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Subject: Re: A few questions for Ken McVay
References: <24APR96.15548136.0012@IBM.UTM.EDU>
Organization: The Nizkor Project

In article <24APR96.15548136.0012@IBM.UTM.EDU>, 
Sylvia Rowe  wrote:

>Okay Kenny, it's my turn. Let's see if you can take it as
>well as you can give it...

I don't recall questioning anyone's funding, but I will do
what I can, even though, quite frankly, my finances are
absolutely no-one's business but mine. I will not, let me
state clearly, discuss my finances further. They are, to be
blunt, none of your business, and this response is my final

>#1. Who funds all of your operations? You claimed to work at
>a gas station. I'm sure that you don't shell out all the money
>yourself for your "research."

I do not claim to work at a gas station. 

My work is funded by several sources. First, there
are public donations, and second, honorariums for public
speaking. I sometimes receive outright gifts, although it is

(I wonder why you haven't asked Ernst Zundel who funds _his_
operation... and who the "friends" were that rebuilt his home
for him. I wonder why you haven't asked Mr. Raven who funds
the IHR... why is that, Ms. Roew?)

Much of the work I do, however, I do for nothing. Last month I
was invited to speak at the United States Holocaust Memorial
Museum's Research Center, for instance. The Museum provided me
with round-trip airfare, since I could not have gone had they
not done so. They did not pay me, and I did not request a per
diem, even though I could have. (From Washington, I flew to
Toronto, at the request of Eye Weekly magazine - the publisher
provided the airfare - in order to accept an award for the
Nizkor web site. The magazine provided me with hotel
accommodations, but I paid for my own food and local
transportation, which amounted to about $75 for the two day
period. There was no financial award, but Microsoft Network
donated $3,000 worth of Microsoft software as part of the
"Webby" presentation.) 

In short, I travelled from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Washington,
then to Toronto, then Vancouver, then home, and the trip cost
_me_ about $100 in total. (Big bucks, eh? I'll bet you'd like
to have a piece of that kind of action.)

I will soon fly to Ottawa, where I will testify before a
Parliamentary standing committee. The Government of Canada is
providing the airfare and hotel accommodation, but I am not
being compensated.

The trip will end up costing _me_ money, just as the 
Washington-Toronto trip did.

>#2. Is this funding taxable, or are you claiming to be a not-for-

Money that I receive, with the (very rare) exception of
outright gifts, is taxable, and is included on my Canadian tax

Unlike Bradley Smith, I'm not in this for the money. Never
was, never will be. If folks stopped supporting my work, I
would keep right on doing it - just ask anyone who knows me.

>#3. If you are funded by an outside source, will you be willing
>to release your tax information to any interested person so that
>they may find out what the money was spent on?

Outside source? Define "outside source." My tax returns are
just that - my tax returns. (Have you asked Zundel if you can
see his tax returns? No? Why not, Ms. Rowe?) 

At this time, funds donated for my work are held in trust by a
congregation in Victoria. In the near future, these funds will
be administered by another society, formed by supporters just
for the purpose of funding anti-racist work. The federal tax
exempt application was recently filed. (Filing an application,
however, is no assurance of receiving the exemption. If the
government is not satisfied with the application, it will be
rejected and returned.) 

This is also true for the United States, and an announcement 
will be made, probably before the end of May, on my web site. 
I am sure that the legal newsgroups can provide you with far 
more information than I can as to the laws governing such 
organizations in the United States and Canada.

None of this information has ever been withheld from the
public, nor will it be in the future.

>#4. Aside from the persons/organizations who fund you, do you also
>receive contributions from other people? If so, in what way are you
>held accountable for the way in which contributions are spent?

Frankly, that's none of your business. The government holds me
accountable for my income, just like it holds all citizens
accountable; how I spend my income is not dictated by anyone -
would you let someone else tell you how you had to spend your

My friends - those that have known me for years, and those who
have met me during my travels - will find all of this more
than a little amusing, since they are quite familiar with my
financial situation, unlike the white power rangers, and know
exactly what I can and cannot afford. (Lest some of them feel
compelled to comment, let me add that I would prefer that they
do not.)

The bottom line here, of course, is this: neither the source
of my funding, nor the nature of my funding, have any bearing
on the information I collect and distribute. As a recent
newspaper article pointed out:

   "McVay and the Nizkor Project, in turn, challenge the 
   Ultras to document their assertions or lose the debate; 
   significantly, the Ultras prefer to make personal attacks 
   on McVay as a hireling of the Jews who is in the anti-Ultra 
   business only for money from sympathetic Jewish organizations."

Thank you for confirming the reporter's claim by asking these
questions. Now perhaps you can tell me what difference it
would make, in reference to the information maintained here,
if I received $1,000,000 a year from the State of Israel, or
from the Vatican. (Go ahead, Ms. Rowe, make my day.)

>#5. What organizations do you specifically work for?

I do not work for _any_ organization, nor _have_ I worked for 
any organization, nor _will_ I work for any organization. 

(If there's anything about that sentence that you do not 
understand, that's your problem.)

It is ironic to see this question here - I recently learned,
to my great surprise, that Rabbi Cooper of the Simon
Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles thought that I was working
for B'nai Brith Canada. B'nai Brith was surprised to learn
that I was on their payroll - so was I. 

I realize that it is trendy among nazis to assume that anyone 
opposing them must be on some Jewish organization's payroll,
but, outside of their personal "Jewish conspiracy/ZOG" dementia,
the contention is nonsense.

Posted & emailed.

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