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From Sun Aug 11 13:25:19 PDT 1996
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From: (Ken McVay OBC)
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Subject: Re: Tom Moran - an enviromental liar
Date: 11 Aug 1996 12:31:00 -0700
Organization: The Nizkor Project
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In article <4ukulg$>, (Michael P. Stein) wrote:

>In article <>,
>tom moran  wrote:

>>	Printing Nizkor files including the alt.revisionism headers and
>>Nizkor signature stresses out your printer, demanding more ink and hot

>    Nobody made you print the files.  You can edit them down before
>printing if you like.  You are the one responsible for the waste if you
>insist on printing them.

Mr. Moran has previously insisted that it was not possible to
print nizkor's files... some nonsense about rigiis and abject
ignorance, if memory serves..

I suppose that leaves us at a juncture where we must decide if
Mr. Moran was lying _then_, or if Mr. Moran is lying _now_, or
if Mr. Moran is simply continuing to lie all the time?

>>	Storing Nizkor files in your computer clobbers your hard drive
>>with all the extra atl.revisionism headers and Nizkor signatures.

Shucks, and here I thought my hard disks were in prime
condition... just goes to show you... I figure we've got about
40-gigs-worth of disks in use worldwide... it amazes me that they
can be clobbered and still deliver those files, hour after

>    In that case, what shall we say of little Tommy Moran, who keeps
>reposting his articles time and time again instead of giving the DejaNews
>URL?  And of course there is his habit of quoting hundreds of lines of
>text to add one silly little comment below.

What we have always said, I suppose: that li'l tommy is a
liar, and not a terribly successful liar at that.


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