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Although this article is from 1994, I thought you might want a copy for
the archive, since it mentions you (and I didn't see it in your "press
clippings" directory).  Another article from that same magazine issue 
(which also mentions you) is available on their web site at:


"High-Tech Hate," _The Public Eye_, VIII, no. 3 (Sept. 1994):  19.

Just as bigots have utilized emerging media technologies such as cable
television access channels and satellite distributed radio programs,
hate and Holocaust revisionism have gone online with computer bulletin
boards and networks.  The Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nations were the first
to set up computer bulletin board systems (BBS's) in the mid 1980's. 
Computer users with a modem could call a phone number and be tied to a
single computer with hundreds of text files extolling white supremacy,
neo-Nazi ideology, and anti-Jewish bigotry.  To counter electronic hate
speech, PRA analyst, Chip Berlet and a group of volunteers set up the
first anti-racist BBS promoting democracy and pluralism in 1985. 
Co-sponsored by PRA, it is still running and can be reached by computer
by calling (617) 221-5815 (settings:  8,N,1@14,400bps or slower).

	Holocaust revisionism and other forms of bigotry percolate through
several online systems both commercial and non-commercial.  The major
computer network globally is the Internet, a virtual electronic
community linked by thousands of computer sites that in turn provide
access to the network to hundreds of thousands of computer users using
everything from terminals tied to main frames on large campuses to
portable laptops plugged into hotel phone data sockets.  The vast
majority of Internet users reject bigotry, and regularly attempt to
force the revisionists to confine their offensive postings to a specific
conference [alt.revisionism], set up to isolate them while still
allowing free speech.  In [alt.revisionism] you can find noted Holocaust
revisionists such as Bradley R. Smith, [], and Ross
Vicksell, [].  Dan Gannon, [], one
of the most prolific and shrill of the revisionists, appears to limit
his activities to the online community.  Holocaust revisionism, along
with other forms of bigotry as well as broader fascist appeals, appear
regularly in the Internet conference [alt.conspiracy].  A standout in
this forum is Glenda Stocks who runs the Searchnet network.  Stocks
peddles the classic anti-Jewish conspiracy theory that today's Jews are
all descended from the Khazars.

	A number of persons regularly attempt to debunk the Holocaust
revisionists on the Internet, including Danny Keren, []
and Barry Shein [].  But special recognition is due Ken
McVay, [] [sic], the most persistent and pursuasive
[sic] critic of Holocaust revisionism on the Internet.  McVay maintains
an archive of text files on the Holocaust and fascism, and can give you
instructions on how to access his files.

The following list was compiled with help from the Center for Democratic

	A Bulletin Board System is a free-standing computer system tied to one
or more phone lines through an interface device called a modem that
allows persons to direct dial access through their modem and view and
download a collection of text files and exchange messages.

Cyber Space Minutemen
(312) 275-6362
KKK, National Alliance, white racist text.

Transponder BBS
(412) 775-6205
Specializes in white racist National Alliance materials (SYSOP:  Vance)

Banished CPU
(503) 232-6566
Anti-Jewish & Holocaust denial.
(SYSOP:  Maynard)

New Age BBS
(303) 288-6890
Mixture of natural foods, new age, & articles from the quasi-Nazi
Spotlight newspaper.

Gay Agenda Resistance
(503) 292-3305
(SYSOP:  Metal)

(508) 586-6977
(617) 961-4865
Odd mix of anti-Jewish conspiracism and New Age UFO mania packaged as
pro-patriot anti-government network.  Run by Glenda Stocks.

Lincoln BBS
(703) 777-5987
(SYSOP:  John Covici)
LaRouche material.

Activist BBS
(510) 532-6248
Every known conspiracy theory.

Along with the Public Eye BBS mentioned above, PRA also co-sponsors a
file site on the Peacenet network.  The conference is called
[public.eye] and messages can be sent to [].  PRA
also posts material to the Peacenet conference [gen.right] where
material from the Center for Democratic Renewal and People Against
Racist Terror is also posted.

	For information on the international PEACENET system, call (415)
923-0900 [voice], or write PEACENET, 3228 Sacramento St., San Francisco,
CA 94115.

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