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Subject:      Re: McVay folds to Moran's royal flush
From: (Yale F. Edeiken)
Date:         1996/04/22
Message-Id:   <4lgl1f$>
References:   <>
Organization: ENTER.NET
Newsgroups:   alt.revisionism

> (tom moran) writes:
> (Yale F. Edeiken) wrote:
>  >
>  >    1.  L'il Tommy has told us about a mayor of Philadelphia who once
>  >commented that he wouldn't let the Jews get way with making the display of
>  >Christian symbols a political issue.  L'il Tommy won't even tell us in which
>  >*decade* this happened.  Presumably it could have been Henry Clinton.
>       Show where I said the "mayor of Philadelphia". Don't leave out
>  the part where I said I was in the Philadelphia area, not the city
>  itself.

        Now L'il Tommy won't even tell us what town to which he was referring.
 That means a mayor somewhere in a large metropolitan area sometime duing the
last 250 years might have said something that supports L'il Tommy's contention.
Very convincing.

>  >    2.  L'il Tommy is continually challenging people to "prove" various
>  >things.  Among those have been that he is an anti-Semite and that he is a liar.
>  >Yet when those challenges are accepted, L'il Tommy is nowhere to be found.
>       When you call someone anti-Semitic, the burden of proof is on
>  you.

        Sure.  I have responded to your challenge to do this several times.  You
have refused.  You are the one who is ducking and running.  I will hereby repeat
my offer to prove it:

        I will prove before any recognized alternate resolution orgnaization
(American Arbitration Association preferred) that, within the standard dictionary
meaning of the word that Tom Moran is an anti-Semite placing only the following
conditions on the matter:

        1.  U.S. Code of Evidence to be used.

        2.  U.S. Rules of Civil Procedure relating to discovery to be used.

        3.  U.S. Rules of Civil Procedure 52 and 54 to apply.

        4.  Loser pays all arbitration fees and all stenographic or videotape fees
including those of depositions.

        Will you respond this time?

>  >    I could go on and on but L'il Tommy seem to be too busy gloating over
>  >gangs of thugs beating up Jewish girls in the furtherance of "peace on eath,
>  >good will to men" to respond.
>       Show this statement to be true.

        See above.

        The evidence will be your post implicitily condoning such activity which
you made as an addendum to your post in which you attempted to justify your
unjustifiable position on the menorah.


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