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Behold - The record

Posted by tom moran on December 29, 1998 at 10:01:57:


"Know ye not history and you are doomed to repeat it."
Know ye your history of malice and repeat it, and the malice
of consequences repeateth also.
No group in the world has such a repeated history in the world as the
Hebrews. They relish in recounting this history as if it is a high
point of achievement, without going through the recognized procedure
of objectively learning from history. It is always the other guy who
is at fault. 

"The Jewish Book of Days"

is a small hard covered calender book starting off with January and
ending in December and no particular year involved. Each page is
divided up into seven horizontal spaces, each one having a numerical
date corresponding to the month and in each space there is a notation
for something the Jews find significant, such as Janurary 1 notes
"Hank Greenberg, professional baseball player, born (1911)" or June 27
notes "The Yiddish newspaper Die Yidishe Velt began publication in New
York (1902)".
The Jewish history also cites among the attaining people and moments
of their history a substantial recollection of their effects on
others, the first appearing under the book date,

Jan. 8 Jews expelled from Genoa, Italy (1598), then

12 Jews expelled from Sicily(1493)

14 The Church burned confiscated Jewish books in Rome(1601)

31 Henry II forbade Jews in England to build new synagogues(1253)

Feb. 6 First auto-da-fe of the Spanish Inquisition(1481)

13 Jews of Speyer massacred(1195)

21 Jews expelled from German city Ratisbon(1519)

26 The Jews were expelled from all papal territory except Rome and

28 First auto-da-fe in the New World(1574)

Mar. 9 Pope Innocent IV ordered that the Talmud be burned(1244)

18 More than eighty French Jews were burned at the stake in Bray(1191)

28 Turkish authorities expelled Jews from Jaffa and Tel Aviv(1917)

31 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella signed the order expelling Jews
from Spain(1492)

Apr. 2 Jews expelled from Sicily(1492)

5 The Polish army executed thirty five Jews for handing out Joint
Distribution Committee packages to the Jews of Pinsk(1919)

23 Jews prohibited from living in France

28 A progrom at Elizavetgrad was followed by a series of progroms
throughout the Ukraine and neighboring provinces(1881)

30 A royal proclaimation instructs Jews to leave Spain by the end of

May 7 Empress Catherine I ordered all Jews expelled from the

13 Nonnative Jews expelled from Bohemia(1763)

19 Iraqi Jews began to depart for Israel(1950)

31 Sigmund III of Poland tried to keep Jews out of Riga(1593)

June 15 Many Jews were killed during a riot in Safed(1834)

16 Jews expelled from Florence(1527)

19 Loius IX of France decreed all Jews must wear yellow badge(1269)

24 Russian Minister of the Interior instructed local authorities to
suppress Zionism among the Jews(1903)

July 11 Jews expelled from Little Russia(1739)

19 Thirty eight Jews burned in Brandenburg as a result of a
Host-declaration libel(1810)

22 Jews of France arrested at the order of King Philip(1306)

25 Emperor Leopold I expelled the Jews from Vienna(1670)

30 Citizens of Nuremburg forbidden to borrow from Jews(1539)

Aug 5 More than 300 Jews were killed in a massacre in

11 Marranos who escaped from Spain fall victim to auto-da-fe in

16 Laws regulating the condition of Jews of Saxony issued(1838)

18 Jews Oath abolished in Austria(1846)

19 Maximillian I orders the destruction of Jewish books(1509)

23 Jews throughout Palestine were attacked by Arab rioters(1929)

Sept 3 Many Jews were killed in a riot during coronation of
Richard the Lion Hearted(1189)

17 Jews expelled from France by King Charles(1394)

21 Swedish Government revoked privileges previously granted Swedish

24 King Louis XIV ordered Jews expelled from French possessions in

Oct 4 Jews deprived of rights by Vichy government in France(1940)

5 Ludwig IX expelled the Jews from Lower Bavaria(1450)

21 Emperor Joseph II of Austria abolished distinctive Jewish

23 Jews in Barbados forbidden to engage in retail trade(1668)

30 Pope Innocent XI forbade Jews in Rome to engage in banking(1682)

31 Date by which Jews had to leave Portugal(1497)

Nov 2 Jews expelled from France and French domains(1394) 

9 Kristallnact(1938)

14 Jews no longer permitted to attend German schools(1938)

23 Jews expelled from Naples(1510)

26 The Council of Clermont proclaimed the First Crusade, that led to
the massacre of many Jewish communities(1092)

Dec 4 Jews ordered to leave Portugal(1496)

16 Jews expelled from France(1394)

18 Jews expelled from Prague, Bohemia and Moravia(1774)

25 King Frederick III of Sicily required all Jews to wear badge(1369)

27 Jews were prohibited from practicing medicine in Romania(1868) 

So here we have a recurrant theme spanning ten centuries and many
different areas. We might assume that this rejoicing record compiled
by the Jewish community is that which they were able to find but that
the full account, if records were available, might excede this by many
Holocaust books give us a more up to date account about raging
resentments among a variety of countries in this century, especially
in their accounts of Einsatzgruppens, where we might get the idea that
people in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, White Russia and else where, had
more to do with whatever really happened than the Germans. 
We also have to recognize, aside from any moral judgements, that
whatever really happened during WW II is a continuation of the listed
history above.
Since these bewailings of dates of reactions are always devoid of
discussing any extenuating circumstances we are left to wonder about
the ultimate cause and effect of the reoccurance. Nevertheless, one
example of the above has found it's way into history books as to any
details. This is the Spanish expulsion of Jews in 1492. 
The historical account of Jews in Spain starts off with them
finding their way into the land as tagalongs to the invading Moorish
army, thus making them complicit in the invasion. After a few
centuries the Moors were rightfully ejected from Spain, but the Jews
were allowed to stay, evidentally in consideration of their biblical
connection. Inspite of this initial forgiving accomodation a change of
heart occurred. Evidentally the Jews had saturated much of the trade,
including the agricultural chain, and eventually it got to the point
of intolerance and the Spanish reacted.
About three years ago Spain allowed itself to be badgered into giving
a formal apology for this history.

The one thing that is certain from the overall history of the Jews,
by their own accounting, aside from any discussion of cause and
effect, is that for some reason many generations in many nations
allowed the Jews to establish themselves but for some reason became
irratated to the point of severe reaction, which the Jews call
It is evident that great rage was directed towards the Jews, and we
must recognize that the Jews repeated history suggests that they are
the ultimate responsibility for whatever happened to them. They can
propagandize all they want about how brilliant they are, how
benevolent they are, but their own history does not support it.
The most repeated history in the history of the world. 

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