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From Wed Jan 15 15:47:50 PST 1997
Article: 49162 of alt.skinheads
From: (Ken McVay OBC)
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Subject: Contemptuous of trash? Only on my _good_ days.
Followup-To: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.flame,alt.flame.dan.gannon.nazi.scum
Date: 15 Jan 1997 15:43:14 -0800
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In article , (Dana Booth) wrote:

"His replies to articles originating from white seperatists or 
revisionist individuals are contemptuous and disrespectful, highly so. 
Yet, often, the original articles were not. Is it okay to treat with 
contempt and disrespect those with unpopular political philosophy? I've 
seen Ken Mcvay engage in this behavior time and time again."

First: There are no - repeat NO - revisionists posting to
alt.revisionism. There are Holocaust deniers, there are racial
supremacists, but not a single revisionist may be found.


(Arno Mayer is a revisionist, and I respect him. He does not post.)

Second: I reply to white separatists with contempt because I find
their deceipts and their philosophy _beneath_ contempt, and don't
know how to express that level of disgust.

If that disturbs you, that's tough, Bucky. Get used to it, because
it isn't going away.

The constant stream of unadulterated bullshit which stems from the
likes of Cliff Swiger, William Scott, Colin McKinstry, and their
assorted riff-raff companions is enough to make any human being

They laud the counterfeiting of American money. Let me guess - is
that an "unpopular political philosophy" in your book, Bucky?

They laud the robbery of armoured cars. Let me guess - is that an
"unpopular political philosophy" in your book, Bucky?

They laud the murder of Alan Berg. Let me guess - is that an
"unpopular political philosophy," Bucky?

They laud the terrorism facing Spokane as if it were something to
be proud of. Let me guess - is that an "unpopular political
philosophy," Bucky?

When George Burdi signs "You just killed a kike, don't it feel
right," is that an "unpopular political philosophy," Bucky?

When nazi pinheads hide in a cellar, waiting for dying AIDS
patients to walk past the haus, then rush out and beat them, is
that your "unpopular political philosophy," Bucky?

When William "Gutter-Mouth" Grosvenor speaks of his wish that
human beings die a horrible and painful death, is that your idea
of an "unpopular political philosophy," Bucky?

If so, you're just another piece of human trash, pal, and that's
exactly how you can expect to be viewed. 

Trash - pure, simple, human trash. Trash has a perfect right to
exist, right along with the rest of us, but it's still trash, it
still reeks, and it still lives in the gutter, fit for nothing
more than a ride in the pooper-scooper.

If one choses to run with trash, one can expect contempt from the
population to follow. If that's what you want, fine. Go for it,
but don't expect respect from me, Bucky.

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