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October 1997
The Convergence

I was not  prepared for my first encounter with Ernst
Zundel. I do not know exactly what it was that I had
expected, standing there in a fourth-floor corridor of the
courthouse, waiting for the morning session of the Canadian
Human Rights Tribunal to begin, but, whatever it may have
been, it bore no relationship to the reality of the man.

I recall, very clearly, being struck by the thought that
Ernst Zundel is best defined by absences. There was no
evidence of self-satisfaction in the man; no hint of self-
respect. It was, instead, the sheer dowdiness that rewarded
first glance - the shabbiness of a man who, perhaps, is no
longer able to believe in himself. It is as if the phrase
"what goes around, comes around" has returned to possess him
with damning reality.

Zundel has, after all, devoted his life to the creation of
pain, and visiting it upon others -- victims of opportunity,
the Jews. He encourages us to join him in his endeavor by
promoting his vitriol in print and on the Internet.

He has published lies, and these lies create suffering in
others, and he has presumably profited from doing so. He
has, as Canadian Linguist Gary Prideaux recently noted:
"...singled out Jews as a special, identifiable group.
Moreover, this group is asserted to possess highly negative
and criminal attributes as a group, thereby targeting the
group for, e.g., hatred, revulsion, contempt, and
loathing.... overt threats of violence are uttered towards
Jews as a group."

If, as the flower children of the Sixties assert, "what goes
around" does indeed "come around," then perhaps Mr. Zundel
offers us the substantiated reality.

On the last day of the October hearings, for example, he had
to endure the clearly humiliating experience of hearing his
estranged wife tell the world where all of the bodies were
buried. If ever a man was emasculated before the world, it
surely was Ernst Zundel. "Hell hath no fury," indeed.

It is said that you can measure a man by the company he
keeps. If so, one can only wonder at Zundel, who has
surrounded himself with people showing such contempt for the
truth that the term "liar" seems entirely too kind.

Fred Leuchter, author of the "Leuchter Report," a bit of
pseudo-scientific schlock which "proved" that there were no
homocidal gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and which cost
Mr. Zundel a reported thirty grand, lied while testifying on
Zundel's behalf in a Canadian courtroom, claiming to have
worked with American prison officials who had, as it later
developed, never heard of him. In short, Mr. Leuchter's
belief in "truth, justice, and the American way" seems to
have faltered shortly after he was sworn in;


Emil Lachout, a man best known for his forgeries, one of
which is touted in a Samisdat Verlag video as a valid
historical document - Samisdat is, of course, a Zundel
vehicle used to peddle lies for money - Lachout has even
claimed to have belonged to the Austrian military during a
period when Austria had none, which suggests that he has
even less regard for the truth, and our justice system, than
Mr. Leuchter does, and that's saying something;


David Irving, British pop-historian, who has lied, under
oath, before a British court and (lest Canadians be spared
his contempt for the process)  before a Canadian Immigration
Adjudicator as well. The Adjudicator, contempt oozing from
every pore, had this to say about Mr. Irving's, er,

     "When viewed as a whole this evidence can lead to only
     one conclusion; the event was a total fabrication and
     never took place. I can only speculate that you and
     your supporters concocted your story to garner further
     publicity and prolong your stay in Canada, both of
     which you have done with some success."
"When you lie down with dogs," Mr. Irving, "you get up with

Zundel's most recent acquisition, in the "Liars I have Known
and Admired" category, would seem to be California's Ingrid
Rimland, who, if Irene Zundel's testimony has even a shred
of merit, has lied in a sworn affidavit, submitted to the
Federal Court of Canada last December...


The reality, as opposed to whatever strange notion I had
previously held, is that Ernst Zundel is nothing but a
pathetic parody of himself.

Looking back on the moment when we made eye contact, I can
only wonder why I was so surprised when I came to understand

Ken McVay
The Nizkor Project

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