not a fake,then why is Ken McVoy and Nizkor so chicken shit to deabet Winston Smith ?
Date: 1 Oct 1996 10:23:08 GMT
Organization: NYU
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Xref: alt.revisionism:70618 alt.california:28166 soc.culture.german:87526 alt.christnet:110460 (Charles R.L. Power) wrote:
>Dan Cook  writes:
>>be once a week. Winston Smith, Enst Zundel, David Erving and Ingrid 
>>Rimland would bonce the mega politically correct of the walls if they 
>>dared to debate.
>Gee, it's funny that they *don't* dare to debate, right here on
>alt.revisionism. Despite their protestations of legal dangers, there 
>are a hell of a lot of stupid bigots like yourself who do post here
>with no problems. "Winston," Ernst, David and Ingrid are too
>chickenshit to expose their beliefs to controversy.

 You forgot sexist,homophobic, anti semite. If any one is a bigot it's 
people like you. As for debating, I think Winston would wipe the floor 
with McVoy. 

From Tue Oct  1 12:32:16 PDT 1996
Article: 70619 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,,alt.california,soc.culture.german,soc.culture,austrian,soc.culture,europe,alt.christnet,,talk.politic.misc
Subject: Re: If the holocaust is not a fake,then why is Ken McVoy and Nizkor so chicken shit to deabet Winston Smith ?
Date: 1 Oct 1996 10:29:24 GMT
Organization: NYU
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Xref: alt.revisionism:70619 alt.california:28167 soc.culture.german:87527 alt.christnet:110461

 The point is made that debating one on one via e-mail is not good. Why ?
McVay can post the debate on this board and all of you would have your 
shots at Smith's posts any way. The public will still read both sides. 
You will be able to challange anything Winston says. 

 I do think it is really a matter of Fear on the part of McVay and 
Nizkor,prove me wrong ! Think about about this, if McVay dose not debate
Smith via e-mail, Smith will debate any way, via his list service. Then 
your side will be shut out. The public will not get to know your side.

 I do not believe in the holocaust,but I am very libertarian and stand 
for your right to state you cause. I hope you don't blow it !

From Tue Oct  1 12:32:17 PDT 1996
Article: 70623 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads
Subject: Re: Response to "Teapot Tempest"...Jews the children of "satin"?
Date: 1 Oct 1996 10:48:53 GMT
Organization: NYU
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Xref: alt.politics.nationalism.white:31885 alt.politics.white-power:45418 alt.revisionism:70623 alt.skinheads:38593

Schoedel  wrote:
>"Annie Alpert, OFB"  quoth Greg Matson thusly:
>>> Are you Jewish ? This sound like something a Jew would say. 
>Are you a blind, predjudiced bigot?  This kind of name-calling sounds like
>something a blind, predjudiced bigot would say...
>>> Maybe you would find  people you would like at the 700 club. They worship the Jews
>>> ya know.
>I may not be a big fan of Pat Robertson's, but it's a long stretch of one's imag-
>ination to say he worships the Jews.  He supports them, their religion, and their
>political Zionism...but that is hardly worship.
>>> Winston makes a hell of a lot of sense. If you really care about our
>>> people,let your ego go and open fire on the true ememy of man, the true
>>> evil seed of Satin,
>                ^^^^^
>I was unaware satin was now classified as an eeeeevil work of the devil.  
>better go change my sheets.
>But what is this about "opening fire" on the true enemy of "man"?  Are you
>calling for violence?  Are you claiming Jews are not "man"kind, but are
>rather children of some mythical devil???  Please, wake up.  Been there,
>done that, said that myself.  I was wrong.  You are, too.  
>Nothing will be accomplished, no civilization furthered, nothing good
>gained, by calling people sub-men, or calling for the death, as you do
>here...Please rethink your erroneous ideas...the whole world will be a 
>better place if we assume responsibility for our own quality of life, in-
>stead of trying to blame our real or perceived problems on someone else,
>as you do (and as I have done in the past, in my unenlightened days).
>You really should not be calling for violence, btw, on the net.  That's
>just plain dumb, if nothing else.  Duh.
>>> the Jews, Israel and ZOG. Your reponse willl tell us
>>> all, were a your love ? Is it with ZOG or is it with the evil
>>> Yiddish-Mogoinites.
>What, pray tell, are Mogoinites?  I have never heard that term.  Is that
>like, "Satin's" middle name or something???  
>(Rev.) Schoedel
 I think you, Mr. Schoedel were always a fraud, your so called White 
supremist board gave prace to Scofiels and had an Biblica interpitation 
staight from the Talmud. I think Winston is talking abut you in his News 
Letter when He mentioned a traitor.

 Your remarks about satin are almost as pathetic as  a Nizkors remarks.
Clearly she ment Satan. Did it make you fell better to play the 5 year 
old ?

 Mogoginte means someone from the trib of Mogog. It's in Ezekiel, put 
down your Talmud and try reading the Bible.

From Tue Oct  1 12:32:18 PDT 1996
Article: 70633 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,,alt.christnet
Subject: Re: Rev Ronald Schoede,forget it Rev
Date: 1 Oct 1996 11:17:28 GMT
Organization: NYU
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Dan Cook  wrote:
Pleas disregard this letter Mr. Schoede, after reading you posts I can 
clearly see your one of them.

Dear Rev.
>  I'm not sure why you would want to have Ken McVay's forgiveness. It is 
>he and his like who are racist. Your former board exposed the talmud, the 
>evil set of Bibles of the Pharisee. Why beg them ? They hate you and you 
>know it. To them you are cattle to be milked and beefed.
>  Notice they do not catolog communists,who are the world biggest 
>murdering slime on earth. Notice the communist style of thinking they 
>have and the constent ad hominem attacts, some of them clearly on 
>children and young adults.
> I agree with you on the fact that our movement needs to be cleaned 
>up,but that's no reason to bow to those who have been at war on us from 
>day one. Remember what the Jews did under communism, remember what their 
>evil has done to America. Remember what the Jews did to Jesus and why.

From Tue Oct  1 15:19:11 PDT 1996
Article: 70650 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,
Subject: Re: Notice to revisionist: Please read.
Date: 1 Oct 1996 11:14:57 GMT
Organization: NYU
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Beth Dailey  wrote:
> AS a woman married to a Jew for almost 6 years and having lived in 
>Israel for most of it, I wish to tell you your fight is JUST ! What the 
>Jews do behind closed doors is filth and evil. They are what Jesus said 
>they are in John ch 8. 41-45. Keep you fight going or they will end your 
>lives, as they did in Russia and as they are doing to the Palestinians.
> The most effective weapon you can get your hands on is the Talmud, get a 
>set. They could never defeat you when you have their Talmud, Never. They 
>know that and are terrifed of the world learning what's in it. Zog will 
>die with in a year if only 10% of the world knew the Talmud. You have the 
>net and can reach the world in minute, thus undoing 3000 years of their 
> I understand many of you have fears of the might og the Zionist Empire.
>Their power is a fales one. It's based on ower people not following 
>principles. They fear the Aryan more than anyone,because if the Aryan, 
>that is the real Hebrew, follow priciple, their in major trouble.
> Remember that the Jews really don't believe the holocauset hoax any more 
>than you do, their hearst are not in it. Nor do they believe any other 
>lies the tell. They will put on one hell of an act and a poker public 
>face,but will not, in their cold blooded hearts, believe what they say. 
>ALWAYS LOOK THEN STRAIGHT IN THE EYES and keep looking into their eyes 
>when deabting them.
> The trick with the Jews is for them to get you to misjudge your own 
>power. We out number them over a million to one and the other races, a 
>few million to one, believe me when I say,THEY are scared shit of us.
> Post to other usernet groups when you post your side of the story. If 
>you stay on alt.revisionism and the other controlled groups they will
>dominate the debate. Good people will see through their bull shit and the 
>truth will come out. The good people will ask questions when you put 
>forth you side. Nizkor and the others will pull the same old tricks and 
>wake them up. Go to the list of usnet groups you get off net scape and 
>write down othr newsgroups fit. US THEM, bring others into the debate.
> Warn other about their e-mail bombs as you post ! Let them know it's ok 
>to place a pen e-mail.
 Great post Beth !

From Wed Oct  2 08:17:16 PDT 1996
Article: 70831 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads,
Subject: Wisdom from Winston. Pay attention REV
Date: 2 Oct 1996 10:00:45 GMT
Organization: NYU
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                           LONG, BORING SPIRITUAL STUFF

        I know many of you wish I'd stick to the usual niggerniggernigger
kind of material which so often passes for political thought in the
Movement. I know discussion of our own faults and weaknesses makes you
restless and uncomfortable. [It's usually put to me something like "You're
such a brilliant writer, Winston, why don't you fight the REAL enemy instead
of attacking other White people?" Blah, blah, whine, whinge, moan, etc.]
It's so much easier, with so much better a Feelgood Factor, to blame the
Jews or the Clintons or the government or anyone outside our own people, our
own hearts and souls for what has happened to us and to the magnificent
world we made and once ruled.

        Well, I'm afraid I'm going to bore you again with "all that
spiritual stuff", so you might want to delete this one. Don't worry, we'll
get back to bashing the niggers and the Clintons and the Jews in a few days.

        Not that there hasn't been progress, some, anyway. It used to be
that getting anyone in the Movement to admit that WE just might be partially
to blame for our lack of success was like pulling teeth. After thirty years
of failure the handwriting is now on the wall in such large flaming letters
that it is pretty much impossible to ignore. Virtually everyone involved in
racial nationalist activity will pay lip service to the idea that there is
something very badly flawed within our ranks. Where the frantic, stubborn,
sometimes almost hysterical resistance kicks in is when I and a few other
iconoclasts attempt to get specific about WHAT is wrong, WHO is wrong, and
what has to be done about it. It is ironic (as well as completely incorrect)
for my enemies to claim that I never offer "proof" of what I say when I
criticize certain nude emperors; the problem from their point of view is
that I DO, and inconvenient proof is in fact the last thing they want. 

        Well, we won't get into that. We have been discussing the case
history of a a boy who has become a STUKACH, a Russian word from the Stalin
years which for our purposes is a White defector who A) knows the racial
truth and at one stage participates in the resistance movement, but B) later
decides for reasons of personal resentment, or greed, or because he's
getting laid by a Jewess, or out of simple perversity, not only to sabotage
the Movement from within but to actively, publicly assist people like Dees,
the A.D.L., Nizkor, etc. The boy will not be named because one of his
motives appears to be a desire to have his name become discussed and notorious. 

        By the by, in answer to several questions, the word is pronounced
stew-KOTCH, accent on the last syllable.

        ARYAN MAN IS THE highest form of earthly creation. Our minds and
personalities have more depth, more strength and discipline, more energy,
more creative force, more deductive and intuitive capacity, and more ability
to assimilate knowledge than any other humanoid species. Because our
characters are more diverse and complex, we have accordingly a greater
number and a greater complexity of faults and weaknesses. Just as a tractor
can cover more acreage faster and more efficiently than a horse-drawn plow,
so a tractor is prone to more specialized and frequent breakdowns requiring
more specialized repair than a horse or a mule. Aryan man is a marvellous
thinking, feeling, fighting, building, exploring and creating machine, but
we are very "high maintenance" machines, and a lot of our "bugs" seem to be
inherited, because down through the ages we have always displayed the same
flaws and weaknesses.

        One of these, for example, is what Commander Rockwell called "the
lure of the exotic". In its true form this makes us voyage around the world
in little wooden sailing ships in search of spices, gold, and new lands or
turn our eyes to the heavens seeking new galaxies; in its corrupted form it
makes dumb-ass redneck GIs marry diseased Filipina bar girls or middle-aged
White men spend $10,000 to import some slut from Hong Kong as a mail-order
bride from one of these damnable agencies, to cite only one example. 

        Another is our innate love of freedom. In its true form it led to
the Magna Carta; it called the Minute Men to stand at Concord Bridge; it was
this love of freedom that made the cannon roar in Charleston harbor and at
Bull Run to rip that Masonic dishrag out of the Southern sky and replace it
with our own crimson banner of nationhood. In its corrupted form, it has
become a kind of laziness and excuse for cowardice, wherein White men abuse
the concept of "freedom" to allow racial aliens and sodomites and corrupt
tyrants to run amuck in society while sitting in front of the television,
their guns gathering dust in the closet. Whereas once we fought with weapons
in our hands to secure freedom for ourselves, now we graciously grant others
the freedom to abuse us, insult us, and oppress us rather than miss Monday
Night Football.

        But if I had to pick the one character flaw which has caused our
people more grief down the ages than any other, I would have to pick EGO,
along with its two handmaidens, vanity and hubris. We are more prone to
insane egotism than any other race of people. 

        I do not except the Jews. An especially arrogant Aryan is more
insufferable than the worst Jew, because although a conceited Jew can be
despicable, he is often comical as well. The most uppity Jews generally have
the least to be uppity about. Your average Hebraic Hollywood mogul producer
or Wall Street stockbroker or university bigwig is almost always Sammy Glick
writ large; however real and dangerous their power may be, they are still
only the biggest cockroach on the dungheap. They know it and everyone around
them knows it. But an Aryan whose ego gets away from him is a tragedy,
because unlike the Jew there is generally at least a touch of genuine
potential greatness under there somewhere, in some cases a lot of it, and
yet the person's blind inflated self-esteem renders his or her genuine
genius or talent or skill almost worthless.

        Why this seems to be our race's particular curse is hard to say. Nor
has it been all bad, all the time---it wasn't just gunpowder and horses and
steel weapons that helped Cortez and seven hundred Spaniards destroy the
Aztec empire or the magnetic compass that helped Magellan circumnavigate the
globe or the diesel engine that made the first Zeppelin fly after a dozen
previous failures, it was a self-esteem that would not take no for an answer
or accept defeat as an option. But for White people in the context of the
modern day world, and in our attempts to resist racial destruction, ego has
been a disaster, a kind of spiritual epilepsy that seizes us when we least
expect it and sends us into an uncontrolled, destructive seizure of
incomprehensible madness.

        The first problem that ego creates in the Movement is that we get
people who join our ranks because of it. This appears to be the case with
the boy stukach we've been discussing. Even before he went completely to the
bad I spotted his problem, a very common one---he became involved in the
Movement not because he wished to put something INTO it, but because he
wanted to get something OUT of it. With him, it was never about securing the
existence of our people and a future for White children, it was about Robin
the Boy Wonder. Or possibly Tom Sawyer walking along the fence to show off
to the little girl in pigtails. "See how smart I am! See how brilliant and
witty and debonair I am!
Watch, I can wiggle my ears! Look at MEEEEEEE....!"

        The boy is not completely at fault for this, and let me make it
clear I am not claiming that he is. At least some of it is environmental.
According to his narcissistic autobio on his web page the boy was born and
raised in California, which is something of an excuse in itself. 

        Sometimes Movement people (myself included) lose patience with the
shallowness, the short attention span, the obtuseness and general piss-poor
attitude of some of our comrades. We become angry and frustrated because
spoiled-rotten American White kids don't act like SA-Mann Brandt; we forget
that those iron-jawed men we see marching down the Nuremberg streets in
TRIUMPH OF THE WILL are almost all veterans of the trenches of World War One
or the Freikorps era, which in its own way was just as brutal and bloody.
The younger generation today has never known war, real privation, or real
discomfort. They have been raised on television and Nintendo in the most
materialistic, physically undemanding, luxurious, hedonistic society in
history, and that life experience is pretty much their frame of reference. I
find it amazing that as many young people have become what Ingrid Rimland
calls "Renaissance Kids" as appear to have done; it just goes to show that
the good in the Aryan hasn't been totally killed off and will still shine
through if given half a chance. 

        There was a time when we might have made something out of our own
Vietnam vets---but then, we chose to waste the past thirty years calling
each other names and stealing each other's mailing lists, didn't we? But we
won't get into that again. For now. 

        Anyway, the fact is that we're stuck with Generation X. Beavis and
Butthead simply are not going to act like the hardened men of iron who went
over the top during the Second Ludendorff Offensive and put the Allied
rabble to flight, French and British and Americans collapsing into a
panic-stricken rout, until the Jew Rathenau stabbed them in the back and cut
off their ammunition supply. Beavis and Butthead not only lack the war in
their past, they also lack the personal sense of betrayal of those black and
brown-clad men in TRIUMPH who knew that their fathers and brothers and sons
had died so the kikes could get their Balfour Declaration and get their
grubby hands on a land that did not, and does not, belong to them. Educated
Volkish Germans in the 1920s knew these things, discussed them, and
reflected on them; Beavis and Butthead with their 90-second attention span
are incapable of such intellectual attainments.

        But some of them try. They sense something is wrong and they try,
but they simply can't lose all the baggage this society has imposed on them,
the ego which must be constantly massaged and pampered, the craving for
constant new sensation, and above all the peculiarly American demand for
INSTANT GRATIFICATION of every whim and impulse. They know something is
wrong, they find the Movement, they come in and find it takes everything and
gives back almost nothing, they sulk, they half-step, they leave in a huff
and wander on to the next group or the next fad, or sometimes just settle
down in front of the TV, their eyes glazing as they flick the remote. 

        That's not always the way it happens---I've seen some of these kids
come into the Movement and I know for a fact they're in for good. They'll be
here when I'm gone, and they'll do a better job than me. But given the kind
of human raw material pool we have to draw on, our failure rate is
high---just like it's high with every other institution in this society from
the big corporations to rock bands to the academic world. We're not the only
ones who have problems with Generation X's insatiable ego, demand for
instant gratification with no effort or risk, and complete lack of any kind
of self-control or discipline.

        A friend asked me if he didn't think the whole situation with this
boy was a setup from the beginning, citing a couple of things about the case
which I admit look odd but which I think are inexplicable in ways consistent
with his initial innocence, no matter how guilty he is now of open
collaboration with the scum of the earth. There is no question in my mind
that the boy tried. He just didn't make the cut, and instead of fighting on
and refusing to accept defeat he began to sulk and stew and recriminate and
eventually threw a tantrum, which is what his present activity more or less
amounts to. That he has been actively encouraged in this path of behavior by
the Hidden Hand and a Shady Lady of the Levantine persuasion seems to be a
pretty fair assessment, but they are late walk-ons to our little drama. 

        The central and tragic figure is the boy, and at the beginning of
the play his heart was in the right place. It was just his head he couldn't
keep together...the most common Movement failing of all.

                                [to be continued]                     

	"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

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From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads,
Subject: Wison from Winston
Date: 2 Oct 1996 10:05:51 GMT
Organization: NYU
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                           THE NOMENCLATURE OF TREASON

        One of the techniques being utilized increasingly by the racial
enemy is the "Movement defector". This is a so-called "White supremacist",
often a Skinhead or a Klansman, who allegedly undergoes a Road To Damascus
type conversion, sees the error of his evil racist ways in some blinding
flash of psychedelic revelation, and devotes the next several years towards
the assiduous application of his lips to the collective buttocks of the
assorted Jews, leftists, and perverts which make up the liberal
establishment in this country. As part of this exercise the pale "brand
plucked from the burning" levels all kinds of insults, ad hominem abuse,
unsubstantiated allegations and general bad-mouth against the people who
were once his friends. 

        Given the short attention span of the American public these "racist"
defectors, once activated, generally have a shelf life of eighteen months or
so. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, depending on how useful they are to
the power structure in spreading confusion and demoralization among the
resistance movement. They get their articles in the Sunday supplements,
usually with a color photo or two of their racist tattoos or some old
photograph of them at a Klan rally, whatever. They do the tabloid talk shows
and the lefty rubber chicken circuit for a while, lecturing to the usual
groups of hairy-legged dykes and aging, affluent liberal elitists in
suburban Unitarian meeting halls sponsored by this or that Committee Against
Evil Racist Thoughts, etc. When their patronizing lefty and Jewish sponsors
have squeezed every last bit of mileage possible from the turncoat, they
then drop their former proteges cold, their disgraceful Fifteen Minutes done.

        This is not a new phenomenon. Old Klansmen will remember the
revolting Delmar Dennis, and of course there was the unspeakable, bloated
Martinez creature in the 1980s. There was Greg "Jesus Christ" Withrow, who
claimed that he was crucified by his fellow Skinheads. (He didn't last long;
that one was too ridiculous even for taboid TV. Even Geraldo couldn't keep a
straight face when he had Withrow on one show I saw.) More recently we have
ex-Aryan Nations defector Floyd Cochran and Elisse Hatigan from Canada's
Heritage Front. The latest is some trashed-out Skinhead guy doing the gig
now---Leyden, Leyton? I can't remember and I didn't bother to save the
article. It's not important; as I recall he had nothing new to say, pretty
much the standard "defector" script. There will be others down the pike as well.

        The first question that leaps to mind is how many of these
"defections" are not actual defections at all, but the carefully planned
insertion of "sleeper" agents into the Movement for the express purpose of
creating embarrassment and demoralization and generating propaganda on down
the pike? This is not easy to prove in individual cases. Delmar Dennis was
unusual in that he cheerfully admitted receiving money initially from the
FBI and later on from the ADL. I personally have always had reservations
about Floyd Cochran; I think there's a secret bank account somewhere that
would tell the story there. I don't know enough about the Elisse Hattigan
case to venture an opinion, but her sudden conversion to left-wing feminism
seems a little bit too pat to me.

        Leaving that issue aside, what motivates these people is almost
invariably personal pique, resentment, and envy. It can be anything from the
refusal of a racial leader or authority figure to give them money (Cochran)
to a failed love affair. Their alleged ideological motivations which they
recite by rote on the talk shows are almost always quite transparently the
add-ons of the defectors' left-lib handlers in the C.D.R., ADL or whoever is
"running" them. You can tell by the standard unoriginal, pedantic leftist
rhetoric used, for example referring to dissent as "hate speech", dissident
organizations as "hate groups", our alleged victims as "people of color",
etc.---their canned presentations always use all the current PC buzz words. 

        Another thing I've noticed is that they invariably inflate and
overstate their previous importance in the Movement---for example, Floyd
Cochran falsely claimed to be second in command at the AN compound; from
what I can gather from people who knew him, he was a kind of combination
janitor and gopher who hung around the bunkhouse muttering to himself most
of the time. Delmar Dennis claimed at various times to be a former Imperial
Wizard, a Grand Dragon, a Titan, a Kludd, a this or that; his story
underwent more permutations than the Holocaust myth.

        Sometimes these defectors participate in some particular racial
project which was in fact a team effort but for which they belatedly try to
claim total credit which they feel is due to them. Sometimes they write a
single essay or article of adequate quality, the publication of which they
then cite as proof of how "high up" in the Movement they were. Obviously,
the more "rank" someone allegedly once had in the racial right, the more
effective the turncoat as Jewish propaganda. The fact that the Movement is a
loose and almost entirely unstructured collection of disparate
personalities, groups, and schools of thought with no bona fide, discernible
hierarchy or "rank" of any kind, and that the defector's assessment of his
alleged former status is not only false but entirely meaningless in the
context of reality, is of course never revealed to the rubes who listen
open-mouthed in the talk show audiences.

        One of the most pathetic cases I ever came across personally was
some years ago, involving a normally very intelligent and very dedicated guy
who had one very human, very common weakness in Aryan men---he couldn't
resist a pretty face. This guy was "on the rebound" from another woman when
he met some bimbo whom I never saw but who was described to me by someone
who did as a definite 10. She claimed to be a born-again Christian, but she
had a Jewish name and it later turned out she was a self-professed "Jew for

        This girl did a number on my poor friend's head something stupid.
Within a very short time he was babbling all about how Red And Yellow Black
and White, They Are Precious In His Sight, we must love the gorgeous rainbow
mosaic of God's creation, God was going to punish homophobes by sending us
all to burn in hell, the Jews were God's Elect and we were going to burn in
hell for that too, the usual Judaeo-Christian drivel. He then went public in
a series of open letters to us and to the media, denouncing us all as
monsters and retards and losers who were just jealous of the fact that he
was getting some from something really fine. (The girl's Christian religious
instruction, if any, had apparently neglected the strictures against
adultery and fornication.) 

        I mean, the poor guy just wigged out over this Jezebel. I found a
former boyfriend of hers (whom my friend absolutely refused to believe was a
former boyfriend, of course) and he told me some things about her which gave
me a good idea what was going on. Suffice it to say that there are
certain---er, techniques---by which any woman regardless of race, beauty or
personality can sexually enslave any man sufficiently weak of mind and weak
of will. I won't embarrass the poor dumb bastard any further by going into
detail, and besides I'd like my e-mails to keep an "R" rating. Read between
the lines.

        I gently tried to warn him that not only was his behavior
disgraceful, and not only was he making a fool and a laughing stock of
himself in public, but it was quite likely that he had in fact been suckered
into what is known in intelligence parlance as a "honey trap" and in certain
crypto-Christian cult circles as "flirty fishing". I wasn't sure which it
was, if either, but the whole situation was certainly suspicious. He refused
to admit that his new "friends" were using him to pursue their own agenda
and that they hated and despised him as much as they did us. He refused to
understand the fact that he was making a five-star ass out of himself, that
nobody likes a traitor who turns on his own people and his former friends no
matter how useful he may be, and he was headed for a terrible, devastating
crash to earth. I have a very disconcerting habit of being right, and I was
right in this case.

        I still don't know what the full story was, but one day he dialed
his girl friend's number and found the line had been disconnected. He went
to her apartment and found it empty, furniture and everything gone
overnight, no forwarding address. The knowledge that he had been used broke
him, shattered him, left him a pathetic shell of his former self. 

        I will give him this: he had the grace to call me up and apologize
before he did what he should have done six months before when he decided he
no longer wanted to be a part of us: he broke off all contact, disappeared,
and is presumably living his own life somewhere now. Normally I have no use
for people who behave like this, but in this case I wish him well; he was a
good man who was more weak than malicious, and his story is one of the
sadder ones I've accumulated during my time in harness.

        But still, what he did was very wrong. The Movement isn't the
military. If you really become tired or disillusioned and you decide you can
live with the moral consequences, you can resign any time. But for someone
to take out their frustrations, their personal feuds, their psychological
demons on their former friends and comrades by DELIBERATELY HELPING THE
ENEMY...that is shameful. A man who breaks under the threat of torture or
prison is wrong to do so, but he has a modicum of excuse. The threat
explains his conduct if not excuses it. 

        The Movement defector who deliberately, maliciously assists the ADL
or Morris Dees or Nizkor in attacking and harming his fellow White people
has earned himself a form of damnation. He can jump and shout for Jesus all
he wants, but when he dies his soul ain't going to Jesus---it is going
before the Main Man, the God of Battles and of Wrath for judgment. Maybe a
god in the shape of a gray-bearded warrior who has one eye and rides an
eight-legged horse, maybe the Yahveh of King James. I don't pretend to know
and I won't get into it, but I wouldn't want to be in Floyd Cochran's shoes
when his time comes.

        I'd like to propose an official Movement name for these people,
albeit one of foreign origin. It's a Russian word---STUKACH. Literally
translated it means "stool pigeon", but as anyone who has read Solzhenitsyn
can confirm, it actually carries a far, far more perjorative connotation
that merely a criminal informer. It comes from the most terrible time in
human history---the Stalinschina, the Stalin Days. 

        STUKACH had two interrelated meanings. One was the small army of
civilian spies who informed on their neighbors and co-workers to the NKVD.
Without STUKACHI in every flat block, factory, bar and club and on every
street corner, the NKVD could not have carried out the terrible purges of
the 1930s. The second meaning comes from within the camps and is even more
disgusting---STUKACH in the context of the GULAG is one who informed to the
guards on his fellow prisoners, sending them to freezing death or
unspeakable torture for rewards sometimes as low as a hunk of bread or a
pair of cracked, split boots. It is a word which even today, a Russian
utters with the purest loathing---I know, because I am learning the
language, and I have never heard such concentrated disgust and contempt as I
hear when one of them says that one word. It caught my attention and I
immediately thought of Floyd Cochran; hence this Bulletin.

        STUKACH! Kind of rolls off the tongue with a curse, doesn't it? Not
just an FBI agent, more that your common or garden variety stool pigeon,
more than a mere traitor, a traitor who places his own ego problems and his
own vanity so high that he willingly helps the GRYAZHNY ZHID, the Jew---STUKACH!

        Russian or not, it's easy to pronounce. And I regret to say that I
suspect we'll be getting a lot of practice.

                                                Winston Smith



	"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

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Article: 70833 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads,
Subject: Wisom from Winston
Date: 2 Oct 1996 10:09:02 GMT
Organization: NYU
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[ERRATUM: In yesterday's NSNet Bulletin, "Long, Boring Spiritual Stuff",
there was a typo in the last paragraph which significantly altered the
meaning of the sentence. It should have read "...a couple of things about
the case which I admit look odd but which I think are EXPLICABLE in ways
consistent with his initial innocence..." If you forward this bulletin to
anyone please make the appropriate correction before sending it. - W.S.]

                           MORE BORING SPIRITUAL STUFF

        We were discussing ego and the problems it inflicts on the White
racial resistance movement (which, for all its problems, most certainly does
exist). The case in point is that of The Boy who has decided he hates his
former friends so badly that he is willing to prostitute himself to Nizkor
and the Jews in order to injure them...and by extension injure every Aryan
on earth.

        Ego hurts us in many ways. First off, it makes White men (and women)
join the Movement for the wrong reasons, because they want to GET SOMETHING

        I was very fortunate in that I was able first to become involved in
a structured organization rather than the present---jeez, what can I call
it? Let's be charitable and say the Movement is now in a kind of "stream of
consciousness" mode. At any rate, when I first came in I was assigned a
bunk, a uniform, a weapon from the El Monte HQ armory, and a list of daily
responsibilities ranging from literature distribution quotas to when it was
my day to wash dishes and clean the toilets. My first commanding officer in
the NSWPP, the late Captain Joseph Tommasi, was an instinctive leader. He
kept us busy and while aware of the fact that he was handling young men in a
state of high morale and adventurous spirit, he tolerated no BS. He put it
to me like this on one occasion: "The Party doesn't accommodate you,
trooper. YOU accommodate the PARTY." 

       I've never forgotten that, because it rang so true down through the
years. Briefly, I have observed that whenever someone comes into "this thing
of ours" with---oh, hell, I'll go ahead and say it---with an impure heart
and impure, selfish, ego-driven motives, they almost always fail. Either
they drop out in rancor and despair or else they become a Metzger or a Robb,
totally cynical, out for the buck and nothing else, and increasingly blatant
about that fact as they realize there are always more suckers down the line
to buy their snake oil. "We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A
Future For White Children" becomes replaced in their minds and their hearts
with "There's One Born Every Minute", and that is in some ways the most
terrible kind of failure.

        The best people we have ever had were those who SERVED our cause,
not used it, served it with their whole hearts and minds and wills, served
it unselfishly, with no thought of reward or gain in their mind. Commander
Rockwell, Joe Tommasi, Bob Miles, Bob Mathews, and a whole slew of others
still alive whom I will not embarrass by naming...because they WOULD be
embarrassed to be praised for doing what is to them their simple, quiet
duty. They have that grace. And by the by---men and women like that are far,
far more common in our ranks than the wretched boy and our other detractors
would have you believe. Not common enough---but there is always enough of
the good to keep us alive and fighting in the face of all the bad.

        That was the standard the boy should have sought to measure up to.
He did not. He committed the second major sin of Movement ego---HE CAME TO
IDENTIFY HIMSELF WITH THE MOVEMENT, and became incapable of distinguishing
between his own desires and the good of the cause.

        The Movement became his universe, and it still is---for if it is
not, then why did he not simply leave six months ago when he decided we were
all "a bunch of losers"? If that's what we are, if we really don't exist, if
we're really such insignificant lowlifes as he claims, then why did he
continue to talk about us month after month, harangue the world about us at
endless and frankly rather boring length? Why the prolonged exit that
stretched on and on, month after month? Why the web page, the e-mails, the
Internet postings, the media interviews, the increasingly frenetic attempts
to recruit others to leave in a kind of mass desertion? 

        Why didn't the boy simply disconnect his web page, cancel his e-mail
accounts, close his post office box, return all his political mail to
sender, find his "one good woman" and get on with his life? This was what he
REPEATEDLY stated he wanted to do and intended do---so why didn't he make
like Nike and just do it? Always there had to be one more posting, one more
e-mail, one more attack on Dr. Pierce---each one absolutely, positively his
last, so he said. Until the next one.

        He didn't do it because despite his protestations, the last thing
this boy wanted was to leave the Movement. For he WAS the Movement, was he
not? Hadn't he had his Fifteen Minutes, when all the world (so it must have
seemed) was looking at him, talking about him, wanting to interview him,
paying attention to him? But something was wrong. The rest of us refused to
recognize his genius, his central importance in the scheme of things. We
were such stupid "losers" that we were incapable of understanding that the
universe revolves around The Boy. Make no mistake: THAT is our real crime,
the terrible sin that makes us "losers"---our refusal to genuflect before
the altar of this boy's monstrous, bloated, insatiable ego.

        What he wanted for himself was what the Movement had to want; if we
did not, then we were at fault, not he. If we didn't do things the way he
wanted them done, then we were fools for not recognizing what a brilliant
genius he was. When his feelings were hurt, then it was obviously a matter
of earth-shaking importance requiring a whole slew of "open letters" and a
personal web page to let the whole world know his feelings were hurt. A
trait I have observed in this boy's writing---again, a very common one among
egotists---is the automatic, unquestioning assumption that the entire world
is waiting with bated breath to hear what he has to say about everything,
hanging on every syllable that drools and plops from his keyboard as if it
were divine revelation. 

        So he wasn't able to get it on with the lady at NA headquarters? So
WHAT, for crying out loud? What in the name of God makes the self-absorbed
little jackass think that's any business of anyone but himself and the lady
concerned? That anyone else on earth GIVES a rat's ass about his frustrated
love-life? If I want to see a cheesey soap opera I'll turn on this week's
episode of Savannah.
        The final straw, of course, was when he ran up against an ego of
such mountainous height and gargantuan girth that it made even his swollen
specimen look small by comparison---that eighth wonder of the world, that
Collossus of the Mind, over three decades in the making and still growing
like The Blob, the Towering Ego of Dr. William L. Pierce. The boy's ego
hurled itself headlong against that iron-sided, immovable, unshakeable,
unreachable, rhino-hide impenetrable, illimitable Mother and Grandmother of
all Egos. The result was like a mosquito flying full tilt into a bug zapper;
one spark and snap, a little smoke and stink, and it was gone.
     As it began to dawn on him over the months that his Fifteen Minutes
were over and the world really didn't give a flying fornication what he had
to say, the boy became increasingly desperate. It couldn't be
happening---his Fifteen Minutes had to go on and on forever. There was one
sure-fire way to turn the spotlight back on himself, one way to get the
media's attention again, one way to get his name (so he thinks) on
everyone's lips---to do the old Saul-to-Paul trick, sing a rousing chorus of
On The Road to Damascus followed by an encore of I Saw The Light. 

        Us "losers" wouldn't listen to him? Us "losers" wouldn't all quit
our organizations and stop our activities at his command and follow him like
the Pied Piper of Hamelin out of the Movement in a great procession? (Follow
him to where, one wonders? He never said.) Well, by Yumpin' Yiminy, he's
gonna show US! He's gonna go join NIZKOR and be the Flaming Sword of Yehudi
that DESTROYS US ALL! Bet we'll be sorry when he unleashes his mighty flying
Nizkor army of winged monkeys on us, won't we?

        Of course, what he's in fact accomplishing is to make a fool of
himself. Publicly, excruciatingly, irrevocably. A clown with long rubber
shoes and little tinkling bells and a big red nose. Tragically, I have seen
not one hint in anything he's written that the boy has the remotest inkling
of this fact. But he is going to find out. The poor dumb bastard.

        You see, one thing every STUKACH finds out in time is an ancient
human truth. NOBODY LIKES A TRAITOR. Because a traitor can never be trusted.
Because a traitor is by definition a---well, a traitor. Not even those who
use the traitor like him. They profit from his treason, and in the course of
milking him for every advantage and every last foot of mileage they can get
they must by the nature of their mission flatter him, smile at him, stroke
him, and give him the regular ego massage he so craves. This boy is probably
convinced that the people he is with now are his bosom buddies for life, now
that he has condescended to confirm with his genius that it is they who are
right and not us "losers". He probably has some idea that now his Fifteen
Minutes will go on forever, that the cheers of the multitude he hears in his
mind will never end, that he and his little Levantine harlot will go walking
hand in hand into some rosy future where all the world bows down to The Boy
Wonder. He has no idea in what contempt his new "friends" hold him, far more
than we do.

        I admit that sometimes I am very angry with him---but not for long.
Because I know where he is headed, and I would not be in his shoes for all
the wide world.

                                                        -Winston Smith


	"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

From Wed Oct  2 08:17:19 PDT 1996
Article: 70834 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads,
Subject: 40 Questions about the holocaust hoax
Date: 2 Oct 1996 09:55:43 GMT
Organization: NYU
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        None. The only evidence is the contradictory testimony of individual
"survivors", and no "survivor" claims actually to have witnessed any
gassing. There is no hard evidence whatsoever. No mounds of ashes, no piles
of clothes, no crematoria capable of doing the job, no human soap, no
lampshades made out of human skin, no records, no demographic statistics.

        On the other hand there exists extensive evidence of a forensic,
demographic, analytical, documentary, anecdotal, and comparative nature
which clearly proves the impossibility of such a figure as six million
Jewish dead, an exaggeration of possibly 1000%.


        Except for the name, the only difference was that the Germans
interned persons who were a real or suspected threat to the German war
effort, whereas the Americans interned persons on the basis of their race or
national origin alone.


        Because the Germans considered the Jews a direct threat to their
national sovereignty and survival, correctly as it turned out. Jews were
overwhelmingly represented in Germany in Communist subversion during the
Weimar period. On a per capita basis, Jews were highly overrepresented in
government, commercial, and media positions. However, ALL suspected security
risks, not just Jews, were in danger of internment once the war broke out.

        On March 24th, 1933, international Jewry declared war on Germany and
ordered a world-wide boycott of German goods simply because the German
government had removed Jews from influential positions and transferred power
back to the German people. The boycott order and the Jewish war against
Germany were reported in the world print and broadcast media of the time.
False stories of German "death camps" were in fact circulated even before
the outbreak of World War Two. Therefore the German view of the Jewish
people as enemy aliens would seem to have been fully justified.


        Yes. In *Books and Bookmen*, April 1975 issue. He claims the gassing
of all the Jews took place in Poland.

        Because after the Allies captured Dachau (and incidentally murdered
dozens of the former staff without trial), thousands of GIs were led through
the camp and shown buildings alleged to be gas chambers. This story was
later quietly expunged from official Holocaust lore because it became too
difficult to maintain in the face of known fact and because Dachau was in
the Allied occupation zone where access to the camp was too easy and

        En passant, the brief lifespan of the "Dachau death camp" version
gave rise to the first critical examination and questioning of the Holocaust
myth by historians and by some Allied veterans who noticed discrepancies in
what they had seen and what they read in official accounts. It would be many
years, though, before this early Holocaust Revisionism gained momentum. 


        No. The "gas chamber" exhibited to tourists at Auschwitz could not
possibly have been used to carry out executions; it is far too small and it
is not even airtight. In the 1980s, American expert Fred Leuchter, who
builds gas chambers for American penal systems, took scrapings from the
walls of the Auschwitz "gas chamber" for chemical analysis. He found no
cyanide residue at all. The Auschwitz exhibit is a fake, pure and simple, a
flimsy tourist trap.        


        It was a large-scale manufacturing complex. Synthetic rubber (Buna)
was made there, and its inmates were used as a workforce, in the same way in
which inmate labor is increasingly being used in correctional systems
throughout the United States today.


        Zyklon-B is a commercially manufactured compound of hydrocyanic gas.
It has a number of widespread industrial uses, including the fumigation of
lice-infested clothing, the purpose for which it was applied at Auschwitz.
Zyklon-B is still manufactured worldwide and is commonly used and available


        Hoess was captured by the Russians and Polish Communists and
brutally tortured. He signed his confession, the SOLE SOURCE for the figure
of six million dead Jews, in English, a language he could not read. Some
pages of the original document are literally stained with Hoess' blood.
Hoess was then conveniently executed so he could not be cross examined.


        About twenty hours. The whole procedure is extremely involved and
technical. Gas masks have to be used and well trained technicians only are


        It can't be explained, because it could not have happened like that.
Had the Germans done this they would have suffered the same fate as the
allegedly exterminated Jews.

        Highly so. The Hoess confession is obviously false and the six
million figure as well. 


        Given the acknowledged efficiency and penetration of the OSS,
British MI5, and Soviet NKVD into the Third Reich, it could not have been
kept secret. Nor can one imagine any reason for the Allies, who were
fighting to destroy Germany, not to make use of such a potentially powerful
propaganda weapon, had there been any contemporary evidence at all during
the war that such an event was occurring. 


        About 300,000.

        15. HOW DID THEY DIE?

        Mainly from recurring typhus epidemics that ravaged war-torn Europe
during the period. Typhus is a disease which invariably appears whenever
people are jammed together for long periods without bathing. It is carried
by lice which infects hair and clothes. Ironically, if the Germans had used
more Zyklon-B for disinfectant purposes, more Jews might have survived the
concentration camps. Jewish prisoners (as well as many others) also died
>from  starvation and lack of medical attention towards the end of the war
when virtually all rail and road transport had come to a standstill due to
the intense Allied bombing campaign.


        5,700,00. The key question is whether or not there was a deliberate,
systematic attempt on the part of the Third Reich to exterminate the Jews of
Europe. The evidence clearly shows that there was not, and the focus of
world attention now needs to shift to the identity, the activities, and the
financial and political motivations of those who have inflicted on all
humanity for the past fifty years the grotesque, slanderous, and evil lie
that there was a "Holocaust".


        A lot more than the Germans had access to or could have afforded to
waste during the Second World War, that's for sure.        


        No. It is impossible for human bodies to be totally consumed by
flames in this manner as not enough heat can be generated in open pits.
[Note From Winston Smith: I can personally confirm from my own observations
of both Communist and American atrocities in both the American and Rhodesian
armed forces that it is impossible completely to destroy human bodies en
masse with either gasoline, napalm, or in any other way in open pits. The
Holocaust "experts" who claim otherwise are either parroting what they have
been told without bothering to check their facts, or else they are lying.]


        About two hours.


        To dispose efficiently and sanitarily of the corpses dead from
typhus and other diseases.


        About 430,600.


        No. 50% of the time is a very generous estimate, or 12 hours per
day. Crematory ovens have to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly when in
heavy operation.

        After the bone is ground down into powder, a separate time-consuming
process in itself, about a shoe box full.


        That remains to be "explained". Six million bodies would produce
literally mountains of ash, tons upon tons. Yet there have been no
discoveries of any huge deposits of ash in the Auschwitz are or anywhere
else in Europe.


        No. These photographs do not reveal even a trace of the immense
amount of smoke which must have hung constantly over the camp, nor do they
show any evidence of the alleged open pits where the bodies were burned.


        A report of the visit of an IRC delegation to Auschwitz in September
of 1944 pointed out that internees were allowed to receive packages and that
rumors of gas chambers could not be verified. The full official report of
the International Red Cross on the Second World War makes no mention at all
of the so-called Holocaust or any of the wilder allegations connected with
the so-called Holocaust. 

        Interestingly, in 1996, fifty years after the war's end, the liberal
media in America and Europe began running a series of articles claiming that
the Red Cross was "full of Nazi sympathizers". This charge is entirely bogus
and may be chalked up to belated Jewish attempts at damage control as the
Holocaust myth crumbles steadily in the light of factual examination and
critical analysis.


        Not as published, no. The evidence compiled by Dietlieb Felderer of
Sweden and Dr. Robert Faurisson of France proves conclusively that the
published version of the famous diary is a literary hoax. There was a girl
named Anne Frank, and sections of the diary appear to be genuine, including
several wherein she describes adolescent lesbian sexual experiences which
were later excised from the published text. 

        In 1950 Anne Frank's father sued author Meyer Levin, the actual
writer of the diary, over royalties from the book. A Jewish judge in New
York ordered the records of the court case sealed for 100 years. When the
original diary was put on display a few years later, it was noticed that the
most poignant sections of the book were interpolations written in a forged
handwriting in BALL POINT PEN, a writing instrument which was not invented
until 1950. The original diary was swiftly removed from exhibit and whisked
away into a safety deposit box in Israel. It has never been produced for
examination since then despite repeated attempts by scholars to view it.


        Some are, but most of the fakery lies in the captioning. Corpses of
German air raid victims, for example, are labeled as dead Jews. One famous
and oft-reprinted photo purports to show a "Nazi SS man" about to shoot a
mother holding her child; on closer examination of the blurry print with a
magnifiying glass, it is clear to military historians familiar with the
uniforms and weapons of the period that the killer is a Red Army soldier
wielding a Russian-made carbine. 

        (The Exterminationist habit of blaming the Germans for atrocities
actually carried out by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin remains common, even
though some of the more notorious examples like the Katyn Forest massacre of
Polish prisoners have now been properly laid at the door of the Kremlin.
That this kind of fraud continues to be perpetrated by Holocaust "experts"
is not surprising in view of the fact that almost all of them espouse
Marxist or extreme left-wing views and are as quick to apologize for and
explain away Stalin's butcheries as they are to invent fraudulent crimes
attributed to Adolf Hitler. The almost universally leftist political and
social orientation of Holocaust defenders is important and should always be
born in mind when examining their claims; letting Stalin off the hook is
almost as important to them as blackening and defaming the memory of Hitler
and the German people. A good example of this is Nizkor leader Ken McVay's
refusal to accept any more NSWPP e-mail after General Secretary Smith asked
him why he did not condemn the mass murders of Stalin.)

        Had there been an extermination plan being carried out in a
predominantly Catholic country like Poland, the Vatican would certainly have
been in a position to learn about it. Since no such plan existed, the
Vatican had no need to speak out about it.


        None. No documentary evidence of any kind indicating a deliberate
extermination plan on the part of the Nazis has ever come to light. No
signed order from Hitler, from Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler, or from any
other functionary of the Third Reich ordering the extermination of the Jews
has ever been discovered. The Nazis were meticulous records-keepers and
literally tons of documents were seized by the Allies at the end of the war,
so many it took Allied archivists and scholars years to organize, file, and
catalog them all. Nothing. Zip. Nada. 


        Absolutely. Both groups were interested in removing the Jews from
Europe (the Zionists wanted the Jews shipped to Palestine) and they
maintained friendly relations throughout the war. The German official in
charge of shipping thousands of Jews to then British-occupied Palestine
(including future Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin) was Adolf Eichmann;
after the war the Holocaust industry considered this secret so volatile and
dangerous that Eichmann was abducted by the Israeli Mossad and subsequently
murdered in order to silence him.


        Slightly less than four million.


        Over two million. The Germans did not have access to them to kill them.


        After the war most Jews emigrated to Palestine, the United States,
Argentina, Canada, and Great Britain. Except for about 300,000, they are all
accounted for.


        It shields them from any criticism over their political, economic,
and social behavior. It is instrumental in raising immense sums of "guilt
money", especially from the German government. It justifies aid to the state
of Israel totaling almost $10 billion dollars per year from various sources.
Israel has received almost $70 billion dollars in assorted "Holocaust
reparations" and the ante is growing every year. It is clearly in the
interest of Israel and the Jewish people to keep the scam going.


        Hollywood movies are not history and are not intended to be. They
are fictionalized dramas. The characters in movies are actors, not real
people, who are being very highly paid for their portrayals of events that
did not in fact occur. They read their lines from a screenplay written by
Hollywood scriptwriters, a profession where Jews are very highly
overrepresented, as they are in the studios and the creative and financial
sectors of film making. 

        Hollywood is such an extremely unreliable source of history that in
recent years even mainstream reviewers and commentators have begun to
express doubt and suspicion over some films. For example, the character of
Oscar Schindler as portrayed by Liam Neeson in Spielberg's production of
"Schindler's List" was sanitized to the point of being unrecognizable.
Schindler was portrayed as almost saintly, and yet none of those still
living who remember the man have a single good word to say about him. The
real Schindler was a confidence artist, a thief, a libertine and degenerate
gambler who indulged freely in forced sexual relations with young female
camp inmates, who later abandoned his wife and fled with his mistress to
Brazil after embezzling a large sum of money. Other major directors like
Oliver Stone have come under fire because their portrayals of historical
characters like Nixon and events like the JFK assassination reflect a
paranoid obsession with the most bizarre of left-wing conspiracy theories.


        Over 100, with more in the works.


        Some are, although why such people should be denied the same right
to advance their viewpoint which liberal democracy grants so freely to Jews
and liberals in this purportedly free society is never explained. The NSWPP
is a National Socialist organization, although unlike the Jews we
acknowledge our identity and our ideological position in the open. Most
Revisionists, however, are academics, genuine scholars who seek only the
truth. Many hold liberal or libertarian views, although these views often
change as they are subjected to the intense persecution which accompanies
any deviation from the official orthodocy on the Holocaust.


        A variety of unpleasant things. Significantly, the Jews have always
refused to debate the facts of the Holocaust openly with Revisionists. An
Internet group allegedly set up for this purpose called Nizkor does not in
fact debate Revisionists, but engages in hysterical campaigns of ad hominem
abuse against anyone who dares to express any dissent or doubt in re
Holocaust orthodoxy. It is clear from many of the postings to Nizkor's
Internet playgroups that they have attracted a number of people, mostly Jews
but some left-liberal Gentiles as well, who are motivated by intense racial
bigotry and ideological hatred of anyone who disagrees with them, and who in
some cases appear to be severely mentally and emotionally disturbed.

        The Jews respond to any questioning of the Holocaust with hatred,
violence, and persecution, which in itself is the surest giveaway that they
have something to hide. In many countries those who ask politically
incorrect or searching questions about the Holocaust are arrested, tortured,
and imprisoned. 

        Dr. Robert Faurisson was assaulted by a Jewish gang who beat him so
badly that he was almost crippled. In California, a major Revisionist
bookseller's offices were burned, and in Toronto Revisionist author Ernst
Zundel's home was almost destroyed in an arson attack. Zundel was subjected
to a bizarre series of show trials lasting over ten years, and after being
finally acquitted he has been denied Canadian citizenship and is still
battling attempts to deport him to prison and torture in Germany. 

        An American citizen, Gerhard Lauck of Lincoln, Nebraska, was
kidnapped by the German government and at this writing is serving a lengthy
prison sentence in Germany for the "crime" of writing pro-National Socialist
commentary IN THE UNITED STATES where it is legal. Another American citizen,
Hans Schmidt of Florida, was also abducted, held in prison in Germany for
almost a year, and released only after an international outcry. Schmidt's
"crime" was writing a pro-Revisionist article, in English, in a newsletter
published and distributed in the United States. German nationalist Manfred
Roeder has been imprisoned so many times he's lost count. Revisionists have
been stripped of jobs and academic posts, denied tenure in universities,
victimized by harassing lawsuits, received bombs in the mail, and subjected
to constant death threats from Jews and Marxists.

are accused of a crime or a fraud do not respond by trying to kill,
imprison, or forcibly silence their accusers. More than anything else, the
behavior of the Jews and the governments they influence so strongly proves
that the Holocaust is a fraud. If the Holocaust was true, neither the Jews
nor any state authority would need to use force to silence criticism, any
more than force need be used against people who believe the earth is flat.
The arrests, imprisonment, assaults and torchings are the moral equivalent
of a full confession on the part of the Jewish people that they are
contemptible liars who have imposed the most massive and vicious hoax in
history on all of humanity, and have used that hoax as an excuse to rob us
blind, steal another people's country, and then to slaughter that country's
original inhabitants at will, as according to National Public Radio they are
doing even now as I type this, in the town of Ramallah.


        No. They have only made Revisionists more determined than ever to
ensure that the truth comes out and that the nations of the earth understand
how the Jewish people have lied to them, defrauded them, and robbed them for
over half a century now with the Holocaust lie. There can be little doubt
that in succeeding generations the Holocaust will be accepted by mainstream
historians and the public at large for what it is: a politically inspired hoax.

NOTE: This article was partially re-worked by me from material in a pamphlet
provided by the Institute for Historical Review. For further information on
Revisionism, the IHR may be contacted at - W.S.

	"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

From Wed Oct  2 16:20:32 PDT 1996
Article: 70960 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads
Subject: Things to come:
Date: 2 Oct 1996 09:52:31 GMT
Organization: NYU
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        I have been asked by a reader: "What, specifically, do you believe
the future holds for America and where does the NSWPP fit in?" 

        That's a tough one, because there are in fact several possible
scenarios, depending on many variables and uncertain factors, but her letter
made it clear that I am not being asked to outline them all, I am being
asked to gaze into my crystal ball and say what I think WILL happen. That's
something I normally avoid, but what the heck?

        The first thing that needs to be very clearly understood is this:
CANNOT correct or repair itself. Things have been let slide for too long
with a patch job here, a lick and a promise there, every hard or politically
incorrect decision avoided or postponed, and so now conventional society has
broken down far beyond the point of no return. The economic resources and
the all-important POLITICAL WILL to take the steps which would be necessary
to salvage the traditional "America" in some recognizable form simply don't

        For example, the only way to stop the overwhelming drug crisis would
be mandatory, swift and public execution of anyone found trafficking in
narcotics, preferably by hanging from lamp posts or some other very visible
way. We have a few cowboy yahoo type politicians who may propose such
flamboyant measures for home consumption, knowing full well they will fail,
but the government we have will never do it. Ergo, we will not stop the drug
epidemic. Drugs will eventually be legalized and America will continue to
become an increasingly stoned madhouse.

        Black and Hispanic gang members can only be stopped by rounding them
up and interning them permanently, in camps where they will be compelled to
live under a stringent set of behavioral rules involving capital punishment
for infractions, a system which quite frankly amounts to looking for an
excuse to go ahead and execute them. They are utterly useless to society,
human detritus, and they need to be thrown away. Black "juvenile" offenders
in the pre-teenage range would have to be flogged, publicly and BY A WHITE
MAN, to re-instil respect in them only way the negroid can assimilate the
concept, through force. Martial law would have to be declared in the inner
cities, South African style influx control laws passed to prevent blacks and
mud people from fleeing into the suburbs or the countryside, and non-Whites
who misbehaved shot immediately without trial. Is any of this likely to
happen under our present limp setup?

        The Federal Reserve system would have to be abolished and the
country returned to the gold standard immediately. Jews and liberals would
have to be banned from Congress and purged from the government. The media
would have to be ruthlessly purged of liberals and Jews. All affirmative
action employees would have to be fired or returned to levels of employment
commensurate with their actual abilities: blacks in three-piece suits would
have to be thrown back onto the loading dock or handed a broom and Yuppie
Barbie dolls would have to be booted out the boardrooms and corner offices
back to the typing pool, the laundry, or waiting on tables at the diner.
Millions of working mothers would have to be ordered to go home and take
care of their children so they don't grow up into Beavis and Butthead or the
Menendez brothers. The death penalty would have to be imposed for sexual
perversion and a number of highly visible executions of faggots and dykes
carried out to drive these perverts so far back into the closet that they
can never again threaten our children. Massive deportation of millions of
Third World immigrants would have to be urgently prioritized. NAFTA and GATT
would have to be immediately revoked, massive protective tariffs placed
around American industry and jobs, and as a good faith gesture symbolic of
our genuine determination to change our ways, the entire Clinton
administration should be arrested and tried by a special Nuremberg-style

        You get the picture. Let's get real: is any president of the United
States or government elected under liberal democracy going to do this kind
of thing? No.

        So Swami Winston's first prediction is that THINGS WILL CONTINUE TO
GET WORSE. I do not believe there will be any sharp, defining high-profile
event of the kind right-wingers generally describe as "the balloon going
up". I could, of course, be wrong about that. But I think the hebes running
the economy are sharp enough to keep the patient on life-support and prevent
any sudden October 1929-style collapses or outright depressions; what we
will see is just many more years of the same slow death of our world. TV
will get trashier, politics more corrupt and coarse, the rich will get
richer, the White will get poorer, and the middle class will gradually
become extinct.

        Manufacturing will continue to flee from this country to Third World
lands where peons will labor for thirty cents an hour; within ten years we
will manufacture virtually nothing in America. Living standards will
continue to decline, as will educational standards. White kids, especially
boys, will go to college in fewer and fewer numbers because not only will
they be excluded by the racial and gender quotas but their parents will be
working their tails off at six or seven-dollar an hour jobs just to make
ends meet, and there will be no money for tuition.

        Racially, the deterioration will be most visible as the Third World
hordes continue to flood in, and overheard English in the supermarket
becomes a rarity. Black criminal violence against Whites will become
accepted as a daily threat one lives with, something like the weather which
no one can do anything about, and it will attract less and less attention.
Every day will become a mini-war for survival for the aging White
population. One of the few slightly encouraging predictions I feel able to
make is that the various Schumer-style gun control measures will be
ineffective; eventually even the stupidest White will realize that you
either own and carry firearms or you and your family die, end of story.

        There will also be increasing violence between blacks and the other
racial minorities over the welfare checks and state benefits which used to
be solely for Affikin-Amurkins. The blacks will lose, being less intelligent
and, with the exception of the Nation of Islam, completely disorganized and
indisciplined. Within twenty years blacks will be almost completely replaced
by Hispanics in low level and service-industry jobs; outside of the
artificial affirmative action-created black managerial class, a black male
with a job of any kind will become unknown. Black racial quotas will be
filled as they largely are now, with black females, because they are an
affirmative action "twofer" and [somewhat] more intelligent and
workplace-viable than the males.

        Blue-collar Whites will not fare much better. Within a generation
most technical and infrastructure jobs will be automated or taken over by
Asians. Management and the civil service will become almost exclusively
female or homosexual. Young, sexually normal White men will be faced with
some grim choices. All but the wealthiest will be effectively excluded from
university education and hence from the professions. They will be relegated
to a lifetime of marginal, minimum wage, no-benefit "temp" work; the only
way out will be to enlist in the military or the police as mercenaries to
maintain the status quo and suppress and control their own people. 

        Home ownership for Whites will become a thing of the past; the only
young White people who own homes will be those who inherit them from their
parents, and these will be gradually squeezed out as high taxes and upkeep
and low wages force them into tenement-like rental housing, while their
homes are purchased by Asians or the women and mud of the affirmative
action-created managerial class who will form a kind of shaky, ersatz
replacement for the devastated White middle class of the mid-twentieth
century. Lacking homes or job security of any kind, much of the remaining
White population will become semi-nomadic, moving across the continent in
migrations of battered old automobiles and U-Haul trailers in search of
work, like the Okies of the Depression.

        Is there anything which might cause "the balloon to go up"? Well,
one never knows. History is not an exact science and the human variable is
Wars are always good for releasing balloons; Billyboy or some future idiot
president might make the mistake of picking on someone who actually fights
back, and indeed the Serbs may yet do so. Another possibility is that the
liberals, already cackling like drunken demons over Bill Clinton's impending
re-election, get so overcome with arrogance and hubris that they throw all
caution to the winds and do something so foul and grotesque that White
anger, resentment, and loathing for niggers and perverts and the Clintons
finally explodes into a conflagration or (more likely) a military coup. 

        It might be mandatory sodomy as "diversity training" for
schoolchildren. It might be the institution of homosexual "marriage" as the
law of the land. It might be "reparations" in the form of handing every
black man, woman, and child a tax-free check for $200,000, as has been
suggested. Something of the kind might, just MIGHT make the White man boil
over and take his gun collection into the streets instead of just cleaning
it at night and fantasizing. Unlikely, I agree; American White males are as
soft as butter and apparently so supine and lazy that there is literally
nothing they won't tolerate. (Hell, it looks like we'll even put up with the
Clintons stealing a general election by giving citizenship to two million wogs.)

        But...tyrants have been caught by surprise before. Remember the
famous video that caught the amazed look on Ceausescu's face, when the mob
in the Bucharest square turned on him and he suddenly realized he was no
longer in control? The worms of the earth can turn, and the White male has
been held in patronizing contempt by the established power structure for so
long that a sudden revolt would catch them completely off guard.

                [Coming tomorrow in Part 2: The Role Of the Party] 


	"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

From Wed Oct  2 16:20:33 PDT 1996
Article: 70961 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads
Subject: Things to come:
Date: 2 Oct 1996 09:53:46 GMT
Organization: NYU
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                        Part 2: The Role of the Party


        So what will the Party be doing while all this is going on? I don't
know. That's your department, isn't it? Would you care to let me in on the
secret? I admit, I'm quite curious. No, I'm not being facetious or
sarcastic. YOU will decide what the role the Party plays based on the level
of activity and support you give us. It doesn't take rocket science to
figure that out. The Party will do as much as you give us the manpower and
the resources to do.

        Obviously, the first thing we have to accomplish is make White
America aware of our existence and where to find the Party when, at long
last, they have had enough. I do as much as I can, especially now that I
have Internet access. Essentially, though, this is your job. You must find
within yourself the strength of will to take the energy and the time and the
resources which you would normally devote to the White man's usual response
of complaining, and transmute it all into action which involves getting the
Party's message and contact address before White people. 

        The next step, once we get the people in, is to try and break the
White man of his many bad mental and spiritual habits, but most especially
his cursed LAZINESS and his pervasive, ingrained pathology of COMPLAINT, the
"write your Congressman, call a radio talk show and bitch" syndrome which
allows White males to let off steam while never actually accomplishing
anything or affecting events or policies in any way. There is no point in
activity which simply generates more complaint, as opposed to genuine
propaganda and agitation aimed at generating ACTION.

        The two are not the same. Learn to differentiate between them. A
simple rule of thumb is that ACTION involves YOU doing something (other than
complaining) to bring about genuine change. COMPLAINT involves your
demanding that SOMEONE ELSE do something.

        The White American male has been conditioned by liberal democracy
and Jewish materialism to COMPLAIN rather than to ACT, to BUY things rather
than to DO things, and this is a very hard behavioral pattern to reprogram.
When White people first come into contact with the Party and believe they
have found a sympathetic ear, they immediately start doing what White people
do best: they complain. They moan. They bitch. They whine. They tell me in
great detail how bad things are, apparently under the odd impression that I
don't know far better than they how bad things are. They passionately demand
that SOMEBODY ELSE (i.e me, the Party, the Man in the Moon) must kiss it and
make it better, must DO SOMETHING---and being Americans, of course they want
it done now, now, NOW! 

        The challenge for the Party is to develop a way of de-programming
White Americans from the habit of a lifetime and make them behave like
Europeans behaved a century ago. In other words, WE MUST CHANGE THE WHITE
what amounts to a religious conversion, a spiritual rebirth. We must make
our people understand one simple concept: HITLER WAS RIGHT.

        Hitler was right. Simple. Straightforward. No mystery here, droog.
All the rest is just commentary. Pounding that one simple, beautiful,
powerful, mind-cleansing, race-saving idea into the media-dulled,
luxury-poisoned brain of a White American is the hardest job anyone can
attempt. But we have to do it. Because when one of our brothers or sisters
finally grasps in their mind, their heart, their soul that Adolf Hitler was
right, they become truly free. From then on they can never again be
re-enslaved, only killed. The chains of Zion fall from them forever.

        For this we need propaganda, resources, dedicated full-time National
Socialists to act as missionaries and professional revolutionaries, and a
sufficiently conducive material and physical environment so we can
concentrate on the job at hand, adequately equipped to provide moral and
logistic support while we re-wire the heads and awaken the souls of our
brothers and sisters. The pace at which this generation-spanning task occurs
is entirely in YOUR hands.

        Before a revolution can occur, you need revolutionaries. That is our
task for the forseeable future; to identify, contact, indoctrinate, and
motivate to action the tiny fragment of the Aryan population which is
capable of recovering its long-atrophied character traits such as idealism,
self-sacrifice, dedication, and physical courage. That is what we will be
doing while the world around us is going to hell in a handbasket.

        The tactical goal is simple: to create a revolutionary political
party composed of dedicated National Socialists in sufficient numbers and of
sufficient fortitude so that the National Socialist White People's Party
will become publicly recognized as the one and only spokesman for the White
people of North America. Once that is achieved, once we are clearly accepted
as the leaders of our people, we will take whatever route appears to be the
quickest and surest to the seizure of state power and the creation of a
sovereign Aryan Republic which will implement the programs and policies of
National Socialism.

	"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

From Wed Oct  2 16:20:34 PDT 1996
Article: 70963 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads,
Subject: Re:...Racist buffoons the children of polyester-cotton blend?
Date: 2 Oct 1996 09:57:28 GMT
Organization: NYU
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A   C O M M U N I C A T I O N   T O   M Y   F R I E N D S           
No. 009 - September 2, 1996

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust  (CODOH)   
Written by Richard Widmann


Revisionism is once again under attack.  This time, the attack is 
>from  the Harvard Law School, home of the renowned O.J. Simpson 
Defense Attorney, Alan Dershowitz.  Harvard Law School has defamed 
revisionists and others on their website called : Harvard Law 
Library's -Guide to Hate Groups on the Internet.  I urge all of you 
to visit this site at :

Divided into numerous sections, the folks from Harvard have set up 
a special page for revisionists.  Here they include in their list 
of haters the following individuals or groups.

Adelaide Institute :

Be Wise as Serpents:

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (Bradley Smith):

Greg Raven's Web Site for Revisionist Materials:

Radio Islam:

Student Revisionists' Resource Site:

To the Light:

The Zundelsite:"

According to the "unsigned" introductory comments, our anonymous 
author writes:
"I have used the following narrow definition of "hate group" to 
select sites for this bibliography. I have defined a hate group as, 
an organization that advocates violence against or separation from 
those persons or organizations identified by their race, religion, 
ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender. Or an organization 
that knowingly spreads lies and half-truths in order to demean or 
incite hatred against these persons or organizations.  Asterisks 
appear next to those hate pages that are useful starting points for 
further study."

The  special asterisks were awarded to the Bradley R. Smith site, 
Greg Raven's Site, and of course, the Zuendelsite.  It has already 
been countered that this definition of "hate" is the equivalent of 
a classification of groups which the author does not agree.  Many 
wonder about the lies and half-truths of the Holocaust lobby which 
seek to "demean or incite hatred" against Germans.  No such sites 
are included in Harvard's list.

The Harvard Law School does not stop with the websites listed 
above.  In other sections of their slander page they take aim at 
Arthur Butz, Freedom Site, Nation of Europa, Politically Incorrect, 
British Nationalists Page, and MANY MANY others.

This sort of name calling and politically correct classifications 
reaks of Orwell's "1984."  Harvard should be responded to.  We 
should expect more from this supposed school of higher learning.  
Apparently dissenting opinions are not welcome at Harvard.  You can 
contact them at:


Following is my letter to the Harvard law school. 

I recently found your listing of so-called revisionist "hate" 
groups.  The listing of many of these sites as "hate" sites is 
ludicrous and shows your total misunderstanding of the material 

The branding of certain individuals and organizations with the word 

"hate" is a form of censorship and indeed "hate" itself.

In 1859, John Stuart Mill wrote in his classic volume, "On 
Liberty," "The time, it is to be hoped, is gone by when any defence 

would be necessary of the 'liberty of the press' as one of the 
securities against corrupt or tyrannical government."  Today, 
through technological achievements, that "liberty of the press" has 

become the cause of "liberty of cyberspace."  But, I am sure, to 
J.S. Mill's surprise, the defense of our liberties are still 

One of the most prominent topics under attack is that of holocaust 
revisionism.  For many individuals and groups, the holocaust is the 

one point of history which can not be questioned nor analyzed.  
Those who express skepticism on this topic are instantly branded as 


As editor of the ThoughtCrimes archive 
( I have 
documented the persecution and physical attacks against 
revisionists over the past 13 years.  Recent attempts at such 
censorship included the astounding events surrounding St. Martin's 
Press reversal on the publication of David Irving's volume, 
"Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich."  This decision was made 
after numerous death threats were made against the publisher 
(according to the N.Y. Times 4/5/96).

Recently revisionists suffered a tremendous blow when the volume, 
"Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte," was ruled illegal in Germany.  The 

judge ordered that the editor of this volume be sentence to 14 
months imprisonment in Germany and that all copies of this book be 
burned.  Where are protest against this Gestapo-like ruling?  In 
the name of Freedom of Speech, CODOH has posted the entirety of 
this banned book (

What kind of truth needs this defense?  A distorted view of 
revisionism does not serve the cause of truth.  Harry Elmer Barnes 
wrote very succinctly in his essay, "Revisionism and the Promotion 
of Peace,"  "Revisionism has become a fighting term.  To so-called 
Revisionists, it implies an honest search for historical truth and 
the discrediting of misleading myths that are a barrier to peace 
and goodwill among nations.  In the minds of anti-Revisionists, the 

term savors of malice, vindictiveness, and an unholy desire to 
smear the saviors of mankind.  Actually, Revisionism means nothing 
more or less than the effort to correct the historical record in 
the light of a more complete collection of historical facts, a more 

calm political atmosphere, and a more objective attitude."

Richard A. Widmann


A final thought on Freedom of Speech:

"Freedom of speech is my right to say what you don't want to hear."

..George Orwell


PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer not to receive any future 
"Communications" please send an email message to  
Simply state on the email - "REMOVE," and you will promptly be 
removed from this private mailing list.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Richard Widmann

Bradley R. Smith
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH)
The Internet Project

Bradley R. Smith
P.O. Box 3267
Visalia CA 93278

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