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From Wed Oct 29 19:44:59 EST 1997
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From: Joseph Lockhart 
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Subject: Re: Where Are The 24 Million Bones???
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 12:35:15 -0800
Organization: The Euro-Christian Defence League
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Subject:  Re: Where Are The 24 Million Bones???
Date:  Wed, 29 Oct 1997 06:12:56 GMT
From: (Daniel Keren)
Organization: The World, Public Access Internet, Brookline, MA
 Newsgroups:  alt.revisionism
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Anonymous writes:

# I have confirmed with a local crematorium that even with
# the latest technology, the process simply does not consume
# the four larger bones.. skull, sacrum, tibia, and femur.

Danny Keren:

Let's take this step by step. Are you suggesting that
cremation houses, when they deliver the remains of a
cremated relative to the family, give them these big


What he/she is saying is true. A funeral home operator
admitted on a local talk show (CJOB Peter Warren) that
a body takes about 4 hours to burn down to skeleton remains.
He admitted that even with todays technology, (which is like
comparing apples to oranges from old to new technology of 1943-45)
you cannot burn a body down to ashes. After the 4 hour
burn time, you the have to grind the larger pieces into chips
which are referred to as ashes. 
No crematorium existed in 1945, or exists in 1997, that can take a
body burn it into ashes.  So the question remains:

1) Where are all of the bones that would have remained?
We hear the story of 'piles of ashes' but we never hear of the
piles of bones, why?

2) By doing simple math, calculate how many days (years) it would take
to burn 1 million, 2 million, or what ever the number is this week,
down to skeletal remains. And then calculate how long it would
have taken to crush the remains into thin-air.

If the Germans did not re-invent physics, how can this be explained?

Just though I'd ask.... 

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