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In article <>, (tom
moran) wrote:

> (tom moran) wrote:
> As to this paragraph,
> >       Now if there has been any wailing and snarling of terms like
> >'anti-Christianism' I don't recall seeing any reports. Nor do I recall
> >seeing anyone out to have any conferences banned.
>         a Mr.Edeiken has offered up his evidence that it is incorrect:
> "Then read a little bit.  There is a copy of *Time* magazine on my 
> coffee table where those exact charges were made against the "Jesus
> group."
>         What exact words he doesn't say. If it is whatever he says, it is
> one example. With those who are so reliant on the Holocaust story to
> advance themselves - there are hundreds - thousands even - maybe a
> million examples of how it is an act of "hate", "anti-Semitism",
> "neo-Nazism" etc. Who knows how many times? It's alot.
>         I believe this Mr.Edeiken has committed himself to it billions of
> times.

"I believe..."  Uh oh. 

To give the reader the idea of the worth of Moran's "beliefs," Moran also
"believes" that: 

He is a "connoisseur of physics, astronomy, geology, evolutionary
processes, electronics, mechanical processes, the arts, philosophy, animal
life and politics."  

He "can go any where, look at just about anything geological and tell you
what happened, what is happening and what is going to happen."

"Every now and then we will see a sizable ad in the N.Y. Times touting Israel.
One of them claimed that the Jews have planted 200,000,000 trees, in an
effort to have the readers think that Isreal is big on enviroment. This
would come out to about one tree for every two square feet."

Iron is an amphibole.

"It is interesting. Jews don't mind so much being called 'kikes' as much
as they hate recaps of the their activities."

"There is nothing more documentable than the accomodation Jewish interest
get in our major medias. Articles, columns, Letters to the Editors,
advertisments, and unsigned editorials, which they hide behind. Most often
these outputs are loaded with hateful rhetoric, aimed at Black leaders,
Catholics, Arabs and a slew of other groups."

"The Constitution of the United States is a philosophical doctrine. It can
not be left up to magistrates and senators to make amendments or set
limits on the basic tenets as they have been doing with increasing
frequency. The Constitution being a philosophical document should be left
up to the popular decisions of the people of the nation."

The menorah has legally been declared a secular symbol by the U.S. Supreme

_Schindler's List_ bombed at the box office. 

The Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives at the University of Arizona is
dedicated to proving that Jews are superior to Catholics.

Jews "have an extensive history of degrading Catholics." 

Jews are "responsible for about 100% of the racist ads, columns and
letters that appear in our papers."

Jews have for 40 years "kept a lid on the contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls
is because they are an embarrassment" and "are engaged in wild way out
interpretations to give them a heavy worth."

It is "well documented" that the "ADL and all the other Jewish
organizations work very hard to silence any negative discussion about

That the U.S. Holocaust Museum is "more than a religion" and is "a means
of instilling guilt, and as a means of continuing support for the Jewish
state of Israel, which is a religious state, which makes a mockery of
the U.S. separation of church and state clause."

"Jews have made such a pain in the ass of themselves, they should keep
their mouths shut, before they get themselves in any deeper." [This, of
course, implies "or else."]

The Torah is "loaded with anti-goyim racist material."

"Hundreds of billions of dollars have been transferred" to "the Jews" and
"not to anyone else" and "have used the money for their own little selves,
no one else." That "the Jews" have "used the Holocaust to shame people and
to justify
whatever activities they get into."

For these and other bizzare, irrational, anti-Semitic, and patently
Moranic (tm) "beliefs" of Tom Moran, please refer to:


"Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes 
not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties--but
right through every human heart--and all human hearts." 

-- Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "The Gulag Archipelago"

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