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From: "Ronald C. Schoedel" 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism
Subject: Two questions for Kenny "waaaaaaaaah he's pickin' on me" McOyVay, GSA
Date: 14 Jun 1996 03:06:54 GMT
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Joe Lockhart  wrote:
>Admit it McVay, if it was the other way around, Christians were paid
>money to certify food that everybody was going to eat! The Jews
>would be at the helm crying for the elimination of the support of the
>Christian religion. You know that is what would happen!

Of course McOyVay refuses to admit this is the case.  I somehow doubt
any food company would pay any Christian organization for the right to
put a cross on their foods.  if they did, McOyVay knows his jewish
buddies would be screaming at the top of their lungs to stop such a
practise.  So my question for McOyVay is: would this happen?  Let's see
how he avoids this one.  

>You again proved my point that you just a name caller
>like a child on a playground. Na na na na na na...

A child that whines and cries his wittle heart out and pouts and makes
a fuss when people ignore his antics.  I have a 5 year old cousin who
acts more mature than McOyVay.

>Such a child...

To be more specific, just a loser, fifty-five year old failure in life,
pissed because he couldn't get beyond being a gas-pumper.  He may enjoy
being in the spotlight now, as the jews' lackey of the day, but if there's
a God above--and there is--his punishment when his days are through will
be far worse than anything any jew has ever merited.  It's that two-fold
child of hell thing, again.  So my next question for Kenny McOyVay, GSA
is: how does it feel being a race-traitor two-fold child of hell? 

Rev. Ron

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