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In article <53s0p2$>, writes:

>What are you implying?

RB - What is being implied here is that I am you and so forth.  But this
is not true and this is well known.  The counter-assertion is only made
for trolling purposes, mainly because I think boredom is setting in.  BTW,
that is a clue for the function here.

If I may recap -- and, what the hell, I can say whatever I want -- I came
here back in April because I had been away from this subject for ages and
I wanted to find out what was new and also have my say.  Having had my say
-- getting it off my chest, so to speak -- the next question is, what

What everyone has to understand that this is not a forum for persuasion or
even the honest exchange of views.  While I am sure there are lurkers here
-- largely for entertainment, but I will return to that notion -- any 18
year old college student can access the Web, type ** and get
the revisionist slant unaltered, and also get direct hot links to several
other revisionist sites, including the Nizkor site, where they can read
about the Holocaust as much as they want.  If they are so enfeebled as to
not be able to do that, merely typing *revisionism* on the feeblest search
engine will still do the trick.  Look at the digit counters at CODOH or
IHRGREG sometime.  They seem to be turning over at quite a respectable

What I am arguing is that because of the phenomena of websites a newsgroup
such as this really has no utility for revisionists or revisionism
generally, unless it be as a kind of commercial platform.  But I am also
implying by that statement that the only reason why someone would post
here would either to (a) get some things off their chests, or (b) carry on
the message to others.  But once (a) is fulfilled, then only (b) is left:
and it is questionable whether we really want to devote our time and our
lives to _this_ kind of co-dependency.

All complaints come down to details.  The conventionalists believe.  The
revisionists do not.  Have you ever tried to persuade a Jehovah's Witness
who comes to your door on Saturday morning that Jesus did not rise from
the dead on the third day?  Probably, you agreed with him so he would go
away and you could get back to sleep before the kids got up and put on the
cartoons.  Why should this obscure board be any different?

My advice is:  get it off your chest, and then find a more positive
approach to the issue, or something else to get into.  Or maybe both.  For
all that, RB, I respect your efforts a great deal.

Eyeballing something like 6800 messages at once after a six week hiatus
was quite a strain.  I picked a few interesting strings and dumped the
rest.  I did, however, draw a few conclusions.

1)  For those who think that their postings here are so determinative to
the lurkers, I can only say that with new eyes most of the posts here are
boring, repetitive, and predictably insulting and obscene.

2)  I am beginning to think that there is an almost physiological
addiction involved with this board, which may explain why some people here
are such frequent posters, aside from the rather obvious ideological
reasons.  However, the rush one may feel by delivering a broadside, or
receiving a compliment, or even taking an insult,  is rather pale compared
to either the tactile warmth of one's own family or the genuine rush of
intellectual discovery.

3)  Time spent composing messages that are ultimately *for the Lurkers* is
time that could also be spent on a dissertation, a book, a translation, a
new language, or in expressing cameraderie and love for those you know who
deserve it.  It would tend to follow, I fear, that posters who continue to
post after having had their say here lack either the intellectual
imagination to do one of the abovementioned or else lack the social graces
to do the other.  Having too much time on your hands leads easily to
having something else in your hands.

4)  Revisionists are like fallen Christians: once they believed, now they
doubt, and, boy, are they pissed.  Conventionalists are doing all of this
as an act of love to some poor soul who got screwed in WW2.  The act of
love they do here is well intentioned but frequently quite ugly all the

Back in six weeks, maybe.


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