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Subject: Silly giwer giwer, why?
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Keywords: liar,shit,giwer

     "Right on, fat broad.  Do you have do clean up McVay with your lips 
        also? What a stupid and fat broad.  If you are interested in the 
     dictionary it is right there before fatbroad.  The only way you got 
       your title is by laying McVay and you know it.  You have no other 
    qualifications.  You contribute nothing.  You accept only sperm from 
       a thing." (Matt Giwer, at the height of vulgarity, June 22, 1996)

In article <53bdoh$>, Derek Bell wrote:

[An ignorant sot said "You silly giwer."]

>	Oh look, a new Giwerism!!

Not really - Mr. Giwer's fascination with fecal matter is
matched only by his ignorance and duplicity. The term first
appeared in the same month Mr. Giwer's archives here began - January
of 1996. (Note, I have not included any of the 273 instances
of the word "bullgiwer," which appears to be in another class
of giwerish.) As you will see, "silly giwer" has been used
twice in the past, with minor variation. It would appear that
Mr. Giwer's imagination is as limited as his vocabulary:

January 1996:	"I do not like the giwer heads who "
		"He is a lying little giwer.
		"between you and a bag of dog giwer is the bag."
		"The sack of dog giwer without the sack"
		"giwer for brains."
		"is a crock of giwer."
February 1996:	"It is a created piece of giwer purple prose."
		"another piece of giwer the true believers are"
		"you have nothing but lies, you stupid giwer"
		"I don't give a giwer if they" 
		"someone who gives a giwer about the pretentious "
		"you are an ignorant giwerhead."
		"Another lie spread by the ignorant giwer from Texas."
		"an ignorant little giwer too stupid"
		"what kind of giwer do you think?"
March 1996:	"That is two stupid giwers in a row."
		"stupid giwer come along and"
		"Just don't give me any giwer"
		"And I frankly do not give a giwer about your opinion"
		"the primitive piece of giwer you are using"
		"That has been a piece of giwer"
		"giwer service like AOL"
		"Silly little giwer."
		"Are you a big giwer?"
		"giwer and overloaded server"
		"despite the ignorant giwer" 
April 1996:	"all the giwer on the"
		"these interminable dumbgiwer exchanges"
		"Grow up, stupid giwer."
		"You dumb giwers "
		"You are a lying little giwer"
		"I think I will giwer in my"
May 1996:	"Your IF is a really giwerty try."
		"Another pretend piece of giwer"
	 	"the little giwer is back,"
		"1000 lb bombs, stupid giwer."
		"By analogy, if I am the pig, you are the giwer."
		"Keep going, piggiwer."
		"the piggiwer you post."
		"Right on, piggiwer."
		"resond only with your piggiwer."
		"ans respond with piggiwer."
		"Stupid giwer!"
		"is a lying piece of giwer"
		"got the giwer kicked out of them."
		"giwer service?"
		"playing the ignorant giwer now?"
		"The Basques ain't giwer even today.
		"a totally worthless piece of giwer."
		"Your reading comprehension has failed again, dumbgiwer."
		"the giwer out of the ear"
		"the giwer kicked out of them."
		"is as giwer compared to gold."
		"with a real giwer message system"
		"lot of giwer from" 
		"This certainly shoots the giwer out"
		"shot to giwer by Nizkor."
		"shot the giwer out of those" 
		"the explanation is full of giwer"
		"a real giwer ass university."
		"Dear Dumbgiwer,"
		"giwer out of those"
		"what shoots the giwer out of"
		"Only for dumbgiwers who can not read headers"
June 1996:    	"giwer out of Janet Reno"
		"gives a giwer about it?"
		"it shoots the giwer"
		"posting this giwer as you "
		"shot to giwer."
		"of giwer site." 
		"it is a piece of giwer"
		"this giwer head for over two months"
		"giwer filled skull of yours"
		"does not work for giwer."
		"take your giwer ass university"
		"the dumb giwer asshole you are"
		"shoots the giwer of"
		"another piece of giwer from the vanity site of"
		"piece of giwer computer"
		"a real giwer search routine."
		"for the giwer you are."
		"piece of harrassing giwer that is"
		"would giwer on you and then"
		"don't know jackgiwer"
July 1996:	"piece if giwer.  "
		"Any more stupid giwer out of you?"
		"It is real hard over giwer."
		"get rid of the giwer?"
		"piece of giwer."
		"shoveling giwer"
		"origin meant giwer"
		"the stupid giwer you have been emailing?"
		"called WHOIS you stupid giwer."
		"What a piece of giwer this holocaust is."
		"informing the dumb giwers such as"
		"That is correct, stupid giwer."
		"You ain't jack giwer."
		"You don't have giwer."
		"does not know jack giwer"
		"bodies as heat exchangers are really giwer."
		"you are full of giwer." 
August 1996:    "from that piece of giwer."
		"he is a lying piece of giwer who has no"
		"Dumber than doggiwer."
		"Whoopy giwer."
		"The post says, BOTTLE, dumngiwer.  Can you not read?"
		"scare the giwer out of Janet Reno"
		"given a giwer to the tune of"
		"Mossad type the did give a giwer."
		"You are all wothless giwer huggin holohuggers."
		"should be sued for a rebate on your giwer"
		"was in deep giwer from 1939 to the over throw"
		"You ain't giwer more than a Jewish" 
		"They are dumber than doggiwer."
September 1996: "course the giwerhead can not."
		"No job, no boss, no giwer." 
		"crawling around in the giwer"
		"the one giwertly little disorganized"
		"silly little giwer mantra of OBE, the US DOD employee."  
		"Sea did not part it all goes to giwer."
		"Tough giwer."
		"What an idiot, illiterate giwer."
		"Learn to read, dumb giwer."
		"Sorry, giwerhead."
		"only for the dumbgiwer (credulous?"
		"a real giwer translation like"
		"Subject: Nice try, little giwer holohuggers"
		"to wander into their home and giwer on the floor."
		"give a giwer about Poland but was"
		"you think you are hot giwer."
		"real giwer translations"
		"Not shrunken but giwer head."
		"fromm the giwer Nizkor site "
		"I could just giwer all over"
		"speech in Hebrew I could just giwer."
		"Come on, little giwer, make something happen."
		"making so many fools giwer in their pants"
		"giwer in his murder claim."
		"know giwer about the subject."
		"In any event, you are full of giwer."
		"up giwer creek decades ago."
		"one more giwer country"
		"lying giwerhead"
		"You are in deep giwer, silly handle."
		"a giwerass bunch of incompetants you murdered on"
		"You ain't got jack giwer between your legs"
		"silly handled jew, you ain't worth giwer.  "

Mr. Giwer is, as far as I can determine, a troller whose only
interest is in causing fights.  While he can sound superficially
plausible, he has lied** about what has been said in exchanges (while
accusing others of lying), refused to document claims, pretended not to
see posts which contain documented refutation of his claims (even when
they have been emailed to him), engaged in actual libel*, and generally
conducted himself with such complete lack of intellectual and factual
integrity that there seems to be no point in taking the time to read and
respond.  For detailed and documented evidence of this, please refer to

To eliminate Mr. Giwer's vulgarity from your daily newsreading, add the line   


to your universal KILL file. If you do not enjoy the luxury of
such a filter, simply delete Mr. Giwer's articles unread.

Followups to Giwer trolls should be redirected to Mr. Giwer's special 
newsgroup, alt.bonehead.matt-giwer, where they will be appropriately 
ignored. If your site does not carry alt.bonehead.matt-giwer,
redirect non-Holocaust articles to alt.politics.white-power,
an equally vapid dumping ground for Giwerundian babblings.

             "Of course I ahve [sic] not been to the museum, dumbtwat.... 
             It is only a lying idiot dumbtwat who would suggest that 
             visiting a particular museum is a sine que non for belief." 
                                              (Matt Giwer, Sept. 4, 1996)
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