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Subject: Re: Joebuck can't argue
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Xref: alt.conspiracy:103220 alt.politics.radical-left:128523 alt.politics.perot:60901 alt.revisionism:76854 (karl mamer) wrote:

> writes:
>> >If adding the kosher certification increases the market for a company's
>> >products, which it obviously does, the costs are likely to be less due to
>> >economies of scale and scope. 
>>   That reminds me of the dolts who, sharing your mindset, said, after
>> Hurricane Andrew devastated much of Florida a few years ago, "Well, at
>> least it'll [the storm] create lots of jobs!"
>>   Based on THAT imbecilic thinking, Floridians should wish for
>> *weekly* major hurricanes -- after all, they'll be LOTS of work for
>> everyone after they hit! :-)
>>   And going by your genuinely ignorant illogic, Junior, members of all
>> racial/religious groups should plead with their leaders/ministers to
>> demand  that *they*, too, be paid to "certify" consumer items -- after
>> all, as you claim above, "the costs will be likely to be less due to
>> economies of scale and scope"! 
>>   ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-0

>Again, Joebuck ignores economic facts and tosses out a red herring.
>Demonstrating for all that 1) he simply can't put together
>a logical argument 2) can't argue against the economies of
>scale argument.

>Let's review, Joebuck.

>1) It has been demonstrated to you that, in the case of kosher
>Planters peanuts, kosher labelling added, perhaps, .0002 cents per 
>pound. The figure was arrived at by a manager of peanut factory.

  Actually, if you recall, the purportedly-retired "manager of a
peanut factory" turned out to be one David Braun -- a young college
student at the U of Washington.
  He claimed to be a retired Planters manager: NOT TRUE.
  He claimed not to be Jewish: NOT TRUE.
  Based on the above, I'll let the other readers of his thread decide
if they think I should accept Mr. Braun's self-serving
arguments/information -- all based, it turns out, on falsehoods.

>2) It has been demonstrated to you that there are many
>products that are cheaper with kosher labels than
>similar products without.

  This is undoubtedly true. See, we agree!
  However -- and as an intelligent person you *must* realize -- this
does not in the least mean that kosher "certification" doesn't add
measureable costs to food (and, it appears, tin foil) prices.
  There may very well be OTHER reasons why a particular
kosher-certified product may, in rare instances, be less-expensive
than the non-kosher-certified variety. 
  For example, perhaps the kosher-certified variety was manufactured
overseas under slave-labor conditions. It might've actually been even
LESS expensive had it not been certified as "kosher."

> For example, I bought a 2 l
>bottle of pop for 79 cents with kosher labelling.
>A similar bottle without the kosher labelling was 99 cents.

  Again, it undoubtedly would've been even even cheaper if it had not
been kosher-certified -- for a pretty hefty fee, I might add -- by one
of those profit-driven kosher-certification companies.

>3) You swore that Canadian economists estimated the average
>"goy" family paid an extra $300 a year because of
>Kosher labelling. You stated, in no uncertain terms,
>that you would produce the names of these economists.

  Although I never said, "in no uncertain terms, that I'd "produce the
names of these economists," I did say I'd *try* to get the references
at the library.
  However, I nonetheless admit that your point is well-taken, since I
haven't, in fact, come up with the references to back up the claim
that kosher certification costs the typical Canadian family about $300
per year. Thus, since I'm not able to support the claim with such
references, I hereby retract it.  
 [Now, would somebody hand me some paper towels? It's not easy wiping
all this egg off my face . . .]  

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