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From Mon Sep 30 15:57:23 PDT 1996
Article: 70326 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,,alt.california,soc.culture.german,soc.culture,austrian,soc.culture,europe,alt.christnet,,talk.politic.misc
Subject: Re: If the holocaust is not a fake,then why is Ken McVoy and Nizkor so chicken shit to deabet Winston Smith ?
Date: 30 Sep 1996 17:31:28 GMT
Organization: NYU
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  The reason open debate dose not take place is because it's a racket and 
many Christians falesly believe that the so called Jews are God's choosen 
people.  If the holocaust mafia had the truth on their side,debate would 
be once a week. Winston Smith, Enst Zundel, David Erving and Ingrid 
Rimland would bonce the mega politically correct of the walls if they 
dared to debate.This would lead to the tar and feathering of all the Goy 
at Nizkor.
  Ken McVay is a self hating White libral who hasn't the guts to touch 
Smith's offer. True he is chicken shit.

From Mon Sep 30 20:39:13 PDT 1996
Article: 70426 of alt.revisionism
From: Dan Cook 
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,,alt.christnet
Subject: Rev Ronald SchSchoede
Date: 30 Sep 1996 17:48:43 GMT
Organization: NYU
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 Dear Rev.

  I'm not sure why you would want to have Ken McVay's forgiveness. It is 
he and his like who are racist. Your former board exposed the talmud, the 
evil set of Bibles of the Pharisee. Why beg them ? They hate you and you 
know it. To them you are cattle to be milked and beefed.
  Notice they do not catolog communists,who are the world biggest 
murdering slime on earth. Notice the communist style of thinking they 
have and the constent ad hominem attacts, some of them clearly on 
children and young adults.
 I agree with you on the fact that our movement needs to be cleaned 
up,but that's no reason to bow to those who have been at war on us from 
day one. Remember what the Jews did under communism, remember what their 
evil has done to America. Remember what the Jews did to Jesus and why.


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